tagLoving WivesA Non-Traditional Love Story Ch. 03

A Non-Traditional Love Story Ch. 03


Las Vegas, Sin City. Two months after Allison and I were married the company I worked for closed its doors. The economy was in rough shape and finding a job proved difficult. Allison was making $500 a day Wednesday through Saturday at the club but I knew she could do better. I started researching clubs and I realized that the thing to do was to take her out on the road. Our first stop was Las Vegas and The Olympic Garden. Ally wouldn't fly alone but when we were together she felt safe.

I booked us into a hotel just off the strip and Ally danced five nights a week. The first week she made over $7,000 and our take after expenses was $5,500. She also came home each morning with wild stories of hedonistic decadence. The club was hopping and upstairs in a separate club they had an all male review. When the women left that they sometimes went downstairs for either a girl/girl dance or to find a horny guy to fuck. It was mayhem plain and simple.

The city was living up to its reputation. I located a local singers club called The Green Door and we planned to go on Monday when Ally finally had a night off. Sunday morning Ally strolled in at 4:00am but unlike previous days she wasn't alone.

I was awake when she got home, as usual.

"Baby, this is Kyle. He works upstairs at the club and this is his partner Carmen." Ally said cheerily. She had just finished an eight hour shift but she was fully into her after work party mode. Kyle looked like a typical male dancer. He had short light brown hair, blue eyes and a chiseled muscular body. Carmen was a tall pretty Latina with blonde hair, dark eyes, nice fake tits, a curvy body and big round ghetto booty.

"Who wants to fuck," Ally asked as she pulled her shirt over her head.

"That'd be me baby," I responded quickly. I quickly shed my clothes and walked over to Ally. I pressed my lips to hers and kissed her deeply. Our tongues entwined in a hot passionate kiss as Ally directed me to a big comfortable sofa in the corner of the room.

"This is for both of us baby," Ally said as she dropped her pants and panties to the floor and sat down beside me. We were both naked on the sofa as Kyle moved in front of us.

"Baby, I asked Kyle to dance for us. Carmen might join him too. Aren't they delicious?"

Kyle stood in front of me as Carmen turned on some music. His shirt came off quickly to reveal the top half of his perfect body. His chest was tan, shaved, broad and muscular. His abs were insanely ripped and his back formed a perfect muscular V. He moved between my thighs and gyrated his hips slowly to the bump and grind music. Ally may have said he was dancing for both of us but it was clear that he was dancing just for me and she was content to watch the show.

"Touch him baby," Ally suggested. "Run your hands over his chest. You know you want to." She was right. I did want to touch him.

I reached out with trembling hands and touched his hard muscular chest. His pecs were hard and smooth. A soft gasp escaped my lips as I ran my hand from his chest down his body.

My cock was standing hard against my stomach as Kyle moved closer. My hands roamed over his muscular body and I fought the urge to pull him down on top of me. He pulled his tear away pants off and stood in front of me in just a g-string.

"Oh god," Ally moaned as she watched him grind his package inches from my face. "You want to suck his cock don't you baby?"

"Yes," I hissed. I wanted to bury my face in his crotch as he danced for me. I could feel his shaved muscular legs against mine and my dick throbbed with desire.

Kyle turned around and shook his smooth hairless ass inches from my face. My hands moved of their own volition up to his tight muscular tan ass cheeks. I grabbed his ass and ran my hands over his cheeks and up his muscular back. My arms stretched up his back drawing my face closer to his body until my lips brushed his ass cheeks. My tongue flicked out and lightly caressed the smooth shaved flesh of his muscular ass.

Kyle continued to shake his ass in my face as my tongue ran over the warm flesh of his muscular ass. I ran my hands down his hard body and wrapped my arms around him as my hands moved to his silk covered cock. He was hard and I slowly stroked his stiff rod through the fabric making him moan softly.

Carmen had undressed and joined Ally on the couch beside me while Kyle danced seductively.

I continued to stroke his dick and the big mushroom tip popped out of his g-string. I could feel the slick goodness of his precum and I ached to taste it.

Kyle turned around and swayed his hips slowly as he moved closer and closer. I couldn't refrain any longer. I leaned forward and pressed my face against his silk covered dick.

"Mmm," Ally moaned beside me as she watched me succumb to my raw primal desires.

I licked his hairless thighs slowly moving closer to my ultimate target. I raised my hands back up to his chest and then raked my fingers down his body. I hooked my fingers in his g-string and pulled it down as my lips found his hard throbbing cock. It was six inches long with a nice cut head that drooled a steady flow of precum. I licked up his granite shaft and opened my mouth wide.

His cock slipped into my mouth and I wrapped my arms around his waist. I grabbed his muscular ass with each hand and pulled him to me forcing his cock down my throat. I repeatedly thrust his cock into my mouth as my fingers danced closer and closer to his asshole.

Kyle moaned as my head bobbed over his turgid dick. My fingers tickled his ass as I slurped noisily on his hard rod. His balls tightened and I knew he was going to cum. I wanted it.

I fucked his dick with my mouth as I slurped and gagged on it. Saliva spilled from my mouth and ran down his shaft to his big shaved balls. His cock pulsed in my mouth and he groaned loudly.

"Oh fuck," he cried out, "I'm cumming." His dick spit gobs of thick delicious cum into my mouth and I greedily swallowed it all. I sucked on his spent shaft and incredibly he stayed hard.

Kyle grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed. He pushed me face down and quickly grabbed lube from the nightstand. The bed sank from the weight of his hard muscular body as he climbed on top of me and rubbed his dick over my asshole.

"You want it don't you," he said forcefully.

"Yes," I moaned softly.

"Beg for it," he demanded as he grabbed a handful of my hair.

"Please fuck me," I said meekly.

" Louder, your wife can't hear you," he yelled.

"Please fuck me," I replied louder as he yanked hard on my hair.

"Louder bitch," he screamed, "your neighbors want to hear you too."

"Please please fuck me," I yelled, "please fuck my ass with your big beautiful cock."

He pressed his hips forward and sank six inches of hard cock into my ass. The pain was incredible but the pleasure made it bearable. He pulled back and it felt great as his cock moved inside me. He thrust back in until his balls pressed against my ass.

Each movement brought enormous pleasure and the pain quickly subsided as he fell into a steady rhythm.

Ally climbed onto the bed beside me and I looked over at her beautiful face and smiled. I never imagined being in that position, much less enjoying it, but I was and I had her to thank for my awakening.

Carmen climbed between my wife's thighs and eased her cock into Ally's pussy. I hadn't seen it before because she was tucked and I was preoccupied but Carmen was a pre-op transsexual.

I watched the lewd hedonistic display of Carmen fucking my wife as her partner ravaged my virgin ass. They fucked us hard and Ally came quickly from Carmen's talented dick.

Kyle continued to thrust his dick into my ass bringing me unbelievable pleasure with each stroke. My body responded to him and I felt my climax approaching fast.

Carmen came inside Ally and then collapsed on top of her. Their mouth met in a torrid kiss as Kyle continued to fuck me hard.

I sped past the point of no return and my body shook as I started to cum. My climax seemed to begin in my ass and it radiated outward in waves of warmth as copious amounts of thick cum flew from my cock.

Kyle thrust hard into my ass several times as I came. He buried his dick in my ass and unloaded his cream deep inside me.

We exchanged cell numbers with Kyle and Carmen before they left. Ally wanted to watch me suck and fuck Carmen but we were all exhausted.

"Next time baby," she said softly as we snuggled in bed. "Next time you get her and I get him."

"Sounds good to me baby," I replied. We kissed tenderly. "I love you Ally," I said softly. I kissed her again.

"I love you too honey."

-To Be Continued-

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