A Mother's Secret Needs Ch. 5


"My king...my king..." she wept, peppering his face with kisses...

Part 3

Weeks turned into months, and as Suzy's due date came ever closer, her tummy swelled to truly awe-inspiring proportions. Jack whistled in amazement as she would strike profile poses, showing it off for him proudly.

"Damn, baby - your belly is gigantic! You look like you're about to pop any second!" he exclaimed, shaking his head.

"I know! That's the way I feel, too!"

"You sure you ain't got a litter in there?" he teased.

"I better not!" she chuckled. "God, do I love being pregnant with your baby, darling. Really. I have never felt so wonderfully feminine in my entire life. It's well worth all the morning sickness and the backaches."

"I'm glad it's a pleasure to you, sweetheart." Jack replied, cupping her cheek. "And you know I want to do anything I can to ease the burden for you."

Suzy grasped his hand and kissed it. "I know. You've been so good. As a matter of fact, there's something you can do for me now: I feel a craving coming on..."

"Oh shit, here we go..." he rolled his eyes in mock consternation. "What is it this time? Ice cream & dill pickles again?"

"No, silly!" she said with a laugh. "I want a liver & peanut butter sandwich on rye toast."

"Why don't you just shoot me in the head & get it over with?" he mumbled, grimacing as he shuffled off to the kitchen...

After the seventh month, they stopped having vaginal sex altogether, making do with cock & pussy sucking. But five weeks of nothing but blowjobs can tend to get a bit dull, no matter how skilled the practitioners.

"Damn, do I miss having your cock inside me, baby!" Suzy blurted out one evening. "I need you to screw me in the worst way."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I could do with a piece of your sweet pussy pie, believe me. But we agreed that that's out."

"There's more than one way to skin a cat, mister..." she said with a wicked grin, lifting the hem of her nightie and lying back on the couch. She spread her buttocks with her hands, exposing her luscious pink asshole obscenely. Like a good soldier, Jack's penis began to answer the call of duty once again.

"Uh, I dunno about this. You sure?"

"Just get that gorgeous pole over here and fuck your poor ol' horny Mama..."

"As milady commands," Jack replied with an elaborate bow. He got onto his knees between her thighs and saw that her pussy was already moist. He patted her engorged clit with his shaft, sending electric tingles all over her body. Jack slid the underside of his beast between her delectible inch-long vaginal lips, slowly sawing against her slit and coating himself with her love lube. Suzy's snatch adhered to her son's dick, giving out wonderfully nasty sucking sounds. It was as if it was willing the monster inside.

"Steady, girl. Steady now..." Suzy muttered to her mischievious nookie, wincing.

Jack eased his weapon of ass destruction down between his Mom's butt cheeks. They reveled in the feeling of his hardness surrounded by the warm softness of her fanny. Suzy gasped at the friction of the top of his penis rubbing against her asshole. Her pussy juice was flowing freely now, a trickle oozing down to the nether hole. His cock thoroughly slathered with her sex fluids, Jack judged that the time was right.

"Are you ready, sweetpea?" he asked.

"Yesss. Give it to me!"

Jack placed his massive red cockhead against the circle of bright pink, puckered flesh. He pressed forward slowly, taking extra pains not to hurt her in her delicate condition. Suzy inhaled sharply as she felt the big knob pop into her tight sphincter. They both felt the muscles of her anus twitch in indignant protest at the outrage of being forced to admit this barbarous interloper. Jack sank into her clasping rectum inch by inch, until at last his pubic hair was entwined with hers. Jack felt the throbbing tip of his cock buried deep in his mother's bowels. They savored the exquisite sensation, looking into each other's eyes for a long moment.

"Fuck me, darling! Oh, please fuck me!"

Jack withdrew his pole until only the head remained gripped by the anal ring, then sank all the way back into her. He slowly swiveled his hips, stretching her elastic rectum. Suzy whined & began to roll her wondrous nipples in her fingers. Jack lovingly caressed her enormous belly as he assumed a measured pace. Her bowels felt like a hot, oiled rubber glove tightly gripping him as he slid in & out. They both reveled in the wicked nastiness of what they were doing.

"Yeahh, that's the way," Suzy said in that strangely quiet, almost otherworldly voice she sometimes adopted when he was screwing her. "Do you realize that you're actually sodomizing your own Mother?"


"I can see you do. And I think you're enjoying it, too. You dirty thing..."

"Such a hot butt..."

"Impaling your poor pregnant Mommy on that huge penis of yours. Shamelessly taking advantage of my feminine weakness like this..." Her eyes were slits.

"Oh, you little heifer..." he puffed, her words causing him to pick up the tempo.

"You've transformed me into your slutty little trollop - and I absolutely love it. I worship you now, Jack. I mean that. Your cock is my graven idol..."

Impelled by her shocking words, Jack was pounding it into her now, all other concerns forgetten. His cum-laden balls slapped against her soft, rosy buttocks. Suzy was bathed in a sheen of fuck-sweat. Her conical titties bounced & quivered with every thrust.

"Ohhhhh! It feels soooo gooood!" she sobbed, suddenly becoming overwhelmed by the outrageous sensations flowing from her rectum. She grimaced sexily and rubbed his powerful chest with her tiny hands.

"You my li'l dollbaby?" Jack huffed, loving the masterful feeling of it all.

"Oooooo! Yesssss! All yours!" Suzy puled. They could both hear the nasty squelching noises emanating from her asshole now. Jack's copious precum had mixed with lubricating oils from his Mother's anal glands to produce a bubbly froth. It gathered at the base of his pole and flowed foamily down the crack of her butt, pooling on the couch cushion.

"Ohhh, shit...sooo fuckin' hottt...I'm gonna cum..."

"Yesssss! Give it to me! Soak Mommeee!" she squealed like an excited child.

"Here it-arrghhh!! Ughhhh!!" Jack barked as his dick burst like a Roman candle in Suzy's intestines. He thrust all the way into her asshole, wanting every bit of his rod in her. Suzy cried out as she felt his huge prick buck again & again in her guts, the awesome cockhead jetting string after string of hot, sticky incest semen deep within her inflamed bowels. The sudden feeling of liquid fullness caused her to involuntarily let out a long rip-snorter of a fart, even as the last ejaculations were spraying from him.

"Oh my Goddd..." she squeaked with embarrassment, covering her beet-ret face with her hands. Jack couldn't help laughing. He bent down to kiss the sweaty dome of her tummy affectionately...

Part 4

"Hey, look at the teddy bear I bought for the baby! Cute, huh?" Jack said as he came into the nursery, kissing Suzy.

"Oh, for heaven's sake! We've already got 3 teddies - in addition to all the other stuff!" she pointed at the Mt. Everest of toys in the corner.

"Eh, what the hell!" Jack laughed, waving his hand dismissively. "I want the baby to have freedom of choice, that's all!"

"I can see you're going to spoil him rotten."

"Who - me?" Jack asked with an innocent look.

"Yes, y-OH!" Suzy gasped suddenly, reaching for her stomach.

"What's wrong?"

"I think it's t-time...AH!" Her water broke, gushing down her thighs onto the floor.

"Right. Come on, I'll help you to bed," Jack said, taking her arm. He undressed her and gently laid her down, then undressed himself. He put several towels under her bottom to catch the water & blood that would come. Jack had paid careful attention during the childbirth classes, so he knew just what to do. He also took their camcorder & tripod out of the closet and set it up, focused on her.

"Ohhh, here we go..." Suzy sighed.

"Now, don't be afraid, darlin' ," he said tenderly, patting her hand. "Everything's gonna be just fine."

"I'm not really scared. I had a pretty easy time having you..."

"And it'll be the same with our baby now. Breathe, honey..."

Suzy puffed away, Jack continuing to coach & comfort her as they waited for the better part of 2 hours, the contractions coming with ever-greater frequency. Suzy's milk-white flesh was drenched in sweat from the stress. The sight of her caused Jack's penis to become harder than it ever had before.

"I see that the culprit has returned to admire his handiwork..." Suzy joked raspily.

"Never mind that old reprobate. Breathe - that's it."

Another half hour or so. Then:

"AHHH!! Ohhh, Jackkk! It-it's COMINGG!!"

Suzy's inflamed pubic mound began to bulge like a volcano about to blow as the baby's head traveled down her vagina. The rosy pink lips of her vulva stretched lengthwise, then slowly opened, revealing the crown of the baby's head, with its wispy tuft of blond hair.


"You're doing fine! PUSH, sweetie!"


The baby's head popped from Suzy's pussy, its face all red & wrinkly. It squinted in reaction to its first exposure to light. Jack supported the baby's head with one hand and, as carefully as he could, he reached 2 fingers into her brutalized vagina to ease the shoulders out.

"AIEEEEEEEE!!" Suzy shrieked.

"I'm sorry, darlin'! I couldn't help hurting you there..." Jack winced.

His disbelieving brain took in the incredible sight of his mother spread before him. The baby - HIS baby - half in, half out of her gaping pussy; swinging its little arms, hitting Suzy's soft white thighs with its tiny fists. This was the ultimate moment at last, the moment he'd been dreaming of. Against his will, Jack's cock exploded without being touched. Great jets of sperm blasted out of the livid bulb over & over, flying in high arcs over her nude body, then splatting onto her sweat-soaked, quivering flesh. It streaked her belly, face and heaving tits with countless strings of semen.

"You-you're almost home, sweetheart -just one more big push ought to do it," he croaked through gritted teeth, embarrassed, as his penis continued to spray her. "C'mon now: PUSHH!!"


With one last monumental effort, Suzy bore down. Her vagina distended even further as she strained to force the big infant from her body. Finally, its hips cleared the birth canal, and Jack pulled the baby free.

"Ohhhh, my babeee!!" an exhausted Suzy wept joyfully, the pain instantly forgotten.

Jack turned the baby upside down and gave it a gentle whack on the bottom. It let out a loud, healthy bawl. Next Jack tied off the umbilical cord in 2 places, then severed it.

"I, um, I think it's a boy..." he said with a moon-faced expression as he lifted the baby to show her. Suzy's eyes bulged at the sight: his penis was a good 2 1/2" long, and as thick as Jack's thumb. It hung down heavily between his thighs.

"God..." she gaped in awe.

Jack cleaned him off, wrapped him in a soft blue baby blanket, then laid the little bundle on Suzy's bosom.

"Awwww, welcome to the world, little one! It's so good to see you!" she cooed, kissing his forehead, as Jack laid down beside them. Suzy & Jack looked into each other's eyes, in perfect peace and full of love. He kissed her with great tenderness.

"You are my life..." he murmured reverently.

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