A Night to Remember


I wanted to climb down off the couch and bury my face in Mandy's pussy, but I had a feeling Kat was wanting me to observe. There was definitely something intimidating and sexy about the diminutive, dark-haired beauty.

"Mmmmm," Kat purred, as she groped her friend's ass, clutching a cheek in each hand, squeezing hard while spreading them wide apart.

With Mandy's ass pried open, Kat then lowered her head and flicked her tongue out over her exposed, pink asshole causing the blonde to moan in appreciation. As she stabbed at the tiny hole with increasing intensity, I could see her glimmering tongue-ring swiping across her puckered rosebud, causing the shy orifice to clench with each pass of Kat's nimble tongue.

And always Kat's dark, seductive eyes watched me. Teasing me. Taunting me.

Suddenly Mandy squealed out loud as she felt her friends tongue stab deep into her asshole, wriggling like a snake to delve deeper into the enticing orifice. The sight of Kat's slender tongue slipping in and out of Mandy's ass sent a renewed rush of blood to my cock and I reached down to grasp the throbbing shaft with a shaking hand. Kat smiled when she saw my excitement overwhelm me.

"Do you want some?" she asked, smiling as her hands continued caressing the beautiful round ass before me.

"Y...Yes," I stammered, trying to regain my confidence.

"Then come here."

Without hesitation, I slipped down off the couch to my knees behind Mandy's bent-over body. I moved closer as Kat reached under her friend and slid two thin fingers along her glistening slit. As I watched from close-up, she pushed the fingers into Mandy's pussy as she bit her bottom lip in concentration as they slipped in up to the knuckle.

"Here," she said, pulling the fingers out and offering them to me, now shimmering with Mandy's juices.

As I parted my lips, Kat pushed the two fingers into my mouth allowing me to taste her friend as I sucked them clean. She smiled at my obedience, removing the fingers from my mouth and giving them a few licks of her own. She then slowly reached up behind my head and pulled my face down into Mandy's ass.

"Oooooohhhh," Mandy moaned as she felt my face nestling down in between her ample cheeks.

Kat's hand was holding me firmly in place as she began to give orders. "Lick," she said simply. "I want to see your tongue in her ass. If you do a good job, then I might let you fuck her later."

I needed no further convincing, as my tongue immediately shot out swiping across her little pink butt hole which was already wet from the tongue lashing Kat had given it.

"That's it," Kat said softly pulling my face harder into Mandy's ass.

As my tongue slipped into her tight hole, Kat began playing with her friend's clit, rubbing it with her delicate fingers. After about ten minutes of tongue-fucking Mandy's asshole, Kat brought her to climax causing her little pink star to swallow up my wet tongue as it clenched and unclenched repeatedly.

"Well?" Kat asked as Mandy's orgasm subsided. "Did he do a good enough job?"

Mandy looked back over her shoulder at me, her big blue eyes beaming with satisfaction. "Yes."

Kat's gaze once again met mine as she glared at me through those mysterious almond-shaped eyes.

"Do you want to fuck my girlfriend?"

"Yes," I answered with conviction, my cock aching for release after the marathon of rimming I had just performed.

"Do it," she snapped. "I want to see you fuck her from behind like the dirty little slut she is."

Mandy giggled at her friend's words, and glanced back with aroused expectation. I swallowed hard and inched my way forward. Kat licked her hand and then reached under Mandy's ass grabbing a hold of my dick as I came closer. As her hand stroked my shaft, coating it with saliva, she used her other hand pulled Mandy's swollen pussy lips apart. As my moved forward, she guided me into her friend's hot, wet cunt.

"Oooohhhh, yeah," Mandy exclaimed as my dick slid deep inside her. As I bottomed out in her tight, warm hole, Kat reached under to play with my balls.

"Does his cock feel good baby?" she asked, receiving and emphatic "uh huh," in response.

Kat then looked up into my eyes, as she gave my balls a firm squeeze. "Fuck her," she ordered.

Mandy's fleshy ass began to quiver as I moved in and out with slow, even thrusts. Kat watched intently with her smouldering eyes as I penetrated her girlfriend.

"Mmmm, yummy," she purred as my wet cock slipped in and out of Mandy's perfect pussy. "I want to taste it."

Obeying once again, I pulled my dick out with a horny smile. Kat looked up into my eyes as she opened her mouth and slid her lips down my wet shaft, sucking it clean of Mandy's juices. Licking her lips, she then helped guide it back into her friend's eager pussy. I was trying to maintain my composure as Kat then spread Mandy's ass cheeks apart and resumed her oral assault on her pretty little pink asshole.

"Would you like to fuck this ass?" she asked, letting a thin string of saliva dribble down onto the irresistible opening.

"Fuck yes!" I blurted out, my cock now only moving halfway in and out of her pussy to prevent myself from cumming.

Kat smiled and traced her slender middle finger from my embedded cock up between Mandy's cheeks before running slow, deliberate circles around her tight little ring. Bending her finger slightly she then pushed the tip just inside as Mandy gasped with pleasurable surprise. Kat grinned to herself and licked her lips as more of her thin finger disappeared into the hungry little asshole.

"What do you think sweetie?" she asked, rotating the digit around inside her ass. "Would you like a nice big cock in your ass tonight?"

'Please say yes!' I thought to myself, feeling Kat's finger pressing against the top of my dick through Mandy's ass.

"Yesssss," she hissed, her breathing growing shallow and rapid. "Fuck my tight little asshole!"

I took that as a definite invitation and quickly pulled my cock out of her drenched pussy, eyeing her asshole greedily as it hugged Kat's finger. Kat leaned forward taking my dick back into her mouth, once again savouring her friend's juices as she slipped a couple fingers into Mandy's empty pussy. Removing the fingers, she let my cock fall from her mouth, leaving a thin strand of sticky fluid connecting me to her chin. As she smiled up at me, she began coating Mandy's asshole with her own pussy juices, preparing it for the coming onslaught.

"Don't you have any lube?" I asked, concerned about Mandy's well-being. I had performed anal with lubrication plenty of times, but it definitely made things more difficult.

"We do have some," Kat explained, pushing her fingers inside Mandy's waiting ass. "But I prefer...natural sources of lube."

I shrugged my shoulders in compliance. I was in no position to argue. With Mandy's tiny anal opening now slick with spit and pussy fluids, Kat urged me forward as she held her friend's ass cheeks splayed wide. I grasped my shaft with intent as I moved into position, pressing my head against the little pink ring.

"That's it," Kat, spoke softly as I began to push. "Nice and easy."

Mandy moaned as her tight butthole slowly opened to accept my slowly thrusting cock. Kat viewed the lewd spectacle from inches away, her mouth agape with amorous wonder. When I was about half way in, she retrieved more of Mandy's juices and ran her fingers around my shaft, wetting the entire length as it passed through the clutching muscular ring. I could tell she definitely knew what she was doing.

"How does it feel?" Kat asked as I started sliding my dick back and forth with small, rhythmic thrusts.

"So fucking good!" Mandy gasped in response, her face pressed firmly against the carpeted floor.

"Mmmm, you love having nice hard cock in your ass don't you?"

"Yes! I fucking love it!"

The girls' sexy banter was really starting to get to me, and I began driving my cock harder into Mandy's accepting ass.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Kat exclaimed through clenched teeth as she gave her friend's fleshy as a crisp smack. "Fuck that ass. Fuck her hard. That's what she likes. Don't you, you dirty little slut?"

Yessss," Mandy moaned. "I fucking love it. I love getting fucked hard in the ass like a dirty little whore!"

"Come on!" Kat urged, slapping my ass hard and then letting her hand linger there, her fingernails digging into my flesh. "Fuck her harder!"

Again, I increased the pace, pressed on by Kat's sexy orders. I was now sliding almost all the way in and out of Mandy's ass as she quivered and moaned beneath me. She was even pushing back to meet my thrusts, driving her juicy ass into my hips and burying my cock deep inside her. My hands grasped her hips firmly as I pushed forward, mashing my balls against her dripping wet pussy and forcing her flat against the ground.

"Oh yeahhhhhh," she cried out, her voice muffled by the carpet. She was obviously enjoying the rougher treatment.

I was almost lost in the incredible sensation of Mandy's asshole clutching my thrusting dick when I felt Kat's presence once again. She had moved behind me, and I felt her delicate but firm hands gripping my ass cheeks as she kissed her way down my lower back.

"Oh yes," I moaned quietly as I felt her hot wet tongue gliding its way down my ass.

As I moved one of my legs over Mandy's body, Kat dipped her head down in between my legs, thrusting her tongue against my asshole as her hands pried my muscular cheeks apart. I slowly began fucking Mandy's ass once again, sliding my cock into her tight hole and then receding to feel Kat's little pink tongue sliding stabbing into my ass. I was in heaven. Kat's nimble fingers massaged my balls as she tongued my ass, as if trying to coax the cum from within them. I felt as though I she would be successful, until she suddenly stopped, moving back around in front of me.

"Take it out," she said, her eyes glazed over with a lustful expression as she reached for my cock.

Wrapping her fingers around me, she pulled my dick free with a wet 'pop' and shoved it into her hungry mouth, closing her eyes in ecstasy as she sucked it into the back of her throat. As her head bobbed back and forth, Mandy rose back up to her hands and knees looking back at her friend's nasty actions and smiling in response.

With a sly grin, Kat then placed the head of my cock back at Mandy's tight little opening and used her thumb to push it back inside. Mandy tossed her head back in enjoyment, sending her little blonde braids bouncing off her shoulders as I once again found my pulsing cock submerged in her insatiable asshole.

"Damn you girls are nasty," I said with a smile, shaking my head in amazement.

Kat looked up at my, glaring seductively with her dark, penetrating eyes.

"You love it," she stated confidently as her tongue shot out to lash Mandy's butthole which was once again stretched around my hard, wet shaft.

"Yes, I do," I responded, nodding in agreement as I watched her run her tongue over my cock as it repeatedly disappeared into her friend's butt.

"I want you to cum all over her ass," Kat said with a sexy snarl as she reached between my legs, stroking her finger over my asshole.

In and out, my dick glided as Kat continuously lubricated it with her lips and tongue. Her slender fingertip was pushing against my clenched ass, wriggling its way inside. When it was halfway in, she pulled it out, sucked it into her mouth and then returned it to my ass, this time forcing it deep inside with a single, forceful thrust.

My pelvic muscles contracted and my body quivered uncontrollably, as a sudden orgasm overtook my entire body. I let out an incomprehensible groan before my balls sucked up against me, and a shot of hot cum blasted the inside of Mandy's ass. As I tried to maintain control, I pulled my cock out, sending another stream of white cream arcing into her air to land in between her luscious cheeks, running down to cover her freshly reamed asshole. As I gripped my dick tightly with my hand I took aim, spilling the rest of my load over her ass as Kat smiled with satisfaction. Quickly withdrawing her finger from my ass, she lowered her head and placed her mouth directly over Mandy's red, cum-covered hole, sucking up the cum like a hungry kitten. I sat back and watched in amazement as she licked the tongue from her friend's ass, even jabbing her tongue inside to collect every drop. She then ran her tongue up Mandy's crack, licking up the trickle of fluid that was slowly running downward like a tiny white river.

Having cleaned her girlfriend's backside of my seed, she grabbed Mandy by the hair, pulling her head back with lustful authority. Like a baby bird, Mandy opened her mouth obediently as Kat parted her lips and let the creamy white liquid pour down onto her waiting tongue. The two then shared a sensual, cum-filled kiss before each pausing to swallow their share of the prize.

As I sat back in amazement of what had just transpired, my head began to spin. The girls shared a playful giggle and wiped their chins off lovingly before turning their attention back to me.

"Well, that was fun," Kat said, rising to her feet. "Can I call you a cab?"

I was a little shocked that they wanted me out so soon.

"Uhhhh," I stammered. "Y...Yeah...sure, I guess."

"I don't mean to rush you," she explained. "But we kind of have a rule about boys sleeping over."

Mandy smiled but nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, no problem," I assured as I began to gather my clothes. "So can I get your number or...."

"Actually," Kat snapped, cutting me off. "Why don't you give us yours?"

Again, I was a little confused but gave the girls my number nonetheless. We shared a cordial goodbye before I left the apartment feeling a little strange. Did they just use me?

I shook my head as I walked down the hallway. I wondered if anyone would even believe me if I told them what happened. Then I realized that it didn't even matter. I had just had a night of incredibly filthy sex with two of the hottest girls I had ever met. And even if no one believed me...I knew that it would always be a night to remember.

The End

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