tagLesbian SexA New Friendship

A New Friendship


Elizabeth had never been able to keep a secret from Amber. It felt unnatural to her. They had been best friends for the last twenty years. Now, on Ambers twenty-second birthday, she knew she was going to have to come clean to her friend.

As she watched the attractive woman walk into the coffee shop, she smiled. She had always wanted a body like Ambers. Her small perky breasts were just perfect. She never had to wear a bra on hot days like that afternoon. Elizabeth noticed her friend's nipples poking through the thin shirt as the cold air conditioning hit them. She quickly looked away, not wanting her friend to get the wrong idea.

"Hey girl," said Amber cheerfully as she sat down, "what's all this about us needing to talk. If it's about my birthday, don't bother. I don't want a party, and I don't want to celebrate okay?"

Elizabeth smiled at her best friend, "no party, no celebration; I got it." She hesitated before speaking again, "it's not about your birthday, though."

Amber gave her a confused look, "Okay then what's going on?"

Elizabeth let out a wisp of air, "do you remember a few weeks ago when I went to Brad's house to spend the night?"

Ambers eyes narrowed, "how could I forget? That son of a bitch broke up with you the next day."

"Right. He actually broke up with me that night when I wouldn't have sex with him," she replied.

Amber looked at her with a blank stare, "okay? That's your big secret? Why didn't you just come home then?"

Elizabeth looked away from her friend, unable to make eye contact, "Actually, I did come home. You were just too busy to notice so I grabbed a cab and crashed at Kerry's house instead."

Ambers face went pale as she leaned back in her chair, "Oh."

They sat together in an awkward silence. Elizabeth knew that one of them needed to speak, she just didn't know what to say to her friend. She had discovered something that would change their friendship forever on that night. What scared her more than anything though was that she hadn't turned away immediately.

"So you saw Jennifer and me then?" asked Amber, her eyes peering into Elizabeth.

She nodded her head, still unable to talk for fear that she would blurt out that she had not only seen her best friend slipping objects into their mutual friend's nether lips, but she had watched it. Elizabeth could remember every detail of that night. She had approached the door and casually looked in the window out of habit before sticking in her key. When she saw what was going on though the curtains cracks, she did a double take.

Jennifer was laying on their living room floor; her naked body spread out with her knees in the air. Elizabeth could see her shaved entrance and the nectar dripping down her plump cheeks. Elizabeth looked away but saw Amber walk in from the corner of her eye and once again, she was drawn into the scene. She had something large and black in her hand, like a giant, bumpy cucumber. Her friend kneeled down beside Jennifer. When Amber bent her head down and licked Jennifer's canal like a cat, Elizabeth felt a jolt go through her own core.

Her jaw dropped when Amber sat back up and positioned the large item at Jennifer's entrance. Elizabeth thought there was no way she could or would put something so large into her body. As she watched, Amber put one hand on Jennifer's abdomen and slowly rub the outside of Jennifer's garden with the phallus. The woman's hips started to rise as Amber moved it back and forth over her pearl.

Elizabeth couldn't believe what she saw, even more though, she couldn't believe that her own panties were soaking wet from watching. She looked around the secluded location and slipped her hand down into her pants, gasping at how wet she had become. She gazed on in amazement as Jennifer's hips thrust up and down, rubbing her mound on the shaft. Just as Elizabeth though Jennifer was about to climax, Amber pulled the toy away from her ridge and slowly started to push it into Jennifer's garden.

Elizabeth's fingers found her own entrance, but she was longing for the large toy. As Amber pushed it into Jennifer inch by inch the woman's legs spread further apart, and her hips began to move, taking in more and more of the object. Elizabeth watched as Amber slowly pulled it back out of her then thrust it back in. She gasped as Jennifer cried out in pleasure. Elizabeth couldn't hold back any longer, and she felt her own release rocking through her body.

Amber cleared her throat, and Elizabeth jerked her head up.

"Listen; I didn't want to freak you out. I'm sorry I didn't tell you," said Amber. "You're my best friend though; I didn't want you to think I would make a move on you or anything."

Elizabeth felt her cheeks flush. She could never keep anything from Amber. It was like her friend had a built-in lie detector.

"I didn't just get a glance, Amber," she said softly.

Amber sat back with an amused look on her face, "oh. Well, I'm sorry you saw that, and it bothered you. I won't let it happen again okay?"

Now her cheeks were on fire, "it's not that Amber. I um, I liked it."

Elizabeth watched her friend's expressions change a dozen times before she spoke again, "listen, like you said, this won't change anything okay? You're still my best friend. Now I just have a new world to explore."

Amber smiled at her, "thanks for being so understanding."

"So are you and Jennifer like an item?" Elizabeth asked awkwardly.

Ambers eyes darkened, "no. That's why I don't want a party either. I thought that she was going to leave her boyfriend, she said she loved me. It turns out she was just using me."

Elizabeth looked at her friend in dismay. She couldn't believe that anyone would hurt Amber. She was one of the sweetest people she knew.

"Wow. That's really shitty," said Elizabeth. "Well, let's celebrate your birthday tonight then. A giant bottle of scotch, some junk food, and cheesy movies."

Ambers face lit up at the laid back idea, "it's a date!"

Both women froze, then busted out laughing.

Elizabeth left the coffee shop a few minutes later and walked down the street. She headed for the liquor store on the corner, grateful that she and Amber were once again on the same page. In reality, some part of Elizabeth had hoped that Amber would profess her undeniable desire for her.

Then they would go back to the house and make love. When it didn't happen, Elizabeth was okay with it too.

She couldn't deny that she had growing feelings for her roommate, but she wouldn't risk their friendship over it. The walk was good for her, though. She was viewing the world in a different way now. Woman and men alike were attractive to her. As she passed the beach and woman sunbathing, she couldn't help but gawk. Wondering if she would ever find someone who was willing to try something new with her.

She didn't watch where she was going, and she ran directly into someone.

"Oh! I'm sorry," she said to the person.

"Lizzy?" said the man.

Her eyes narrowed, she hated the name and the person using it.

"Hello Brad," she said coldly as she looked past him.

He smiled at her, "wow, you look fantastic! How long has it been?"

"Not long enough," she replied.

It didn't faze him, "awe, now come on. You're not still mad about that night are you? I know I was a jerk okay?"

"Great," she said as she tried to step around him.

He moved to block her, "hey now. Listen; I've had some time to think, and I want to give us another shot."

Elizabeth looked at him in stunned silence. She had spent weeks pining over the loss of their relationship. They had been together for three months, and Elizabeth had honestly believed she loved him. His desire though for sex was a constant struggle. She hadn't been with a man in two years after she and her longtime partner had parted ways, and she didn't want to jump in the sack before she knew it meant something. When Brad invited her to sleep over, she didn't know that he was once again just trying to get into her pants. That night had changed her life though, and now she was grateful to him for that.

"You mean you went out and whored around right?" she shot back at him. She was shocked at her own boldness. The look of dismay on Brads face made her smile though.

"Hey it's not my fault you wanted to play the Virgin Mary, but I'm ready to commit now," he said as he touched her arm.

His intimacy made her shudder in disgust as she stepped away from him. She couldn't believe how much she had changed. She wasn't the passive and shy girl that Brad was able to guilt trip into doing things and manipulate with a harsh word. She had found herself, and now she knew what a jerk he really was.

"No Brad, I wasn't playing the Virgin Mary, I just wasn't giving it up for a piece of shit like you," she said to him.

Before he would wipe the shocked look off his face, she darted around him and made her way to the liquor store. Her heart was beating rapidly at what she had just said. Elizabeth felt like a new woman though; she would never let a man or a woman take advantage of her ever again. She grabbed a bottle of scotch and practically skipped back to her house.

"I've got the scotch!" yelled Elizabeth as she walked into their house a little later.

Amber came out of the kitchen in a short robe and a towel wrapped around her head, "perfect! I've got pizza coming and a dozen snacks set up in the living room."

Elizabeth set the bottle down on the counter and smiled at Amber.

"Whoa!" said Amber in surprise as she picked up the bottle. "Did we win the lottery or did you rob the place?"

Elizabeth couldn't help but laugh at her friend's humor.

She regaled the impromptu conversation she had with Brad and told her friend that she felt like a new woman.

Amber listened to her and watched her carefully.

"What brought on this sudden change of heart for the pig?" asked Amber.

Elizabeth blushed, "I don't know," she lied, "I guess I just feel like a new person."

"Does it have anything to do with our talk this afternoon?" asked Amber softly.

Elizabeth hesitated before answering, "I'm not sure. I know that when I saw you that night, it gave me more pleasure than any experience I ever had with him. I know you don't want to like, date me or anything. I just found this whole new part of myself, and it's given me courage."

Amber stepped over to her and put her hand on Elizabeth's cheek, "I never once said I didn't want to be with you, I promise. Let's just take it slow okay? I want you to be sure."

Elizabeth smiled and nodded her head. She reached behind her and popped open the bottle of scotch, breaking the sexual tension as she did so. They couldn't help but laugh together once again. It was a perfect friendship.

"Awesome," replied Elizabeth after they took a shot of the bitter drink, "I'm going to change then we can start the movie."

"I'm right behind you," said Amber.

It was like nothing in their relationship had changed at all thought Elizabeth as she went into her room. She had never thought about a woman before the night that she had watched Amber and Jennifer. Until that point, Elizabeth had only ever been attracted to men and even then, she had only had sex with two people, neither of them had made her climax like her fingers could. She stripped off her pants and bra before opening the bathroom door to wash up in the bathroom that connected her and her roommates room. Without thinking, she flung open the door and stepped back in surprise.

"Oh! Amber, I am so sorry; I didn't even think to knock!" she said to her friend.

She knew that she should look away, but her eyes were glued to her friend's body. Amber stood in front of the mirror with wet hair cascading down her back completely nude. The sight took Elizabeth's breath away.

"It's okay," said Amber softly as she turned to Elizabeth.

She couldn't help but look at her body. She had seen it before but never so closely. It was flawless. Her small chest accompanied the rest of her petite frame perfectly. Her shaved body left nothing to the imagination. Without thinking, Elizabeth licked her lips in desire and her hand subconsciously moved down her own body. Amber stepped forward, breaking the spell her body had on Elizabeth. Elizabeth had never felt her heart beating so fast as she looked into Amber's eyes. Her strange desire for Ambers touch grew stronger.

With ragged breath, Elizabeth moved forward and slowly reached up with her hands, cupping both of Amber's breasts. Amber sucked in a breath at her friends unexpected caress. The noise gave Elizabeth more courage, and she moved her thumbs and forefinger over Ambers hard buds. Growing bolder, she pinched them playfully, making Amber moan. The sound made Elizabeth's body convulse in desire. She felt her panties becoming damp.

Amber was unable to hold her self-control any longer, and she moved forward to Elizabeth.

"Let me show you," she said to Elizabeth softly.

Elizabeth nodded her head, dropping her hands away from Ambers' chest. Her heart fluttered quickly, unsure of what she should do. Amber gripped both sides of her shirt and slipped it over Elizabeth's head. She gasped as she watched Elizabeth's large bust bounce free from the fabric.

"You are beautiful," whispered Amber.

Amber didn't waste any time as reached up and tugged gently on both of Elizabeth's hard nipples. The sensation made Elizabeth squeal out in desire. She had never before felt so dirty. Like she wanted to spread herself open for a woman. She stumbled backward, and Amber caught her.

Taking her friends hand, Amber led her through the bathroom and into her own room where she gently pushed her back on the soft bed. Elizabeth watched her bare chest rising and falling as Amber climbed onto the bed beside her.

"Do you trust me?" asked Amber

Elizabeth nodded her head. Amber moved closer to her until her body was touching Elizabeth's. Skin rubbing against skin sent tingling sensations down through Elizabeth's body. As Amber hand moved from where it was resting on the bed to Elizabeth's stomach, she held her breath in anticipation. Ambers' hand traveled up her stomach to her chest where she gripped the breast closest to her. She bent her head down, and Elizabeth felt her mouth encircle her nipple.

Like an invisible cord attached to her body, it sent a jolt of desire down her body to her aching core. When Ambers' teeth began to playfully bite at first one nipple then the other, Elizabeth arched her back in pleasure. Her eyes were closed as she let her body find the sensations on its own. While her roommates mouth worked incessantly on her breasts, her hand travel back down Elizabeth's body, stopping just before she reached her pearl that was now soaking wet with her nectar. Her body convulsed in desire.

"Please Amber," she whispered as she spread her legs apart as wide as possible.

Now she understood the suffering and desire that Jennifer had succumbed to that night. She wanted to cry out and force Ambers hand further down while at the same time loving the exquisite torture. Finally, Ambers' hand moved down but to Elizabeth's dismay, she carefully avoided touching the woman's throbbing pearl. Amber slowly pushed one finger into Elizabeth and she bucked her hips, wanting and needing more. She heard Ambers dark laugh as a second finger penetrated her. She thought that she would be brought to a pinnacle, but Amber removed her fingers from her.

"No," called out Elizabeth hoarsely.

"Don't worry, there's more," said Amber with a smile.

She retreated and came back with a small phallus, still larger than any man Elizabeth had seen but not the monster that she and Jennifer had used. Elizabeth's ragged breath caught in her throat as she watched in anticipation for the sword to find her sheath. When it did, and she felt herself being spread open, she raised her hips and let the delicious pain mixed with a mind numbing pleasure wash over her.

When she thought she couldn't take any more torture, the object stopped its assault on her, and Amber held it inside of Elizabeth's womb. As she looked down to see why the joy had ceased, she saw Amber moving down to her pearl. Her body tightened around the imitation organ in anticipation. As Ambers' lips found her pearl for the first time, Elizabeth exploded in pleasure.

Her body rocked up and down as she cried out, her mound sending electric jolts of undiluted pleasure throughout her body. She thought the peak would never end as she felt the organ being slipped from her body. When Elizabeth came back down to earth, she pulled Amber up to her and kissed her passionately before rolling over onto the small woman.

Amber looked at her in shock, "what are you doing?"

"Now it's my turn," said Elizabeth with a dark smile.


As the days turned into weeks, the roommates quickly discovered that their friendship was meant for more than just best friends. Elizabeth had never before been with a woman, and she had no desire to be with any other woman except Amber. She had found more pleasure and joy with her friend that she ever had with any man in her life. As they walked hand in hand down the California coast, Elizabeth knew that she would love Amber forever.

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