tagBDSMA New Experience

A New Experience


It is a Friday night and I am upstairs in my bedroom sitting at my dressing table getting ready for a night out. It should not take me to much longer as I have just gotten out of the shower and I only need to dry and brush my hair and put on a little make-up. My husband does not like me wearing to much so just some lipstick and a little mascara. What I will be wearing for the night is already laid out on the bed. It would have been a normal Friday night at home if my husband had not text me earlier while I was at work. I work for a small law firm as a paralegal. The message he sent simply read, "We are going out tonight. Be ready to leave at 7. Wear your usual outfit."

What my husband refers to as my usual outfit was sitting on the bed. It consists of a black leather collar, with matching wrist and ankles cuffs, and black strap-up four-inch-high heel sandals. That's right. I am my husband's submissive. I have been almost since the first day we met back in college, but that is a story for another time.

Finishing with my long blond hair and then my make-up and seeing that it almost seven, I get ready to go downstairs. First go on the wrist cuffs followed by the ankle cuffs and shoes. I then remove my wedding ring from my left hand, placing it into a special case, and set the case down on the dressing table. The collar goes on last. I never wear my wedding ring and my collar at the same time. When I fasten my collar around my neck it is like I become an entirely different person. The wife and mother of a beautiful daughter l appear to be to all of our friends and neighbors no longer exists in my mind. I become almost an entirely and completely different person. One who is totally subservient in every way to her Master and who's only purpose is to give him whatever pleasure he desires.

Downstairs Master is waiting. There I put on my coat and head out the door. The coat is my one concession. It is a long and black with a very high collar to hide my usual outfit underneath. Someone seeing us outside as we walked to the car would think we were just going out for the evening and would have to look hard to notice that my ankle cuffs are not part of my shoes.

Once in the car and driving away from the house, Master begins talking, "Tonight I am loaning you out." That meant he would not be staying. If he had said "sharing" that meant he would stay and use me as well. "They are new couple."

That was different. My Master had never loaned me to a new couple before. He always shared me the first time with a new couple. I almost took off my collar and told him no way. Then Master continued talking. "I trust them. I had lunch with both of them a couple of days ago and we went over the rules. Plus, we were introduced through a very good mutual friend of the wife's and mine."

The rules are pretty simple. There are basically only three of them.

  1. No anal.
  1. No marks on my face or below the knees or elbows.
  2. No permanent marks any place else.

There are several more small ones, but those three are the most important.

My Master finished by saying, "The wife is a young up-and-coming executive for a local large company. As it turns out that company is also one of my biggest clients. She knows that if anything were to happen to you I could steal millions from the company and blame the whole thing on her with a few keystrokes. And no one would ever find out."

I guess I should tell you something about my Master at this point. His real name is Jeff, but I would never call him that while wearing my collar. It is always "Master" or "Sir". He is a top-level executive at one of the oldest and largest accounting firms in the city. Most of the wealthiest people and largest companies in town are among the very exclusive client list. His great-great grandfather founded the firm well over a hundred years ago. He is very good at his job and slated to be the next company president. But he would never do anything illegal unless it was to protect me.

Then he finished with, "Any way after talking with them, I don't think you need to worry too much about the husband anyway. Tonight, is more about the wife. I think she will be pretty much be in control. She has become a very well experienced Domme."

Now that is something new. For the most part whenever Master "loaned" or "shared" me with another couple, the woman was generally a submissive like me or at least curious about becoming one. Only once in my past had both the husband and wife I was serving had been dominants. And the wife was very new to the experience and just learning. Serving a well experienced Mistress for the night would quite definitely be something new for me. With that said I started looking forward to this new experience.

After driving for close to an hour Master pulled up in front of a very nice looking small house in a quiet neighborhood. There he said, "This is the place. Get out and walk to the front door when you are ready."

Whenever my Master loans me out he would park where he could see the front door but never get out of the car. Opening the door and stepping out I retrieved my overnight bag from behind the seat of my Master's black corvette where he always puts it for me.

As I started to close the door he added, "I will pick you up at noon tomorrow. I let them know that you are a fabulous cook. They will probably tell you to make breakfast for them in the morning. Be ready to go when I arrive to pick you up."

With that I began walking toward the door and rang the bell. A woman opened the door dressed in a plain white lady's business blouse and gray pencil skirt. "Come in. I have been expecting you," she said.

After she closed the door behind me I knelt in the entry way. Removed my coat and placed it into the bag I brought in with me. Took my shoes off and also put them into the bag. One of the smaller rules, I am not allowed to wear shoes inside unless I am going out. Then I took from the bag a long and slim leather object placed it in my hands and presented it to my Mistress for the night. "To be used in the event that you are displeased in any way tonight," I said.

"A riding crop, how very nice, I have been informed that you are very obedient so hopefully this won't be needed too much tonight," she stated.

"Use it whenever and however you feel it is necessary," I replied.

"Your Master did not tell me your name when we talked. What should I call you?" she asked.

"My name is Slut. But you can call her any name that you like," I replied.

"Slut, I like the sound of that. I think that will work fine for tonight," she said

"Thank you, Slut likes it too," I replied cheerfully.

"You can call me Mistress Rhonda. My husband's name is Richard," she informed me. Hearing her just use only her husband's first name I knew then that she would most definitely be the one in control for the night. "I can see that you are not clean shaven between your legs," she stated in an inquiring voice.

"No Mistress. Master prefers Slut's cunt hairs to be trimmed short, but not clean shaven," I answered.

"I do not see any piercing or tattoos either," she added.

"Yes, that is correct. My Master wants Slut's body to remain un-altered," I said.

"I do have a couple questions about the rules. Why no anal?" she asked. "That is somewhat unusual for a submissive."

"Slut's ass is for the personal use by her Master only," I replied knowing the reason why.

"Does he use it often?" she asked.

"Very often," I answered.

"Does he now?"


"Why no wearing shoes inside?"

"Master loves the look of my feet."

"Ok then, I think that it's time we get started for the night," she said in a very commanding voice. "I think we should begin with you sucking my husband's cock. Crawl over to him and take out his cock." Hearing that I began crawling across the living room floor toward Richard seated in a comfortable chair in the living room.

Upon reaching him I kneel at his feet, placed a hand on either leg, and slide them towards his crotch until I could feel his manhood growing inside his trousers. Then taking my left hand, I opened his zipper and reached in to grasp his growing cock. He then stood up, so I could lower his pants freeing his cock. Opening my mouth, I took him inside sliding up and down his shaft. I removed his cock from my mouth to lick each side up and down with my tongue feeling it grow to its full size then took his balls in to my mouth and licked and sucked on them. Moving back to his shaft. I licked and sucked on the head before taking the whole shaft down my throat. Richards hands grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth with his cock.

Driving his cock in and out of my mouth faster and faster I knew he was getting close to flooding my mouth with his seed. "That's it Slut fuck my cock with your mouth," he yelled. Then with a loud grunt he released his cum into my mouth.

Then I heard Rhonda say, "Swallow all of it, Slut." With that I eagerly gulped his seed down my throat

"Now crawl over here and lick my pussy, Slut" she commanded. Turning I saw that my Mistress had taken a seat behind me and had pulled her skirt up around her waist exposing her pussy and a dark thick bush between her legs.

Crawling over to her I placed a hand on each leg and then ran my tongue up and down her juicy slit several times, then flicked my tongue across her clit several times more. Rhonda through her head back and began moaning and gasping from the sensations rushing through her body. Again, I licked her slit from bottom to top several times then concentrated on her clit for a few flicks of my tongue. I inserted two fingers into her pussy and curved them upward searching for her special spot. Then I continued running my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top and then gave her clit a few more extra flicks of my tongue. When my fingers found her spot, I moved them in and out, Mistress's pussy began clenching and releasing as her body tensed and jerked in orgasm. She was still gasping for air as I slid my body away from hers to kneel back on the floor.

Regaining her breath, "Stand at attention," she commanded. "Put your hands behind your head, feet apart. I want to have a closer look at your body."

I jumped up at her command. As she circled me her gaze looked up and down my 5' 4", 110 lb. body and 32B-24-32 figure. "I am very surprised to see no symbol or object on your body stating who you belong to." Mistress stood close to a foot taller than me in her 3-inch heels. "If you belonged to me I would most certainly want to place my mark upon such a fine submissive."

"The only object any one needs to see to state who Slut belongs to is on her collar," I said.

"Oh, I see it know," as she looked more closely at my collar.

On my collar is a small flat metal tag stitch into the leather. It reads:




"Would your Master be upset if I told you to shave off those annoying little hairs from your pussy?" she asked.

"No, Mistress. Slut's cunt hairs will grow back," I answered.

"That's right, one of the rules nothing permanent."

"I do so love this very cute tiny ass., Mistress Rhonda stated as she circled behind me. "Too bad your Master has reserved it for his personal use only. I would so love to be able to use it tonight."

"Mistress, you can ask my Master when you see him again. He will occasionally grant special permission to use Slut's ass to those who ask."

"That is very good to know. Do you have leash?" she asked.

"Yes, it is in my bag," I replied.

"Go and bring it to me. In your teeth." she commanded.

With that I walked to my bag retrieved the leash and returned presenting it to my Mistress grasping it with my teeth. Removing it from my mouth she then clipped it on to the right front ring of my collar. My collar has four large rings attached to it. There are two in front one on either side of my name tag and two in the back one on either side of the large silver buckle. She then said, "Come with me." Dropping to my hands and knees I followed her down the hallway being lead on my leash. Another one of the smaller rules, whenever I am on a leash I must crawl on my hands and knees.

At the end of the hallway we entered what I would assume to be the master bed room. Rhonda then brought me to the door of the master bath. "Go in there and shave off all the hairs on your pussy," she commanded, "I want it to be perfectly smooth and clean. You will find everything you need in there." With that she un-clipped the leash and swatted me on the ass with the riding crop. After I entered the bathroom she closed the door saying, 'Come out when I call for you."

Inside the bathroom I quickly located a pair of scissors, a razor and shaving cream. Using the scissors, I trimmed my cunt hairs as short as possible. Then moistened the area with a wet wash cloth and applied some shaving cream. Taking the razor, I closely shaved the hairs from between my legs. I then wiped off the excess shaving cream and repeated the process again to get it extra smooth. Finishing my task, I waited several minutes before my Mistress called for me, "Slut, I am ready for you. Get back out here."

Exiting the bathroom my Mistress was standing next to the bed nude except for the strap-on dildo she now wore around her waist. The sensible three-inch heels she had been wearing when she met me at the door now replaced by a pair of five-inch stiletto heels. Mistress has a very full figure and having to guess I would say her measurements to be 38DD-26-38. She easily stood over six feet tall in the five-inch heels.

"Lean over the bed on your elbows with feet apart," she commanded. I did as I was ordered. As soon as I was in position I felt the first swat of the riding crop on my ass. "Mistress, do you want Slut to count?" I asked. Another one of the small rules, I must count my whippings. "That would be a good idea unless you want me to do this all night." "One," I said. After a dozen swats to each ass cheek my ass began to sting, but Master has whipped me harder before.

"Are you ready to get fucked Slut?" Mistress asked.

"Yes Mistress," I replied my cunt already getting wet from the whipping.

"Lean forward on your elbows and raise your ass for me," she orders. I move into position as my Mistress moved behind me. I feel her hand reach between my spread legs and rub her hand up and down my slit. Then I feel a finger enter me. "Nice and smooth just the way I like my subs to be," Rhonda says. Soon I feel her cock at my entrance. At first, she only pushes a little way in, teasing me with only the tip. Slowly she increases the depth of her stokes. Soon I feel her hips, as all of her shaft is deep inside of me, start slamming into my ass cheeks.

Quickly I start to feel my orgasm approaching. Remembering another rule, "Please Mistress Slave Slut requests permission to cum," asking permission to cum that is another big rule. I guess I should have mentioned that one earlier. After several more powerfully hard strokes from my Mistress "You can cum now, my Slut." Hearing her give permission releases my orgasm. The muscles in my cunt spasm around Mistress's shaft as it remains still hard within me.

As I recover from my orgasm I kneel and thank Mistress for allowing me to cum. "Thank you Mistress for giving Slut permission to cum," as I kneel back onto the floor. And Mistress re-attaches the leash to my collar.

My Mistress leads me crawling out of the bedroom back down the hall to a closed door we passed before. Opening the door, she leads me into the room. Looking around the room I could see that it was very similar to other rooms that I have been in many times before. The room was dark, lite only by two dim over head lights. The floor was covered in dark patting. The left wall had dark wood paneling. In the far-left corner there stood a wooden St. Andrew's X-cross. Next to it chains hung down from the ceiling. In the near corner was a padded cylindrical beam about eight inches in diameter, six feet long, supported by posts about 3 feet high shaped like upside down T's at either end. It had restraints for attaching a person in several places. The right wall was covered in mirrors like a dance studio. In the middle of the wall was a large dark wooden armoire in which I am certain contained all sorts of wicked implements. At this point I am guessing I did not need to bring my own whip. There was a large swiveling leather executive desk chair in the far-right corner. The back wall had two doors. The one on the right was open and looked like it leads into a small bathroom. The other was closed and was made of bars like a jail cell. Mistress led me to the object in the center of the room. In the center of the room was the most interesting piece of furniture in the room. It looked like a padded table with two different levels about a foot apart in height. The four corners each had leather straps for securing an individual in place. "Do you know what this is called," Mistress asked. "It is called a whipping bench Mistress," I answered. Un-clipping the leash she orders me onto the bench and precedes to fasten down my ankles and wrists. Then going to the armoire, she returned with a set of nipple clamps. She pinched my right nipple, working it with her fingers until it became erect. When it was at full attention, she placed the first clip on the nipple. She then repeated the process with my left nipple, and then released the chain so the weight of it pulled down on both my tits. Whenever I moved the weight of the chain tugged gently on my nipples. Mistress came around in front of me with her back to me "Richard get in here. Slut is ready for you to fuck her while she licks her Mistress's ass," she said in loud voice. "Slut, lick your Mistress's ass." Then she bent over pressing her musky dark hole against my lips.

I could only see Richard enter the room from the corner of my eye with my mouth buried deep between Rhonda ass cheeks. He is naked with his hard cock protruding from is groin. Soon I feel his cock at my entrance. At first, he only pushes a little ways in. Slowly he increases the depth of his penetration. Soon I feel his hips, as his entire shaft is inside of me, start slamming into my ass cheeks.

Quickly I start to feel my orgasm approaching. "Your slave Slut requests permission to cum," I ask removing my mouth from Mistress's ass only to speak. "Not yet Slut, I want him to cum inside of you first."

After several more powerfully hard strokes from Richard I feel him unleash his cum inside of me.

"You can cum now, my Slut."

Hearing that I release my orgasm and my cunt muscles spasm around his shaft as I feel it begin to soften inside of me. "Thank you for allowing Slut to cum Richard."

With that Richard leaves the room as Rhonda begins releasing me from the bench. When I am free she orders, "Into the corner breasts out," pointing to the St. Andrews Cross. I walk to the corner and stand as directed as Rhonda attaches my four limbs to the ends of the X-cross. She then removes the nipple clamps and I cringe as the blood rushes back into my tortured nipples. Returning the clamps to the armoire she approaches me holding a small leather flogger. Soon the flogger is striking back and forth over both my tits. "You don't have to count these Slut. I am just warming you up." Looking across the room I can see myself in the mirror as the flogger strikes across my chest. It is the first time that I have ever seen myself whipped.

After several minutes of the flogger slashing across my chest Rhonda re-attaches my leash to my collar and releases my limbs. As I am released I fall to the floor on my hands and knees as Rhonda leads me into the bathroom. "Get into the shower and kneel facing me," she commands. I do as I am ordered knowing full well what to expect. As soon as I am kneeling in the shower my Mistress lets go with her hot golden liquid streaming from her sex. She coats my chest and tits with the warm liquid. When she finishes, "Lick me clean." I lean forward with my mouth and use my tongue to clean up the remaining drops. "Now take a shower and clean yourself up. Come out when you are done." Rhonda then leaves the bathroom closing the door behind her.

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