tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Nap Hand For The Manager Ch. 02

A Nap Hand For The Manager Ch. 02


Mild punishment in this one and fantasy incestuous roleplay.

Part 2 – Sally

All day Sally had been unsettled. At 26 she was the youngest of the four who met now and again to play out a few innocent fantasies. Anticipation wrestled with apprehension as she bustled about the office unable to forget the school uniform - and the underwear that went with it - left in her locker as instructed.

She had been surprised the previous Saturday to receive a call from Barbara arranging a meeting for them all at Barbara's house the next morning. She couldn't be sure but she seemed to sense disquiet in Barbara's voice and it worried her.

She was last to arrive in the morning and she immediately knew something was wrong. Belinda looked - well shell shocked really. Barbara shuffled them all into the lounge and they sat and listened to Belinda tell the story of Saturday. They were astounded at the sex and quickly asked to see the photos. As they rifled through the pile they began to realise just why Belinda had let him do what he did. Then they 'fast-forwarded' through the DVD and sat looking at each other.

Sally was the first to speak. "He . . . He wants us all?" she said her voice trembling.

"Yes," said Belinda quietly. "I was the first. You're next Sally!" Sally gasped and her eyes widened in shock.

"Next?" she repeated quizzically.

"Yes Sally: then you Stacey and finally you Barbara. He even told me what he wanted. You in your 'schoolgirl' outfit Sally. He wants your arse Stacey," she looked shocked, "and he'll spend the night with you Barbara!" She took a deep breath and went on, "But it won't just end there! He intends for it to go on. For the four of us to 'serve' him whenever he wants and to do whatever he wants us to!" They all took deep breaths as they tried to come to terms with the seriousness of their situation.

"Do we have to do this?" asked Stacey gathering herself, "surely he wouldn't be able to make this public without exposing himself?"

"I think he would Stacey," said Barbara. "He could do it all anonymously. We could hardly deny much. Everyone knows we meet once a month. They would probably think we made the DVD and took the photos. You know how people are."

"I'm next," they heard Sally whisper quietly, her head hung down. She looked up at them as they quieted. "I'm scared!"

The three others exchanged looks and nodded. Barbara gripped her shoulder reassuringly. "We'll talk to him," she said looking at the others who nodded again. She took a deep breath, "Perhaps we can persuade him to make do with just three of us!"

Sally looked at the others gratefully the said quietly, "But that wouldn't be fair!"

"It doesn't matter Sally love," said Belinda softly, "he has already got me," then she smiled, "I think the three of us can handle him!"

"You are going to do it then?" asked Sally softly.

"Belinda already has and, honestly Sally, I don't think we have much choice," said Barbara, "These photos and the video would destroy us in the town not to mention your marriages."

"I thought that yesterday," agreed Belinda, "but, and I am sorry, it was bloody good." They looked at her in amazement. "Yes," she continued, "it was good. Look - he's not bad looking. He's single now and he didn't hurt me. Don't get me wrong, he was demanding but he did things . . . Well . . . that I enjoyed." She looked around forlornly at her friends. "And I liked it you three. I liked being forced: told what to do," she took a deep breath, "used by him."

They were quiet as they heard these words for they all knew that some of their most exciting fantasies involved control: being forced to do things - not by violence but by coercion. Exactly as was happening now.

They were quiet then and, after a few moments, they asked Belinda to share her experience with them. She took them through every aspect, everything he did to her and how it felt. By the time she was finished they were all pretty hot. Leaving Barbara's after lunch they decided that the three of them, Belinda, Stacey, and Barbara would approach Mike in the morning.

For the rest of Sunday Sally was somewhat subdued. A mood which lasted through to Monday. She saw them all go into Mike's office and felt guilty that they would do this for her. She wasn't to know it, of course, that their efforts were to be of no avail.

He welcomed them into his office and was friendly as he listened to their offer. "And why should I not enjoy the lovely Sally. I'm sure she will provide much pleasure on Thursday evening - and in the future," he added with a knowing smile.

"We're offering ourselves," said Barbara quietly.

He laughed. "Offer me something I can't have," he said. "Ladies! I already have you! Ask Belinda! You will succumb to my every demand," he said fixing each with his blue eyes, "whether you want to or not. Won't you Belinda?"

She was unable to meet his eyes as she whispered, "Yes!"

"You see ladies. Perhaps a demonstration will suffice." He turned to Belinda and lifted her face to gaze into her eye: eyes that begged him not to because she knew what he was going to make her do. But did she really not want too? A shiver of anticipated pleasure ran through her body at the contemplated humiliation. He knows, she thought, he knows.

"Kneel Belinda," he said in that same tone and she did. She knelt in front of him. "You know what to do!" She reached for his zipper, unzipped the fly and exposed his soft cock. She began to masturbate it to hardness then took the head in her mouth. She could feel the tingling in her loins, the heat in her cunt, as she complied with his demands.

His eyes never left the other two as his cock hardened and he began to fuck her mouth. After a few minutes his hand touched her head. "Enough Belinda," he said as he helped her stand. He kissed her cheek as the others watched speechless. "Thank you Belinda," he whispered softly and she felt a glow of pleasure at his praise. "I wouldn't want Sally to go without her own dose of cum!" That brought a soft gasp from Stacey's lips.

"You see ladies," he said putting his penis away, "I already have you don't I? Next time that could be you Stacey or you Barbara - will be in fact!" Stacey and Barbara looked at Belinda standing there, head dipped in submission, then looked at each other.

"But she's the 'baby'," protested Barbara not yet ready to totally surrender.

Mike laughed enjoying his power over these attractive women. "'Baby'? She looks like a full grown woman to me! And she's married. No ladies, she will bring me much pleasure," he glanced at each of them in turn, "as will you all! Now, enough," he said sternly, "back to work. And tell Sally she will finish at 4:00 on Thursday, shower in your nice new bathroom, change into her 'school' uniform, and present herself at my office door after you've all left and I've locked up." He smiled: a smile that made him more handsome and calmed some of their fears. "Don't worry about your colleague," he said, "I won't hurt her - quite the reverse in fact!"

They all realised that any further argument would have no effect so quietly turned and left the office. Sally knew by their expressions that they hadn't been successful. Barbara sat next to her. "We tried love but . . . Look, we'll meet up on Wednesday and talk you through it as much as we can."

"I don't think that he will harm you Sally love," said Belinda softly, "he said he wouldn't and I believe him." Work intruded then as phones rang and computers buzzed and they all bent to their tasks.

Now Sally stood naked and wet in their new changing room. It was one of the first things Mike had done: a beautiful bath/shower room and comfortable rest room. They'd realised on Sunday why! Slowly drying herself she studied her body in the full length mirror. She saw a young woman, not that tall, not slim but shapely and with smallish, pert breasts. Her waist, not tiny, smoothly curved to shapely thighs and a fulsome but tight bottom.

Dry now she looked at the outfit hanging in her locker and began to dress. The others had all been sent home early and they'd all kissed and cuddled her trying to provide support but now she felt alone. She wasn't exactly frightened for she didn't really believe he would hurt her but Belinda had told them ALL that he had said and done so she knew he would use her body for his pleasure. Make her do things she hadn't done before. She was nervous, apprehensive but, simmering below the surface, was a frisson of apprehension and excitement. She recalled Belinda talking about being 'used' and realised that the idea was causing her excitement.

She swallowed, took a deep breath, and reached for the plain white knickers. Pulling them on she realised they were a size too small and showed every contour of her pussy and arse. Next the bra cupping her pert breasts, white to match her knickers. The white 'school' blouse - also a size too small - stretched provocatively across her tits when buttoned. Then the thigh length, self-supporting, stockings and the short grey skirt that only just covered the stocking tops. She bent forward and saw her arse covered by the white knickers quite clearly. She wiggled feeling better. This 'uniform' [she often wore something similar when they played] always made her feel sexy and went some way to calming her fluttering nerves. She sat then and set her hair into two pigtails - as Mike had required - and finally donned the 3 inch heeled, plain black, shoes. She looked again and smiled nervously; they made her arse stick out provocatively!

She left the rest room and walked through the deserted common office area towards Mike's private office. That had been completely changed as well and new furniture added a couple of weeks ago. The door to the office was closed and she stood outside for a while gathering her courage. Knowing she had no choice she took a deep breath, straightened her clothes, and knocked on the door.

"Come!" she heard. Opening the door she stepped into the room waiting just inside, head hung low unable to meet his eyes. "Ah Sally!" made her look up then quickly down again but she did notice - he was wearing a dressing gown!

"Come here Sally and explain yourself!" She looked up puzzled. "Is this how you dress to visit your uncle?"

Confused, she tried to reply, "But . . . But, I didn't . . . "

"Ah Sally, dear Sally: my favourite niece. You are extremely naughty. I have heard some very interesting stories about the very naughty Sally that make me think I must take her in hand and mete out the appropriate punishment. What have you to say?"

Sally stood, even more confused and not a little apprehensive! She was his 'niece', he her 'uncle'. OK she could deal with that but 'stories', 'very interesting stories'. He could make up anything! She felt him close now and his hand lifted her chin to look in her eyes.

"Well?" he insisted.

"I haven't done anything, errr . . . Uncle!" she murmured playing the game. He smiled as he stroked her cheek.

"Such a naughty girl! I think that any young 'lady' who comes to see me dressed as a hussy deserves to be punished!" She heard a 'swish' and looked down. Her breath caught in her throat - it was a riding crop!

"Please . . . Uncle!" The tip of the riding crop traced a line from her neck down to her cleavage and she whimpered.

"Very severely punished I think," he said quietly stroking her cheek with the tip of the crop. Fear crept through her body as he held it before her eyes.

"Oh please . . . Uncle. Please! I haven't been naughty - honestly." Tears filled her eyes. Then he smiled as his hand cupped her chin. His head bent down to her and he kissed her lips.

"Poor Sally," he whispered softly, "I won't hurt such a lovely girl. Enjoy - yes, but not hurt." His hand wandered down and cupped her breast and squeezed. She gasped and stared into his eyes in surprise. She was motionless as he put the riding crop on the desk and began to undo her blouse. The buttons, quickly opened, revealed her pert young breasts supported by the plain white bra.

"Now you naughty young lady," he said stroking her breasts above the bra, "how many boys have seen these lovely tits?"

Confusion reigned in Sally's mind. How many should she say? She couldn't think properly for now his hands were underneath the bra squeezing her tits, capturing the swelling nipples between his fingers. "Come Sally you must tell me. Was it three, four, or even more. I have to know to decide the severity of your punishment!" She felt a heat between her legs and struggled to decide what to say.

Finally, "Three uncle," she managed to whisper hoping desperately that three would not mean the riding crop.

He smiled down at her as one hand left her tits. 'Oh god!' she thought as she felt his finger flick over the wetness on her panties. "Naughty, very naughty, Sally! Wet knickers? Whatever next from my sexy little niece?"

"Please, uncle, I didn't . . . I haven't!"

"You sexy little minx," he laughed. "How many boys have touched you there?" His finger pressed on the lips of her wet cunt. She shivered confusion battling with apprehension.

"None uncle - honestly. Really. Please!"

A stern countenance replaced the pleasant smile. "Enough," he said, "to the desk with you. Minxes who fib must be punished." He led her to the desk, newly installed along with all the office furniture, and stood her in front of it.

"Lean over the desk Sally and stick that pretty bottom out. I bet a few boys have felt that eh?"

"Oh no, no uncle. Honestly!" Again confusion warred with an apprehension in her mind which turned to fear as her eyes noticed him picking up the riding crop. Then she saw the several pictures spread out on the leather surface; all of her in various states of undress with all sorts of toys protruding from cunt and arse. She loved those moments when the others filled her with the large array of toys Barbara had and, at that moment, she knew she had absolutely no choice but to do all that he asked.

"Still fibbing sweet little Sally." She felt the crop touching her bottom through her knickers. "Perhaps half a dozen swipes might ring the truth from those sweet lips?"

"Please . . . Uncle. I . . . I don't know," she sobbed as he stroked the riding crop over her bottom, between the cheeks, then underneath across her pussy. Poor Sally didn't know. What was she to say? He would whip her with the riding crop - she knew it!

He had her now. He knew she expected to be beaten with the thin whippy crop. There was no way she could avoid it. He saw her body tense as he drew the crop over the glorious cheeks of her arse and over the wet patch on her knickers. She is enjoying this, he thought with a satisfied smile.

Sally's heart was fluttering, her tummy tight but, and she couldn't help it, her pussy was tingling. She felt her tiny skirt lifted up showing knickers stretched tightly over her bottom. Bending over like this thrust her arse back a him. She felt his hands caressing her cheeks, gently squeezing, stroking.

"Dear Sally!" he said quietly and she suddenly heard the swish of the crop. She gasped as she felt the rush of air on he bottom. "Shall I use the crop Sally?"

"Oh uncle . . . Please! No!" she sobbed.

"We'll see," he said and she breathed a sigh of relief as she saw him place the riding crop back on the desk. "Reach back Sally and pull your knickers down. Let me see that pert young arse." She blushed all over. She had to show him, he had the pictures! He'd see her tiny back door, her pussy - wet now. She knew she had no choice. And the crop was there to remind her! She reached back and pulled her knickers down as far as she could reach. She felt the cool air on her bottom cheeks then, suddenly, his hand hit her bottom with a loud 'slap'.

She yelped in both surprise and shock. A second slap quickly followed. "Owwwww!" she yelped again as more slaps rained down each followed by a yelped, "Owwwww!" It must have been about 6 or 8 - she lost count as the heat in her bottom grew; along with the heat in her pussy!

Then it stopped and she felt his caress. "Mmm, nice and warm now Sally, my dear little niece. Some more?" he asked and she shivered as he picked up the riding crop.

"Oh please uncle! I'll do . . . Owwwww!" She heard the swish then felt the sting of the crop across her bottom. Later, when she told the others, she realised that he had been pretty gentle with her just then. Proper use of the crop would have had her writhing in pain. It was clear he didn't want that.

"I'll do anything uncle. Please . . . Anything!"

"Mmm," he murmured as his hand stroked her bottom, trailing the red line the crop had made, "anything?"

She took a deep breath wondering what she might be letting herself in for then said, "Yes uncle," deep breath, "anything!"

"Stand then Sally," he said then took her hand and led her to the sofa. Stripping his housecoat he sat down. "Well Sally, what now?" He was naked now, his erection sticking out in front.

She stood, knickers around her ankles, her short skirt hiked up. "Take of your bra Sally," he said, "let me see those lovely tits!" Heart beating she reached back and undid the bra dragging it off her shoulders. "Very nice Sally. Turn round and bend forward." Embarrassed, she turned and bent. "Stick out your bottom," he said, "show me that delightful pussy and tight little bottomhole." She felt his hands on her arse again then his fingers stroking her wet pussy. Harder and harder then two fingers inside fucking her with his fingers. Her breath came in gasps as his fingers probed deeper until she finally let go.

"Oh uncle," she sighed as her cum juice flowed. He continued finger fucking her right through her orgasm. She was wobbly on her legs as she turned her round to face him.

"Knickers off," he said, "then skirt! Let me see your lovely fresh body." Sally undid he skirt and let drop to the floor then bent and stepped out of her knickers. Mike feasted his eyes on her almost naked body. The thigh length stockings and high heeled shoes made her look so fuckable. Sally blushed as his eyes enjoyed her nakedness then gasped as she felt his hands on her hips. He pulled her inwards between his legs and fastened his mouth over her sex.

"Oh god!" she moaned as she felt his mouth cover her cunt. Her legs were like jelly as he tongue fucked her pussy supporting her as he did so. She shuddered as another orgasm hit then fell forward into his arms. Mike revelled in the taste of this glorious young cunt: sweet but tart and flowing with her orgasm.

Before she had time to recover she was face down over his knees. She felt a light touch over her bottom cheeks then his finger teasing her anus. "Oh uncle!" she moaned, "what . . . Ooooohhhh!" His finger probed and pushed at her tight bottomhole then slipped inside. He enjoyed the sight of her anus gripping his finger. He would take her there the next time, of that he was certain. Now his finger fucking of her arse drew continued moans from her lips.

"Naughty, naughty Sally! You like my finger up your bum?"

What should she say? It wasn't bad. She'd had her bottom attended to before. Not much but enough to know she didn't mind it – might almost like it. If she said yes would he punish her for enjoying it? If she said no would he be angry.

"Well?" he said.

She took a deep breath and said, "Yes." The immediate response was a sharp slap on her bottom followed quickly by several others warming her cheeks and making her clit tingle. "Ooowww! Ooowww!" she gasped.

"Naughty Sally," he laughed, "enjoying her uncle's finger in her arse! Next I'll think you want my cock up there! Well," he continued, "next time you shall!" She shivered. Was it the apprehension or anticipation? She could feel his erection pressing into her tummy. "I think you must be severely punished," he continued. "Perhaps the riding crop?"

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