tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA New Family of Bullies Ch. 01

A New Family of Bullies Ch. 01


It was a warm summer day as three women stood grouped together out in front of one of the women's home. Two eighteen year old life long friends stood together throwing a football on the front lawn and three men stood in the driveway of one of the men with the hood up on a car they were working on.

A large moving van parked in front of old man Holloway's house, he passed away last winter and his son put it on the market. It finally sold and the new family was moving in, while the movers were unloading the boxes and the furniture on the front lawn a pick up truck and a sports car pulled in.

A large man got out of the pick up truck and went over to talk to the movers and out of the car a tall blonde with large breasts got out to unlock the door. Then another pick up truck pulled up to the curb and then a sports car. Two good looking, large, muscular young men got out of them and went over to start carrying stuff in.

"Oh my she looks very familiar." One of the women on the front lawn said.

"Yeah, I think we went to high school with her." Another one said.

"I know who that is, that is Becky Stewart, and didn't she marry that guy who went on to play defensive end in college Bull Malone?" The third woman asked to anyone in general.

"You know , I think you are right" The first woman replied. "John followed his career in college, would have made the pros if he did not destroy his knee."

"Bill gets over here!" One of the women shouted.

"Yeah what do you need Julie?" Asked the man named Bill.

"Look over there, is that Bull Malone and Becky Stewart?" Julie asked.

"Holy crap, yeah I think you are right, hey John, Steve come here." Bill called to the other two guys. "Look who's moving into the neighborhood Bull Malone."

"Oh wow, we should go over and say hi." John said.

The six of them walked across the street, when the couple supervising the unloading of their furniture and boxes saw them they met them on the sidewalk. Bull was still an imposing figure of a man; he is six feet four and weighed two hundred and fifty five pounds. He still looked like he was in good shape and still hit the weights.

"Bull is that you?" Steve asked sticking out his hand to shake it.

"Yeah, wow Steve Carter, wow you look good man, how long has it been?" Bull asked.

"At least twenty years, wow so you are moving in with your family." Steve commented. "That's great."

"Yeah, Holloway really wanted to unload this place before taxes became due again so I got a great price on it." Bull said. "You guys all remember Becky?"

The tall blonde with her long tan legs in the short summer skirt she wore that emphasized her cleavage stepped forward. The guys all gave a noticeable gasp when they saw her and the women remembered how jealous they were of her body back in high school.

"Hi everyone, it's good to be back in Clear View Valley." She said.

"Oh where are my manners, Steve Carter, I played football with Bull back in high school and this is my wife Colleen." He said introducing his lovely brunette wife.

"I used to be Colleen Williams." She said.

Steve played wide receiver back in high school and married Colleen after high school was over. Neither of them went to college, Steve's father owned a hardware store and then when Steve graduated he made a deal to franchise with one of the larger nationwide companies, making Steve a manager.

Colleen Carter after having a son and a daughter for Steve was a stay at home mom involved in many of her kids school functions. At forty years of age she looked good she never slimmed down to her weight before pregnancy but the weight she put on was in the right spot. Many would describe her body as thick, her legs were shapely, her thighs and hips well rounded. Her breasts had a little sag to them and were thirty six d with nice large thick nipples.

"Good to see you again Bull, Becky, I don't know if you remember me, I did not play football, I was on the baseball team during the summer, Bill Johnson and this is my wife Julie." He said introducing themselves.

"Sure I remember you Bill, you used to have a great fastball back in high school and didn't you get drafted in the late rounds of the pro ball draft?" Bull asked.

"Yeah I went in the twenty first round, played two years of A ball before I tore my rotator cuff up. Went to college with my signing bonus and studied physical therapy, I work down at the sports medicine clinic at the hospital and I coach the local high school team."

He explained.

"I used to be Julie Andrews back in high school." Julie said after Bill told his life story.

Julie was a slender red head who went to nursing school after high school and is now a physician assistant at the same hospital as Bill. Her skin is milky white, she is tall with long legs, her breasts are small and perky with small pink nipples and they are a 32 A. They do not have any children and see a fertility expert on a regular basis to try and get pregnant.

"Bull, do you remember me?" John asked anxiously.

"Sure you are John Reynolds, our equipment manager for four years, my tutor for four years, helped me get a good enough grade on the S.A.T. just so I could get my scholarship." The big man replied taking John's hand and giving him a bear hug.

"Yeah I work as a teacher down at the high school now and this is my wife Jennifer." He said introducing his wife.

Seeing John brought back a few memories for Bull, he remembered when studying at his house that he took John's sisters virginity when she came home from college for a holiday. Then he remembered how he had John's mother on a regular basis and then he remembered how he took Jennifer's virginity at a graduation party and John had passed out.

Jennifer used to long hair back in high school but now kept it short and off the neck in a cut that emphasized her cute face. She only had one child a son who was now standing with Colleen's son on the front lawn no longer throwing football but watching their parents and the new couple.

Jennifer had always been on the short side at five foot one she was shorter than the rest of the women. Out of all of the women she was the only one with breasts close to the size of Becky's at 44d while Becky's were 48 double d. Jennifer's large dark nipples were sensitive and the rest of her body was just a little on the heavy side. Even though she wanted to lose the extra twenty pounds she always carried, men had always found her sexy, especially if she showed off her cleavage. She was now jealous at how Becky's breasts did not sag and did not know that Becky got a lift to make them stand up higher and some silicone to keep them nice and firm.

"I used to be Jennifer Tyler and I teach first grade down at the elementary school." She said. "That is our son over there Mike and Colleen's son Billy."

"Wow sounds like you all done well for yourselves, well after I got out of college I got a job for one of the alumni that was a big fan of the program, he owns a plant in this area and he is making me the new production manager." Bull explained.

"I've done some modeling, Bull always says if you got them, show them off." Becky laughed.

"What kind of modeling?" Jennifer asked.

"Oh mostly nude in some men and breast fetish magazines, some lesbian films too, Bull won't let me do real porn, besides none of them guys could ever measure up to him anyways." She said giving him a hug.

"We got two boys as well, boys get over here!" Bull shouted.

Two large muscular boys who pulled up earlier came running over soaked with sweat. They both wore sleeveless tee shirts and they had large muscles, they were both built like their father.

"This here is Chuck, he is a sophomore, at my alma mater, plays linebacker and should go pro if he keeps going the way he is." Bull explained.

"The other one is Bull Jr.; he is a senior this year and is looking forward to playing at his dad's old school." Becky said.

"Yeah he is a chip off the old block." Bull said patting him on the back. "Eighteen years old, six foot five, two hundred and sixty five pounds, he is a speed rusher and he stops the run like a brick wall."

The two boys resembled their father greatly, even though Chuck has blonde hair like his mother. The boys were handsome, confident and well built; all three women all felt a small twinge between the legs as they eyed the young men up and down. They could also feel the eyes of two horny young men drink them in as well.

"Well we better get going and get our stuff in; we will catch up with you guys later." Bull said.

"Hey I got an idea, we can help you and get everything in quicker, and then we can get some steaks, some wine, and some beer and have a cookout in my backyard." John said.

"Wow that sounds great buddy, let's get going and work up a big appetite." Bull said accepting the invite.

The movers put all of the furniture where Becky had wanted and Bull slipped them each an extra hundred each for doing a good job. The women were helping Becky unload the boxes marked kitchen and the guys helped get all the rest of the boxes in the right rooms. When the women were done with the kitchen Becky announced they were going over to Jennifer's to get started on dinner.

John and Bill left for the store to get the steaks, wine for the women, and beer for the men and soda for the boys. Steve and Bull sat in Bill's backyard talking about old times and how much they loved football.

The four boys or young men rather were in the backyard away from the adults throwing the football and getting to know each other. Mike and Billy were filling Bull Jr. in about the team and how the coach runs practice. Mike was trying to move up from third string wide receiver to second string.

"I've been working real hard on running routes and have pretty good speed." Mike explained. "Besides we got a real good offensive line and quarterback has a great arm so we will throw the ball more this year."

"Cool, I hate high school ball when it's mostly run and short passes." Bull grunted. "What about the defense?"

"Typical four three style of defense, a lot of eight men in the box, most of the teams in our league use the run." Billy replied. "I play strong safety so you will see up there to help out."

"So what's the pussy situation like at school?" Bull Jr. asked.

"We got a lot of hot looking girls in school." Billy told him.

"How about the Milfs, my brother and I sometimes prefer so older more mature women rather than younger high school girls." Chuck added.

"Yeah there are a few hot moms around." Mike said. "Never heard anyone ever getting anywhere with one."

"Oh you'll have to watch and learn Mikey, watch and learn." Chuck said.

The steaks were ready and the boys went and joined the adults for dinner, they had plenty of salads and steaks to go around. Billy and Mike could not get over how hot Becky was and thought her breasts would burst out of the tight tank top she wore. While Bull Jr. and his older brother Chuck stole glances at the three new female neighbors, both reaching under the table to adjust their boners.

The night now turned into a full blown party as Bull Sr. made another beer run and everyone was drinking pretty heavy. Around midnight Bill passed out and to everyone's amusement Bull Sr. carried him up to bed.

Around one in the morning Mike and Billy went off to bed, fifteen minutes later Colleen staggered over to a lounge and fell asleep. Her husband Steve tried to wake her up a few times and gave up staggering home alone. Bull then helped Becky home that also had too much to drink, Jennifer went up to join her husband. Julie went into use the bathroom a half hour before and her husband Bill went into find her asleep on the couch. Bill tried to wake her and she too was too drunk to wake up and he asked Jennifer if it was okay if he let her sleep there.

"Sure why not Bill, she will be alright, besides I got Colleen in my backyard sleeping it off." She said heading upstairs.

Bull Jr. and Chuck both left for their new home, they watched as they stood on the front lawn as Bill left alone. The two young men watched a light come on upstairs and then go off. Then the two of them quietly went back over to the house.

"Oh man would you look at that little bro." Chuck said as they found Colleen asleep in the lounge. "You go ahead and take her; I'll go inside and check out Julie."

"Awesome Chuck, I will make sure I let you know how good she is when I'm done." He said as his brother tested the back sliding door to find it unlocked.

Bull Jr. looked down on Colleen Carter, the voluptuous milf, asleep in a drunken state of mind. She was going to find out why he is called Bull Jr., it was actually his mother who gave him the nickname when he was younger and she accidentally saw him get out of the shower. It was not referring to how he was built like his father but more like how he was hung like his father.

Bull Jr. had a penis that was the same size has his dad's, it was around nine inches long, and two inches thick when hard. Chuck was pretty good sized too, but a little bit smaller than his dad and brother.

Colleen wore a nice sundress today that was purple and had large white buttons that went up the front of it. Bull Jr. with a surprising carefulness reached down and unbuttoned the bottom button and worked his way up. He marveled at the white thick muscular legs as he worked the buttons up to her crotch to reveal a dark blue thong she was wearing. Then he continued working the buttons up to her breasts until he got to the last one and he pulled the dress open.

With nothing but the moonlight to guide him he marveled at the milky white breast and her large nipples hardening in the night air. He swirled his finger around one of the erect nipples and then the other making her arch her back slightly and let out a little moan. Bull Jr. Then pulled out a pocket knife, carefully he slid it up one side of the thong and cut the flimsy material, the he cut the other side, he then put the knife away and pulled the loose fabric that was left from her crotch.

Colleen had a landing strip for pubic hair keeping the rest of the region fairly bare; her meaty lips were spread open slightly. Gently Bull Jr. urged one thigh open and then the other, this made her pussy open a little bit more. Bull Jr. could make out the hood of her clitoris and he got his clothes off, then he dropped down to his knees. He leaned his head in and placed his mouth over her pussy; he gave it a few gentle licks with his tongue and then went to work on her clit.

"Oh Steve you know I love when you eat my pussy." She whispered aloud pushing her pussy up to Bull's mouth.

Bull Jr. worked his tongue and mouth over the woman's sensitive clit as she gently humped his face. He could see her with her eyes still closed totally unaware that he was not her husband playing with her big tits with both hands, her fingers pinching her nipples.

"Oh, oh yes, oh don't stop right there, oh yes, oh baby I'm cumming." She groaned.

Bull Jr. was rewarded for his efforts with a gush of pussy juice all over his face as her orgasm all over his mouth. He stood up and pulled her legs further apart and positioned his cock to line up her pussy.

"Oh yes Steve, give me a good fucking." She said getting more comfortable on the lounge.

Bull Jr. gently eased his cock into her opening pushing the first few inches in and noticed no change and surprised her eyes were still closed. He now grew anxious and he pulled himself up on his knees, doing so he hooked his arms under legs pulling them up some. He then pushed the rest of his hard cock into her pussy with a little bit of force being that she still pretty tight.

Her eyes now flung open when she realized that this was not the average sized cock of her husband but the cock of a stranger, a much larger stranger. Bull Jr. Now gently humped his cock in and out of her pussy as Colleen looked up at him in horror.

"Bull, Bull, junior you need to stop, this is rape, I'm married oh you are too big for me." She pleaded.

"You will learn to love it." He said letting go of her legs and laying on top of her in missionary position.

"No please don't do this." She said as his mouth sucked hard on one of her nipples and then the other.

"Don't worry Colleen you will start to like it, I can already feel your pussy start to lubricate." He said pumping a little faster.

Colleen tried hard to push him off, the combination of alcohol and his size made it impossible and she tried to limply lay there as if in another place. Her pussy however had other ideas as the large invader continued its assault hitting spots inside her never explored.

Bull Jr. Saw that she was trying to act disinterested so he try to work some magic on her with his mouth. He nuzzled her neck and planted soft wet kisses on her soft skin and worked his way up to her mouth. She tried to turn away but a large hand grabbed her by the chin and held it still.

He planted soft kisses on her full lips and then he planted his mouth down on hers forcing her mouth open with his slipping his tongue in. Colleen moaned into his mouth as his tongue tangled with hers, she could now feel her pussy betraying her even further as he fucked her harder now. Oh god why don't I just scream, why am I letting this young man have his way with me.

Why was her pussy now clamping onto his cock pulling it in every time he would thrust and without knowing it Colleen was also thrusting her pussy up in perfect timing with every thrust of his big cock. When they stopped kissing Bull went right to town on her fucking her with hard long strokes.

"Oh god we need to stop, please stop, oh yes, oh please, oh please, oh fuck, oh fuck me." She rattled off words that at first asked him to stop and then as she could feel an on coming orgasm she was now asking him to fuck her.

"Yeah I knew you would come around." He grunted.

Bull could now feel her orgasm flooding out of her pussy and all over his big hard cock. He waited a moment for her to catch her breath and then he pulled his cock out and roughly rolled her over. Colleen had no choice but to get up on all fours and he pulled her dress off.

Bull pushed her legs apart with his knee and positioned himself directly behind her; he then grabbed onto her waist and shoved his cock in. Colleen let out a loud grunt when he did this and then he began to pound his cock into rough and fast. Colleen tried to use one hand to hold him back and the other to hold onto her large flailing breasts. Bull looked down mesmerized by her fleshy ass cheeks and the way the skin back and forth with each and every thrust.

"Uh, so fast uh, uh, fuck, so, uh, so fucking hard." She was grunting under him.

"You like it rough don't you; oh shit it feels like I'm going to explode." He moaned.

Colleen did not have another orgasm before he exploded many jets of hot thick jism into her pussy. Bull Jr grunted with every spurt that erupted from his cock, until the final spurt came out he pulled his cock from her used pussy. Colleen collapsed onto the lounge and watched as the young man got dressed.

"See you again, real soon." He said leaving the yard.

Colleen got up off the lounge with tears in her eyes and hastily put her dress back on and grabbed the torn thong. She staggered home, her pussy throbbed with every step towards home and her legs were now getting sticky as his cum ran out of her pussy.

While Bull Jr was outside taking advantage of the drunk Colleen, his brother Chuck found his way inside and into the living room where the sleeping form of Julie Johnson. He stood rubbing his hard cock looking down on her then he gently undid the button to her jean shorts. He slid his hand down the front of them and tried to rub the sleeping woman's pussy.

Chuck tried to pull the tight shorts down a little to give him better access but failed over and over again. Finally he said fuck it, the shorts were too tight and it would be to risky to be more forceful with the rest of the family upstairs so he reluctantly left having to go home and here his brother's tale of how hot Colleen's pussy was.

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