tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Nap Hand For The Manager Ch. 03

A Nap Hand For The Manager Ch. 03



This one is anal so, if you don't like that, miss this part. There is also the slightest suggestion of incest [fantasy role play only].

Part 3 - Stacey

It was Thursday morning and Stacey shivered as she stood naked in the changing room waiting for him as she had been told to do. The others had left her alone, as he had also instructed. She wasn't cold, the room was comfortably warm, she was nervous. No, she thought, I'm scared!

She had carried out all the instructions in the note he passed to her before she left on Wednesday evening. Shower first then 'prepare' herself. She shuddered as she remembered Barbara telling her just what that meant. The enema kit was waiting for her when they'd all got to work and the others had tried to calm her. She knew, however, that she was going to experience something she had never done before. Oh she'd fantasized about it for so long, even experienced toys used by herself and her friends during their occasional evenings together but she had never had a stiff cock in her bum! Now she would have no choice if she was to save herself and her friends.

She looked at herself in the large wall mirror he had put there. So unused to seeing herself like this, naked and available she supposed. Her blonde hair hung to her gently sloping shoulders. Her breasts stood firm and proud (her best point she thought) with nipples, for some reason she dare not explain, hardening. She ran her hands over her fulsome hips as she wondered, with some trepidation, just what he had in store for her.

Then the door opened startling her and producing a soft, "Oh!" as she tried to cover her nakedness with her hands.

Entering the room Mike took in Stacey's naked beauty and her ineffective attempt to cover herself. "Now, now Stacey no shyness. Hands by sides. Let me see those lovely tits!" She took a deep breath and forced her hands to her sides. She couldn't meet his eyes which seemed to burn into her body. She felt herself blush, a blush which rapidly seemed to spread over her whole body as he walked around the room examining his prize.

She jumped and gasped in surprise as she heard his voice whisper in her ear, "You are very lovely Stacey, very lovely indeed!" She could hardly breathe as she felt his clothing touch her arse and back. His hands reached round and cupped her tits, squeezing quite hard. "We shall have some fun with these tonight," he whispered and she shuddered in fear - or was it anticipation?

She felt him move away then his hands on her hips stroking down across her arse. Another gasp as she felt his finger stroke her anus and forward to her pussy then back again. She was so embarrassed standing here like this but it was to get worse!

"Kneel up on the couch Stacey: time to move on!" She looked at the lovely sofa he had provided for them - another item for which he found a new use! She felt a light slap on her bum. "Up you get Stacey." She moved quickly then.

Mike watched in pleasure as her bottom swayed enticingly when she moved. All four had the most gorgeous bums: bottoms to die for. All proud and fulsome but as far as he had yet seen he liked Stacey's the best. He would take them all in time but Stacey's was virgin. He had heard that as he listened to the video his hidden cameras had captured and that was why he had determined to take her anus first. To break her to his cock!

Stacey knelt on the edge of the sofa then felt him near. "Forward a bit," he said moving her with his firm hands, "and stick that lovely arse out." She did. She felt his hands spreading her knees apart opening her completely. "Look Stacey, you can see yourself in the mirror." She turned her head and saw this woman kneeling on the sofa, tits hanging down and bum thrust out behind. It was her. She whimpered in embarrassment as she heard his soft laugh.

"Very beautiful! And now . . ." He came round in front of her picking up the small box her had brought with him. ". . . For your 'surprise'!" 'What could he mean'? she thought - then knew. He opened it before her eyes. Inside were three things. A butt plug (she knew what they looked like), a vibrator, and a tube of lubrication.

She spoke for the first time, "Wha . . . What are you going to do to me," she managed to ask hesitantly.

He smiled. He has got a nice smile, she thought. "Have some fun," he said, "bring you on!" She didn't understand that but figured she soon would! He took the butt plug and held it in front of her face. "You know what this is Stacey, don't you?" She swallowed, too embarrassed the find the words, and couldn't meet his eyes nor look at the plug. Fingers gently stroked her cheek then lifted her chin so that she had to look. "Come now Stacey, you know what this is for?" She managed a nod. He ran the tip along her lips. She had to see it now. A soft, pinkish red in colour, it was about 5 inches long and widening from the tip to about three quarters of an inch at it's widest. It narrowed again then a broad flange to prevent the plug going right in.

"Well?" he said.

"It's . . . It's a . . . butt plug."

"And what is that used for?"

"I . . . I . . . Errrm. Ohhhhh! Don't make me!"

He laughed, "Come now Stacey. The word is the deed!" What does he mean, she thought?

She took a deep breath. "It's for . . . my bottom."

"And what there."

"Oh please! Don't make me say. Please!" He stared at her, making her reply by force of will. "To put in my bottom," she rushed out. He's going to, she thought and, strangely felt a tingling in her tummy.

"Good!" he said as he pushed the tip against her lips. "Suck!" he commanded. Her eyes met his and she knew then that he would brook no refusal. Opening her mouth she sucked the tapering plug inside. He fucked her mouth gently for a few moments then moved behind her. She felt his hand on her arse stroking her cheeks. She could feel the coolness on her anus, her knees so wide that she was stretched open and completely at his mercy. Then a cold liquid on her anus that made her gasp.

"Some lubrication Stacey darling," he said. It must have been the tip of the plug she felt probing her tight bottomhole then stroking up and down her open valley. She gasped again as more lubrication was applied and then held her breath as the tip pushed harder against the muscle which clenched tight shut. "Stacey, Stacey, sweetheart. Open up: relax. You WILL enjoy!"

She realised she had no choice if she were to save them all so she sighed and, by force of will, relaxed the muscle allowing the plug to push into her virgin arse. She felt on fire there as he pushed the plug through her sphincter muscle. She felt it stretch and groaned as the widest part entered her then the plug slid home. "Oh dear! Ooooohhhhh!" she murmured feeling so full. She felt his hand leave then and, looking sideways in the mirror, saw that he was holding the vibrator.

"Look at yourself Stacey, look in the mirror!" She saw a woman kneeling wantonly on a sofa, her legs spread. A butt plug was stuck in her bottom, stretching, filling. Her tits hung down and she was ashamed to see her nipples were hard.

"So," he said as he stroked the vibrator over her bum cheeks, "what shall we do with this?" She could only moan in reply, the plug filling her arse sending strange feelings across her body. Then the vibe moved from her bottom to her pussy and, switched on, began to stroke back and forth along her nether lips.

"Ooohhh FUCK!" she said as it fixed on her clit. "Oh FUCK. Oh please," she sobbed - for now he was slowly moving the plug in her arse, gently fucking her in time with the vibrator teasing her clit. "Oh NO, no! Please!!!" she moaned as her body betrayed her and she shuddered in orgasm.

Mike was enjoying himself bringing on the lovely Stacey like this. His cock was hard in his trousers but he restrained himself as he watched her tight little anus slip along the butt plug. He continued to tease both arse and clit as she moaned, her juices flowing and her body shivering through orgasm. Finally she quieted and was unable to stop herself flopping forward on the couch with the butt plug deep in her bum hole.

She wasn't allowed to rest, however, as his hands gripped her hips and pulled her up. "Now Stacey, your instructions," he said. "You will keep this," he eased the butt plug in and out then back, "in for the rest of the day."

"Oh no! I can't! Not all day - please."

"You WILL! You will show yourself to Barbara every hour and she will ensure that it is fully inserted." She sobbed quietly, realising how embarrassed she would be but she couldn't understand why she felt excited as well! "At 4:00 o'clock when the others leave you will shower and prepare your bottom for my cock. Do you understand?"

"Must I?"

He smiled and stroked her cheek, "Yes Stacey, my dear, you must. You will enjoy it Stacey, be assured of that, and so will I," he added smiling, "when I take your virgin arse and shoot my cum inside you! Now get dressed."

As he stood watching her she struggled with the conflicting emotions coursing through her body. His cock in her arse! His cum inside her body, up her arse! Why were so many conflicting feelings coursing through her body. Fear: not really. Nor could she ignore the feeling of fullness in her bottom and the picture in her mind of his cock replacing it! Apprehension and anticipation warred within her. Would she have to suck him as well and swallow his cum just like Belinda? Or would he punish her like Sally? Her mind was in turmoil as she finally finished dressing, wondering, wondering.

The day seemed to fly by and, after the first couple of times, she lost her embarrassment at having to lift her skirt and pull her knickers down to show Barbara the plug. She couldn't avoid it because, a couple of times, he had watched through his office window. She was surprised that, after some initial discomfort and feeling full, she got to like the sensations generated in her arse as she moved. She sat idly wondering what he would do; what his big cock would feel like in her mouth, her pussy, her bottom. She found herself becoming excited at the thought of being; well she would use the word Belinda did, used by him. Both Belinda and Sally had enjoyed their experience with him, she thought, I hope I will.

At 4:00 o'clock they all gathered in the changing room. Belinda and Sally telling her that it would be all right. "I was scared at first Stacey," Belinda told her, "but I enjoyed it at the end. You will too!"

"Yes," said Sally, "he frightened me at the start but it was lovely when he . . . Oh you know Stacey!"

"But . . . he's going to . . . Oh heck Barbara. I've never done that!"

Barbara cuddled her, "I think he will be gentle," she said. "It might sting a little at first. Try to relax and enjoy it." She was still nervous as they all kissed her before leaving. Stacey couldn't really say how she felt because the thought of what was to happen seemed both to excite and scare her. She knew she had no choice but to submit to him and in a way that quite excited her. To be his totally; giving every part of herself as she had never before. Thinking these thoughts, she finally removed the anal plug and showered before preparing her bottom for ravishment. Strangely she almost enjoyed that as well and the idea of getting herself ready for a man.

He had told her to come to him naked but hadn't said anything about the toy. She thought for a few moments then decided to put it back. The thought actually thrilled her and she quite enjoyed the whole thing. Reaching back she spread a little lube across her still tight bottom hole, worked it into herself with a finger and then eased the plug slowly inside. She was surprised how easily it slipped into her anus and at how good it felt. Been there all day, she thought with a secret smile, I must be getting used to it! With one last glance in the mirror and a deep breath, she made her way through the deserted outer office to his door. Standing just outside the door she took a deep breath, ran her hands down her body, wiggled her bottom - and felt, with a little flash of surprise, some pleasure - then knocked on the door.

"Come in Stacey," he said and she opened the door. He was standing by the desk and he was naked! She noticed quickly that one hand gripped his erect cock. She felt herself reddening and was unable to meet his eyes.

"Come here Stacey," he said softly, "and stand up on the table." She raised her eyes, quickly flashing a glance at his erection, noting the size with increased apprehension then focussed on the coffee table he was indicating. She didn't want to stand up there, on show, naked, but she knew she had no choice so, moving slowly now, Stacey crossed the room and climbed on the table. She could almost feel his eyes as they roamed over her body.

Mike watched her as she climbed on the table. This brought her pussy and arse almost to eye level and he gloried in her shape as his eyes roamed over her nubile body. "Turn Stacey," he said with a smile, "and show yourself to me!" She began to tremble then. To be examined like this by a men. It was humiliating but, she couldn't understand why, it was exciting as well. She could feel that familiar 'fizz' between her legs and strange warmth in her tummy that seemed to be linked to the fullness in her bottom. "Come Stacey," he said sternly giving her arse a sharp slap. She yelped in surprise and met his eyes. He smiled and she knew just then that, like Belinda and Sally before - and likely Barbara would be in the future - she was his.

Taking a deep breath which, incidentally, made her lovely tits stand proud, she began to turn. Mike watched her finally succumb and knew he would have little trouble gathering this lovely woman into his 'harem'. He saw her delicate pussy; mound above covered in neatly trimmed pale hairs, and looked forward to exploring her cunt with tongue, fingers, and cock. He took in the wonderful sweep of her hips then her gorgeous arse. He noted with surprise the butt plug still in place between her fulsome cheeks.

He put his hand on her bum, "Stop Stacey darling. That's very good," he said, "you must like it there," he continued as he turned the plug.

"Oooohhhh ," was about all Stacey could manage as her bottom hole felt on fire.

"Well Stacey, do you like it?"

"I . . . I don't . . . I don't . . . Ooohhh what are you doing to me?" Mike was using the fingers of one hand to open her bottom cheeks whilst the other fucked the plug back and forth in her arsehole.

"I'm fucking your tight little bottom with a butt plug," he said watching the elastic muscle of her anus cling to the plug and imagining how it would feel later around his cock! "Now tell me Stacey - do you like it?"

Her knees felt weak now; the warmth in her tummy seemed to be growing ever hotter and the stinging fullness in her arse making her clit tingle. "Oh fuck! Please, oh please! I can't . . . Oh fuck!" He was ramming the plug hard into her body when the warmth exploded inside her. It was like nothing she had experienced and she became unable to stand as a pleasure like never before flooded her body. Her legs collapsed and she would have fallen but for his support. Taking her weight he lowered her body down onto the table where she rested for a few moments.

"Well Stacey," he said with a smile, "it appears that you do like it. Like your bottom filled!"

"Oh please! No! Oh dear . . . I didn't . . . I couldn't!" She was confused. Her body had betrayed her, the plug in her arse, filling her, had sent strange feelings, intense feelings, and she was ashamed. How could she feel like that? Her heart fluttered at the thought of his cock there but she knew that, secretly and deep inside, she wanted, needed him to take her there.

Mike allowed her a little time to recover then whispered in her ear. "Its time to move on Stacey darling, to a new surprise!"

"Oh please!" she pleaded, "no more!"

He laughed. "My dear Stacey, lots more yet - look," and he turned her head towards his still erect cock. "You have to get much better acquainted with that," laughing he added, "with mouth, cunt, and arse!" She looked at him wide-eyed then at his erection. She knew then, with no doubt, just how she would be used this evening. She looked into his eyes and saw no chance that he would not take her in every way. Turning her eyes away, she accepted her fate - for she had no choice!

Mike saw her surrender then and knew he had her. Desire for this beautiful married woman welled up in him. He would use her body this night. Mouth first; then he'd fuck her tits, and then use his mouth to make her gush - or 'fizz' as they called it. Then fuck her hard! By then she would be ready for her final trial - the breaching of her tight little anus. He smiled to himself at the thought.

"Now," he said firmly, "kneel on the table and stick that lovely bottom out. We are going to introduce it to a new playmate!"

"What! Oh please . . .!" She watched as he took a box from the desk then brought it in front of her eyes.

"There," he said with a smile as he opened the box and showed her the contents," a new surprise!" It was another butt plug. A little longer than the one he had just used on her and wider, well over an inch she thought then quickly glanced at his erection. Now she could see, could compare, she shuddered. His erect cock was almost twice as wide and much longer! "Well Stacey," he said as she looked back at the plug. Attached to, or even part of it, was a 'tail' about 18 inches long - rather like a horse's tail. The plug was bright red, the tail black and silky.

"What . . . What is that . . . for?" she asked hesitantly.

He smiled that nice smile, "It's for your bottom." he said. "You can learn to sway it!"

"Please," she pleaded, "don't make me. I'm so ashamed. I . . . can't! Please."

He smiled, "Come now Stacey! You enjoyed this tiny one," he held the first plug in front of her eyes, I'm sure you will enjoy this one even more!"

"I can't," she sobbed, "it's too big!" She knew, however, that that wasn't the only reason. She was frightened that she would enjoy it, succumb to her own innermost desire to be completely used, totally taken by this man stepping over her fantasies. She felt him move round behind her and his hands stroke the soft cheeks of her bottom. Then the sudden coolness of lubrication on her anus making her gasp. She felt pressure on the tight ring of her arsehole as his finger massaged the lubrication into her back door.

"Ooohhh! Please, I can't!"

"Oh but you can Stacey and you will!" After adding a little more lube Mike used the tip of the butt plug to open her up, teasing her sphincter with the tip, then pushing past the resistance.

"Ooooohhhhh fuck!" she managed as the breath exploded from her mouth, "its sooo big!" she moaned as the plug slid home and pleasantly filled her tight little arse. Mike twisted the plug inside her eliciting a long, low moan from Stacey. He smiled at the sight of her bottom sporting her new tail.

"Up Stacey," he said smiling, "let me see that gorgeous bottom sway your tail."

Stacey sobbed as she climbed to her feet and stood on the table. She had never felt so vulnerable or so humiliated so why was her pussy tingling and the warmth in her tummy growing again. "Ooooww!" she gasped as he slapped her bottom.

"Come Stacey, sway!" he said with a smile as he stood back to watch her. She felt herself reddening but knew she had to try so she began to wiggle her bottom.

"Owwwww!" Another slap.

"Sway," he laughed, "sway Stacey don't wiggle!"

"I . . . can't. I don't know . .!" She was close to tears, fearing how he would react if she was unable to comply. She recalled the crop that he had used on Sally and was sure he would punish her with it should she fail to obey his instructions.

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