tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Night at the Opera

A Night at the Opera


At long last Mindy's business in Boston was done. A whole week of charts and paradigms and chattering businessmen. It left her bored, weary, and strangely horny. But she had some great plans for the weekend- she had managed to score a ticket to the opera, something she usually wasn't all that keen on, but she had the perfect dress for it. A floor-length black number, with a slit in the back that came almost to mid-thigh. It was also strapless, and did a great job of showing off her impressive cleavage. Not to mention the fact that just hailing a cab usually caused at least one of her boobs to pop out. She was hoping there'd be a few wealthy bachelors there tonight she could impress her "charms" upon them.

Mindy did her hair up, and added a tasteful amount of makeup and jewelry. The panties she picked out were the tiniest panties she had ever laid eyes on. A wee little patch of black satin held over her hips by two thin strings. They didn't completely conceal her well-groomed bush, and didn't even come close to cover her full, round ass. Between the week's worth of stale corporate repression and the thoughts of the mischief she could get into tonight, the panties slipped into her lips almost as soon as she put them on. It actually felt quite nice, and she was tempted to take a few minutes to play with herself, but the reception was starting soon. She slipped on her black stockings, the tops of which might show a bit through the slit in her dress, should she step just the right way. Then she slipped into her long black dress and admired herself in the mirror.

The shiny material clung to her body tightly, especially across her hips and ass. An astute observer could tell just how skimpy her panties were. Just for a test she raised her right arm, and sure enough, out popped her right boob. She raised her left arm, and the left boob followed suit. Without her plump breasts to fill out the top part of the dress, the material slid down and pooled at her hips. With a casual gesture, she could render herself half-naked, in front of Boston's wealthiest and most conservative elite. She REALLY wanted to take a moment to play with herself, but time was short. She put on a pair of black opera gloves, grabbed a tiny black purse and a light wrap, and headed for the lobby.

It was a hot spring night in Boston. The doorman must have been on break- she'd have to hail her own cab. Perfect, Mindy thought. A little test drive. She waved her right hand, and her right boob practically jumped out of the gown. Several passersby noticed her "mishap", as well as about five cabs, which almost crashed into each other racing for the curb. She blushed sincerely and slipped her breast back into the loose bodice of the gown.

Mindy stepped into the nearest cab, with a bit of difficulty. The gown was tighter around the thighs and hips than she remembered. It took a few minutes of struggling, but she managed to slither into the back seat, but the cabbie didn't seem to mind- he was enjoying her serpentine hips and jiggling cleavage.

The cabbie took his time driving through the city. He was a dirty old fellow that spent most of the trip leering at Mindy in the rearview mirror. After what seemed like an eternity, the finally arrived at the opera house. Mindy opened the door, and was about to slid out feet first, but she was worried the slit in her dress would ride up, and show a bit more of her fanny than she was wanted to in front of this dirty old man. She planted her feet down and pulled herself. Just as she was began to stand upright, there was a terrible ripping noise, and she heard the cabbie hoot. Something yanked at her hips, and she fell back into the cabbie. Her eyes were wide with panic, and she slid out of the cab as quickly as possible. She could hear the cabbie chuckling, and when she turned to pay him, he just smiled and waved his hands.

Mindy reached back and touched her gown- it had ripped! The slit up the back had torn clear up to the small of her back. Her ass cheeks, the tiny panties, even her crack were exposed. And that was just standing on the sidewalk- walking would make the rip even wider, letting her whole ass out of the gown. She cautiously stepped away from the cab- so far the cabbie was the only one who had noticed. She moved through the crowd of formally dressed snobs, trying to let the wrap hand down low enough to cover her ass. She took baby steps, hoping the gown would somehow hold together. Her face was flushed, and her stomach was fluttering.

She made her way into the posh lobby and found a quiet corner to stand with her back to. She pulled at the panties, trying to get them to cover more of her ass. The narrow piece of satin slipped deeper into her soaking lips, and she almost moaned out loud.

The lobby was filling up fast with socialites, and it was only matter of time before several men of varying ages and looks were hitting on her. She backed deeper into the corner, hoping none of these gentlemen would notice the damage to her gown. A potted fern behind began poking her with its leaves, tickling her ass and brushing between her bare thighs.

One her suitors kept Mindy supplied with lots of champagne, and soon she was loosening up. She began laughing at their awful jokes and even flirted back. Occasionally, she folded her arms, and pressed her breasts together and out. She was sure some of the taller gentlemen were getting a good look of more than just cleavage.

The theater was opened, and people began filing in. Mindy told her suitors she had to wait for a friend- she wanted to go in after everyone, so no one could get a clear view of her backside. Soon, the lobby was empty, except for a handful of ushers. One of them took her ticket and led her into the theater to her seat. He pointed to a seat in the middle of the theater. Mindy was horrified! She would have to crawl over countless people just to get to her seat! The usher was looking at her suspiciously. Or lustily. She was too buzzed from the champagne and the potential humiliation to tell which.

She began to negotiate down the row of seats with great care. She faced the people she was trying to get past so they couldn't she her ass, but she had to be careful not to brush the people in the other row with her butt. She was doing okay- she was going to make it to her seat- she was only a few seats away! And then she felt something very sharp stab her right in the ass. She fell forward, almost collapsing on the distinguished older gentleman she happened to be passing at the moment. Her boobs bounced wildly in the bodice, threatening to burst free. People all around were turning to look. She could feel something pulling at her panties. Mindy tried to twist around to see what it was. An old woman in the lower aisle was wearing Asian-style hairpins, and one had caught Mindy's panties as she tried to pass. Currently the pin was pulling her panties down and away, exposing her ass to the entire lower half of the theater. And the entire lower half of the theater was quickly becoming aware of the commotion. The old woman was becoming quite upset, as she didn't know what had snagged her hair pin. Mindy tried to twist around to get at the hairpin. All of the twisting and arching of her back inevitable caused her breasts to spring free.

A wave of gasps flooded the theater. Mindy squealed and tried to cover her naked breasts with her hands. She lost her balance and fell forward onto the older gentleman, smothering him in her cleavage. Her panties snapped, and she felt the material slip through her thighs. They still dangled from the old woman hair pin. Mindy couldn't decide which was more humiliating- that she had just been stripped of her panties in front of a crowded theatre, or that those panties were soaking wet. She fumbled about, trying to get back to her feet, but all she seemed to accomplish was waving her bare ass in the air and smacking the wide-eyed man about the face with her naked breasts. Finally, an older woman that appeared to be the man's wife pushed Mindy off of him.

As in the hotel room, without her breasts to hold it up, the bodice fell down about her hips and waist. She desperately pulled at the material, trying to stuff herself back inside. The old woman- the one that still had Mindy's damp panties dangling from her hair- began screaming for security. Mindy panicked- this had gotten way out of control! She quickly shuffled back down the row, franticly trying to fit her bouncing breasts back into the fallen gown.

Just like in the cab, her toe again caught the hem of the gown. The rip shot up her spine, until the gown few apart. There was a cool tingle across her naked body, quickly replaced by the all-too familiar hot flash of humiliation. Goosebumps flashed across her flesh. Every eye in the theater was gawking at her in shock, and in many cases, open lust... She instinctively cowered over, her knees buckling. Mindy pressed one hand against her soft pubic mound, while the other tried in vain to cup her abundant breasts. She reached out for the remains of her dress, desperate for something, anything to cover her nudity. She was still standing on the material, and the row was too crowded for her to step off of it. She looked for her wrap- it was back with the old man! A souvenir of her clumsy lap dance. All she had left were her shoes, stocking, and gloves.

Ushers were moving up the aisle towards her. Mindy gave up on the dress and ran, covering her breasts and pussy with her hands. The lobby was empty- thank God! She quickly slipped into the ladies room. It, too, was empty- a miracle! Mindy ducked into a stall. It was only a matter of time before they found her, she had to think fast. Her knees were still shaking, her heart was racing, and her pussy was absolutely drenched from all of the excitement. Part of her wanted to do nothing but play with herself until she couldn't see straight. Her wet panties being ripped from her in front of a crowd. Falling on that strange man, her breasts slapping his face. All of those people, leering at her naked body... All she had to work with was her gloves and her stockings. She couldn't fashion much out of that. But...

Mindy grabbed a roll of toilet paper from the dispenser, and began to wrap it around her body like a mummy. In a few minutes she had a whole new dress, albeit rather flimsy and unstylish.

She peeked out of the bathroom- the ushers were still searching, but she didn't see any nearby. She couldn't make it out the front door without being seen, but the she could make it to the fire exit a few feet away.

As soon as she opened the door, a deafening alarm began blaring! The whole theater would be pouring out this way soon! She ran out into the alley, and the door slammed behind her before she realized that it was raining out! Her improvised dress started soaking up the water almost immediately. Her nipples were showing through the thin tissue already! And the dark triangle of pubic hair, too! The dress started to unravel and split almost immediately- bits of pale bare flesh appeared between the sheets of paper. She ran out to the street, manically trying to hail a cab. Her dress was already beginning to fall apart, despite her best efforts. The toilet paper gown was quickly becoming a tattered miniskirt and tube top. Behind her the first wave of patrons was moving across the lobby in her direction. It wasn't until the soggy paper fell from her slick breasts that a cab stopped. She dashed for the cab, as the tissue slipped off her hips, once again revealing her bare round ass to the world. The patrons evacuating the opera house got one last cheeky view of poor Mindy as she dove into the cab.

She looked up with surprise and a bit of horror to see that it was the same cab driver that brought her here! He gawked at her wide-eyed, and with a smile that stretched across his face. She crossed her long wet legs and folded her arms across her breasts, and as calmly as possible, asked the cabbie to return her to her hotel.

Once again the cabbie took his sweet time to get her back to her hotel- partly because he wanted every possible second to take in this sexy naked woman, and partly so he wouldn't crash the cab. He couldn't believe his luck! First a peek at her sweet round ass in that slinky black number, and now here she was in all her glory! Those creamy fat tits spilling out over her arms, and that perfect bare ass being pressed into the seat. He would have to hang that seat up in the garage- none of the guys would ever believe this!

Pretty much the only thing cover Mindy' body- aside from the gloves and stockings- was the thin coating of hot spring rain. She held her breasts out of modesty, but every now and then she'd give them a squeeze, pinching her pert nipples, and letting them peek out from between her satin-covered fingertips. Her legs were tightly crossed, also out of shame, but by bouncing her foot just a little, her swollen lips would press against her taut clit, keeping her just on the edge of orgasm.

At long last the arrived at the hotel. Mindy had expected another free ride, like the first time. This old guy was getting quite a free show, but he shaked his head at her, and said this was the kind of thing that should be reported to the cops. Mindy was mortified! Her whole professional life flashed before her eyes, and all because of this dirty old man! He reached for his CB. She demurely uncrossed her legs, keeping her knees close together. He waited...

Mindy slid her hand across her smooth belly, and over her nicely groomed bush. The old cabbie watched with a slack jaw as her gloved hand disappeared between her soft thighs. Her dampness was audible. She laid her head back as her breath quickened. Her arm began moving like a piston, while the other one held her trembling breast. She moaned softly with every stroke. Pedestrians walking by began to take notice of the scene inside the cab. She rubbed her thighs together, resisting the urge to spread her legs. She thrust her hand into her crotch faster and faster. Her ass gyrated in time with her pumping. The cab began to bounce in her rhythm... Her moaning grew loader, as did the slurping sound from her sex.

Suddenly she arched her back, her moans becoming breathless squeals. Her body shook madly, but her madly pumping hand kept working. She let loose one final, sustained moan, and the collapsed against the seat, her body covered with a thing glaze of sweat. The cabbie was completely dumbstruck.

Mindy crossed her legs again, albeit with some quivering difficulty. She did her best to look calm a demure- as demure as any naked woman could look after masturbating in public. She slowly pulled the long opera glove from her right hand- the one she had just used to pleasure herself with. It was soaked to the wrist. She handed it to the cabbie who took it like it was made of gold. She waited a moment to catch her breath and compose herself, and then left the cab.

For a moment she had almost forgotten she was naked, but the shocked expressions and cries from the people walking past the hotel soon reminded her. She tried to cover herself, but in vain. At best all she could hide was her pubic hair and one breast. She ran for the door as fast as she could, but her knees were still weak. The rain was soaking her all over again.

Suddenly it occurred to her that she had left her purse at the theatre, too. It only had a few dollars in it, but it also had the key to her hotel room. She made it to the hotel lobby. The desk was empty, but there was an old woman relaxing with a book in the nearby lounge. She stared at Mindy as if she couldn't believe her eyes. A crowd was forming behind her- admiring her curvaceous body through the hotel's glass doors. She needed a plan- they wouldn't just give keys out to naked women, would they? The elevator doors were opening- she made a quick escape to the pool area.

It was empty thanks to the rain. She watched some tourists and guests come and go, and the clerk finally returned to the desk. A scrawny red-haired kid in a red vest. Mindy quickly slipped off her shoes and stockings and dumped them in a nearby garbage can. She took off her last glove and wrapped it across her breasts like a strapless bikini top. It was just barely wide enough to cover each nipple, but wasn't long enough to wrap completely around her. She had to hold the glove in place by clamping her arms down against her side. She had nothing else to cover her bare ass and pussy, but the clerk's desk was high enough that he shouldn't be able to tell. She waited until the young man disappeared back into the office for something, and then slipped back into the lobby.

Mindy rang the desk bell until the clerk returned. His eyes instantly zeroed in on her overflowing cleavage. She explained that she was out using the pool when it started raining, but she seemed to have forgotten her key. The boy asked for her name and room number, and went to retrieve it from the locker. Mindy looked over her shoulder, and noticed that she still had some admirers from the street gawking at her. Suddenly an elderly couple walked into the lobby. They couldn't help but notice this bare-assed woman standing in the lobby. The woman was struck speechless, but the old man tipped his hat at her and smiled. She smiled back as sweetly as she could. It felt like her whole body was flushing. She fidgeted from foot to foot, oblivious to the fact that it made her full ass all the more enticing to the gathering crowd. All of these people staring at her naked body and all she could do was wait for that stupid clerk. How long does it take to get a stupid key?

Finally hey came out with her key. He stopped for a moment and stared at the crowd of stunned onlookers, trying to figure out what they were looking at. He held out the key to her, but as Mindy reached out for it, the wet glove fell away from her tits, landing on the counter with a plop. There were several gasps in the crowd, not to mention the cheers. She was completely naked now. Not a stitch. All of her clothes were either lost or thrown away. And there was a growing mob there to enjoy the view.

Mindy grabbed the key and ran! Her boobs bounced too wildly for her to possibly cover them. Her rain-wet body slipped through the crowd of guests and strangers. She felt many hands grab at her bare body, groping her breasts and slapping her ass. She made it to the elevator, and hit the button- it was on the 13th floor! Talk about bad luck! Some people in the crowd were digging out cameras...

Mindy ran for the stairwell. She made her way up the stairs as fast as she could, but she was still weak from the immense orgasm in the cab. Camera flashes went off behind her, and off her behind. After five floors or screaming, jiggling, and endless photos, she finally lost them, and made it to her room. She collapsed on the bed, panting.

She was tempted to start playing with herself again. All of those total strangers leering at her naked body, touching it, even photographing it! Just as she slid her hand between her thighs, there was a knock at the door. She suddenly panicked- could it be that mob of horny photographers? Or that clerk, or even that dirty old cabbie? Or even worse- the cops?!

She wrapped herself in a towel and looked through the peephole. It was a woman with a pushcart, claiming to be room service. Mindy warily opened the door, and the woman pushed the cart in. She said it was compliments of the night clerk- a full lobster dinner, with a magnum of champagne.

Mindy settled down for her "free" dinner. Just as she lifted up the lobster bib, she saw the Polaroid beneath it- a lovely shot of a naked woman dashing into a stairwell!

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