tagLoving WivesA New Way of Life Ch. 08

A New Way of Life Ch. 08


The time had come, Azman thought to himself. Two years after being brought on board as an apprentice management trainee, Azman now had the same position Earl had occupied when he had chosen Azman to prepare him for the higher duties he now performed. Earl now was the president of the company and showed his favor of Azman by keeping him here in the states, although he had told Azman that his duties would include going back to Malaysia occasionally to choose executives for their industry in his home country. Then, last week Azman had received word that his family would be coming for a visit.

He had discussed it with Azizah, then Earl and Ting. Earl and Ting said they understood how Azman and Azizah would feel more comfortable in their own home and, as long as they remained friends with the benefits all had enjoyed together, they would support Azman's plan to buy a home for himself and Azizah. It took almost a month of accompanying the realtor to various properties before they located a home that seemed perfect for their needs. It was a two story modern dwelling with a two bedroom bungalow added behind the garage which would be perfect for the nanny, a slim yet buxom young Indonesian girl who had become a necessity to help Azizah with the children. Surrounded by an acre of tall trees and shrubbery, it was almost as though it had been built for them. There was enough seclusion that they rarely saw any other persons unless it was to go out for the occasional shopping Azizah still preferred to do herself. The first guests that they entertained after furnishing it were, naturally, Earl and Ting.

They sat on the porch of the master bedroom above the patio below with their guests, drinking the iced tea which they had learned was better than alcohol in the Texas heat, although Azman and Earl still had an occasional cold beer. It was on that first occasion with Ting and Azizah in the kitchen below them, that Earl and Azman got a chance to talk more about their favorite pastime, fucking each other's wife.

"This is perfect," Earl said with a sweep of his arm that encompassed the property. "Just big enough to be comfortable, yet not so large as to be ostentatious. And, with the guest house you can have guests in for parties while the children are with the nanny in their own little cottage."

"Yes," Azman replied, "and with the two bedrooms downstairs, the children can even sleep in their own room if the party is not too large, leaving the second bedroom downstairs available for overflow, or for those who want a little more privacy. With my family coming, it will be perfect for them. Which reminds me, I would appreciate it if you would let Ting help us decorate the bedroom up here and one of those downstairs. Azizah was fascinated by her choice of decorations for your home, and says she would like to have her advice."

"I'm sure Ting would be delighted to help, especially since Azizah is here in this house, all alone during the day. That is unless you've gotten the nanny into our idea of fun."

"Maybe soon," Azman admitted with a grin, "currently she doesn't know just how much fun Ting or you or us would be. Wait until you see those tits of hers. I've never seen any as big as hers on an oriental. I didn't know why she kept them hidden for so long. For right now, I only seen her tits a couple of times when I saw her wet dress bathing the kids in the bathroom. She seemed to like me watching it and I'm hoping that her interests will grow as it becomes more often. Would you like to try her?"

"Always," Earl replied with a smile. "You're right about her tits. They must be at least a D cup. She looks cute too, and I am sure she's got a very sweet pussy to match." Earl felt a little guilty about not admitting that he knew all about Rina's sweet pussy and lovely tits, but then again he remembered how delightful it had been to see Azman fuck Ting the first time and he knew Rina would give Azman his chance soon. As soon as she had felt his dick in her, Rina had admitted that she wanted more cock than she was getting from the occasional visits by her husband and how good it felt to have another dick in her. Of course as soon as Ting knew her husband had fucked the young nanny, it was only a matter of days before she too was enjoying the taste of her husband's hot cum from that sweet pussy.

"H-m-m," mused Azman, "I will try and see what I can do to bring her into our group, or if I cant, Azizah can, and it certainly makes my cock twitch thinking about it."

With the sound of footsteps on the stairway, leading to the porch, Earl and Azman's conversation died. Azizah, looking extraordinarily beautiful, stepped out onto the balcony, followed by a smiling Ting. Both were involved in the conversation almost immediately. Ting graciously agreed to help Azizah decorate the area off the oversized bedroom suite into a "playpen" for party use. As she described her intentions, Ting sat down on the broad arm of Azman's chair and began toying with his hair. Azman, unable to resist Ting at any time, soon had her sitting in his lap, with her legs over the arm of the chair and the fingers of one hand crawling up the inside of her warm thighs while his other hand closed over her breast.

Earl had not been forgotten either. Azizah sat astride Earl's legs, her skirt pulled high enough over her legs that the dark shadow of her neatly trimmed pubic pelt was in plain view. Earl wasted no time as he began slowly stroking it, watching the lips spread slowly and then becoming moist as he concentrated on the full length of her labia. When he felt her thighs widen, he began using his thumb to gently make little circles around her clit. Azizah smiled and leaned forward, pulling her long dress aside and forcing her breast into his mouth.

"M-m-m, I've really missed these since you and Azman left," Earl admitted just before Azizah pulled his head so tightly to her breast that he could no longer speak, although it certainly didn't slow him down from uncovering the other and begin squeezing the nipple while the first was pulled deeply into his mouth by the suction of his lips. Azizah moaned softly in his ear as she felt his long fingers slide into her love canal and begin stroking slowly in and out. The combination of his finger fucking and the sucking of her needy tits had stirred her passion once again. It had been almost a week since Earl had fucked her and she knew she needed it as much as he. Each stroke of his fingers rasped over that perfect spot inside her pussy that had her near orgasm with each touch. She couldn't resist any longer. "Fuck me," she whispered. "I need you."

"Right here, right now?" Earl teased. She felt his hand go beneath her and unzip his trousers, then the hard pressure of his cock head stroking where his fingers had been only moments before. It was warm and wet with his own need for her. Azizah felt him slide forward in his chair until his cock was aligned with her now very juicy pussy, then a slight pressure as he pressed the head between her love lips.

"Yes, yes, right there!" she gasped as she felt the first two inches slide inside her with no resistance from her hungry snatch.

Shamelessly, she looked over to where Azman had Ting seated in his lap so she was facing away from him. His hands were both cupping her breasts. Azizah could tell from the closed eyes, and smile that Ting had Azman's cock wedged inside her own pussy.

"Wouldn't this be more comfortable on that big bed in there?" Earl asked her, indicating the king size bed waiting just inside the sliding glass doors of the porch.

"Yes," Azizah panted in his ear, "but I don't know if I can wait that long!"

"Not to worry, darling," Earl nodded as he lifted her as though her weight was nothing, holding her by the firm buttocks as he stood and walked toward the door without losing any of the depth his cock had pierced. "We've got plenty of time, and this one won't be your last this afternoon, I assure you!"

Azman had no intentions of waiting either. Unceremoniously he stood up, loosing his penile connection with Ting, which was immediately reconnected when he turned her around to face one arm of the chair, then pressed her forward. He reconnected with Ting's lovely twat and sent his cock home deep into her as he also caught her breasts again and began fucking her over the arm of the chair. Ting gasped as her lover thrust hard and deep into her. She liked the forceful attitude with which he fucked her now as opposed to the gentleness he had used the first few times he took her at their home. His fingers were twisting her nipples or stroking her clit constantly and she felt the first stirrings of orgasm rising from her cervix to her brain. She felt the explosive power of his cum tipping the scales and began thrusting back against his pounding pelvis as her own orgasm began its dance through her body.

Azizah, mounted astride Earl's crotch, watch her husband fuck Ting, and saw the streaks of his cum sliding slowly down her thighs. She smiled and bent forward to feed her breasts to her lover, knowing that it was only the start of what had become, for the four of them, many lovemaking sessions that had often lasted for a full night as well as the next day. Now, with their privacy even more welcome, she knew Earl would be over to see her often and she looked forward, even as she felt her first orgasm in her own home flowing over her body, to even more frequent visits of Earl's manhood in her tight pussy.

While Azman and Earl were busy fucking each others wives they did not know that they were watched from a distance by Azman and Azizah's nanny, the subject of the previous conversation between Earl and Azman.

Rina smiled with pleasure. While watching from the distance, she remembered the first time she had seen both Azman and Azizah together with their friends, Earl and Ting, enjoying themselves at Earl and Ting's home, before moving. The sight of her employer's long cock stroking Ting's beautiful pussy and the view of Earl's dick sliding in and out of Azizah's pussy had been too much for her. It had been so long since she had felt that pleasure in her own tunnel of love. Not that her husband wasn't capable of satisfying her, but, ever since coming here from Indonesia, her sex life with her hubby seem to be affected.

She was certain that her hubby was not having an affair, but, he seem to be so occupied with his studies that he might have forgotten that she was around. Coming from a poor family in Indonesia, the scholarship her hubby obtained was not so sufficient to cover both of them here. Considering that her hubby would need to be so concentrated on his studies, Rina was not interested of coming here earlier, but her hubby had insisted she join him. .Luck had been on Rina and her hubby's side, when Azman and Azizah were looking for a nanny. Since she would be doing nothing here, she consulted her hubby about her working as a maid to Azman and Azizah. By doing so, not only will they get an additional income, but can save more money when Azman offered her a room at their house It also meant her hubby would move back to the university dormitory. Occasionally her hubby would drop by to her room at Earl and Ting's home and fuck her. It helped allay her need, but it was not enough. The first time she saw Azman and Earl swapping spouses had been a shock to her, but gradually she became accustomed to the environment. Deep inside her, she too wanted to be in on the action, but nobody seemed to recognize her needs until that day when Earl had fucked her. The move to the new home of Azman and Azizah had cut short her pleasures with her employer's friends, but somehow she knew she knew she would get that hard dick and hot tongue in her pussy again one day and she was looking forward to it.

Now, on her knees, with Earl's cock buried to the hilt in her pussy, and her breasts held tightly in his strong hands, Azizah was getting more of what she had learned was a delicious meal of hot cum from her regular lover. For the second time in less than an hour, she felt Earl press to the extreme end of her cunt and hold it there as a strong jet of hot cum shot over her cervix, sending her once again to that perfect plateau of sexual pleasure. Azizah gasped, as Earl continued to press his cock to the deepest part of her vagina and pour jet after jet of his cum into her. Her body jerked with pleasure until she could stand it no longer and cried out at the peak of her sexual pleasure.

"Oh, so good!" Azizah managed to gasp with a voice still quivering with the intensity of the orgasm she had just experienced from Earl's skilled cock and exploring tongue. Earl collapsed besides Azizah, who found herself crawling towards where Azman had just finished filling Ting with a thick load of cum in her needy pussy.

Azman had barely had time to pull his now slowly softening cock from the hot depths of Tings pussy before Azizah pulled Ting from her husband's grip, and squirmed beneath her until her pussy was over Azizah's mouth, already slowly releasing the load of hot cum with which Azman had filled her.

"A-h-h," Ting sighed as she felt Azizah's long tongue going deep inside her still widely spread inner lips. She had forgotten how long Azizah's tongue was and what a delight it could give the woman lucky enough to find it searching for cum in their hot pussies. She could feel the large lumps of the gelatinous juices sliding down and into Azizah's mouth.

Azizah would have been purring with pleasure had her mouth not been so full of Ting's pussy. She was thankful again that Ting had shown her the technique of getting so deep into a freshly fucked pussy. It had shocked her the first time that Ting had eaten her to orgasm, and what a fantastic sensation it had been. She had been hesitant about returning the pleasure when, after fucking her husband to a standstill, Ting had invited her to dine on the fruits he had left inside her – that is until she found out how it had turned her on even more to the delights of sex with other men. Those same men who could never seem get enough of the delights she gave when her small mouth was wrapped tightly around their cocks or when she spread her thighs wide and invited them to fuck her. She almost lost her train of thought as Tings hips began shuttling back and forth, trying to get even more of her pussy into Azizah's mouth, and almost cutting of her supply of air as a result, but Azizah controlled her movements enough that she could get all of Ting's pussy in her mouth that she wanted as the velvety juices continued to pour from Ting's superheated cunt.

Ting gasped and fell backwards against Azizah's raised legs as her latest orgasm overtook her. She felt her entire body shuddering with the effects of not only Azizah's talented tongue, but also the sudden attention of Azman's mouth on her breasts. A final rivulet of her juices mixed with Azman's cum, trickled out of her swollen pussy as she fell sideways on the bed, exhausted by the heights to which this couple took her each time they had sex with her.

Azman smiled down at Azizah's almost comatose form as he stretched his lithe frame out alongside his wife. Her breasts were wet with perspiration, but still tasted delicious to him and he felt her arms cradling him to her perfectly shaped breasts as she tucked her nipple into his mouth for the proper adoration. "Oh, husband," she crooned as she felt his lips suctioning the hardness of her nipple, "I could never have dreamed of what we are doing now while I waited for you back home. Nor could I have believed that men and women I had never met could give me such pleasure as you watched. Do you still like to see other men fucking me or watch me sucking their hard cocks?"

"More than ever!" Azman admitted immediately before resuming nursing at his wife's breast. "I didn't believe that Earl could convince you to let him fuck you, but it was so perfect when I saw him fill you that first time, and every one since has just added to that pleasure. I don't believe I could return home now and resist the temptation to fuck other women just as I have here with all our friends."

"Do you like their pussies better than mine?" Azizah tittered; knowing full well that her husband would lie like a dog in order to keep her fucking and sucking others.

"Of course not!" Azman said emphatically, not falling for his wife's tender trap. "But I have to admit that watching you sucking each other's breasts and pussies is enough to turn the most loyal husband's head."

Azizah sighed, satisfied. Even she, in her own mind, had difficulty in recognizing just how ardent she had become in sharing herself with not only her male partners, but also her female ones, or how much she enjoyed being the active partner for both. The taste of cum, the hardness of a cock whether in her mouth, her ass, or her pussy had become paramount in her desires. She put her hand down between herself and her husband and felt his shriveled cock slowly begin to grow as she stroked it very slowly. She knew that in a few minutes, he was going to be sliding it into her cunt and she wanted it already!

Looking across her husband, she saw Earl and Ting embracing each other. What a lovely couple they are! She didn't notice Azman looking at the mirror alongside the bed until he told her of Rina's spying on their activities. Both smiled. They knew that eventually she would become curious enough to see what was happening in the foursomes in their bedroom, now it had and both knew it would mean she too would soon be providing pleasure to all four of themselves.

Azizah knew that Azman would also trying to get his cock into Rina. Since they had started swinging with Earl and Ting, he had fucked many other women, and like her own needs, it was never enough. She also suspected that Earl and Ting would also be looking for a way to get Rina into their bed. Azman even had even told her that Earl was obviously interested. She smiled when she thought about that. That was nothing new to what she had learned about the men in her life, or the women either.

It was only a few days later when Azman had his chance.

He was passing by the door to the kids room, when he heard a slight sigh. Looking through the partially open door into the room, he had seen Rina lying besides the one of the kid, with her breast exposed and the child sucking it. The kids had long since passed the point of being breast fed, but Rina had learned that when either showed a reluctance to take their afternoon nap, a sure way to get them to sleep was to provide a nipple for either of them to suck. It had been enjoyable for her too. The sensations of the young kids lips and suctioning mouths on her breasts had been enough to make her want to feel a hard cock in her pussy. Usually she had been able to hold her needs back – at least until Earl had fucked her the first time. However, the waiting was becoming much too long. She needed relief more often, always. Her fingers had to suffice at first, but now, having felt the hardness of Earl's cock in her cunt, she knew it was only a matter of time before she succumbed to having other men fuck her. Idly her thoughts turned to her employer, Azman. She wondered what he would feel like inside her.

She was at the point where, with the child now asleep, she was ready to rise when Azman walked into the room. She had turned her back to him, hoping to be able to cover her breasts before he could see them, but Azman had been too fast for her. Seeing those breasts that had been so tightly bound before that he hadn't realized just how large they were, he was overcome with the need to feel them himself. He said nothing as he caught her shoulder in one hand and turned her until she was facing him.

"What are you doing?" he asked, his eyes fastened on the D cup sized melons that stood with nipples tight and hard. He reached for one before she could answer. Rina realizing that this could be a serious problem tried to explain her reasons for letting the kids enjoy her breasts which Azman was now squeezing with just enough strength to make them even more sensitive. After she had stuttered and stammered her way through what she hoped would be a good answer, she heard Azman's soft voice once again.

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