tagNovels and NovellasA New Life for Julie Ch. 06

A New Life for Julie Ch. 06


June 1978

In the morning light, Julie crawled up in between Bruce's legs. Looking up to make sure he was still asleep, she knelt down on her elbows, and nuzzled his soft sleeping dick. Pausing a moment, she inhaled the odor around his balls, and pulled one hairy nut into her mouth, and sucked it gently for a few minutes. She let it fall out of her mouth, and then took the other into her mouth, repeating the same action.

Looking up carefully, to make sure he was still asleep, she let the testicle fall out of her mouth, and then slowly licked up the underside of Bruce's sleeping cock. She repeated the action a few times, licking up and down, as his prick began to stir. She paused again, watching him cautiously. His breathing was still even. She kept licking up and down, and then pulled his stiff cock carefully up with one hand, holding herself up with the other arm.

She licked carefully around the spongy head, wiggling her tongue in the slit. Stopping again, she looked again at his face. He was still asleep. She took the head of his cock into her mouth and sucked gently. It was turning her on!

Grasping his stiffening cock in her palm she pumped up and down a few times, and then slipped her open mouth down over his cock again, this time letting it slide down her throat. Finding herself getting hotter and hotter, she couldn't hold back anymore and started bobbing her head up and down, her soft black locks brushing on Bruce's hairy thighs.

She moaned around his stiff cock, and feverishly bobbed her head up and down, pausing occasionally for breath, licking around the head for a few moments, and then she would slide his cock back into her mouth. Up and down she went, no longer worried about whether he was awake or asleep, with only one thought in mind, his cum in her mouth.

Bruce was wide awake of course by this time. He had the most sexy dream. He had dreamed that a beautiful woman was giving him head. Then he had woken to see his cock pushing out Julie's cheek each time she pushed down, and then her cheeks hollowed as she pulled back sucking.

Already his balls were tightening, preparing to blow his wad in her mouth. Dam the girl was a fine cocksucker!

Her eyes were closed in intense concentration as she pumped her fist up and down, sucking his cock. He marveled at how deep she could go without choking. She took it almost all the way to the root, and then stroked back up almost to the head, sucking hard, and then pushed down again, going almost all the way down without any gagging at all.

Bruce gasped as his cock started shooting in her mouth. His balls emptied into her mouth. She paused her bobbing to swallow his cum. She always smiled when that happened, and typically a few streams would roll out the side of her mouth and down her chin.

After he had been drained, she wiped her mouth and finished licking him, then she crawled up next to him to kiss him.

"Ummm, that was soooo good sweetie. You have great cockjuice," she sighed.

They laid together for a few minutes, and Bruce talked about some of his plans for the summer as she laid there, he carefully stroked her beautiful naked body. After a few minutes, he was stiff again.

He laid back on his back, and pulled her up to straddle him. She rubbed her pussy against his hard dick a few times, and then settled down on his stiff meat, letting is pierce her soft wet cunt.

She slowly sank down, until her stiff clit was down on the base of his cock. She felt the palms of his hands grasp her ass cheeks and gently raised her up a little, and then he let gravity take her back down.

Placing her hands on his chest, she leveraged herself up and down. His cock was like a piece of steel! Her cunt was gushing with wetness as her cunt grasped his cock. Her back was undulating as she rocked up and down, rubbing her clit along his cock.

Bruce ran his hands along her smooth undulating back. She had just a little bit of soft down right in the middle of the lower part of her back. It was very soft, and not very visible unless you looked closely, but somehow it turned him on. The muscles of her ass flexed in his hands as she moved up and down, faster and faster.

She was moaning with pleasure, and he opened his eyes to see her full, firm tits bouncing above his head. Her own eyes were shut with pleasure, and her thick lips were open as she moaned.

Up and down she rocked, her hot pussy spasming and contracting around his cock. She felt an orgasm approaching. Her nipples were hard and she felt his hands reach up, massaging them and tugging them between his fingers. An orgasm exploded and she cried out in joy, rocking her self hard, back and forth, rubbing her clit against his hard cock. She felt his cock spurting, and felt his cock juices running down out of her cunt as he blew his wad, and collapsed on top of him.

As summer began, Julie felt more comfortable wearing less at the house. At first she wore shorts and a tee shirt. Then a halter and a skirt by the second week of the summer.

Initially, Julie spent her summer cooling down from the intensity of school. Sarah had gone home for a few weeks to spend most of the summer with her family. Bruce was busier than usual and away from the house quite a bit. Jack too, had left to stay with family.

So she slept in a lot, and spent a lot of time on the beach. She jogged along the beach every morning, and spent hours laying in the sun or swimming--wearing the bikini Bruce had given her. She also spent her time keeping the house clean. She went through the entire house cleaning from top to bottom, room by room, except for Jack's room, even though he was spending the summer with relatives.

Occasionally, Bruce would have a summer party up on the roof, or on the deck and beach outside. She still felt shy about joining the parties, so she would retreat to her room, although she had met some of his friends and was even on speaking terms with a few of them. She felt so tempted though, to go up and join when she heard the laughter and carousing. Often she would be in bed trying to go to sleep, but the sounds kept her up for hours as she thrashed around in her bed. It sounded like so much fun.

One morning she went upstairs to the roof to clean up from the previous night's party. Since it was hot, and she had checked to make sure everyone except for Bruce had gone home, she decided to remove her top and pulled off her cut-off shorts as well, working only in the thong. After sweeping up and removing the garbage, she returned to make sure she was finished. Satisfied, she leaned over the rail of the terrace and looked out onto the ocean.

Suddenly she felt Bruce behind her.

"I missed you last night," he said, slipping his hands around to cup her bare breasts.

He gently massaged them, rubbing the nipples gently between his fingers.

"I think you would have enjoyed it. We had a wet t-shirt contest, and then later on a blowjob contest. I'll bet you would have won both," he said.

Julie was embarrassed to hear it, but it was turning her on--that, and Bruce's fingers pinching and rolling her nipples as he continued massaging her tits.

When she had first moved in, she had been extremely shy about her chest, but under Sarah's wing, and Bruce's as well, she had become proud of her bosom, and enjoyed showing it off. She usually wore tops that showed off her chest--low-cut tops, tube tops or just bikini tops. Today, since she wasn't going anywhere, and it was so warm, she had decided to go topless. She loved letting her tits sway free of restraint, and enjoyed the warm breeze on them, and this way she need not worry about tan lines. Women were naked in Bruce's house frequently anyway, and often she was the only one home.

Getting hotter, she rubbed her ass up against him, and found to her delight, that he already had a hard on. She reached to the side of her hip and tugged at the knot holding her bikini bottoms on. As they dropped away, she spread her legs a little and bent forward, so that Bruce could fuck her.

His stiff prick slipped in her like a hot knife into butter, and he continued massaging her stiff nipples as he fucked her. She loved being fucked, but if she had to choose a favorite position, this was it--rear entry, rather she was standing or kneeling on all fours. She moaned with delight as she continued to thrust her ass back against Bruce's prick, and within a few minutes, she was squealing with an orgasm as Bruce pumped faster, closing in on his.

This time, she wanted his cum in her mouth. She spun around quickly, dropping to her knees. She slipped his cock into her mouth and blew him, bobbing her head back and forth a few times until he blew his wad. By this time, she had learned how to swallow a big load without missing a single drop. She swished it around in her mouth for a minute before swallowing it, feeling deliciously hot and slutty.

August 1978

Julie was so bored. Her best friend, Sarah, had left for the summer. Jack was out of town. Now Bruce was out of town. She wasn't sure what she would do with herself. The first couple of days, she spent cleaning up the house, and when she wasn't cleaning, she was laying out on the beach soaking in the sun.

By Wednesday, she was getting desperately bored--not to mention horny. Sarah's dildo could only do so much. She writhed around in her bed through most of the morning, and then got up to take a cold shower. After drying herself off, she went into the kitchen to get an apple for breakfast, and was surprised to see a car pulling into the driveway through the kitchen window.

Who could it be? She was suddenly very conscious of the fact that she was still naked from the waist up. She rushed back to her bedroom to grab her bikini top. She had just pulled it on, and was heading back out of her room when she heard the door knock, and before she could reach it, the door was opening.

"Hello?" a voice called.

Julie recognized the English accent. It was Catherine, one of Bruce's few friends she was familiar with and spoke with occasionally.

"Ah, Julie!" Catherine beamed. "Bruce called me and told me you could probably use some companionship this week."

Julie was thrilled that Bruce had been so considerate. She had been a bit in awe of the more mature, beautiful English woman ever since her first week in Bruce's house. Her memory flashed back to that night when she had drinks with Catherine, and had gotten extremely drunk, but she couldn't remember much else about that night.

Catherine took Julie out to lunch, to a small sidewalk café in Malibu, then they went window shopping. They found a swimsuit shop, and tried on several swimsuits. Catherine bought herself and Julie new bikinis, and the two women returned to Bruce's house. They walked out to the beach and laid out a large reed matt to avoid getting sand all over themselves, and went swimming in the ocean in their new swimsuits, and then laid out on the beach to deepen their tans.

While Julie laid down, Catherine went back up to the house and returned five minutes later with some tanning oil.

"Let me rub some of this on you girl, before you fry like an egg in this sun," she suggested as she laid down next to Julie on the mat.

She turned on her side, unscrewed the lid on the bottle, and poured some of the coconut oil in a pool on Julie's midriff, and gently rubbed the oil into the skin of her torso. Some had collected in Julie's belly button, and Catherine scooped it out with one finger and rubbed it into the skin. She poured more on, a generous amount, and spread the coconut scented tanning oil all over Julie's torso, and on the underside of Julie's breasts, the bottoms of which were exposed under the bra of her bikini.

Julie sighed with pleasure, arching her torso up somewhat as Catherine's hands rubbed her well-oiled torso.

Catherine sat up, and straddled Julie's hips so that she could use both hands and rub the oil into Julie's whole body. She carefully rubbed it into her face and neck, gently smoothing some oil onto each cheek using gentle circular motions with her fingers, and then covered her forehead, chin, and then gently rubbed it into her neck and then poured some more on Julie's chest.

Next, she held the bottle over her left shoulder, and gently squirted out a stream and moved the bottled to the right, laying a stream from one should, across the top of both breasts, to the other shoulder. Catherine set the bottle down and used both hands to gently rub the oil into the skin of each shoulder, again using gentle circular motions. She moved her hands together across Julie's chest, and then cupped the tops of her breasts above the bikini top. She poured more coconut oil in her hands, and then cupped Julie's firm tits with her palms again, kneading them as she spread the oil all around, slipping her hands under the thin strings of the bra.

"You don't want to get burn here, do you?" she asked Julie.

Julie shook her head weakly. "No," she said with a whisper.

After stroking and spreading oil all over Julie's warm tits for a few more minutes, Catherine reached up and stretched Julie's arms up and out, and spread a stream of the tanning oil from the shoulder of each arm up to each hand, and then used smoothing the oil into the underside of Julie's arms. By this time, the girl's chest was heaving with her deep breathing. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was opened slightly as her tongue licked her full lips.

Grasping Julie's wrists, Catherine held her down as she bent forward, and hovering an inch over the girls face, she gently brushed Julie's lips with her own, and gently kissed her. She was encouraged when the girl opened her lips a little, and Catherine slipped her tongue in just a little bit, and was thrilled when Julie responded. She didn't want to move too fast though, so she sat back up, and moved Julie's arms back to her sides, and rubbed the top side of each arm with the oil.

Next, Catherine crawled backward, and with one knee, nudged Julie's legs apart to give herself space to kneel as she applied tanning oil to each of Julie's legs. Catherine regarded Julie's legs with frank admiration. The girl had legs to die for--some of the finest legs she had ever seen. She bent one leg up and applied oil onto Julie's shapely calf, then up over her knee and up her thigh, and then moved over to do the same to the other leg. She stroked her hands up and down Julie's smooth legs for a few minutes. Julie murmured and drew her legs up a little, spreading them slightly more as Catherine used her hands, gently massaging the oil into Julie's thighs.

Julie was feeling so turned on. She was nearly delirious with pleasure. Her pussy was so wet, that she was glad her bikini bottom was still wet from their swim. She knew she should tell Catherine to stop, but she didn't want to come across as rude, and she didn't want it to end either.

Next Catherine had Julie flip over, and did the same all along her backside, gently rubbing the coconut-scented tanning oil all over her body. Julie was squirming with pleasure, and Catherine could smell the girl's pussy. As her hands smoothed the oil around and under the strings of the girl's bikini, she used her own leg to gently nudge Julie's legs further apart again, and spread oil on the insides of Julie's thighs.

As she did so, she let her hand casually brush up against Julie's pussy, pretending that she was just rubbing oil into her thigh, but letting the top of her hand rub the girl's pussy as well. Julie was sopping wet, and it wasn't just from the wet bikini either. The girl's pussy was radiating heat!

Catherine rolled on her own back, handing the bottle to Julie.

"Now you do me," she asked Julie.

"What do I do?" Julie asked innocently.

"Why, rub my body with the oil of course!" Catherine replied with a laugh.

"Of course!" Julie giggled back.

She poured some the oil on Catherine midriff, and started rubbing it in to Catherine just as Catherine had done for her.

"Wait, Catherine said. "I don't want to get oil all over my new bikini."

With that, Catherine sat up and removed her bikini with a quick tug of the strings holding the bra on, and then stood up, pulling the bottom down.

Julie tried to stifle a gasp as she saw the woman standing before her naked. She could help but stare at the beautiful English woman's ass.

Catherine laid back down on the mat, naked.

"Why don't you remove yours as well?" Catherine suggested. "It might make you feel more comfortable, and no one is around for miles anyway."

"Come on dear," she added, as Julie hesitated a moment. "It's just us girls, and I know you sometimes go naked around the house anyway."

Julie was a highly suggestible person--especially when the suggestions came from women she admired and wanted to be like, complied.

"I'm sorry," she said with a giggle. "It's just that I've never seen such a beautiful woman before."

Catherine got back up on her knees.

"Why that's so sweet of you," Catherine said, genuinely moved. "You too, are very beautiful--in fact, I don't think you quite realize just how gorgeous you really are."

Julie flushed with the compliment, feeling her face warm up even more.

"I'd better cover your breasts and rear end a little better, now that they are more exposed to the sun" Catherine muttered, taking the bottle from Julie. She poured some more oil into her hand, and ran her hands over each of Julie's breasts, and smoothed the tanning oil into Julie's swelling tits with a gentle circular motion. Julie was somewhat embarrassed as her nipples hardened.

She then directed Julie to get on her hands and knees, and poured the oil all over Julie's ass, and rubbed it into the round globes. Julie was even more embarrassed, with her wet pussy exposed in front of the woman's face. She could actually feel Catherine's breath on her quivering moist pussy lips!

Catherine told her to turn around and handed the bottle back, and laid back on the tanning mat, on her stomach, as she waited for Julie to spread oil on her.

Julie shyly rubbed oil all over Catherine's back. She was embarrassed that she found herself getting extremely horny as she did so. Why was she so turned on?

She slid down toward Catherine's feet so she could rub oil on to Catherine's legs. As she did so, she was straddling one leg, and accidentally slid her wet pussy along Catherine's left calf. Julie nearly swooned with an orgasm right there.

Panting hard, but trying to hide it, she started pouring a stream of oil along Catherine's leg, and noticed an oily substance already on Catherine's lower leg. It was her own pussy juice where she had brushed it against the older woman's leg! She was mortally embarrassed, and prayed quietly to herself that Catherine had not noticed.

She rubbed the oil up and down Catherine's bare legs, after which Catherine flipped over onto her back.

Julie poured oil all over her body, and hastily started rubbing it in. She was getting hotter, and she wasn't sure how much was from the sun, and how much was from her own internal heat.

"Dear, slow down, yes, slow down. There you go," Catherine instructed.

"Good, she continued. "...now gently, that's it, massage and knead, smooth it in gently. Do it like I did."

Under Catherine's tutelage Julie slowed down as she spread the coconut-scented tanning oil all over the woman's body. She moved down to the legs again, and started spreading oil on Catherine's thighs, the older woman spread them wide, lifting them both up, so that Julie's hands could cover them completely.

Julie's eyes were drawn to Catherine's pussy, which glistened with moisture, as she moved down and covered Catherine's ankles and feet, she heard the woman direct her back up to her thighs.

"You missed the insides of the thighs, up near the top. That area can burn too, you know."

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