tagGroup SexA New Swing

A New Swing


It wasn't a hard seduction. He knew that Angelica loved the idea of a sex swing and having one installed before she came over for the weekend was a no brainer. As they walked into my room where he had it set up, he could tell the look on her face was a look of excitement. Her brown hair was already down to her shoulders out of her ponytail before he had a chance to react. As she began to strip off her clothing, he was in shock at how fast she was getting turned on. As she started trying to slide into the swing, he started calmly disrobing as her naked rear attempted to remain in the swing. By the time his underwear hit the floor, she was begging for his help to get her in.

He walked over to where she stood dejected and picked her up by the waist. He slowly began placing her in as she spread the leather harness apart until she was in it. After she was secure, he slowly walked to the night stand where a blindfold was waiting. He went behind her and slid the band over her eyes before kissing her. He then proceeded to move to the front where her shaven pussy was already wet. He bent down and literally buried his tongue deep inside her while she writhed in the swing. As his tongue swirled inside her, she grasped onto the straps and held on for dear life.

The opening of the bedroom door prompted her attention as she instinctively turned her head towards the noise. His tongue kept working on her pussy as she felt a presence near her. A pair of lips found their way to her neck, biting softly as she moaned out loud. The person on the other end of those lips seemed to know Angelica's weak spot a little too easily until she felt the swing being pulled down and her mouth being coerced into sucking on a finger. As her mouth opened, she could feel a strange cock being slid into her mouth. On instinct, she began to suck on it as she felt her boyfriend's tongue slide out of her pussy. She soon felt his dick sliding into her well lubricated box as she sucked on the other one deeper. She felt weightless between them as one slid into her mouth while the other slid out of her pussy. They were a cohesive team, working as one like they had been training for that moment.

It was a little while before Angelica was helped out of the swing and turned over so her stomach was where her ass was previously. The man that was in her mouth had access to her pussy and responded by shoving it in unceremoniously. I response, her boyfriend grabbed her by the hair and shoved his dick down her throat. Again, the swing helped her bounce between the two dueling studs. Angelica almost felt like a rope being pulled between them. Her moaning was only inhibited by her boyfriend's dick as it slid as deep down her throat as he could. He pulled out one more time before she begged him to cum on her chest. She then slid around until she was back on her back.

As he stood on the bed to get a better aiming point, the other dick slid out of her pussy and followed suit until she felt the warm spurts of white gold cascade onto her tits. As she reached up to remove her blindfold, she felt another tongue licking on her pussy. She kept still as she felt the tiny tongue sliding up and down her labia. She started hearing her boyfriend and the other person egging the tongue on as she felt the soft fingers spreading her pussy lips apart. It suddenly slid straight inside Angelica and began probing until she began to cum.

After her climax subsided, she undid her blindfold to reveal her best friend on her knees before her. She had a grin on her face as she stood up and began to lick the cum off of Angelica's breasts. As Angelica looked down on her friend licking , she saw her boyfriend and her best friend's boyfriend looking at her also and their dicks beginning to show signs of life. Angelica reached over and began to stroke them as she told them she needed more. It looked like her fantasy weekend was off to a wonderful start.

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