tagIncest/TabooA Mother's Lesson

A Mother's Lesson


James and Emily sat on the sofa and called upstairs for their son Tom to come downstairs. Tom came down looking like any other teen boy would when called by his parents. He asked what was going on while he was trying to figure out if he had done something wrong. Emily said, "Tom sit down, we'd like to talk to you about something important." Tom asked if there was anything wrong. His mother responded that nothing was wrong but since he was getting older she thought they should talk about sex. Tom immediately turned red all over.

Emily said don't be embarrassed, sex is a natural and wonderful thing. She went on to explain that in her family each child was introduced to sexual pleasure by their own parent. Tom was shocked, he could never picture his mother having sex with his grandparents. His mother was an attractive woman but he couldn't even imagine his grandparents having sex. James then spoke up. He said this was a shock to me when I heard about it but I believe that every young man should be taught about sex by an older more experienced woman. After I thought about it, it only seemed natural that your mother, who loves you more than anyone would be the one to teach you. So one night soon I will go out and your mother and you will have the house to yourselves.

After the talk Tom went to his room and couldn't get the conversation out of his mind. His mind was racing with all these contradictory thoughts. Was this right? Would his mother go through with it? Would he go through with it? When would it happen? What would his mother look like naked? What would it be like to touch a woman? With all these thoughts Tom became aroused and started to masturbate. In the middle of beating off there was a knock on Tom's door. He immediately stopped and pulled his sheets up on his bed and asked who was there. The door opened and Emily walked in wearing a bathrobe. She said that if it was ok that they would start their arrangement tonight.

Tom stuttered that it was ok. With that Emily undid her robe and it fell open. It was dark but Tom could see her beautiful body backlit by the light from the hallway. Tom's mother then dropped her robe and slid into bed with her son. She told Tom to lay back and enjoy. With that she threw back the sheet and straddled her son. She leaned over so her breasts touched his chest and she ran her fingers ever so lightly over Tom's chest and arms. The sensation of that almost drove Tom over the edge. Emily then scooted down her son's body, her hair dragging over his chest then over his rock hard dick. She began to massage his dick and balls and all the while was making these low groaning noises of pleasure. Then without warning Emily swallowed her son's dick and began to violently suck while swirling her tongue around the head of his pulsating member. After mere seconds Tom called out and shot the biggest load of cum of his life down his mother's throat.

Emily leaned back and pulled her out of breath son to her chest. She asked if he enjoyed his first blowjob. Tom couldn't stop smiling as he told her how great it was. Then Tom thanked his mother for what had just happened. Then Tom noticed that his mother had a huge smile on her face as well. She then said that he was mistaken if he thought this was the end of their lesson. Tom would only have one night with his mother but the night was not even close to being over. She told Tom that before they parted this evening he touch a woman every place that there was to touch. He would lick her pussy and ass. He would fuck her just once but it would be worth it and he would be touched, sucked , licked and fucked every way he could imagine.

Hearing his mother talk so dirty brought Tom's dick back to life. Emily had her son go down and eat her out. She instructed him on what felt good so that he would learn the correct way to please a woman. She then flipped over and got up on her hands and knees and instructed Tom to take his tongue and lick her asshole while fingering her at the same time. Emily was moaning loudly with pleasure and then grabbed Tom tossed him on his back and impaled herself on his dick. She rode him wildly while yelling for him to fuck her hot cunt. Emily yelled as she had orgasm after orgasm. Tom came shortly thereafter, filling his mother with his white hot cum. Emily got up and stood up over her son. She looked down as her own son's cum leaked from her pussy and dribbled down her legs.

Tom fell asleep and awoke a short time later as his mother was sucking his dick which was hard yet again. When he came to his mother stopped sucking and held his dick in her mouth and gave him the sexiest look that he had ever seen. She then got up and told him to get on his stomach. She place a pillow under his ass so that it was facing up. She then spread her son's ass and began to flick her tongue over his asshole. Tom felt pleasure that he had never felt before. The mere thought that his mother was licking his asshole was unbelievable. She then had him get on his knees. As she continued to lick his ass she began to jerk him off as well. Just as he was about to cum Emily took her finger and shoved it up his ass. Tom then began to spurt cum as he never had before. This was the last straw because Tom was completely spent. He drifted off to sleep once again and had the most enjoyable dreams of his short life. When Tom awoke he was alone in bed with no remnants of his mother's visit the night before.

Tom got up and showered and went downstairs for breakfast. There his father sat and asked him how he had slept. Tom answered that he slept great. Tom's father then asked if he enjoyed his mother's lessons. Tom said yes without a doubt. James then told his son that his lesson was over and he hoped that he would be a great lover as a result. Tom then asked where his mother was and his dad said that she was with his sister explaining to her that she needed to be taught a lesson as well...

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