A New Dawn Ch. 05


Well people are still sending me positive feedback, so I'm guessing my stories are liked, so here's the next one. I've been really busy lately so it's taken longer than I planed, but I hope you all enjoy it as much as the others. Thanks again and enjoy...

Tom's life was going well. He had a job he enjoyed, and apartment he was comfortable in and he had Dawn. He watched her in the mirror from the bed they shared as she applied her make up and smiled. Yep, things were pretty good.

Dawn saw him watching her and grinned. "What are you smiling about?" she asked.

"Nothing much," he replied. "Just thinking about how sexy you are."

"Well," she said standing up. "Do you think I look sexy enough to go out tonight?"

Tom just stared at her. She stood before him wearing black leather high heals, black stockings and suspenders, black bra and a tiny black thong. She looked stunning.

"I don't know about sexy enough to go out," he laughed, "But you're certainly sexy enough to stay here with me."

"Tough luck lover," Dawn giggled. "Tonight's my night out with some old friends. We're going to go have a few drink and a dance, then I'll be home for this." She giggled again as she gripped his hardening cock through his trousers.

"Mmmmm," groaned Tom. "Keep that up and you set me off before you go."

"Oh no," scolded Dawn. "I want that for when I get back. No wanking until I'm here to watch ok? I want all that lovely cum all over me or inside me."

"Well you'd better hurry up and get ready then, otherwise I'll never keep my hands off of you."

They both laughed and Tom left Dawn to finish. After about half an hour of watching TV, Tom heard Dawn coming down the stairs into the living room. He turned to see her and his breath was taken away. The sexy underwear she was wearing was now covered by the classic little black dress, the hem barely covering her perfect arse, and the top cut low to show off her amazing cleavage.

"Wow!" breathed Tom.

"You like?" asked Dawn, giving a little twirl.

"You look fantastic Dawn," smiled Tom. "I really can't believe how lucky I am to be with you."

"Oh shut up," said Dawn, blushing. "You're the fantastic one. Not many men would put up with me."

"Then they are all fools," laughed Tom, jumping up to hug Dawn.

"I'd better go," said Dawn returning the hug. "The sooner I go the sooner I get back here to you. I love you Tom.

"I love you to. Now have a good night and don't pick up any strange men."

"Why would I, when I've got my very own strange man at home?" she laughed, heading out the door.

"Cheeky!" Tom shouted after her.

By one in the morning Tom had decided he'd wait for Dawn in bed, as there was nothing worth watching on TV. He undressed completely and got into bed, leaving the covers thrown back as it was a hot night. Lying there he began to think of Dawn and how she'd been dressed when she went out. Just the thought of how sexy she looked made his cock begin to stir between his legs. He absent-mindedly reached down to stroke himself, his fingers running up and down the length of his circumcised cock. He stopped abruptly, remembering what Dawn had said about not wanking without her there. He cursed under his breath; this wasn't going to be easy. His cock was already achingly hard and he knew it wasn't just going to go away. He was just considering taking a very cold shower when he heard the front door open downstairs.

"At last," thought Tom as he started to get out of bed. The sound of voices stopped him. "Great," he muttered under his breath. "She's brought a friend home. Well that's my fun and games out of the window."

The sound of women's laughter echoed up from the living room. Tom laid back on the bed and sighed, his cock still hard and touching his belly. "To Hell with it," he thought. "If I'm not going to get any, I can at least get rid of this!" his hand wrapped around his cock and he began to slowly run it up and down. Closing his eyes, he thought about how good Dawn had looked before she went out. The very thought of her made his cock twitch and he quickened his pace, running his fingers up over his tip to smear the leaking pre-cum over himself. Lowering his left hand, he rubbed that too over his glistening cock head, before raising it to his lips to taste himself.

"See," came Dawn's laughing voice from the bedroom doorway. "I told you the horny fucker couldn't keep his hands off it!"

Tom's eyes snapped open. In the doorway were his Dawn and a tall dark haired woman. Both women wore the same wicked grins as they entered the room and sat on the bed either side of him.

"I thought I told you that there was to be no wanking until I got home?" Dawn scolded.

Tom tried to explain himself, but was interrupted by the dark haired woman.

"You can't really blame him Dawn honey," she breathed in a husky voice. "With such a lovely hard cock to play with, I'm not surprised he couldn't leave it alone!"

Dawn laughed. "Tom this is my old friend Natasha. I told her all about you tonight and she insisted on meeting you."

"And now I've met you, I'm glad I insisted," smiled Natasha.

"Glad to meet you too," said Tom, taking in Natasha's beauty. She was a bit taller than Dawn and looked to be in her late thirties. Her dark hair was cut in a bobbed style and her tight black dress barely contained her voluptuous figure. Her breasts were much larger than Dawn's, and the low cut of the dress caused them to almost spill out. Natasha laughed as she saw Tom checking her out.

"I take it you like what you see Tom?" she grinned. "At least you're friend certainly seems too." She reached out and wrapped her long fingers around Tom's hard, throbbing cock and began gliding her hand up and down its length. Tom moaned with pleasure at Natasha's feather light touch.

Dawn moved up the bed as Natasha worked Tom's cock with her hand. Bending down she placed a long, hot, passionate kiss on Tom's lips, feasting on his hungry mouth.

"You don't mind me bringing Nat home do you baby?" Dawn panted as their kiss broke. "I haven't seen her in ages and I just know we can have a wild fucking time together!"

"How could I mind anything you think is good?" smiled Tom. "You're the hottest, most beautiful creature on the planet! Anything you want is just fine with me!"

Tom reached up to Dawn and pulled her back towards him, beginning their kiss over again. His fingers found the zip at the back of her dress and slowly pulled it down, caressing the smooth skin of her back with his free hand as he went. Dawn shrugged her shoulders and let the dress fall away from them before standing and pushing it over her hip and to the floor. She stood there in her sexy black underwear and smiled at Tom and Nat as they smiled back.

"Fuck you still look so fucking horny Dawn," breathed Nat as she drank in Dawns body. She stood and walked around the bed to Dawn, wrapping her arms around her and pressing their lips together in a passionate kiss. Tom watch the hot pair closely as his hand once again returned to his hard, throbbing cock. Nat removed Dawns bra and bent her head, sucking her nipples hard into her mouth, first the left, then the right, leaving traces of her deep red lipstick all over Dawns heaving tits. Dawn meanwhile began to run her fingers through Nat's hair, pushing her harder against her sensitive nipples.

"Oh yes Nat," moaned Dawn. "Suck on my tits, Suck on Momma Dawn's big tits!"

"So," thought Tom, grinning. "I'm not the only one who Dawn likes to be Momma Dawn for."

Tom watched as Nat sucked hard on Dawns nipples, pulling at them with her teeth as her hand roamed down to Dawns panties, stroking her now visibly hard cock through them. Without saying a word, Nat kissed her way down Dawn's stomach, pulling her panties down as she went so that Dawns hard cock sprang out and slapped Nat's cheek. Both women moaned as Tom saw Nat swallow Dawns cock, inch by tasty inch. Her head bobbed as she sucked hard on the cock before her, obviously enjoying every minute of it.

Both of Dawn's hands rested on Nat's head as she rocked her hips back and forth, fucking the older woman's beautiful face.

"Mmmmm Nat, " moaned Dawn. "I didn't think it was possible, but you're an even better cock sucker than I remember!"

With a plopping noise Nat let Dawn's cock slip from her full red lips and smiled up at her.

"That's because I've had a lot of practice honey," she laughed. "And I always love to give you my best you dirty girl."

She leaned forward again and took the cock deep into her mouth before taking it out again and wiping its moist head all over her face. She looked over at Tom and grinned.

"You like watching me suck on this horny little sluts fat cock Tom?" she asked. "Why don't you help me off with my dress while I keep her happy?"

Tom Happily agreed. This was turning out to be a better evening than he had hoped. Maybe both Dawn and he would get a chance to fuck this hot older woman, she certainly seemed up for it. He kissed Dawn quickly before crouching down beside Nat and easing the zip of her dress down. Then, awkwardly he helped her off with it, Nat somehow never fully losing contact with Dawn cock. She'd definitely done this sort of thing before!

Tom marvelled at Nat's near naked body. "She must work out," he thought to himself as he unfastened her bra and freed her huge breasts. He wrapped his arms around Nat and cupped them, squeezing the firm flesh and pinching her nipples before moving down to her French knickers that encased her wonderful arse. Gripping the waist he slid them over her cheeks, kissing her skin as he went until they were around her thighs. Nat stood slowly so that he could remove them completely and turned around to face him, her hand still wrapped around Dawn's hard shaft. Tom was amazed to see a long, thick and incredibly hard cock spring up before him.

Nat smiled at the surprised Look on Tom's face. "Didn't you know I had this baby?" she laughed as she wrapped her fingers around her cock and began stroking it. "I didn't think you'd mind seeing as you're with Dawn here."

Tom smiled back at her, his shock subsiding. "Oh I don't mind at all," he grinned as he leant forward and ran his tongue over the tip of her swollen cock.

"Mmmmm! That's a good boy Tom," Nat moaned, stroking his face with her long fingers. "I can see Dawn's got you well trained."

Tom smiled to himself as he reached up to hold Nat's cock and pull it towards his waiting mouth. It was much larger than either his or Dawn's, a 10 inch monster of hard fat cock, and he just had to taste it!

As he sucked it between his lips, Dawn moved beside Nat and began rubbing her own cock across Tom's cheek.

"I told you he loves girly cock Nat," she panted, obviously getting excited watching her boyfriend suck on Nat. "That's why I love him so much. He's a naughty boy who loves to fuck!"

"Well that's never a bad thing honey," laughed Nat. " And he sucks cock almost as good as me!"

Tom's eyes smiled as he took Nat's cock deeper into his mouth, his tongue flicking along its length as he went. His hands came up and one stroked what he couldn't swallow, while the other lovingly caressed Nat's smooth, firm arse cheeks. Running it over her arse, he ran his fingers up and down the crack, pushing between the cheeks until he felt her tight puckered hole beneath his fingertip.

"Oh baby," moaned Nat. "If you start that you're going to have me cumming all over the fucking place!"

Tom pulled his mouth off of Nat with a pop. "That's the general idea you horny bitch," he grinned as he pushed his finger hard and deep into Nat's arse.

Nat shouted out loud as she grabbed Tom's head and thrust forward, sinking her hot cock deep into Tom's waiting mouth. Not wanting to be left out, Dawn wrapped her lips around Nat's hard nipples, sucking them one after the other into her mouth and pulling at them with her teeth. Nat's hips began to thrust more urgently, pulling on Tom's head and fucking his mouth roughly as her orgasm grew ever nearer.

"Oh that's it you dirty fuckers!" she moaned. "Make me cum in Tom's mouth you kinky sluts!"

Tom liked being called a slut by this horny bitch, and sucked with renewed vigour as he added a second finger to her tight arse.

"FUCKKKKKKK!" screamed Nat as she gripped Tom's head tightly and gave one last powerful thrust forward. Her cock literally exploded as shot after shot of hot tasty cum flew into Tom's waiting mouth, so much that he struggled to swallow and had to pull away. Nat continued to cum hard, her sticky juices landing all over Tom's face and chest as he collapsed back against the bed, while Nat had to be held up by Dawn, the effect of her orgasm was so intense. Dawn's hand was wrapped around Nat's obscenely bobbing as she milked the last of the cum from it and onto her boyfriends body, raising her hand when it was finally spent to share with Nat, each of them snaking their tongues around Dawn's fingers to get it all.

Dawn helped Nat onto the bed and all three just smiled at each other.

"That had to be one of the hottest blowjobs I've ever had," sighed Nat, her huge chest still heaving.

"Well I learnt from the best," grinned Tom as he took Dawn's hand and squeezed it tenderly.

"I'll have to take your word for it Tom," giggled Nat as she rolled over to look at them. "It's been so long since I've had those full, pouty lips of Dawn's around my cock, I can hardly remember."

"Is that a challenge?" laughed Dawn as she kissed Nat.

"Oh it certainly is you naughty, naughty girl," smiled Nat. "But I think we 'should clean your delicious boyfriend up first, don't you?"

Tom gave a dirty grin as both of them helped him up and pulled him onto the bed, their sweat glistened bodies looking so damn hot. Oh yes, this was certainly going to be one hell of a night!

To be continued...

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