tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA New Way of Seeing Things Ch. 04

A New Way of Seeing Things Ch. 04


(Author's note: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people, places, and/or things is coincidental.)

Chapter 4

"I forgot to tell you. Natalie came over yesterday and we went riding," Gwen casually mentioned as her husband stirred his morning coffee.

"She did?" Tim asked in mild surprise. Gwen and her sister-in-law had, at best, a cordial relationship, and most of their get-togethers in the past had been with a buffer of family thrown in. Not that they had ever fought, just that they were...different.

"Uh-huh. She asked me to go shopping with her today. Are you alright if I go?"

"Sure, sure, of course," the befuddled man volunteered even as his mind began to analyze the news. Gwen and Natalie spending time together? Did this have anything to do with his wife's out-of-character behavior in the bedroom? He had long admired his sister-in-law from afar, her looks and dress generating less-than pure thoughts. Whispered stories and hints from Adam about her sexual proclivities only helped to fuel his imagination, making Natalie a frequent star of his masturbatory fantasies. Tim knew he would never act on them—he loved Gwen too much to ever do anything like that, but still, if his wife even adopted just some of her sister-in-law's habits and attitudes..."I'll be busy this morning moving that pile your walking manure machines made, anyways."

He waved from his seat on the tractor as Gwen pulled out of the yard. Normally, Tim would take the time when she was away from the house to relieve his sexual tension, sometimes going as far as to head up to the pool and strip down before using his hand, a vivid imagination, and the thrill of being naked outdoors to achieve the desired result. A quick swim would wash away the evidence, and his wife was none the wiser. Today was different, though. Gwen's morning invitation, a first in more ways than one, had left him sexually content if not puzzled. What the heck was going on and should he be pleased or concerned? His satiated libido counseled happiness.

Gwen's mind was not on the morning events as she drove, but rather what was to come that day. Exposing herself was obviously out of the question with Natalie around, but what if something were to "accidentally" happen? The lurking unfulfilled orgasm from the morning only helped the Slut suggest scenarios while the Lady again lay bound at her feet, suit jacket gone, white shirt open to the waist.

She arrived at the center court at two minutes to ten, Natalie already there and waiting. The two women hugged, and Gwen noticed that for the first time, she truly welcomed the contact with her sister-in-law, reveling in the feeling of closeness that seemed to have developed overnight. Gwen realized the feeling was trust, something lacking from her interactions with most other humans. You get mushy when you get horny, the Lady grumbled. Show some self-restraint and common sense.

The two women broke their embrace and Natalie led the way further into the mall.

"Crandall's is the other way," Gwen called out at the retreating woman's back.

Natalie stopped and turned. "Did you get your last suits at Crandall's?"

"Sure—I do most of my shopping there."

Natalie smiled. "Yeah. Let's try something different. Follow me."

Gwen looked back over her shoulder towards her comfort zone, then hurried after her sister-in-law. The pair stopped in front of a brightly-colored storefront with a tropical theme.

"Brazil? Natalie, this is where my daughters shop."

"They've got a great sale going on right now." The woman pushed on in, heading straight for the swimsuits, Gwen in tow. Natalie scanned several racks, Gwen aghast at how brief some of the swimwear on display was—there was one mannequin in nothing more than three tiny triangles of fabric!

In short time, her sister-in-law held three possibilities. "Can I help you la—oh, hi, Mrs. Curran!"

The two shoppers turned to see a young woman of maybe eighteen standing at their side.

"Oh, hi Ashley, I was wondering if you would be here today. Ashley, this is Gwen Nelson, Tyler's aunt. Gwen, this is Tyler's friend Ashley."

"Nice to meet you," Gwen mumbled, embarrassed she had been caught looking at such scandalous things.

"I think Gwen would like to try these on," Natalie continued, holding out three hangers from which strips of fabric hung.

"Oh, sure! Dressing rooms are back there—" the teen motioned nodded back over her shoulder—"let me know if you need anything!"

Natalie led the way as the young salesclerk moved off. Six cubicles, each with a pair of saloon-style doors, lay tucked behind the sales floor. Gwen noted with a little disappointment that there was no apparent waiting area for the significant others who had been dragged along. Her sister-in-law stopped at the first cubicle on the right, its doors open, and handed the garments to the nervous woman behind her.

Gwen stepped into the changing area and shut the doors behind her, carefully checking to ensure she had closed them completely. Trying on these skimpy pieces of fabric was going to be challenging enough without showing the world what she was doing. Despite her self-assurances of privacy, she turned away from the doorway before stepping out of her skirt and slip. The removal of her bra brought a fresh wave of arousal as her naked breasts felt the chill of the air-conditioning, and she briefly imagined someone looking through a peephole at her nearly-naked body before banishing the thought and reaching for the first suit.

Natalie had dismissed any possibility of a new one-piece model in compromise, and all that hung on the hook now were two-piece in design. Gwen quickly stepped into the bottoms of her first selection, pulling them up over her panties before donning the top. She was shocked to discover just how little was covered, less than she had ever worn, but still, it was more than some of the things she had seen her daughters in. Even underwear was not supposed to be this brief, for God's sake.

"Can I look?" came the voice from outside the cubicle.

"Uhh, sure," Gwen replied after one more quick check to ensure everything was covered before deciding not everything could be covered, just the naughtiest bits.

The doors were flung open and Natalie stepped in, examining her. "Oh Lord, no," she smiled in mock exasperation. "Wait right here—do not move," she ordered, and disappeared, not even bothering to close the doors behind her. Gwen reached to pull them shut, but stopped. One of the doors to the cubicle across from her was open several inches, giving her a view she imagined those men had gotten of her earlier in the week. Behind the partially-open door, a tall, thin, twenty-something woman with small breasts was stepping into a bikini bottom, ready to pull them up over an incredibly small pair of panties. The brunette's bare boobs dangled as she bent over, wobbling a bit from the effort despite their size. Suddenly, Gwen understood what her two admirers had been feeling—the thrill of seeing something you shouldn't be seeing, something beautiful yet not to be displayed to everyone. She looked away, knowing she should close her own door, yet she delayed, hoping to give the woman across the hall her own sneak peek. Gwen finally decided to model for herself and the nearly naked woman behind her, turning in the mirror to admire the bikini, occasionally glancing furtively into the other woman's dressing room.

From outside came Natalie's voice. "Ashley, these are paid for," and suddenly her sister-in-law reappeared, holding a small piece of pink fabric. Natalie pulled a tag from them and tossed them to Gwen. "Here, put these on," she ordered. "Those granny panties make you look like you're wearing a diaper under that bikini.

Gwen looked at herself in the mirror and grudgingly agreed that Natalie was right—her underwear seemed to bloom out from beneath the floral print about her waist and crotch. She briefly examined the pair Natalie had thrown her. They were small, really small, probably as small as the woman's in the other dressing room. The cotton fabric consisted of a tiny triangle attached to thin waistband, with a slim strap running up the back. "These look smaller than this bikini," Gwen joked weakly.

"That's the idea," Natalie replied. "You want to see what these look like without underwear, right?"

"I guess," Gwen agreed, not sure if she really did. She stood there and stared at her sister-in-law while Natalie stared back. "Can you shut the door?" the shaking woman finally asked.

Her sister-in-law sighed theatrically, stepped inside, and slid the fabric closed. "I've got to believe everyone here has seen a cooch before," she grumbled softly.

Gwen continued to look at her, confusion obvious on her face. "Aren't you going to wait outside?"

"I've definitely seen a cooch before, C'mon Gwen, off with 'em."

She knew Natalie was not going to take no for an answer. Cheeks burning with embarrassment, she reluctantly slid the bikini bottom down before quickly lowering her panties and replacing them with the thong. While she hurried to get the bathing suit bottom back around her ankles and up her legs, Natalie dipped and grabbed the discarded underwear, noting the dampness in the crotch before depositing them in her bag.

"OK, first things first, Gwen. You don't need bare floors, but you really should get rid of the wall-to-wall carpeting and leave a throw rug or two." The blushing woman again looked up in confusion. "Your pubic hair. You need a trim—actually probably a bit more than a trim."

Gwen quickly looked down. Dark, wiry, hair spilled out around the edges and top of the bikini. She had to admit, it looked a lot like she was hiding a fur hat beneath the floral pouch. "See, this is why I should stick to the suits I have," she moaned. "This doesn't look right on me!"

"Or you could just take ten minutes with some scissors and a razor," Natalie answered with a smile. "If you would rather, I can do it for you. I have plenty of experience with that kind of haircutting."

So I noticed, Gwen thought to herself, remembering her sister-in-law's lack of modesty the day before. "No, I can do it."

"Good! So, turn around, let me see your bum." Natalie stepped forward and inserted a finger in either side of the bikini and began to pull and tug. The feel of her fingers against the bare skin of her cheeks made Gwen jump with surprise.

"Sorry," her sister-in-law apologized with a giggle, "sorry. Hold still."

Gwen did her best to remain in place despite the fingers running up and down her flank, coming dangerously close to the folds of her sex as they adjusted the way the bottoms sat on her taut buttocks. The fingers finally withdrew and Natalie stepped back. "Well you certainly have the ass for a bikini. I wish mine was that well-shaped."

"Yours is beautiful," Gwen said over her shoulder, wanting to return the compliment before even realizing what she was saying. "I mean, from what I've, uhh, seen, not that I was looking..." the blushing woman stopped before she could get in any deeper.

The woman behind her laughed. "Thanks, but mine's kinda, y'know, cushy. Not rock-solid like yours..."

"Horseback riding, I guess,"

"Then we should go riding more. Turn around."

Natalie took a step forward as her sister-in-law complied, fingers pushing through the forest of hair to adjust the bottom and make it sit correctly. Gwen was shocked that she could be so nonchalant about touching her like this, finger running down the edges, down to where suit sat against the junction of her thigh, right next to her rapidly moistening lips. She tried to think of a way to get Natalie to stop before she discovered the wetness and became offended, but could think of no good excuse before the fingers were removed.

Her relief was short-lived as they made their way to the top. Natalie again tugged and pulled, one hand briefly disappearing under the fabric to palm the shocked woman's breast and set it in the cup before repeating the process with the other. Finally, she stepped back.

"Not bad. Not bad at all."

"You don't think it's too...you know...skimpy?"

"Nope. Sexy, but not slutty. OK, so how about the next one?"

The process was repeated two more times, Gwen blushing furiously each time she stripped down to her thong, but somehow powerless to protest. Natalie's removal of her bra from the hook and into her bag went unnoticed, and by the third bikini the aroused woman was looking forward to her sister in law's fingers against her sensitive skin as she made the outfit sit just right.

"This one, and the first one," Natalie announced after the third top had been thoroughly adjusted.

"I can't get these," Gwen protested. "When would I ever wear them?"

"Whenever you want. Well, maybe not to a funeral, but other than that..."

"Seriously. These show way too much."

"These show just enough. You're getting them." Gwen wanted to argue, but again found herself powerless to argue with the force in front of her. Somehow, she found the thought of being unable to say no comforting.

"OK, get out of that and let's go get some lunch," Natalie ordered. Gwen pulled the bikini bottom down, looking for her panties before removing the thong. She looked underneath her skirt and blouse then studied the floor, a sense of desperation rising.

"Natalie, did you see my underwear?"

"You've got 'em on."

"No, I mean my other ones, the ones I came in with."

"You don't need those any more. Wear what you've got. With my compliments."

"I can't wear these! I'm wearing a skirt!"

"And a slip, too. You're lucky I didn't take that. You'll be fine. If they couldn't see your bloomers, they can't see what you're wearing now."

Gwen understood the logic, but there was something about her new attire, something that made her feel naked, and she wasn't convinced her skirt would change that.

"And before you start looking for your bra, I've got that, too."

"What!" Gwen hissed, trying to keep her voice low in the enclosed area. "Give it back! I have to have that! My blouse is practically see-through!"

"No it's not," Natalie laughed, "otherwise you wouldn't have worn it. Besides, I checked. You'll be fine."

"But I'll be bouncing all over the place! Everyone will see! I'm begging you, give it back!"

"As an expert on bouncing," Natalie said in a low, serious tone as she looked down meaningfully at her own chest, "I'm pretty sure you won't bounce. Your boobs are nice, but they're not huge. They are very firm though, so I don't think they're going to have a mind of their own. Please? Live a little? For me?"

"I'm going to get arrested, I know it," Gwen muttered as she pulled on her blouse. Carefully buttoning it, she spent several moments examining herself in the mirror, looking for any sign that might reveal her lack of support underneath. Natalie had to stifle a giggle when her sister-in-law jumped, looking for signs of excessive movement on her chest. With a sigh, she resigned herself to her fate and pulled on her slip, skirt and flats.

The pair left the dressing area, Gwen's eyes darting around like a hunted animal for signs that the other shoppers might somehow notice how little she now wore. As much as she wanted to run to the register to complete her purchase and get to the safety of her car, to do so would mean the almost certain risk of her breasts bouncing wildly for all to see. Even at her measured pace, however, she could not deny the wicked feeling of her nipples gently moving against the fabric of her blouse. The Slut purred in satisfaction.

Gwen intently studied the teen clerk for any sign she might spot the older woman's indiscretion, carefully examining her comment about how she "loved these styles" for any sign of sarcasm or condemnation.

Transaction completed, the two women joined the throngs moving from store to store, Gwen wildly scanning the crowd for any sign she might have been identified as braless or essentially pantieless.

"A little early for lunch," Natalie suggested, oblivious to her sister-in-law's barely in-check panic, "but if we go now, I can have a glass of wine before my shift this afternoon. Whattya say—head down to O'Malley's in the food court?"

While Gwen would much rather have made her way home, the thought of hiding in the dimly-lit restaurant was a suitable alternative. Natalie led the way, Gwen standing with legs close together and arms holding down her skirt as the rode the escalator to the ground floor.

The two women were shown to a high-walled booth in the back corner, the first patrons in the establishment that day. A waitress quickly appeared and took their drink order, Gwen shocked that her sister-in-law would drink alcohol before noon, then realizing it might soothe her nerves and ordering a glass of wine as well. The goblets were set before them and their food orders taken.

"So," Natalie asked softly as she leaned over the table towards the woman desperately trying to avoid attracting attention. "Did you do your homework last night?"

"No, not last night," Gwen replied, nervously checking the room for anyone who might overhear. "But I did this morning," she added quickly, seeing a scowl develop on Natalie's face.

"Good for you! What did you say?"

Gwen looked down at her glass. "I'd rather not say."

"C'mon, how bad could it be?"

She scanned the dining room again for nearby waitresses. "I, uhh, asked him to...put it in me," she mumbled, avoiding eye contact, aghast that she felt compelled to share this information.

"And did he?" Gwen nodded.

"So he wasn't too offended. How quick did he come?"

The blushing woman again looked around the room for witnesses, shocked Natalie could ask such a personal question. "Pretty quick," she mumbled.

"Did you?"

Still Gwen looked at her glass. "No...I was going to ask Tim to...y'know...help me, but I was, umm, too messy down there and didn't think it would be fair."

Natalie looked genuinely shocked. "Too messy? Even for his fingers? Gwen, does Tim ever seem grossed out when he comes on you? Or on himself?"

"Shhh!" she pleaded. "Someone will hear you! I don't know—he's never done that to me, and I've never seen him do that to himself," she answered defiantly.

Her sister-in-law's voice grew soft again. "You've never given Tim a handjob or a blowjob? Or watched him jack off?" she asked, a hint of incredulity creeping into her voice.

"I used my hand on him once or twice when we were dating," Gwen mumbled. "But it was dark, and I didn't see anything, and he went home right after. I figured that after we got married, he would much prefer the real thing to anything less. And no, I've never put my mouth on his...on him."

Natalie smiled. "OK, next assignment. Tonight, I want you give him a handjob so you can watch it all. Then, have him return the favor."

"I'm not so sure he'll want to show me...that...it seems so private."

"He will. Trust me, most guys love to show off."


"Just try it."

The server returned with their food, the tables around them began to fill, and their talk turned to more mundane issues, Gwen marveling at how comfortable she felt around the woman across from her, regretting she had not found out earlier. Lunch was finished and the two women walked to the parking lot together, Gwen still moving carefully as her erect nipples against cotton reminded her of her current state of undress.

"I've got Monday off," Natalie announced. "Wanna go to the reservoir with me?"

"Well, I've got some billing to do, I really shouldn't...sure, why not?"

"Great! Pick you up at 9. And by the way, I expect you to wear one of those—" Natalie gestured to the bag in Gwen's hands—"and I'll bring the rest."

"I told you, I can't wear these in public! What if someone sees me?"

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