tagIncest/TabooA Mother's Change? Ch. 04

A Mother's Change? Ch. 04


Part 4 – The Mission

It is then that Kathy here's a voice behind her...

"Do not be afraid...you have been chosen"

Kathy spun around to find only a shadow behind her. The being had no features, just a glow similar to the one around the orb she had found only yesterday. Its body was roughly the size and shape of a human, but it was the voice that got her attention.

"Who are you" Kathy asked with a mix of fear and anxiety.

"My name cannot be pronounced in your language" the form stated.

"But we have been watching you" he said.

"We" Kathy asked. "Who is we" she continued.

"Our people originate from a planet far from your solar system. We have been studying life forms on many planets; in many universes searching for one that might help us to survive" the form told her.

"I don't understand" Kathy said.

The form began to explain his people had been slowly dying due to a virus that prevented them from re-producing. They had not been able to determine the origins of the virus nor a cure. He further explained that as his team and he travelled from planet to planet, they planted the blue orbs to attract life forms that might help them in quest to re-populate. However, on every planet prior to earth, when a being touched the orb, they became immediately frozen. Earth was their final planet and Kathy was the first to actually find and touch one of their orbs. The reaction was nothing short of amazing.

"The reaction you had to our orb has brought us hope" the being informed her.

"We have the ability to scan each person's life and seeing yours, we decided that you were the perfect being to give our power to" he admitted.

"Why me and what would I have to do" Kathy questioned.

The being explained that on their planet, reproduction was essential, but not enjoyable. But as they watched Kathy touch the orb and the resulting pleasure it brought her, they had decided to allow Kathy to experience the full affects, which included reproduction and lactation.

"You see" the being explained, "you will conceive only under conditions of complete pleasure and satisfaction".

"However, this can result only after your complete release of your hidden desires. Any hesitation and you will not experience the full effects" he told her.

He explained that on their planet, there were no taboos, inhibitions or restrictions. Sex was free, open and available to all.

Kathy found herself in great conflict. On one hand, what this being explained to her went against everything she knew since her youngest days. Yet, as she felt her swelled belly and looking over her shoulder into her bedroom watching Maria riding Michael's cock with her own swollen belly, she also felt as free as she had ever been.

With only a moment's hesitation, Kathy gave in.

"What do you need me to do" she asked.

"Reach out and take my hand" the being told her.

Once she touched his hand, a great blue flash appeared and in the next moment, she found herself inside of a great hall, filled with similar beings as the one that came for her.

She could feel herself becoming aroused yet could not understand why. She was led to the center of the hall and was placed onto a large bed, covered in the softest silk she had ever felt. The feel of the silk against her body turned her on even more and as she looked up, she understood.

The beings were coming closer. She could not tell male from female, but felt herself being gently pushed back onto the bed.

She could feel hands grasping each ankle and spreading her legs apart. She could then feel still more hands pulling her wrists above her head. She was restrained, but did not feel threatened. In fact, she was filled with nothing but comfort and security.

She could feel her pussy lips being pulled open and a warmth and wetness of a tongue probing her. The same tongue gently flicked her clit, causing it to harden and grow. The tongue got longer as it pushed inside her, feeling more and more like a small cock! Just as we she was about to cum, the tongue stopped.

Another replaced it, following the same routine of licker her lips, her clit, then penetrating her just to the point of her orgasm only to be followed by another and another. She lost count how many tongues had explored her wetness as she felt her mind drifting. She was losing consciousness from the pleasure these beings were bringing her.

The familiar voice she had heard in her bathroom was suddenly right near her ear when it said,

"Please prepare yourself"

Suddenly, it felt as though every tongue that had been inside her penetrated her pussy all at once! She exploded in orgasm after orgasm and for the first time, felt her pussy ejaculate with tremendous force as she watched her own sweet juices spraying the countless beings around her.

Finally, she could feel herself coming down from the sexual high but only for a moment as she was lifted and turned over onto her swollen belly. Her knees and ass were lifted into the air.

"Drink" the voice said, as Kathy opened her eyes to see in front of her one of the beings take the form of a woman with the most beautiful pussy she ever saw. She reached forward with her mouth and tongue and lapped at the swollen and wet pussy, drinking what tasted like the sweetest nectar she could imagine! As they had done to her, more and more forms came to be in front of her, pussy after pussy for her to drink and enjoy. As she took more and more, she could feel her body rejuvenated and her arousal heightened. Kathy found herself in almost a constant state of orgasm but could not and did not stop!

She did not want to stop, feeling her addiction for this sweet alien pussy driving her desire to heights she never imagined!

"Please prepare yourself" the voice said again.

Before she could even think what was next, she felt her pussy being spread by an alien cock that felt just perfect to her! It moved fast, but was not rushing. It was pumping into her, but not pounding.

It was then could feel an alien cock enter ass. Instead of the pain she thought she might experience from such a thing, it brought her incredible pleasure.

One after another, she could feel the alien cocks being pressed into her pussy and her ass...

After the first few, she could finally tell when the beings came inside her...rather than a physical rush she expected, she could feel heat spread in her pussy and ass...and feel the warmth run down her legs.

When finally she was completely full of alien sperm, she was again gently turned over and again, a multitude of tongues proceeded to clean her pussy and ass, sucking whatever cum they could from within her, causing her to cum herself over and over.

As the last tongue left her, she could hear the voice tell her "Rest and sleep".

Some hours later she awoke to find herself in yet another chamber. She could feel the presence of the voice with her.

"How are you feeling" the voice asked her.

"Wonderful" was all she could reply.

Kathy reached down to touch her body, her flesh on fire from even her own caress!

"You have proven your worthiness" the being told her.

"You are now ready to return and start your mission"

Kathy sat up and looked at the voice and knew, this was truly only the beginning and it was time to return home.

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