A Mother Loves Her Son


"That's wonderful, baby," she cooed as her hand slithered down to fondle my balls. I was going nuts! "Now slide your hand up and down, slowly. Don't you want to see him cum?" she asked?

"Cum," Josephine barely whispered, her green eyes were wide and locked as her hand traveling up and down my ridgid cock.

I tried to watch as Josephine's hand ran trembling up and down my shaft, but I couldn't stand it any more. I pushed my hips up, trying to push my cock through the slippery hole of Josephine's fingers wrapped around my cock. "hunhg! Hhhhnn! Unhhh! Cuhh! Cuhh! Cuhmm! HHHaahhh! Cumming!" And with that my cock erupted, sperm flying high in the air like a sprinkler, falling back down in big warm drops on my hips, on Josephine's arms, on my mom's hand. Josephine kept running her hand up and down my super-sensitive cock as I cried out, almost blacking out from the intensity of my orgasm. I kept grunting as Jospehine's hand flew up and down until Mom pulled her hand gently from my cock, "It's really sensitive right after such a big payload," she smiled sweetly at Josephine, who still seemed to be in a trance, "Josephine, baby, are you all right?"

Josephine nodded slowly, her eyes on my cock. "I just never thought," she stared at my still-hard cock, "I never thought it would be like that." She blushed and lowered her head, "Momma made it sound ... dirtier."

Mom placed her cum-covered hand on Josephine's face, gently touching her chin to lift her head. "Well," she smiled, "that's just a start." She glanced over at my cock, ridgid and jerking with each beat of my heart, "Now here's the gift of a young man, Josephine. I'm willing to bet that if you were to do that another time, Robert wouldn't mind at all," she smiled, "In fact, he might last a little longer this time."

"Really?" Josephine looked up at me. I was nodding so forcefully that I was a short measure away from whiplash. She looked at Mom, "Can you show me how to do it? How to make him feel good?"

Mom had not apparently expected that. She looked at the young girl, then at me. I did not nod. I wouldn't dare. But she sighed and said, "Sure, honey." Then she unbuttoned her shirt and tossed it to the loveseat. Josephine stared at my mom. I stared at my mom. I stared at her large tear-drop shaped breasts, her dark erect nipples. Mom looked at Josephine and reached over, tugging at her shirt, "You're probably going to want to pull this off, no need to getting more on it than it already has, and we've already seen that Robert has a lot of cum." Josephine nodded and her blouse was soon resting beside Mom's. And there was no shame between either of them. Josephine's breasts were beautiful cones capped by rosebud-pink nipples that jiggled slightly as she turned back around to face me.

I couldn't believe this! My mom and my girlfriend giving me a hand job. Mom leaned forward, her hot tits pressed against my knee, "Come closer, Josephine," She tugged on Josephine's arm and soon I had two hot pair of tits pressed against my legs. "Now, you want to start off slowly, and build up." Mom wrapped her hand around the base of my cock, "Robert has a rather large cock, so there's a lot of nerve endings firing there. Be gentle, but be sure to make contact." And with that she started sliding her hand up and down.

"Oh Mom! Uhhhnnn!" Her hand continued gliding for a few more strokes, then she removed it. I looked down, a little dissapointed.

"Now it's your turn," she whispered, her hand running down Josephine's bare back, caressing her hot skin. Josephine's hand closed upon my meat firmly. She licked her lips as her hand slid up and down my throbbing shaft, "Be gentle dear," Mom said, her hands lightly brushing along Josephine's nipples, bringing a quick intake of breath from the girl with her cock on my hand. I trembled, lurching, my hips rising to meet Josephine's stroke. Mom leaned close to Josephine's ear and whispered, "Now take your other hand and play with his balls, baby," and Josephine listened, her hand gliding up and rubbing my sack, fondling my balls and milking them while her other hand went up and down my cock. "Ask him if he likes it," Mom whispered again, her lips almost brushing Josephine's ear as her hands were gently rubbing Josephine's tits, traveling from one to another.

"Uhnnn! Oh!" Josephine said, then she looked up at me, "Do you like it Robert?" She was breathless

"Does he like you jerking his cock off?" Mom whispered again, her hand trailing down Josephine's back and then back up.

"Do you, Robert?" Josephine moaned, her eyes wide and looking at me. My mom's other hand gently circled one of her nippes and Josephine gasped, "Do you like me jerking your cock off?"

"Yes! Yes!" I screamed as her hand went faster along my cock. "I love it!" Both of them talking dirty to me was quickly bringing me to the edge, that and watching Mom urge Josephine on, instructing her.

Mom had one of Josephine's nipples between thumb and finger, rubbing them together gently, then she took her hand away from Josephine's soft tit and brought it to the head of my cock, rubbing the dribbling pre-cum from it before going back down to that soft mound and gently rubbing my pre-cum into Josephine's nipple, bringing a moan from her. One hand on Josephine's tits, the other on her back, my mom leaned forward, her tits rubbed gently against Josephine's back. Josephine shivered as my mom whispered to her, "Make him beg us to come."

"Do you want to cum, Robert," Josephine said breathily as my Mom's hand travelled over the front of her chest, caressing, rubbing, groping, "Uhgh! Do you?"

"Yes!Oh!Yes!Oh!Yes!Please!God!Make!Me!Cum!" I shouted as Mom brought her hand up from Josephine's tits and was now joining in, fondling my balls, stroking my cock, her tits now actively rubbing into my leg. I couldn't stand it. I couldn't hold back any more as I felt a tingling from mys crotch. My balls felt like they were siezing up, and then I felt the rush along my cock. It was like a cum shockwave, the head swelling as Mom and Josephine rubbed it, and then I shot my wad, spurt after spurt of delicious sensation, and then it was even better as I saw Mom direct a spurt of my cum to her mouth.

"You can eat it?" Josephine said, her hand still stroking my spurting cock. Mom nodded, swallowing the cum morsel. Josephine pointed my cock at her face to catch some of my sperm and the sight of that caused a super-sized glob of cum to launch from my cock and splatter on her nose all the way down to her chin.

Mom laughed, "You seem to have an effect, sweetheart," she said as she helped clean Josephine's face, taking a dollop of cum on her finger and placing it in Josephine's waiting mouth.

Josephine closed her eyes and swallowed, "Ummmm! Salty!" she said, opening her eyes and smiling, her hand slowly milking the last bit from my cock. She raised up from her knees, her hand still rubbing me, and leaned forward to kiss me. I moaned, my hands on her tits, kneading them, massaging them, kissing them. Josephine moaned as I ran my tongue around her nipple, then gently sucked her titflesh into my mouth.

"Is Robert making you feel good, honey?"

"Yessss!" She hissed as I pawed her breast.

"Then you should sit down on the couch now. Robert," she reached out and lightly tugged on my arm, "Let her sit down, please." Reluctantly, I released her soft hot globes, now wet with my spit.

Josephine sat on the couch across from me, her breasts jiggling with her heavy breathing. "Go ahed and lay back a bit, honey," Mom said as she softly stroked Josephine's leg. My world was a haze of sex as I watched my mother's breasts move and jiggle with her arm movements as she continued to rub Josephine's leg through the blue material of her dress. Her hand was pressed into Josephine's thighs ever so gently, then slowly coming back to the knee. "Now Robert, come over here and kneel beside me," she said, still rubbing. I got up slowly, standing next to my mom, my cock still very stiff. Josephine's hand reached for my cock, but Mom playfully batted it away, "No, Josephine," she playfully scolded, "Robert's had his turn. Now it's yours." My jerking cock was inches away from my mom's face and for a moment it looked like she wanted to reach up for it, but she just licked her lips and patted the floor beside her. "Come on," she said as she turned to Josephine, her other hand now joined with the first, rubbing her legs.

Josephine stared at my Mom, her eyes on her tits and then her hands, and then her face, her breasts jiggling as her breathing grew quicker, "I ... I feel so ..." Her face hovered between confusion and lust as Mom's hands started slowly inching the fabric of Josephine's dress up her legs with each upstroke, "So warm." Another inch of fabric, and now her knee was exposed.

"Have you ever felt like this before?" Mom asked, her hands now on Josephine's bare knee, rubbing the skin.

"Yes," she replied, her shoulders slumping as if she were ashamed. Mom's had slid up under the fabric of the skirt, now bunched around Josephine's thights, and did something with her hands that caused Josephine to inhale quickly, her breath fluttering. "It's nothing to be ashamed of, dear," Mom cooed, her hands slowly coming from under the dress, still pressing aginst Josephine's knee. "It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it?"

Her hands traveled up again, and Josephine let out a low lustful moan, "Yes," she breathed huskily, "Oh yes!"

My cock was rising again, coming mere inches from Mom's cheek. Mom looked up at me and smiled, "You're incorrigable, dear," she said, "But it's Josephine's turn now, so come down here," Then she turned her attention back to Josephine, rubbing her legs.

I knelt beside her, feeling the heat come from her. On a whim I put my hand on her neck and rubbed it slowly, then softly traveled down her back. Her skin was hot and smooth, and I traveled around her waist. "That's nice," Mom whispered, smiling. "Now Josephine, are you okay, honey?"

"Mmm Hmmm," she responded, though her eyes were on me now. Her mouth had opened slightly as my cock had gotten harder, and now with me kneeling before her, her eyes were hard and shiney, her breasts rising and falling quickly as my mom's hands traveled up her thighs. Mom had pushed her dress up so that it was bunched around her hips, and I could see her blue satin panties surrounded by soft pale thighs.

"Robert, I want you to take over," Mom said, scooting over. Josephine's eyes didn't know where to rest, on Mom's tits, my hands, our faces. She was at once confused and filled with lust. My hands were at Josephine's knee, "Now very slowly I want you to rub your hands up and down Josephine's legs, just like I was doing," As my hands traveled up her thighs she let go with a low throaty moan,

"Yes!" she hissed. The heat from her skin was dry, her legs were quivering. Her panties were sopping wet.

Mom laid her hand on my back, coaxing me along. Press here, squeeze there. Then she leaned forward, her hot breasts sliding against my skin, and whispered in my ear with her hot breath, "Now very slowly, reach up and put your hand on her sex, son." My cock jumped at the sound of the words, and then my sex-fogged brain finally understood them. My mouth was open as I stroked from knee to thigh, then kept going, until my left hand was on Josephine's crotch.

Josephine squealed and my hand shot back. I was afraid I was going to have the same reaction that had happened, earlier, but Mom chuckled, her voice low, "It's okay, Robert, I think it's just that she wasn't expecting it." I was distracted as Mom put her hand on my ass and gently pushed me forward. I looked at Josephine, her eyes were pleading, her chest heaving, and her hands were now digging at her panties, rubbing at the triangle patch of cloth. "Go on," Mom whispered in my ear again, rubbing her tits on my arm, her hand planted firmly on my ass, squeezing it gently.

My hand returned, and Josephine moaned loudly, her eyes closed. "Take off her panties, Robert," Mom whispered, her travelling up and down my spine, occasionally resting lightly on my ass. I reached up, slowly, and grabbed the fabric on either side of her hot hips. Everywhere I touched there was heat. Josephine watched, wide-eyed, as I pulled them toward her knees. She needed no encouragement to lift her ass, and I slid her wet panties down her luscious legs, over her knees, and off. Mom took them and tossed them with the growing pile of clothes. The red hairy triangle pointed to a pink slit with a little nub. I put my hand back on her pussy, rubbing it slowly, back and forth. Mom watched for a minute, her hand occasionally falling lower, to grab my balls from behind, then caress the sac and back up my ass. I was moaning with Josephine as Mom's hand left my ass.

"Let me show you a few things that will make her feel very, very good," Mom said, her voice low and husky. Somewhere in this her pants had come down and I could see that she was wearing a black thong that streached high over her hips then plunged down to barely cover her shaved pussy. She leaned forward, then looked at me, "Robert, watch."

With that she draped over Josephine's leg, her hand snaking up to finally land on Josephine's pussy, which was already glistening. She took my hand off, "Here," she said, snaking a finger through the moist pink slit of Josephine's pussy lips, "they're so plump and wet, Robert," she murmurred as she rubbed up and down. Josephine shrieked again, her hands now at her own breasts, pulling them, playing with them, as Mom rubbed her. Then Mom took her hand away, "Your turn."

My hand literally flew to Josephine's pussy, my other hand still rubbing her thigh, my thumb helping to spread her legs a little more. There was no resistance, and I was closer, my cock hard as diamond as I smelled her sex. I slowly rubbed my finger up and down her pussy as Josephine twisted on the couch, her hands pulling at her skirt, pulling at her breasts. I felt my mother's hand wrap deliciously around my cock, "You see that little nub there, right at the tip of your finger?" she said lowly, her hand on my cock squeezing slightly, I grunted and mom smiled, kissing the back of my neck. "That is her clitoris. Now, very slowly, rub your thumb around it while you stroke her pussy lips," to emphasize her point, her hand slid to the head of my cock slowly, gently, then back to the base of the shaft.

Josephine screamed with lust as I touched her, "Oh Robert! God! That feels so good! Oh! Oh!Oh!" And Mom guided me, as her hand slid up and down my cock, my fingers flew along the outside of Josephine's pussy. Then her hand released my cock, but I didn't care. Josephine was grinding her crotch into my hand, her wet pussy had my finger sopping, and I was fully between her legs now. I heard moaning beside me and looked over to see Mom's hand snake down between her legs and start rubbing, "Stick it in her, Robert," Mom whispered, her eyes half closed as her hand worked at her crotch, "be careful," she said between breaths that were coming quicker and quicker.

I had felt the entryway to her pussy, and when my finger went in Josephine howled with pleasure, one hand taking mine and jamming it up her slit as far as it would go. I slid it in and out and watched her writhe around my hand, her hips pumping toward me, her skirt riding up higher as she grunted in pure sexual frenzy. Mom was starting to moan too, breathing heavy as her hands worked faster at her crotch. I had an idea and moved my right hand to caress Mom's ass, "I have two hands," I said, blushing and worried that it was too much, too hokey, too stupid.

MOm shuddered, then licked her lips and smiled, "Why yes you do, baby." She got up, stepping out of the thong as she gracefully turned around and sat next to Josephine, who was breathing so hard by now that you'd swear she was running, her hand still pumping my fingers in and out. On a whim, I added a second finger, which brought another delighted squeal that turned into a raw cry for sex as Josephine fucked herself with my fingers. Mom had spread her legs, and I looked up them to that pink slit surrounded by brown hair. It was different from Josephines, the lips more plump and they glistened. I rubbed my hand up Mom's leg, and was soon rubbing my Mom's slit, my hard cock ready to come just with this action. I leaned foward, my chest rubbing their against their knees as I entered my mom's cunt. She closed her eyes and shuddered, "Oh baby," she whispered, "That's so good."

Josephine's breath was coming in ragged gasps. Mom, lying next to Josephine touching from knee to hip, smiled, "Let me help you, honey." she said and her hand reached down to Josephine's pussy, her fingers slowly pulling the pussy lips apart as Josephine yelled wantonly at the touch. I thought about her earlier reaction and rubbed my thumb against Josephine's clit as I quickly joined the one finger ploughing MOm's channel with two, then three. Josephine's reaction was instant and very satisfying. "Ah! Aaah! Ahhhh! Ahhmmm! HMMmmm! Cuhhhhnh! Cuhhhmmmm!" and then there were no words, just one long loud moan as I felt the walls of her pussy grabbing at my fingers. One hand joined mine, rubbing her cunt, rubbing her clit as I felt my hand drenched in her release. The other went to my mother's pussy and Josephine started to rub mom's pussy lips, then found her cunt and stuck a finger in, joining mine. I looked at Mom, who was breathing almost as heavy, "That's! Ohh! Veeeery! Ohhhhhhhhh!" And then my other hand was drenched as Mom looked at me, her eyes wide and a loud moan escaping as she came beside my girlfriend, both of them working their hands at each other while my fingers plunged in and out.

"MMMMMMmmmm! Robert, that was wonderful," Mom said, her hand on mine, pulling me away from her pussy. Her other hand disengaged and held Josephine's for a moment before gently placing it on her leg. "Thank you," she smiled at Josephine, her hand gently carressing her face. Josephine's eyes closed at the touch. Both women were sweating, their chests heaving, their tits moving hypnotically. I just stared.

A leg grazed my rock-hard cock and Mom smiled, then turned to Josephine, "I think Robert deserves a reward for such fine entertainment. Don't you?" Josephine nodded, her leg also rubbing my cock. Mom slowly got up from the couch. "Lie back on the floor, Robert."

I think I fell on the floor. I didn't care. Mom moved to one side of me and motioned to Josephine, "You lay over there." I could have used my pole for a jackhammer, it was so stiff. In a flash Josephine's hand was at my cock and she started to rub it again, but my mom stopped her. "No, dear, I've got something else in mind." She smiled, "Let's get a little bit closer." And in a moment both beautiful faces were bare inches from my pulsing meat.

"Can you feel the heat from it, Josephine?" Mom whispered. I could feel her breath. I watched as a drop of precum formed on the head. Josephine nodded, her mouth open and as she looked up the length of my shaft to the pearl of precum on my head, her tongue started to move around her mouth, her lips glistening. Mom smiled, "Go ahead," she whispered, "lick it off."

Josephine strained up and kissed the head of my cock, her tongue darting out and licking at the tip. I grunted loudly as she started sucking on it, her lips still at the top of the tip. I was so close to cumming, and Mom noticed it. "Stop, baby," she said to Josephine. I looked down in exasperation. Stop!?

Josephine was looking at my mom, puzzled. Mom smiled, "He's so close now, it would hardly be any fun," she giggled, and Josephine joined her. Mom's left hand reached up and started to gently rub against my nipple. Josephine's right joined her on the other side. I moaned as my cock brushed against Mom's cheek as she rubbed her face against the long side of my hot pole. Josephine watched her, then when Mom moved away from my cock, she did it too, her soft hot cheeks rubbing against my cock.

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