tagIncest/TabooA New Life for My Daughter and I

A New Life for My Daughter and I


“Daddy, did you happen to see my hairbrush?” Gaye was always misplacing her things around the house. Heaven knows I always try to keep things in order all the time. But she somehow manages to disorganize everything again for me to fix.

But never did I complain.

She was my little angel.

Ever since her mother left us for what she deemed a ‘better life’, my Gaye and I have managed to stay happy and normal even by ourselves. It was a good thing that I have set up a separate account where only I can have access during my marriage with my wife; the amount may not be huge, but it is enough to supplement our two-member family.

“Try looking on top of the fridge, honey!” I yelled from the bathtub. Typical day at our humble abode.

“Why would that thing be on top of the fridge?” She could be a handful sometimes.

“Just look, honey…” I immersed myself in the tub, trying to avoid having to explain such things to her. Funny though—I could not bring myself to the point that I would be mad at her.

As I came back for air, I saw her grinning sheepishly in the bathroom door. “It was near the bucket of moisturizing cream. Can’t imagine how it got there, though.”

“I saw you place it there before you went to your room. Really, Gaye. You should be more organized than that!”

“Yeah, yeah! I know! No husband will ever take me if I am such a slob! But I really should not be thinking of such stuff for now. Geez! I am only 19!” She jokingly gave me one of her wicked smiles, then winked at me before returning to her room.

We have always treated each other so casually, no matter what condition. Hence, coming in while I am taking a bath is not an issue to us. Hell, I could walk in while she’s dressing up and she wouldn’t even bat an eyelash!

Not that I have tried, mind you.

I got off the tub and dried myself as I prepare to go to work. As I was passing through Gaye’s room, I noticed that, as always, that her door was slightly ajar. Normally, I would just dismiss any naughty thoughts and just saunter through until I reach my own room.

But this day proved to be more than your typical normal day.

I didn’t know why I did it, but I suddenly found myself peeking inside Gaye’s room. And like I expected, she was also getting herself ready for the day. Her uniform is lying on the bed; which means she only has her undershirt and panties on.

I softly gasped as I behold his wondrous apparition before me who is my own daughter. She maybe short by her age, but she possesses the body that would make a priest renounce his vows.

She has soft skin; my experience from our tickle-fests can attest to that. She also smells nice; that daily and constant application of baby powder all over her body can truly have its good effects.

Her undershirt was tighter than I imagined. It hugs her supple breasts near the point that I wondered how she could breathe wearing that. And from this distance, I could see the outline of her bra.

The thought tingled something inside my pants. I felt a little guilty having thought it up, and I immediately turned away.

Curiosity, though, have managed me to look inside again. My attention now focused on her white panties.

It seemed like an eternity for me had passed while I ogled my daughter’s slender thighs and legs. I feel myself sweating as I watched those beauties sway back and forth.

I would not sweat for long.

“Five more seconds and you just may give yourself a heart attack!”

Stupid me. Gaye just spotted me in her mirror as she was putting on her makeup. Trying to regain some semblance of dignity, I walked inside her room and tried casually to make the impression that everything was normal.

“I was just curious why you take so damn long getting ready for school. Now I learned that you spend more time lolly gagging than the actual dressing up process!”

“Well, you know us girls. We always want to be attractive to the male populace. I thought you, being once married, would understand that.”

“Low blow. But be careful not to be too attractive, tough. You may one day find yourself knocked up by some guy in your school.”

“Ha! What’s the matter, Richard? Afraid of becoming a grand-daddy?”

“If only that will be the only thing that would happen! Heaven forbid that I will be forced to take care of your child because you’re too childish to take care of even yourself!” I gave her a smile so that she wouldn’t take my half-serious joke badly.

She stuck her tongue out to me; her last resort if I always get the better of her. It was sort of an act of defiance from her. Defiance that sometimes triggers our tickle-fests.

This day would be no different—sort of.

I immediately pounced on her to get her in position to tickle her belly. She let out a shriek then laughed as she struggled to wrench free from my grip. Being the stronger person, I managed to maneuver her in the desired position: her back was on me, my left arm wrapped around her body while my right hand tickles the side of her belly.

She continued to laugh and wriggle while I continue to tickle with my finger her side. By then, she was focused on removing the finger of my right hand, that she didn’t notice that my left forearm is already touching her breasts—and that my dick is pressing hard at her ass.

I, on the other hand, noticed—and enjoyed—everything.

I decided to press my luck. Slowly, I inched my left hand closer to her right breast…up to the point that I was cupping it. I let my left hand linger in that soft and tender part of her chest while I sniff the aroma at the back of her neck. I consider myself rather lucky and smart for finding a way to maliciously caress my gorgeous and unsuspecting daughter.

I would not consider myself those things for long.

“Dad! What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

To say that I was shocked was a huge understatement. And considering the emotions I have felt during my ‘sensual ecstasy’, I would doubt that my surprise would be believable. At the back of my mind, I had expected her to react violently. I cursed myself for not listening to that part.


She gave me a threatening look. A look of a daughter betrayed by her father. It hurt me to see her that way. She was furious, humiliated and disgusted at the same time.

She gave me another of those wicked smiles. “You’re dick is starting to hurt my ass…I had to do something!”

“You sly little bitch!” I laughed. “I thought…”

“What’s the matter, Richard? Too embarrassed to speak now that you’re daughter knows you’re sexually molesting her?”

“Well, you’re acting so casual about it!” I blurted, trying to regain control of the situation.

“I really don’t mind, Richard. In fact, I am hoping that it develops into something more…meaningful.” She sounded serious now. Am I dreaming?

“Honey…we can’t…you’re my daughter…think of the ramifications…”

“Shut up, Richard. Don’t hold back. 5 seconds ago, you were not treating me as your daughter. You were treating me as a woman who is giving you a major hard-on.” She started to lift her shirt. “Treat me again that way.”

“No…Honey…I can’t…”

“Please, Richard!”

And with those words, I felt my sanity slipped away. I grabbed her by the waist and started to kiss her lips. She fought back, pushing her tongue out to meet mine, as she discarded me of my bathrobe. I, on the other hand, tore her shirt apart. Knowing my daughter and her love of her brassieres, I contented myself into just unhooking them.

We released ourselves from our kiss so that our eyes can devour our naked bodies. I was stark naked now while my daughter was wearing only her panties. She can see from my face the hunger in me while I stare at her crotch.

“You wanna see what’s inside?” she teased.

“Yes, honey.” I managed to say.

“You wanna touch it?”


“You wanna plunge you manhood in it?”

“Oh, yes!”

“You do realize that I could get pregnant.”

“I know…is it okay with you?” I waited what I felt was an eternity for her answer.

“I’d be delighted!”

I wasted no time in ripping her panties off, while at the same time, I sucked on her titties. She let out a long moan as I sucked hungrily for those soft and supple breasts.

“Richard, please suck my pussy! I want to feel your hot tongue inside me!”

Like an obedient slave, I lay her on the bed on her back and I went down on her. She was already wet when I started licking her pussy. I plunged my tongue deeper in her cunt to taste her fully—and with each stroke she lets out this loud moan. To hell with the neighbors! I am screwing this chick in her bedroom and nobody is stopping me!

I set loose my tongue in her pussy like an eel caught in the net. Her moans never ceased, which were accompanied by strong gushes of vaginal fluid.

“Richard! I can’t wait anymore! Put your dick inside me now!”

“Oh, honey! I’m gonna fuck you now! Oh, shit I’m gonna fuck my daughter!”

“Yes! Fuck your daughter, you slimy pervert! Make her pregnant!”

I aimed my dick at her cunt hole and rammed her the first chance I got.

“Oh, yes, Richard! That’s it! Fuck me! Fuck me with that tool! Make sure that I get pregnant!”

“Oh fuck, Honey! You’re so beautiful! I can’t believe I’m fucking you! FUUUUCCCKKK!!!!”

“Faster! Harder! I want more! Don’t stop until you explode. I want all of your seed! Damn, Richard!”

Faster and faster I went. Ramming my fucking rod in my daughter’s cunt. I can feel myself prepare to explode.

“Gaye, Honey. I am about to explode. Take it all you slut!”

“Give it to me, you old pervert! Make your daughter pregnant with your own dick! Cum in me! Cum in me!!!!!”

At that moment, my dick shot what I thought was a glass of semen that was accumulated for some time. I felt my daughter, I mean my new lover, tense up as she accepted her father’s seed inside her. She must have felt so warm because of the pleasure I saw in her face.

When I thought that I have already emptied myself in her, I pulled my rod out and lay next to her.

“That was…something,” I managed to say after a few moments.

She laughed at my pathetic display of diplomacy. “Well, we have to do better next time, won’t we? Mean, we’re not sure if I’m pregnant yet.”

“Do you really want to bear my child, Honey?”

“Yes, more than anything else…lover.”

Needless to say, we both took the day off.

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