tagMatureA Night With A Cougar

A Night With A Cougar


It had been a rough few weeks. The girl he'd been seeing had left him just as exams hit. It had hit him pretty hard and at the end of it all he was tense, tired and stressed. To de stress and get back in the game he suited up and with his best mate went drinking. Jack's big frame filled his shirt, tight around his big arms and shoulders. Throughout uni he went around in shorts and t-shirts barely getting a look in from strangers, but when he suited up he was a handsome man. He had an easy smile, strong jaw, and broad shoulders that were well muscled from years of rugby. His mate Adam was the complete opposite to Jack, he was lithe, shorter and nimble. He had a way with women that meant within minutes he had them wrapped around his little finger.

Together they hit bar after bar, Adam finding girl after girl, getting numbers, feeling his way around the room. Jack wasn't so lucky, he was too open with people, too honest, not wishing to take advantage of something he knew he had to do. He followed Adam around, using his advice, but after several bars and many cock teases Jack made his way to the last bar of the night. The bouncers judged him immediately, but knew he wasn't drunk, nor were he or Adam likely to cause any trouble.

Once he got in he headed straight for the bar, waiting in the huge line reminded why he hated clubs. Dick's kept cutting in front of him, girls kept asking for free drinks, the shitty live band was trying to do a disco remix of James Blunt. Just when he thought all was lost he heard a husky voice next to him ask,

"Hey can I get you your next one?"

Turning right he saw a 40 something brunette in a very tight, very small black dress. She was gorgeous, had full lips, big perky breasts and legs from here to next week.

"Uh, sure. Yeah that would be great thanks".

Wow...sometimes he wasn't quite sure just how he was so smooth. He visualised Adam slapping his forehead in shame.

She handed him his beer and they walked off. He introduced himself and found out her name was Danni. They made their way to a quieter place to talk and drink and soon sent him a text.

He found out Danni was recently divorced, her husband had left her for a younger, dumber version of herself. Her friends had brought her out and bailed just as Jack had gotten to the bar. They talked for hours about how they came to this point and soon they found that the bar was closing. Jack wasn't sure how to proceed, he could get her number and see her later, but Danni saw this and suggested that he walk her home, after all it was just around the corner.

On the way she hugged closely to him feeling his warmth. She couldn't fit her hands around his arms and he realised how tiny she actually was. Even in full heels she came up to his shoulder and from his angle he was staring right down into her more than ample cleavage. He felt his cock starting to harden in his pants as his balls stirred imagining his cum all over those glorious tits.

They got to her house and went inside, within seconds she had her arms wrapped around his neck and kissing him passionately. She was pressed in close to him, her thighs were rubbing each side of his leg. He had a full blown erection, like a steel rod trapped by his pants. He picked her up easily and they continued their kissing, he moved down the hall with her in his arms as she directed him into her room. Once they were near the bed she jumped off and removed his clothing. When she took his pants down his big cock sprung out and slapped her under the chin, instead of falling back she just cupped his balls and put her mouth on the head of his rock hard dick.

Jack exhaled as this mature woman attempted to put the first half of his cock in her mouth. It wasn't that his cock was monstrous in length, but at 8 inches long and three across it wasn't exactly easy to fit in a tiny woman's mouth. She stood up and unzipped her dress. Underneath it she'd been panty-less. Jack could see a glistening wetness on the inside of her thighs as she removed her bra. He stepped in and kissed her and cupped her huge breasts. His dick hardened as he realised that they were fake, he'd never had sex with a woman who had fake tits, but it had always been on his list.

Suddenly overcome by horniness he pushed Danni onto her back on the bed and kissed his way down her body. He tasted her wetness with his tongue, probing along her length. She moaned as he flicked his tongue on her clit, and soon was bucking her hips up into his face, forcing his head down with her hands she screamed as she flooded his mouth with a gush of her cum.

He lapped up her juices and slid a finger into her hot wet pussy. He felt how tight it was, gripping his finger as he plunged it into and out of her, she was dripping with juices, grinding her hips closer onto his hand. His other hand was busy grabbing as much of her glorious tits as it could. He brought her to another orgasm, not as fierce as before but coating his hand with her cum. With a guttural growl she pulled him onto the bed and told him it was his turn now. She put both hands around his steely cock and worked her mouth on the top, slurping and coating the length with her mouth and throat. His dick was impossibly hard, his balls didn't fit in her hand they were so big and full of cum, but he had plans with her tits for all that cum. As if she knew what he was thinking she stroked his entire length with her hands as she licked and sucked around his balls, trying impossibly to get them inside her mouth.

Danni stopped her expert sucking of his cock and moved her small frame on top of him. He directed his big tool at her dripping entrance and she lowered herself onto it. She bounced up and down on just the head, teasing him with entry for at least a minute, her juices were dripping down the length of his tool and he felt them as they reached his balls. In one sudden movement she dropped her entire weight down onto his hard cock and cried out as she felt him stretch out her pussy. Jack felt his cock being squeezed into an impossibly tight space, her wet snatch desperately trying to milk his cock. Her big beautiful tits were bouncing in his face, her nipples were hard and pointing forward just begging to be pinched and squeezed.

"Fuck that's a big cock, ughh, its huge, my ex's dick was tiny compared to this!" Danni was panting as she rode Jack's cock, she was trying to force the last part of his dick into her snatch. Jack started to push into her and he rubbed her clit with his thumb eliciting loader and more vigorous moaning as he pushed deeper and deeper into her. Just as his entire death disappeared into her Danni came, she shuddered as a powerful orgasm rocketed through her body, her pussy squeezing his rock hard cock harder than possibly as she coated it with more of her cum. She could hardly move as her body recovered from such a strong orgasm. Still inside her, Jack flipped her onto her back and gently kissed her neck and explored her breasts while she recovered.

When she was able to move again Jack slowly pulled his big dick out of her pussy and began to fuck her gently, letting her adjust to his length. Danni was moaning as his big dick spread her snatch again and again, his balls dripping in her cum slapping against her ass. He started to fuck her harder, deeper, faster, his entire cock was soon plunging into her dripping pussy as hard as she could take it she was moaning babbling as his dick brought her to yet another hard orgasm. His balls were twitching, eager to flood her moist hole with his cum. She came hard again, bucking into him pulling his cock deeper and deeper into her. After she had finished twitching under him, he restarted his slow penetration of her hole. His balls gently slapping against her ass, Danni looked up at him with smoky sex filled eyes. She had been rocked by two huge orgasms but still wanted more. She wanted all of the glorious young cock buried in her, she wanted the cum in his balls, she wanted to feel its whole length pulsating as he came.

She inched her way off his cock and moved into the doggy style position. He aimed his impossibly hard cock at her dripping pussy and plunged its length deep inside her. He was pounding Danni's snatch hard and fast, his heavy balls swinging round and slapping her clit as he fucked her deeply. All he could hear her saying was "big dick" over and over again as he stuffed her with his cock. He'd been pawing her tits as he pounded her but suddenly he had a very good idea. He pulled his cock out of Danni, and put two fingers into her, his thumb rubbed her clit as he probed her wetness and she was pushing against him wanting him to be deeper. He pulled out his fingers and replaced his cock in her, Danni moaned appreciatively as he resumed his fucking of her tight pussy.

He took a wet finger and placed it at the entrance of her ass, gently pushing the tip in. Danni growled as he slid knuckle after knuckle into her tight ass hole. He kept up his pace but gradually introduced his other dripping finger into her. Danni was moaning impossibly louder, telling him to push his fingers deeper, to stretch her tight ass while his big tool pumped into her. Soon his fingers, his large dick and his slapping balls sent her over the edge and she popped off his dick twitching on the bed.

Jack eased himself off the bed and in front of her. He gently placed the head of his cock into her gaping mouth and she gently sucked it as she recovered. Her hands found her clit as Jack played with her tits, caressing them, stroking her hard nipples. Danni was getting hornier and hornier, just having a dick near her that could cause her to have such powerful orgasms made her wetter with every minute she spent with it. She turned on her back, placed her long legs on his big shoulders and guided his tool back towards her aching pussy.

He poised the bulbous tip of his dick at her entrance and eased it into her, relishing the hot wetness that surrounded his cock. He loved that he could make this cougar squirm on his cock when before at the bar he was squirming at his own ineptitude. Danni was rubbing her clit as he pushed his cock in and out of her, he would almost completely remove his dick before burying it deep inside her. After several minutes of this his balls were soaked in her juices and her eyes were rolling in her head from the waves of pleasure that she was receiving.

He pulled his dick out completely and watched as Danni rubbed her clit furiously. Scooping a gob of her cum hanging from his balls he touched it to the tip of his cock and gently pushed his well-lubed member against the entrance to her ass. Danni simply moaned as he pushed his way inside of her, only getting half of it in before she told him she couldn't take much more. Using this depth he slowly fucked her asshole, loving the noises she was making. He felt his balls beginning to tighten again but couldn't do much to stop it this time.

Danni moaned as his giant tool was stretching her ass like it never had been before and her entire body spasmed as she came. It rocked her like no other and forced Jack's tool balls deep into her ass triggering a second orgasm that made her shudder and twitch as he was buried inside of her. Jack gently removed his cock from her, looking at how hard he was and how this cougar beneath him was a twitching, quivering, moaning mess. She opened her eyes after she had recovered at the sweaty muscle bound man pointing a thick cock at her and started to stroke his massive man meat.

She stroked the full length with both hands moaning at the pulsating cock in her hands. She caressed his cum coated balls and felt them twitch at her touch. But she let go of his dick and started to play with her beautiful fake tits.

"I want your cum Jack, but not in me, I want it on me, all over me. All over my big juicy tits".

Jack grabbed his dick in his hand and started to pump it slowly. Finally he could give his balls the release that they craved and blow all over this hot cougar. He was looking at a smoking hot woman play with some of the best tits he'd ever seen and was going to spray everything he had on her. Feeling the tingling start to develop further he pumped this hand more vigiorously and looked at Danni as stream after stream of cum shot out of his cock. She never took her eyes of the bulbous head as it spewed its white cream out of the end. The first shot flew into her hair, the second hit her squarely on the forehead. The third and fourth coated her eyes and face while the later bursts covered her tits and stomach. He moaned continuously until he felt his balls had completely emptied, Danni sat up, wiped the cum off her face and cleaned his tool. Together they laid down and passed out until the morning...

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