tagIncest/TabooA New Plaything

A New Plaything


Standing there seeing his niece naked, all Luis can do is stare. When she realizes that he is looking at her, Valeria goes rushing from the bathroom to her room. As he stands there he thinks about how bad it is for him to stare, but at the same time, how gorgeous she is.

Her parents, Luis' brother and his wife, died in a car accident a few months back and being her only living relative, Luis' wife and he took her in. They all had been close and many times over the years Valeria had come over to spend the night. He never really noticed how lovely of a woman she had become. It is the first time in a very long time he has seen a nineteen year old girl naked and he cannot get the picture of her out of his head.

She has the prettiest set of breasts, small and perky. Her nipples are a nice shade of pink and the shape of little buttons. Her hairless pussy is more intriguing, however. Her puffy lips sprang from it and he imagines his mouth wrapped around them as he goes back downstairs to the den and flips on the television. But Luis cannot get the image of her beautiful body out of his head.

Meanwhile, Valeria walks over to her dresser and looks at her reflection. She stares at her naked self and smiles. She knows she is beautiful and she starts wondering what her uncle thought of her body. She feels her body getting warm at the thought. Did her Uncle Luis like what he saw? There is only one way to find out.

Valeria slips on a night shirt and nothing else. She feels the soft fabric rub against her naked skin; her small nipple reacts by extending outward as the night shirt rubs over them. Valeria loves the feeling of being naked under it. She takes one last look at herself in the dresser mirror, smiles and walks out of the room.

As she makes her way to the den, she knows what she is about to do is morally wrong, but she has to. She has to know what her uncle thought of her naked body.

Luis sits back comfortably, flipping through the channels when he hears a creaking noise from the stairs behind him. He turns around and sees the bare legs of his niece coming down. Is first thought is of her being naked, but the notion fades as he sees the night shirt just above her knees.

He watches her come down the stairs in a sexy erotic way until she stands on the floor. Valeria stops and smiles, "Hi Uncle Luis," she says as she twirls her foot on the floor.

"Hi Val," he answers.

"What are you doing?" She asks as she starts walking over to him.

"Not a whole lot," Luis says. "Just trying to find something worth watching on tv."


Luis knows exactly what she is up to. His niece is testing him, trying to make up for what happened in the bathroom. She walks around and leans over him, placing her hands on each side of him. "I have a question to ask you."

"Ask away," Luis says.

"I want to know, and be truthful with me, did you like what you saw?"

Luis leans back into the couch as Valeria stares down at him. He tries to play it off. "Val, really? Come on. You know better than to ask something like that."

"Uh huh, that's exactly what I thought," she says smiling. She stands up in front of him.

"Thought what?" he asks, flipping through the channels again, trying to act like he is more interesting in the television than her.

"Oh Uncle Luis, please. You did like what you saw and you're still imagining me naked."

"You're imagining this yourself," he responds.

Valeria backs up and slowly lifts the night shirt up, little by little. He sees her bare skin being revealed as it travels up. She takes her time lifting it. Slowly, the end of the night shirt exposes her perfect and puffy pussy. Seeing it again is now more sensual. The smooth mound that leads to it is nice and plump.

The night shirt's edge hugs her hips as she gently pulls upward. The soft skin of her flat stomach makes Luis want to slowly feel his way to her pussy.

He sits there watching her reveal her nineteen year old body to him again, knowing that he should not be looking. But he can't take his eyes off her. The fabric of the night shirt just keeps drifting upward and finally, the soft roundness of her perky breasts come into sight. Before he knows it, there is his niece standing naked in front of him again and she is just as beautiful as she was earlier.

Valeria slings the night shirt on the floor and stands there letting him take in her naked body, this time a little more than before. His niece is more of a young woman than he knew.

"Now Uncle Luis, tell me the truth," she says in a sexy voice. "Do you like what you see?"

Luis sits there looking at her in complete awe. He can't form the right words or any for that matter.

"How do you like this virgin body Uncle Luis? Don't you want to touch me, wondering what my body feels like?" she asks as she runs her hands over her delicate curves.

He has to. He cannot avoid it any longer. With his wife gone for the entire night at work, he didn't have to worry about being caught either. He stands and reaches out and touches her shoulder. He feels small goosebumps form under his touch as he runs his hand down the length of her arm. Slowly he takes his other hand and touches her waist. He pulls her naked form close to himself and Valeria wraps her arms around him. He runs his hands all over the small of her back.

"Don't I feel good Uncle Luis? So soft and pure?"

As an answer he moans and his hand drifts lower. He feels the form roundness of her ass, cupping her cheeks slightly. He begins to massage her as in circles. His hands spread her ass cheeks apart and his fingers settle between them. He can't help but run his finger over her asshole a little. As he feels the tender ripples of it, Valeria moans, tightening her ass.

"Oh Uncle Luis, that feels so good!"

Luis circles her tight virgin ass again with his finger. Again her ass tightens in response and loosening when his finger drifts away. He runs his finger up her ass crack, feeling the warmth of it, listening to Valeria taking deep breaths. Then he runs it back down and circles her asshole. He settles his finger over it and then slips it in.

"Uuhh," she sighs loudly as she feels his finger sink into her hot ass.

Luis remains silent as he keeps his finger inside her ass and lets her enjoy the feeling. He knows it is something that she has to get used to, but he can tell she is enjoying it just as much. He can feel her asshole grip onto his finger as he begins to move it in and out. Her little ass is giving more and more, becoming looser and looser the longer he massages it.

Valeria begins to breath quicker and deeper. Her body begins to get hot. Her moans become louder and faster. She bites her lip while scrunching his shirt up in both hands making a fist.

"Oh Uncle Luis, that feels so good," she says. "You're making so fucking wet!"

Luis stops and pulls his finger out of her ass. He looks down between her legs. Valeria isn't just wet, she is dripping wet. Her pussy glistens with her pussy juice and he can see a wet, sticky trail of her hot juices running down the inside of her thigh to her knee. There are even droplets of her cum on the floor.

Luis smiles as he looks at her and she smiles back. He can tell she wants more. He wonders if her virgin pussy is ready for his finger.

He was going to find out.

Valeria stands in the same spot as Luis walks around her. He looks at her round, firm ass where his finger was just at. Slowly, he touches her bare shoulders. The curve of her shoulders fit perfectly in his hands. He kisses the back of her neck, sending ripples of pleasure through her.

Slowly, he runs a finger down between her shoulder blades, tracing all the way to the top of her ass. As he does, Valeria arches her body. He kisses her neck again and reaches around with both hands to feel the softness of her tight stomach. He circles her bellybutton with his fingertip as his other hand drifts upward along her skin. His niece is so warm to the touch and more erotic than she realizes.

"Oh Uncle Luis, your hands feel so good all over me," she moans as she leans her head back into him.

His right hand rests over her stomach, feeling the dimple of her bellybutton. His other hand continues upward until he can feel the underside of her small breast. He takes his finger and traces along the bottom of it. Valeria's body shivers and then she moans softly.

He moves his hand upward and cups her small breast, his hand fitting perfectly over it, covering her tiny firmness. Valeria lets out a long sigh as his hand begins to massage her. His fingers press slightly on her nipples and he can feel her tiny nipple getting harder and longer.

"Mmmm, Uncle Luis, that feels so good. Don't you want to make both my nipples hard?"

Slowly, he cups her other breast to match the one already covered and begins to equally feel both of them. He squeezes their small roundness, massaging circles over them. Valeria covers his hands with hers. Her gentle hands feel wonderful on his. He can tell that she feels comfortable in his arms by the way she caresses his hands.

Valeria's body is getting hot and her breasts have gotten as firm as the possibly can. Slowly, he slides a hand down from her breast and across her skin. Valeria continues to feel her own breast as his hand slides down to her hip. His finger finds the crease of her leg that leads to her sweet pussy. As he moves his finger down, he can feel the heat from her tight lips.

Valeria's body trembles as his finger crosses her inner thigh then runs slowly back up the crease of her leg. Again she shakes from anticipation. Luis moves his hand over her mound and circles over it. She moans gently. He circles a fingertip over the top of her clit and she gasps as his finger whisks slowly in circles over it. In quicker circles of his finger, he massages her clit, feeling it harden under his touch.

"Mmmm, Uncle Luis, that is fucking amazing," she groans.

He circles her clit a few more times and then slowly lets his finger drift between the slit of her pussy lips. As his finger slide between her smooth slit, he feels her hot juices coat his finger. He moves up to her clit again, circling it slightly. As he does, Valeria reacts be spreading her legs slightly, just enough for her engorged lips to jut out further.

Luis again runs his finger down through his niece's tender pussy lips. He parts them slightly as he goes. He stops just outside of her entrance, feeling the warmth before pushing in ever so slightly. As he begins circling just inside her, she moans long and softly. Then slowly, he lets his finger slip inside her tightness and he feels her body flinch.

She shrieks as his finger penetrates her hot, constricting pussy. Her virgin pussy feels so good around his finger as it sinks deeper inside her. He slowly starts moving his finger in and out in a slow pace, eliciting moans from her soft lips.

Eventually Luis starts to pick up speed, driving his finger in faster and deeper until her body shudders and soaks his hand in a torrent of her juices. She nearly screams as her orgasm rips through her body. He resumes his finger fucking as soon as she calms down, taking it back to the same pace just before her orgasm. Valeria's breathing begins to quicken even more. Suddenly he is able to slide his finger into her pussy a little deeper. And without warning he feels another gush of her cum, splattering over his hand.

Luis slips her finger from her sopping wet pussy and she turns around to face him, her face is flushed and full of delight. She looks at him and suddenly smiles. "Uncle Luis? Do you plan to take my virginity?"

Luis unzipped his pants and his hardened cock spring free. Valeria's eyes get wide at the sight. "Uncle Luis, will that fit inside me?"

Luis smiles at her and says, "It will. Just get on your hands and knees for me."

Valeria's heart starts to beat fast in her chest. He climbs onto the couch, lifting her ass high into the air. "Like this Uncle Luis?"

"You are perfect," he says stepping back to marvel at the sight before him.

Slowly, he steps forward and presses his cockhead against her wet pussy lips. He drags it up and down her slit. Soft moans escape her lips as the feeling sends shivers up and down her spine. He stops and pushes forward toward her entrance.

"This is going to feel a little different than my finger," he warns her.

Valeria nods and as he pushes forward, spreading her tight, puffy lips her body shudders. He pushes in and out slowly, letting her tightness conform over his cock. As he pushes deeper and deeper, Valeria's moans grow louder and louder. He sinks in until her tiny pussy can't take anymore of him. Then he starts to thrust a little faster.

"Oh Uncle Luis," she groans. I want you to strip away my virginity."

Luis smiles down at her as he thrust in and out of her pussy at a steady pace. She is incredibly tight and he can't remember ever feeling a pussy this tight. It is so snug around his cock. It hurts her slightly at first, but gradually it becomes more pleasurable. Her pussy walls seem to be stretching more and more to accommodate him. She is already soaking wet with pussy juices that it makes it easier for Luis to work his cock in and out.

Valeria moans louder. It feels so incredible. Her pussy squeezes his hard cock and soon she is thrusting back into him. Luis builds up to a faster pace until he is driving his cock into her wildly. His cock makes her pussy wetter and she moans even louder, almost to the point of screaming.

Luis's hands grip the soft skin of her tiny hips as he grinds into her pussy. Valeria can't get enough. She knew this is what her uncle wanted and it pleased her to be giving it to him. Luis starts to groan with each thrust.

Valeria looks over her shoulder. "Are you to fill me with your cum Uncle Luis?"

Luis nods as he rubs her smooth stomach before reaching beneath her to cup her mound. He thrusts as deeply into her as he can. Valeria closes her eyes, waiting to feel his hot cum gushing in her. Luis shoves his body forward as his cock starts to throb inside her pussy. Valeria moans loudly and Luis grunts. A torrent of hot cum suddenly erupts from his cock, flooding her and filling her. Instantly his cum starts to leak out of her tight pussy and run down her thighs. Luis grasps her hips as his cock still throbs inside her, filling her with the last bits of his cum.

Valeria is absolutely in heaven. She squirms in delight. The movement and the heat from her slick pussy keeps Luis hard and after a few moments he puts an arm gently around her waist and pulls her onto his lap. She spins her around and sits down. Holding her hip, he begins bouncing her up and down on his cock. Valeria moans. Her pussy is so wet and oozing with cum.

After a few minutes Valeria takes over the bouncing up and down on his cock. His cock drives all the way up into her tight pussy, sending her into another orgasm. Her pussy juices seep out, covering his thighs. He pulls her in closer, cupping her small breasts in his large hands. Then he groans again, moving his hands back to her hips. He holds her in place and thrusts upward once. Valeria feels jets of his cum soaking her insides. Immediately, her pussy starts to leak again as her pussy juices and his cum seep out.

Luis's cock starts to soften, but Valeria isn't quite ready to stop. She looks down at her uncle. "Your cum feels so good, Uncle Luis. I want more of it. Would you like to have my ass too?"

Luis grins at his niece. He thinks back to earlier this evening and how something so simple as walking in on his niece and seeing her naked changed everything. He looks up at her. "If you are ready for it?"

Valeria smiles, "I am ready for anything Uncle Luis. I'll be your new plaything from now on."

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