tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Night with Hayden Winters Ch. 02

A Night with Hayden Winters Ch. 02

byvelvet hammer©

TRACY -- A Night with Hayden Winters, Part II

By Velvet Hammer

NOTE TO READERS: This is the continuation of my fantasy about the lovely, luscious Miss Hayden Winters - recently "retired" from doing porn but there are numerous pictures & vid clips of Hayden available on-line - of course! All the usual sex is here - Hayden IS a porn star after all - no violence or nastiness in this one, just enjoyable sex -- AND an interesting truth behind this tale; Hayden Winter's remarkable resemblance to Tracy, my true-life high school girlfriend. I exploit this angle with a twist at the end of the final part.

Please read the preceding portion to get the entire premise, and please remember as you read this is FANTASY. This story is a work of fiction and is intended for people of the age of 18 or older. Cheers -- Velvet Hammer**

Hayden was in the bathroom counting her money, of course. When she came out, she was wearing the short SHORT micro-miniskirt I'd requested, as well as the tied-in-front long-sleeved top. Wedgie sandals with gladiator straps that went up her calves completed her groovy-little-hippy-chick look.

My jaw dropped; it was my Tracy who emerged from that bathroom, and I was taken back in time too many years -- decades even -- to that glorious summer when for a brief moment in time I'd know sweet, beautiful young love.

Hayden / Tracy came before me and did a twirl, then reached out and held my hands and smiled. "So!" she announced, "what do you think?"

I was speechless.

"SO -- what do you think?"

"I think the resemblance is remarkable." I was grinning like an idiot. "I hope I'm not creeping you out."

"No, no, not at all, Sean. I think it's kind of considerate for you to care. I think you're kind of cute, and actually, I'm glad I can be a part of, well," she kind of laughed a nervous laugh and placed her hand on my arm, "re-living your youth, I guess."

"Yeah, I guess that's what's going on here." Now it was my turn to laugh nervously.

"Sean, it's okay!" Hayden stressed as she plopped down on the sofa beside me and took my hand, held it in her lap. "Sean, I want to say thank you for the privilege, to be allowed to be a part of your fantasy; a high compliment, and an honor."

And with that, Hayden/Tracy held my hand up to her breasts, leaned forward, eyes closed, and kissed me.

We kissed gently, our lips barely touching at first. Then Hayden parted her lips to accept my tongue in her mouth and softly moaned as my hands fondled her lovely pair. Her tits were nice, round, not big not small; a pair of nice handfuls. I'd forgotten how incredibly firm a young woman's tits can be.

We eventually broke our kiss. Hayden sat back and smiled. "That was nice," she smiled.

Then we kissed again; open-mouthed, long, slow and deep. I was very hard, my cock tenting my trousers. "Oh! Is this for ME?" she smiled, grasping my boner through my trousers. The blouse came off as she went to her knees before me and began undoing my belt, unzipped my fly. She pulled my trousers and shorts right down to my ankles and my pole went straight up to 2 o'clock high.

There went the finger to tuck the strand of hair behind her ear again, and then she looked up at me as she parted her lips and took me completely in her wet mouth.

Just like yesterday, and yesterdays gone by. She looked up at me, her lips wrapped around my girth, at least two thirds of my meat in her mouth, with a serious, meaningful look on her face, and I swear she looked exactly like my Tracy did the first time she sucked my cock.

"Oh y-e-s-s-s-s-s-s-s . . ." I hissed. I ran my fingers through her silky auburn tresses.

"Mmmmm . . ." she replied, humming on my boner. "MMMMMMmmmmmmmm . . ."

Releasing my from her mouth, Hayden ran her lips up one side of my length and down the other, nibbling her way back to do lips-and-tongue things around the ridge of my helmet.

"You do that so well . . ."

"I love cock," she said, holding it before her like a microphone, kissing the very tip of my cock with pursed lips. "You have a nice one, Sean."

"Thank you, Hayden."

Then she swallowed me whole again, suddenly into the depths of her warm wet mouth and she looked up at me again, this time with a playful expression, as if to say, "Is this good? Am I doing this right?"

By this time my knees were buckling.

Tracy was my first girl in many ways. She was my first girlfriend, my first lay, and before that memorable afternoon, Tracy was the first girl who sucked my cock. In fact, she had a thing about sucking cock. It was early on in our relationship that our makeout sessions went from kissing and cuddling to finger fucking and oral sex.

Looking back, I figured it out; for a month in the summer it all started, before we became an item, Tracy had gone away for a month and visited a girlfriend who - it turned out -- had become sexually active. I guess Tracy felt compelled to play catch up, and I was the lucky guy on the receiving end.

I looked down at Hayden as she dutifully sucked my cock. There went the finger to tuck the strand of hair behind her ear again, and then she looked up at me; her mouth wrapped around my thick girth.

The transformation was complete; Hayden Winters was now my first girlfriend Tracy. The look on Hayden / Tracy's face was simply matter-of-fact; as if she was saying 'Yes, your cock is in my mouth, and I'm sucking it.' Point blank and simple.

Hayden was obviously a pro; she sucked cock like she was born to do it. My hands went to cradle her head, I ran my fingers thru her hair. When she formed an O with her forefinger and thumb and started stroking me into her mouth, I hissed in air through my teeth.

"Hayden . . . " I whispered, " . . . I'm getting close . . . "

She pulled off, continuing to gently stroke my bulging cock. "It's okay." she said, "You can cum in my mouth."

These were the magic words; my cock immediately began spurting. My first shot landed right across her lips, from beneath her cute little nose to her chin. "Oh!" she exclaimed, then parted her lips wide and increased the tempo of her jacking me off into her mouth.

My second shot landed -- splat! -- right across her outstretched tongue. Hayden moaned, "Mmmm!" closing her mouth to swallow just as my third shot splattered again on her chin.

Hayden continued to jack me off. She parted her lips wide and took me into her warm wet mouth to suck me dry. The wad of cum on her chin dripped down and puddled up on her nice hemispherical tits.

Amazingly I spurted two more times as she stroked me into her mouth. An amazing orgasm coursed through my being in waves. Finally I was done cumming in her mouth. When Hayden released me, a string of jizz stretched from the tip of my cock to her parted lips. A messy gob of goo dripped down her chin. The look on her face was classic porn star; Little-Miss-Sweet-and-Innocent the cocksucking, cumguzzling PowerSlut.

"Thank you for your cum, Sean," Hayden said demurely, raising to her feet.

"Omigawd thank you thank you THANK YOU for letting me cum in your mouth . . ."

"Shhh its okay," she said, placing a finger to my lips. There was a droplet of my sperm on her finger. I lapped it up. Then I leaned forward and kissed Hayden directly on the lips. Her lips were still cum-splattered of course, I tasted my own semen.

We kissed long, slow and lovingly. My tongue explored the cum-drenched cavern of her mouth; the mouth that moments before had holstered my cock. Hayden got into the hang of it and we snowballed my wad back and forth.

Finally we broke our kiss. "Stay here, lover," Hayden said softly as she got up to do her run to the bathroom. I gazed lovingly at the sight of her naked ass retreating from the room.

She returned, her face wiped clean, and offered me a glass of water to drink. She took a sip herself and then her head went down and she proceeded to clean my cock with her tongue.

I became hard again, of course. Because of my heroic spunk regimen, I am able to cum vigorously not once, but several times within relatively short succession. Within short order my cock was hard again, and Hayden Winters had her lips around entire pole, swallowing my entire length.

"I love sucking cock," she gasped as she pulled off to give herself some jaw relief. "It's my favorite thing to do."

Then she went down on me again.

As young as she is, the girl is a capable cockwrangler. She knew the best thing to do for a middle-aged gentleman like myself was to suck him, long and hard, and then suck him some more.

Finally Hayden Winters pulled off my cock. Holding my cock before her like a microphone, she looked up into my eyes and said, "Please, Sean . . . fuck me now?"

I pulled her up to my level until she was in my arms and I was on top of her in the classic missionary position. Hayden Winters looked up at me with love and affection. This was like no other hooker scenario I'd ever been in; this was more like that distant afternoon on the floor of her sister's bedroom when I shafted Tracy, so many years before.

The head of my cock pressed against Hayden's hot, bald pussylips; I could feel her wetness seaping out her tight seam. Hayden reached down between us and parted her labia. I pressed my hips forward and the head of my cock entered her.

I continued to shove it home, pulling out to allow her natural wetness to lubricate her folds, then pressing home again. Within short order my rod was fully inserted; Hayden Winter's hot wet pussy was wrapped around my shaft and we were fucking, balls to the walls.

We kissed as Hayden draped her arms about my neck and wrapped her legs around mine. Her pussy was so hot and wet, as only a teenage cunt can be. I was doing long, slow quality strokes.

I could feel her wet clam pulsing about my ramrod. My head was in the pillows and her ass was in my hands as I fucked her. Hayden unwrapped her legs and let them dangle in the air above my ass as I plowed her seam. "Oh! Oh! OOOhhh!!!" she cried out as the first waves of orgasm coursed through her.

I was holding the cheeks of her ass in both hands of course. Out of curiosity I let my fingertips explore her rear end, found her asshole and gently probed. Sensing no resistance, I boldly probed deeper until I had my social finger knuckle deep into Hayden Winter's backdoor as I fucked her pussy. I was effectively dual-penetrating the young lady. She seemed to be getting off on it.

"Let's change," she said, "I want to ride your cock."

Hayden Winters straddling my cock was a sight to behold. Again I cupped the cheeks of her ass in both hands as she posted up and down on my rod. Hayden was holding her tits, pinching her nipples, and sighing and moaning as she rode my cock. I could sense she was cumming because of all the love juices squirting from her wet clam.

Hayden must have sensed my moment was near because she quickly dismounted, moved down and took my swollen cock in her mouth once more. She made it very wet then started jacking me off.

"Cum on me, lover," she gasped. "Cum on my tits."

My cock was bursting at the seams; Hayden could sense I was ready to blow.

"Cum for me lover," she crooned. "Cum on me. Give me your hot cum!"

Oh she was good. Little-Miss-Sweet-and-Innocent holding up her tits with one hand, stroking my cock and dirty-talking like the porn girl she was.

"Cum on my tits, Sean! I want it! I want your cum! Give me your cum!"

That was it; I blew my load -- another power wad jetted out in hot spurts and splattered all over her proffered pair.

"Oh!" Hayden exclaimed, "Wow! That's a LOT of CUM!"

I wasn't done yet; three more hot sticky ropes of cum draped across the rounded tops of her breasts.

Finally I stopped cumming, and once more Hayden took me in her mouth, sucked me clean, then did that bit where strings of cum stretched from my cockhead to her parted lips.

"You really cum a lot, Sean!"

There was cum all over the place; her tits were thoroughly splattered, a line of cum escaped her lower lip and drooled down her chin. There were even specks of cum in her hair. I'd really unloaded on the girl.

I had Hayden scoot up to me, then I lowered myself to where I could kiss and lick my own cum off her beautiful cum-drenched tits. I made sure to lick up a whole lot, then I moved back up and we shared my cum in an open-mouthed soul kiss; long, slow and lovingly.

Finally we broke our kiss. We hugged and held one another, and at some point we dozed off in each other's arms.

* * *

TRACY -- A Night with Hayden Winters, Part III

By Velvet Hammer

NOTE TO READERS: This is the final portion of my fantasy about the lovely, luscious Miss Hayden Winters - recently "retired" from doing porn but there are numerous pictures & vid clips of Hayden available on-line - of course! All the usual sex is here - Hayden IS a porn star after all - no violence or nastiness just enjoyable sex -- AND an interesting truth behind this tale; Hayden Winter's remarkable resemblance to Tracy, my true-life high school girlfriend. -- I exploit this angle with a twist at the end of this Part.

Please read the preceding portion to get the entire premise, and please remember as you read this is FANTASY. This story is a work of fiction and is intended for people of the age of 18 or older. Cheers -- Velvet Hammer**

When we stirred Hayden had to do her run to the bathroom and so did I.

"Sex always makes you feel like a glazed donut," Hayden laughed. "Let's take a shower."

The hotel bathroom featured a large walk-in shower area with a thick glass door and stone tiles; it was like something out of the Roman Empire. "Ooh!" Hayden squealed, "This is going to be fun." She adjusted the water temperature, then grasped my still semi-solid shaft and led me into our aqueous pleasure chamber.

First Hayden soaped my front up, running her hands up and down my body. She paid special attention to my nipples, which are sensitive, and then she soaped my cock and balls. Incredibly, I was becoming stiff again.

"Oh my," she uttered, "does it EVER go down?"

"I'm good for at least three times in one night," I grinned.

"Wow!" Hayden exclaimed. "If you don't mind me saying, that's incredible for a man your age."

"Well, I'm not THAT old," I replied, "And anyway, I have a regimen. The right foods and vitamins and plenty of fresh air and exercise."

My cock was at full mast and she was stroking it up and down in a fistful of soapsuds. "That's incredible. Your wife must be very happy woman."

"She is," I grinned. "She's like you; she loves cum."

Then it was my turn to soap up Hayden. I played with her tits, then I had her turn around so I could wedge my cock up in between her round asscheeks as I ran my palms up and down her soapy body, feeling her tits. I rinsed the soap off before fingering her pussy because its not good to get a lot of soap deep down in there.

Hayden sighed and moaned as I diddled her clam. Moving my hips, I ran my rod up and down her asscrack until the head of my cock was prodding her tight little anal rosebud. Sensing no resistance, I applied pressure; slow at first but steady. There was no mistaking my intent.

Ever the perfect gentleman, I asked permission; "May I . . . enter you . . . 'back there'?"

"Oh DEFINITELY!" Hayden surprised me. "Go ahead and fuck me in the ass! I love it!"

This surprised me; of the few rare occasions in my life a woman has permitted me a little of the old 'backdoor action', I have NEVER been urged on so enthusiastically. This was, of course, my first time with a porn star, albeit a retired one.

Hayden leaned against the tiles and went up on the balls of her feet as I pressed the blunt head of my hard, hot cock against her tight little butthole. The jets of hot water sprayed down on us. This wasn't like going up her cunt; her asshole was tight. I had to keep withdrawing, then shoving it back in a little harder, pressing it home a little deeper.

Finally I withdrew. Hayden looked at me over her shoulder, a puzzled look on her face. I admired her perfectly formed body from behind, her nice round ass. The nice, round ass my cock had been delving just moments before.

"Hold that pose, Honey," I said, "Let me get something."

I delved into my toiletries bag and retrieved a tube of lotion, then got back into the shower and repositioned myself behind my willing little nymph. My cock went right back in between her wet buttcheeks like it had a mind of its own.

"Hold your cheeks open for me, Honey."

Hayden dutifully spread her asscheeks, giving me a nice view of her tight little rosebud; a woman's most private place. I squeezed out lotion all over the head of my cock, then scooped up a dollop on a fingertip and gently probed her rear exit. Hayden moaned, "Ooohhh!!!" The girl was ready to 'take it' back there.

I pressed my hard cock against her butthole and pressed it home; the swollen head of my cock was in; Hayden's anal orifice gripped me about the rim of my helmet. She was hot and TIGHT 'back there'.

"Wait a minute, Lover, give me a second," she breathed. Then, "Okay, you can go deeper."

I worked it in and out. Hayden's round ass was nice and tight. Her asscheeks felt good; like a bun around my hotdog. She was taking it like a champ but I could tell she wasn't quite loosened up, yet."

"Okay hold on," she said quietly. "Okay you can go deeper. How far in are you? A couple inches?"

"All the way, Baby."


"Yep. Balls to the walls, Baby!"

"WOW! It doesn't feel like it's that far in! I must be taking it better than I thought!"

"The whole nine inches, Baby!"

"Oh WOW, Lover! I'm taking it in the ass! You're fucking me in the ass!"

That was just so damn hot. It was hot enough to be tagging Little-Miss-Sweet-and-Innocent up the kiester, but to hear such words drop from her lips was such a contrast, such a dichotomy. Then;

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me in the A-A-A-S-S-S-S-S-S-!-!-!"

Of course this was my third go around of the evening, so even given the hotness and tightness of young Miss Hayden Winters asshole, it was taking me a bit to work up a head of steam.

Standing in the shower, my arms about a beautiful, naked, nineteen-year-old porn star facing away from me, with my cock up her beautiful ass. With every thrust Hayden was moaning; I was grunting like an alligator as I pegged her on my pole.

As I thrust into her and upward from behind Hayden had to go up on her tip-toes. I was even lifting her off the floor. Lifting the girl off the floor, her butt impaled on my hard cock. It was incredible.

I had a handful of young tit, my other hand holding her steady about her hip. When I moved one hand down to diddle her clit, Hayden started to go into an orgasmic state.

"Oh yes!" she cried. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Then, more quietly, almost a whimper; "Fuck me, Sean. Fuck my little asshole! Fuck me in the ass!"

Well that just about did it. My cock started to swell up deep inside her. The head of my cock started to spasm and vibrate, and then suddenly I was shooting my load deep into her asshole.

"Uh! Uh! UH-H-H-H-H-H-H-!-!-!" I grunted as I shot white hot cum deep into her bowels.

"Ooooohhh-!-!-!" Hayden collapsed and melted in my arms, still impaled on my pole. We remained connected for a period of time that could have been mere moments but seemed like half an hour as the shower's jets still steamed down.

Finally I withdrew a bit and Hayden climbed up and off my rod and there was an almost audible < pop! > as the head of my cock slipped out of her browneye. Hayden turned, put her arms about my neck and pressed her naked body against mine and we shared an open-mouthed, French tongue-kiss.

"Oh Lover, I forgot how GOOD that feels!"

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