tagNovels and NovellasA New Life for Julie Ch. 04

A New Life for Julie Ch. 04


Chapter 4 - Julie's Double Date with Sarah

Julie was still on her knees as Jim left, rubbing his cum into her tits and shoveling the globs of jism on her face into her mouth. She wished there was another stiff cock in front of her. She looked over at her chum Sarah.

Sarah grinned back at her.

"You like the taste, don't you?" she asked.

Julie grinned back and nodded.

"Yes, I love it," she said as she scooped up what cum she could and licked it off her fingers.

"Me too," Sarah admitted. "I don't know what it is. A lot of women don't like it."

"It makes me feel so fucking hot and sexy, Julie replied. "Just realizing what's happening, what I'm doing, I can't explain it."

Julie paused and looked up into Sarah's grinning face. Then she jumped up and hugged her chum.

"Julie, that was SO HOT!" Sarah declared. "I wish I had a motion picture camera and had filmed it!"

Julie was enthralled, and happy. She was determined she would do as much of this as she could.

"Oh Sarah, I LOVED it! I want to do this all the time!" she shrieked.

"Oh you will Julie, Sarah promised. "Wait until this next weekend. I guarantee you that you are going to have the time of your life," Sarah told her. "Aren't you glad you don't have to be afraid of sex anymore?"

Julie smiled at her.

"Thanks so much. I guess I needed a little push."

The two women hugged and Sarah felt herself getting even more horny. She resisted the urge to try to seduce Julie--the moment wasn't quite right.

"Listen, I've got to clean up and go. I've got to fix Bruce a supper tonight."

"Okay hon, meet me here Friday night by 7 for our date, okay?" she asked as she picked up the phone. Julie nodded, promising to do so. By this time, she had cleaned off her face and was picking up her purse to go home.

The two hugged one more time as Julie left.

With that, she left as Sarah called one of her boyfriends over.

The weekend arrived quickly, but not quite quickly enough for Julie. She was so horny from giving her first blowjob, she was still sweating and restless when she got home that night. When she reached for her purse to put on her dresser, she felt something unfamiliar. She looked inside, and then suddenly remembered that Sarah had left one of her dildos inside Julie's purse and apparently had forgotten about it.

Julie squealed with delight, and used it to fuck herself for half the night until she collapsed in exhaustion. She wound up sleeping in and was late for class the next day.

The rest of the week passed more quickly, but by the time the weekend arrived, Julie was feeling nervous, but extremely horny again. Sarah called her Friday to tell her that John had called her, and that he and Richard were back in town and ready for their date.

She arrived on time at Sarah's apartment, dressed according to her friend's instructions. She wore a filmy low-cut bright teal blouse that matched her eyes and showed off her tits, and a black skirt that came halfway down her thigh, but had a slit on the side. Underneath she wore a black lace bra, a g-string instead of panties, and a pair of sheer black stockings held up by a pair of garter belts. She wore a pair of pumps on her feet.

Sarah helped her prepare her hair, using the curling iron and a brush to get a good feather to it. Then helped her with her make-up.

Julie was so beautiful she didn't really need make-up, Sarah thought enviously. Sarah considered some blush, but her cheeks already tended to flush easily naturally, in spite of her olive complexion. She decided against eye shadow, because it might draw attention away from her jade eyes. She didn't add lip gloss, because it would smear if they started necking, and her lips already had a good color. She finally decided on just a little bit of mascara to help emphasize her eyes.

They were almost ready when the doorbell to Sarah's apartment rang. Julie turned to go open it, but Sarah grabbed her arm.

"Wait! Never, ever, open it on the first ring! Always let it ring at least two or three times before you open it!" Sarah advised.

"But why?" Julie wondered.

"Because you don't want to seem too eager," Sarah explained.

Julie didn't understand why not, but decided to drop it. The doorbell rang again, and this time Sarah slowly approached the door and let them in. Both men were well-dressed and handsome. Sarah introduced Julie to John and Richard, and then advised the two men to relax on the sofa while she and Julie finished getting ready. The men were experienced enough to realize how long it took for women to get ready for a date and relaxed on the sofa.

Back in Sarah's room, Julie gushed over John.

"He is such a hunk," she marveled.

"I actually think Richard is cute. Why don't we switch? You take John, and I'll take Rich?"

"Really?" Julie replied. "That sounds great!"

Julie was about to go back out, when Sarah grabbed her arm.


"What for? Julie asked. "We're ready to go."

"Same thing as before--always make them wait just a little bit. Trust me on this!"

Back in the living room, the two men had similar thoughts.

"Say, would you mind if we switched dates?" John asked.

"You mean I could have the blonde? Sure!" Richard gushed, who had not been able to get Sarah out of his mind since he first saw her on the waterfront.

A few minutes later, the girls came out of the bedroom, declaring that they were ready to go. Sarah walked up and let Richard take her arm, and John took Julie's arm, and together they went downstairs to the garage. John led them to his rental, and the two men opened the doors for them.

"They call it the 'Score Bird'," Sarah had explained to Julie with a giggle earlier before the men had arrived. The Shore Bird was one of the hottest clubs in southern California. After parking the car, the two men paid the cover fee, and after showing their ID, they entered the club.

Julie had a magnificent time that night. First, in the restaurant part of the club, they had a wonderful dinner. Then they went upstairs to the dance floor. They found a perfect table in a corner, and the two men kept plenty of cocktails coming. Daquiris, Tequila Sunrises, Mai Tais, and others. Julie loved the music and loved to dance.

In between drinks, she danced to "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder, "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing," by Leo Sayer, and then she switched partners for one song and all four of them danced to "Play that Funky Music" by Wild Cherry, and then "Shame" by Evelyn Champagne King.

Sarah was already getting tired, but Julie had plenty of energy left. She finished her Tequila Sunrise and pulled John out on to the dance floor again when "Turn the Beat Around" by Vicki Sue Robinson came on. Julie reveled to the electrifying beat of the song, practically wearing out her partner.

After a rest, Sarah returned to the dance floor with Rich again when "Rubber Band Man" by The Spinners came on. Julie wanted to continue, but acceded to John's request for a break.

She sat drinking her cocktail. She felt John's hand stroking her thigh. His fingers traced the strap of her garter belt and moved to the inside of her thigh. She decided she liked how it felt and spread her legs a little to give him more room.

John wondered if he could get her to blow him right there in the club. He had noticed a few people getting it on discretely in a similar manner elsewhere in the club.

If he could get her to stop dancing! He thought, as she dragged him out on the dance floor again. He would have to wait until they were out of here. He decided it was time to try to get the group to leave. If they stayed much longer, this girl was going to wear him out just from the dancing. To his delight though, "the Hustle" was the next song and some people were doing "touch dancing". He was actually pretty good at this and Julie was a natural. She kept her hand grasped in his and let him spin her back and forth and around. He led her through side breaks and wheels.

By the time the song was over the crowd had made room for them and most of the other dancers had stopped to watch them. At the song's conclusion, he spun her into her arms and she laughed with delight. The crowd cheered and the DJ made a big fuss out of them.

The next song was "Beth" by Kiss. John held her close through the slow dance. She snuggled up to him and they danced through the song. He reached down and tilted her chin up and kissed her. He was somewhat surprised by the passion of her return, and felt his cock stiffen up as she moved against him. When they walked off the dance floor his rock-hard cock was tenting out his white slacks for everyone to see.

Julie noticed too. At first she giggled and her face turned red in the cheeks--that is, more red than it already was, but then she looked again and licked her lips.

At this point, they were all ready to leave. John noticed that Rich and Sarah had their hands in each other's laps.

It was definitely time to go.

Outside, it was a warm dark night. In the parking lot, Rich and Sarah went to get the car, and John said he and Julie would wait in the driveway.

As they waited for the other couple to bring the car, Julie leaned back against John who stood behind her. John was rubbing her shoulders, and it felt good. She relaxed and enjoyed the warm night breeze on her face and John's arms wrapped around her waist. She snuggled back against him.

John gently ran his hands up and down her slender waist, and around along her flat stomach. He carefully moved higher and soon had his hands on her tits. She allowed him to massage her tits through the thin silky top she wore. John gently squeezed and massaged her large firm tits. He felt the nipples harden up between his fingers. His stiff prick was pushing out his tight bell-bottomed slacks.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned softly and leaned back into him. His hands felt nice. She tilted her head to the side and he started kissing her soft neck. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations.

He couldn't take it anymore. His balls were aching and his prick felt like it was going to explode. He looked around, considering his options.

For a minute he considered taking her into the parking lot out of sight of the club and bending her over one of the cars, lifting her dress and fucking her from behind right there in the parking lot. He knew there would be a risk of getting busted by the cops, but his cock was screaming for action so hard he considered risking it. Would she go for that though? If he had known she would not resist, he may well have done it right then, but at that moment, Richard and Sarah came driving up in the car.

All through the drive back to her apartment, Sarah could hear John and Julie in the back seat. She glanced over their shoulder and saw that they were practically dry-fucking. She decided she could not neglect Richard and was busy jacking him as he tried to concentrate on driving. They managed to reach her apartment safely though.

Sarah led them up to her apartment. She noted that both men looked horny as could be. She giggled. Men looked so funny when they tried to walk normally with a massive hard on and tight pants! John had a boner that was threatening to burst right through his slacks. His balls must be aching by now, Sarah realized.

Julie looked lusty. Her face was flush, her mouth open, and her dress had been pushed up so that you could see the tops of her stockings and the garter belt straps holding them up. Sarah smiled and unlocked her apartment.

They all went inside and she turned on some low lighting and put on some records--Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors" and the Eagles' "Hotel California." The stereo would drop one at a time until they had both been played.

She got out her stash and they all relaxed in her living room, sitting on the floor with a bunch of pillows so they could sit closer together while they listened to music and smoked.

"What is this anyway?" Julie asked as a joint was passed to her, and regretted it. Of course it was Pot.

"Why Marijuana of course," Sarah giggled. They all giggled.

Julie inhaled and they all got high together. The room was getting warm after a few minutes. She was enjoying the company, the music, and the pot, and also enjoyed the way John was stroking her thigh. She liked the way it made her feel. He had nice hands, she decided. She opened up her legs more to make it easier, and he continued stroking higher and higher. She wanted him to continue what he was doing. They all giggled and told jokes, and Julie became absorbed watching Sarah's orange lava lamp.

She suddenly realized that John was stroking her pussy through her silky panties. She nearly pulled away reflexively, but after the initial surprise, she decided she liked the feel of it. Why not? She felt her pussy getting wet as John ran his fingers up and down the slit through the wet filmy panties. It was a little embarrassing. She hoped he wouldn't think that she had pissed herself, but it felt so good. With a soft moan, she moved her legs apart more. Encouraged, he slipped his fingers underneath the panties and began rubbing her clit in a circular motion. She was getting hot and sweaty. It was hot in the room, and it was beginning to feel a bit stuffy. Suddenly she stood up.

"What are you doing?" John asked, suddenly worried that she would leave.

"I'm hot, I need to step out on the balcony for a little bit," she replied.

"Why don't you just take off your top--like she did," he said, pointing over at Sarah.

Julie looked over at her friend and saw, to her astonishment, that Sarah was bare from the waist up!

"Go on Julie, take off your top," Sarah urged her.

Julie hesitated just a moment, then smiled and quickly unbuttoned the buttons of her blouse and shrugged it off.

"and the bra," Sarah told her.

Why not? They were all friends here. Julie grinned and removed the bra by pulling it up and over her head.

Sarah giggled and jiggled her tits.

Julie giggled back and jiggled her tits as well as the two men looked on.

John pulled her toward him and she fell into his lap. He tilted her chin up with his fingers and they kissed passionately.

He sat back on the couch, pulling her with him, and she straddled his lap, kissing him back passionately.

After a few minutes of kissing, he bent his head and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

Oh God! That felt so good. She writhed and closed her eyes, shuddering with intense pleasure.

He sucked hard for a few minutes, then transferred his attention to her other breast. Back and forth he went, licking and kissing his way from one breast to the other, sucking for about a minute, and then back again to the other side.

He stopped, and she moaned, pulling his head back down to her breasts.

"Julie, he said. Wait a minute."

She paused, her mind was hazy from the pot and lust. She looked up into his eyes.

"Look at what they're doing over there!" he directed her gaze around.

She looked around, and saw her best friend kneeling on the floor, her head bobbing up and down Rich's shaft. Memories of her first blowjob the previous weekend came back to her, and she felt a new flood of wetness in her pussy. She slid off John's lap on to the floor at his feet and watched Sarah and Rich for a few moments. She watched with fascination as Rich's cock slid in and out of Sarah's stretched lips.

Suddenly, she felt John's hand on her head, urging her back around. She spun around, and found herself face-to-face with his stiff cock, waving in front of her face. John steered her head with her wide-open mouth onto his achingly stiff boner. She opened her lips and took him in, almost cumming as his cock slid down her throat. She moaned around his cock, bobbing up and down, Sarah and Rich were now completely forgotten--the whole universe was in her mouth.

She moaned and luxuriated on the feel of John's salty-tasting cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She could taste the pre-seminal fluid leaking out of the spongy head. She paused a moment, wanting to draw out the moment more, and licked his shaft, teasing the head and the tiny slit at it's tip some, just like Sarah taught, then she plunged back down, taking his cock deep, almost to the base. She moved her hand out of the way and opening her mouth wide, found she could go down all the way.

He stopped and pulled her mouth off for a moment.

"Wait, let me get down on the floor," he said.

He laid down and she started sucking him again, but this time he wanted a taste of her pussy. Reaching down, he tried to pull off her skirt. She helped him and then pulled off her panties.

He guided her hips around until she saw his intent, and then moved one of her knees up and over his head, and straddled his face. She settled down, bringing her pussy close where he could reach it with his tongue. Since she was somewhat tall for a girl, it was easy for them. With a girl who was shorter, if she had her pussy on his face, she often couldn't reach his cock, and if she pulled up so she could suck his cock, he couldn't reach her pussy. With Julie however, she had no problem. She sat on his face, and he wrapped his arms around her waist to bring her closer.

For Julie, it was a first. It was thrilling, sucking his cock while he ate her out. She found that the curve of his prick actually worked better this way--it was a lot easier to swallow when the curve followed her throat than when it curved the opposite direction of her throat!

She loved it--giving and receiving attention orally at the same time. She was already getting closer to an orgasm. Her hips were undulating on John's face, and she felt his hands gripping her ass, trying to hold her close to his mouth so he could keep his lips on her clit. She found it hard to concentrate on her blowjob, but she did her best, and finally just let herself go into an autopilot mode, and let instinct take over. She no longer even tried to hold her hips still--that was John's problem. He grabbed her hips firmly and struggled to hold her cunt close to his mouth

Meanwhile, Julie continued bobbing her head up and down on his cock, sucking hard, no longer paying attention to any other detail, as waves of pleasure washed through her body. She was thrashing on top of him, whimpering around his cock, trying not to scream.

Underneath her, John held on around her hips, struggling gamely to keep his mouth on her clit. He sucked hard on it, as he felt her "Hoovering" his dick. His balls were aching. He couldn't hold on much longer. This vixen had him worked up so much! Suddenly, he felt contractions starting in his groin. He came almost violently, spraying hard into Julie's mouth.

For Julie, the feel of his cum hitting the back of her throat reminded her of when she was a child, and had squirted a squirt-gun in her mouth, except that it was much more viscous than water, and therefore a little harder to swallow.

Finally, she felt his dick start to soften in her mouth. She rolled off of him, luxuriating in the afterglow of her orgasm.

"Bravo!" Sarah cheered. Her and Richard had already had their first orgasm, and were sitting cross-legged on the floor, naked, sharing another joint.

After about 15 minutes of smoking pot and listening to Pink Floyd, they were ready to go again.

Julie had been stroking John's semi-hard shaft with one hand, while using her free hand to toke on the joint as it was passed around. She squirmed around naked on the carpet, feeling intensely horny again. Finally unable to stand it any longer, she turned and gently pushed John down flat on the carpet and crawled up between his legs.

Licking her lips, she grasped his stiff cock in her hand and stroked a couple of times, and then slipped it once again between her lips.

Sarah and Richard watched the other couple with interest--content for the time being with playing with each other's genitals while watching Julie blow John. Sarah felt a surge of pride for her friend, as she watched the beautiful girl's head bobbing up and down on John's cock. Julie turned her head to one side, eyes closed in concentration, and Sarah could see her cheek bulging out each time Julie's head went back down.

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