tagLoving WivesA New Way of Life Ch. 01

A New Way of Life Ch. 01


To my readers: This first chapter of a multi-chapter story has essentially no sex in it. It introduces the characters (some of whom you've met before) who will later bring that element of the story to life. You may wish to skip this part if you're one of those who, like myself, enjoy sex more than the tale of a couple who find -

A New Way of Life Chapter 1

Azman was elated! After three years at his workplace with the large corporation, for which he worked, he had just been chosen to spend the next three years with their American branch in Houston, Texas. His boss and co-workers showered him with congratulations. "It's an indication that you're doing well in our company," his boss told him. "You're only the second employee that has ever been given this opportunity, and we know you'll do well," he had been told.

It was with mixed emotions that Azman told his wife that evening that he would be leaving at the end of the week for three years in the US. What concerned him most was his wife, Azizah. She was pregnant and expecting a child next month. He felt very sorry that he wouldn't be there to welcome it into the world, he told her that night, but it was the chance of a lifetime for he and his family. "I asked if going couldn't be delayed until after our child is born, but they said I must go now or they would have to choose someone else. It means a big promotion for me," he told her "if I can impress the senior executives in the American branch, then come home and show them how much I learned while there. They also said that you could join me when the baby is old enough to travel. Perhaps we will even be able to afford a better home for our parents when we come back."

Reluctantly Azizah agreed. It was indeed the opportunity of a lifetime. She wanted very much to be with Azman, but her doctor had told her she could not travel this late in her pregnancy. He had also told her that she would have twins, although she hadn't told Azman that bit of news yet. She held it back, biting her lip. This was not the time to cause more commotion in their lives.

So, on Friday of that same week, Azizah fought back tears as she saw Azman wave to her from the security checkpoint at the airport. They had not been separated since their wedding, and she knew she would miss him greatly. Despite his misgivings about leaving Azizah behind at least temporarily, he looked forward to this great adventure. He said a silent prayer for her health as he felt the enormous Singapore Airlines 747 jet lurch forward, engines roaring.

Fourteen hours later, he had only time enough to get from the international terminal in Los Angeles, through customs, to the terminal where domestic flights departed for points all over the USA. He was hot, tired, and very sleepy despite the short naps on board the airliner, longing for a hot shower. He was also thankful that his parents had insisted that he study English in school. Without that knowledge, and his own determination to improve his language skills, he thought it would be almost impossible to make his way around the enormous airport. He smiled when he thought of how he had seen western tourists wander aimlessly through the terminal at Kuala Lumpur. Although there were signs in English, Chines, Japanese and other languages, it was still a mystifying maze for many people who did not travel internationally.

Six hours later he stepped into the lounge of the airport in Houston. Fatigue and the loss of an entire day had robbed him of any interest in anything other than a bed and a hot shower. From the lounge he walked what seemed like a great distance to the baggage area. He was still waiting for his baggage to arrive on the carousel when he saw his name on a signboard held aloft by a tall man dressed in a suit. He approached the man who, on seeing him asked if he was Azman. An affirmative reply was met with a handshake and an introduction to the stranger.

"I'm Earl," he was told. "My boss said I should meet you here and take you home. I'm your sponsor for the next three years. You'll be living with me and my wife, Ting. We're very happy to have you as our guest. I haven't been told much about you and your family, so we have a lot of talking to do after you've had a chance to rest and relax after such a long flight."

Earl helped him retrieve his baggage then led him outside to a limousine with the corporation's name embossed on the door. "Nothing like traveling in comfort for a while," Earl said as he pushed Azman's baggage into the trunk. "Just don't get too used to it, the rest of the time you'll be riding around in my old beat up Toyota unless the company gives you a car while you're here."

Azman was only too happy to slide into the air-conditioned interior of the limo. He sighed with weariness as he settled back into the deep cushioned seat.

"It's about an hour drive to our house," Earl told his companion. "So, just relax and look at the scenery, such as it is. A little different from Malaya I would guess."

"Very much so," Azman nodded with a smile. "I was expecting to see horses and cows since I was in Texas."

Earl laughed. "We don't get many of them in the city these days. Although you don't have to go far to see them. We're about twenty miles from the center of town, but there'll be time for you to see that on Monday when we go into the office." Azman saw the highway opening wide in front of them as they took what Earl described as the beltway around the city. He was surprised at the many hectares of open terrain covered with trees and brush as they passed through a mixed area of commercial and private properties. Despite his weariness he had many questions, all answered easily by his companion. Too soon, it seemed like they were back on city streets, then in an area that seemed to be entirely residential.

The limousine halted in front of a house that seemed very large to Azman who asked how many lived there.

"Just Ting and I," Earl laughed. "We don't have any children, so there's always room for one more. Ting will be glad to see you. She's Asian too, from China, but that's many years past."

As Earl and Azman got his luggage from the sedan, Azman was surprised to see a tall Asian lady in a sapphire blue cheong sam standing in the doorway of the house, a wide smile on her face.

"Hi, Ting," Earl called out to her. "Here he is, all the way from Malaya." Almost unnecessarily, he then said, "Azman, this is my wife, Ting." Azman took the hand the lovely lady offered and held it far longer than would have been polite in his own society. He couldn't get over how much this woman looked like his wife, Azizah. The same broad smile, beautiful black hair, shining brown eyes, and full breasts that tempted him just as those of Azizah. It took a moment for him to regain his composure to the amusement of both Earl and Ting. Although only hours away from his last bedding of his wife, Azman felt the lurch of his cock. Ting was beautiful!

Earl took Azman through the house and into the wing they had reserved for their guest. A complete suite of rooms had been made ready for him and despite his curiosity he felt the pull of that large bed immediately. Earl smiled. He knew how Azman felt after such a long journey. "I leave you alone so you can unpack and settle in," he told his guest. "When you feel more refreshed, we'll have a barbecue on the patio. Please, make yourself at home."

It was six hours before Azman walked onto the patio where the smell of grilled meat and vegetables brought a surprising hunger to his mind. "Just in time for something different from airline food," Earl laughed as he handed a plate almost covered by a steak to his guest. "Help yourself," he told Azman, "from now on you'll need to do that. If we're going to be together for the next three years, you'll find the service around here really is poor." That drew a laugh from Ting who, sitting in one of the recliners was sipping a drink. She wore a bikini style swim suit that would have scandalized his neighbors back home, but she looked so lovely that Azman found it hard to tear his eyes away from her very visible body. Again he felt that lurch of his cock as she responded to the comment from her husband. "I don't provide that kind of service at all," she chuckled. "It's help yourself or forget it."

In Chapter 2 of our story Azizah joins her husband who has found to his dismay that lust can drive one far beyond the limits he ever knew. And, to his total shock found that his co-worker's insistence that he "help himself" isn't limited to the normal needs of living together and sharing everything - it also includes their insistence that he share also, including his own wife!

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