tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Night on the Beach

A Night on the Beach

byThe Young One©

Jane was excited, she had never even go on holiday out of the country before and now she was about to land in Crete to work on bird conservation work. Everybody was surprised that she had actually gone ahead with it, after all the idea had struck her when she was sitting in a lecture bored, secretly glancing at the guy to her left and feeling slightly depressed. The thing was that she hadn’t had a boyfriend for a few years, whenever she would meet a guy, she would find something wrong with him and stop dating, she needed to get away and that was when she thought about doing this.

She had applied on the Internet and it looked like fun, you make sure that tourists don’t disturb the birds, keep an eye out for lone eggs and at night party on the beaches and clubs. She even went to the ‘make your mind up’ evening which was when she realised that some of the guys going were, well, hot – that decided it. Since then she had worked a really boring job in a Mall asking people questions such as ‘do you prefer strawberry or vanilla milkshakes?’ – it was boring but paid well and she had saved up enough to get to Crete and hopefully have a real good time.

‘Hey Jane, look you can see Crete now!’ a guy called Daniel to her left exclaimed. Jane gave Daniel a smile and looked out – it amazed her how small everything was but suddenly the ‘put on your seatbelt light’ flashed on, she fastened herself and shut her eyes.


They were already in a bar slamming down spirits, this was what Jane had hoped for – they had landed early that afternoon, gone to a meeting that both examined safety and gave them all a chance to meet each other. Some of the guys blew her away, she loved it but at the same time it made her nervous. She wasn’t a virgin but didn’t consider herself very experienced, if someone hit on her, she wouldn’t know what to do; in the past her body would tense up, she wouldn’t look in the guy’s eyes and he would take the hint and leave. The only one that refused to listen ended up deflowering her and they had gone out for a year until he told her that their sexual routine wasn’t exciting enough – she had cried for weeks.

Some people were making out already, the guy that had spoken to her on the plane was busy with an Hispanic girl, he was feeling her breasts through her low cut top, while she had taken a sudden interest in a growing bulge in his trousers. Jane could feel herself getting a little wet as she secretly watched when he got to the stage of putting his hand down her skirt she had to look away as she was soaking – she then noticed that a guy was watching her. He winked and beckoned for her to come to his chair. As she got closer, she realised that he wasn’t that bad looking, she sat down ‘hi, what’s your name?’ he asked. She told him and then he asked her whether she would go to the beach party tomorrow night. She asked him who was going and what was happening – he winked and pinched her butt ‘you’ll find out’.

She was about to ask him again when someone gasped – she looked to see that the Hispanic girl release Daniel’s penis from the constrains of his boxers and lick it like an ice stick from his balls to the very tip. She then quickly licked the top and then pushed it into her mouth, by this stage much to all the guys’ obvious gratitude, her breasts were hanging loose, Daniel’s hand repeatedly fondled her big light brown nipple.

Jane then turned to the guy whom she was speaking to and asked for the name of the girl ‘Maria’ he told her, as she turned away to continue looking, she felt his hands go up her back towards her breasts. She pushed them away just as they got the sides of them, gave him a quick nervous smile noticing the growth in his shorts and edged away. Maria was now pumping Daniel and he lasted another minute before he came in her mouth. A small amount of cum went on her lips but she quickly licked it away and she then kissed him, pushed her tits into her top and announced that she was tired from the flight and going to bed.

Jane was disappointed, she stayed and partied for a little but soon left – she wanted to get under her covers where she could finish the night in an apt manner. She was living in a four-bedroom dorm and someone was sleeping in one of the beds. She got into hers wearing just a long top and her hands started exploring her clit. It was the biggest she had ever felt it and as she touched it started moaning, she then started slapping it and with every slap she moaned a little loader until she was groaning at the top of her voice, soaking wet getting more and more alive with every touch. Then it all came in a wonderful climax as she moaned and turned and groaned unable to control herself. She then fell asleep on her wet blanket.

The most amazing sunrise woke them all up at six the next morning. She looked around, two other girls had gone to their own bed last night, one had obviously found more comfortable sleeping arrangements. As she got out of bed, one of the girls got out of bed, naked and turned to her, Jane realised that it was Maria – ‘hi my name is Maria, its nice to meet you – I remember you watching me in the bar yesterday and I must admit even then I wanted to meet you – I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw that you sleep in this room last night. Jane blushed realising that she had just checked out Maria’s body without realising it, told her that it is great luck and got into the shower.


The birds were beautiful and some of them were incredibly tame, inquisitively going right up to her and sometimes even letting her touch them. They were all kinds, some were huge and some were as small as her hand and she couldn’t believe her luck. While her friends were working in malls, selling burgers and worrying about their next exam. She was in Crete surrounded by young people, losing her inhibitions and having a good time. A tourist group came, she had to tag along with them making sure that no one from the group disturbed the birds. She did this, chatting to the tourists – there were some hot guys among them and she liked the looks they were giving her. She invited a few to the party later – they asked what they would be doing and to her amazement she plucked up the courage to slap his but, giving it a quick squeeze – ruffled his hair and walked away.

Her heart was still beating at a thousand miles an hour at the end of the tour. She couldn’t believe what she had just done – she was now scared stiff off seeing him at that party and hoped that he wouldn’t turn up. She was given a break, stripped down to her bottoms and laid topless on the beach. She felt someone massage her back and looked up – it was Daniel. ‘They told me to come and get you he told her as he pulled her bottoms tight making them more like throngs. She didn’t really realise what he was going to do until she felt his hands on her arse, rubbing her bare skin. He then pulled her bottoms even tighter so he could see he pussy walls and then gently touched them giving her the shock of her life, she jumped up ‘ok, I’m going, I’m going.

As she walked past Daniel, he grabbed her taking the opportunity to fondle her tits, he then held her towards him and kissed her, his tongue exploring her mouth, gently massaging against her tongue and she started responding but then he pushed away and whispered ‘later’. The day went and before she knew it the sun was setting. She went back to her room to find all the girls talking excitingly about the evening. They were all wearing really low cut tops and thin skirts. When one of them asked her what she was going to wear she realised that she didn’t actually have anything. Maria looked at her ‘I’m disappointed in you, why don’t you have anything?’ Jane responded that at home she doesn’t wear that kind of tops. ‘Well, your not at home – wear this!" Maria tossed over a top and skirt and Jane went bright red looking at them. The guys would almost be able to see her nipples with this top and as for the skirt – it was tiny.

She told Maria that and Maria smiled ‘that’s the whole point and as for the top – the important word is almost’. ‘No, I couldn’t wear them’ Maria looked at her ‘no peer pressure or anything but you have to wear it you have no choice’. Noticing that all the other girls were nodding at the last point, she slipped out of her bikini and put on the clothes. One of the other girls looked at her ‘no panties’; Jane slipped off her bottoms.

As she walked among the group to the beach, she noticed Daniel kept glancing at her tits. When she looked at him to show that she knew what he was doing. He gave her a big smile and winked. The beach was one of the most unknown in Crete and there was nobody on it. It was still warm enough to lie down and she saw Maria kissing another guy she had never seen before, he was on top of her on the beach, sand was everywhere and her clit was shining out from her skirt. Jane sat away, waiting for the big event that Daniel had promised.

After ten minutes, he came out holding a beautiful girl – ‘this girl is eighteen and a virgin, I caught her today disturbing the birds. Really, I should have reported her to the tourist police but she was keen to strike a deal. His hand started stroking her side. She promised to come to the beach with me and do what I want for twenty minutes. Her name is Clara and she is now going to take her top off. She peeled off her top revealing firm strong breasts then at Daniel’s command took her bikini bottoms off, her blond triangle of hair shined against the diminishing light. He grabbed her aggressively feeling her body, pushed her against the sand and kicked sand on her as she lay there until she had little strands of sand all over her. As she got up he grabbed her hair ‘suck me now’; she opened her mouth slightly getting ready to slowly take him when he thrust his dick straight down her mouth. The girl struggled, she had never even given head before and now she was taking him deep.

Daniel then took his dick out and with it hanging loose announced ‘this slut has told me that she likes women more then men, so let’s get a woman, who wants it. One red head got up but suddenly Maria shouted out ‘there’s someone among us whom on the first night, went to bed and played with herself so loudly that I had to join in even though I had already had my fill with Daniel’. Jane looked away as everyone started asking whom did it. Maria pointed at Jane, and Daniel looked delighted, ‘oh, that doesn’t surprise me – she is one of my favourites – Jane, take your clothes off’. She shook her head and suddenly felt something cold against her skin. She jumped and then her bikini top fell off as she realised that somebody had cut it. She started to run but some the guys caught her pushed her against the sand and slowly took her bottoms off feeling her clit. Jane started responding to their touch much to their amusement and when they managed to get her wet enough, they slipped their fingers into her.

She gasped out load, she had never done this before – it felt incredible especially when they started moving their fingers inside her, soon she was gushing but then they suddenly stopped.

They dragged her naked to the girl, and forced her to lift her butt up high exposing herself for everyone to see. Daniel then plunged his man hood deep inside her, she gasped and he slapped her butt then he plunged again and again. He took his dick out of her and made Clara suck it, Clara could taste Jane and found it incredible. Jane then felt Daniel’s cock slap against her and she realised that he was jerking off against her. He then came all over both her holes, another guy forced Clara to lick Daniel’s cum off her. Clara’s tongue felt incredible and as it massaged her anus, she started to cum – her whole body shook and she moaned loudly – Clara then started licking her slit, holding her slit open and tongue fucked her. Jane’s whole body shook, she gave out uncountable moans and she shook, sweating, her whole body shook as she started to move and cum in rhythm to Clara’s tongues probing, she screamed out load as her body erupted.

Clara stopped and was dragged away, someone lifted her up and as she looked at him she realised it was the guy whom had fondled her on the first night. He had a large smirk on his face as he unleashed his manhood. ‘Having a goodnight sweetheart’ he asked her and as she opened her mouth to respond, he plunged it in, she started licking and sucking desperately just wanting to fulfil him so she could get his cock out of her mouth. She sucked the salty flavour, and marvelled how it felt both hard and soft at the same time, suddenly he moaned and took his penis out of her mouth and started cumming all over her face. She felt his warm cum over her and started licking her lips tasting the sweetness.

She couldn’t open her eyes because off all the cum and suddenly felt another dick enter her mouth - ‘make it hard bitch’ she was told and just wanting this to be over, she did as she was asked. She recognised the voice – it was Daniel, when it was hard and large taking up her whole mouth, the dick was taken out and then suddenly she felt a searing pain as it entered her arse. She screamed but he told her to flow with it, she did and started to enjoy it – her body started sweating again and she was totally wet. He came and got Clara to lick it out of her again, Clara finished off the job and Daniel picked her up and took her to her bed. As she got under the covers, she realised that she would never forget her night on the beach.

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