A Nudist Family Reunion Ch. 02


Hannah, Paul and Lana strolled along the sand, side-by-side. There were few people about. A family played at the water's edge. They walked past a middle aged couple lying on a blanket, sunning themselves. The woman with blond hair and a brunette bush smiled at them. The bearded man with a thick but stubby penis tracked Hannah's naked chest with his gaze as they passed in front of the couple.

"It's so pleasant here. I am so happy to be able to share my place with you this summer," Lana mused to the siblings. "I still love it here after all these years, being able to walk from my house to the lake without a stitch of clothing. I feel like people here are so accepting and open. I don't think I could live any other way. I really do feel strange when I have to put clothes on. How are the two of you feeling? Is it okay? I mean, I really wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable."

"Well, its too late now anyway," Paul said looking down at his own nakedness, "but I'm fine with it. It just takes getting used to, that's all. I've been around naked people before. That doesn't bother me."

"How about you, Hannah?"

"Yeah, it's fine. It's a little weird you know, but it's fine, I think. It's just that I'm so used to wearing clothes I feel exposed, you know—obviously, I guess. It makes me feel funny. I'm not sure what to do when people look at me. I just have this feeling that I need to cover myself, but then I just tell myself its okay, everyone's naked and there's nothing to worry about. I kind of like it too. It feels really freeing. I like feeling the sun and the wind on my skin. It's nice."

"It sounds like your feeling a little body-conscious," Lana responded. "That's really normal for people to feel after being socialized to cover up. How about you Paul, are you feeling body-conscious at all?"

"No, nothing like that. To me when everyone's naked, it just starts to seem normal and pretty soon, I don't even think about it or notice it."

"You seemed body-conscious this morning," Hannah noted.

Hannah watched her brother blush. He stammered and stopped abruptly, scowling at her. Hannah grinned at him.

Hannah thought she saw the corners of her aunt's mouth turn upward, just a little.

They stopped at the edge of the water, lying in the sand together looking out over the water. Hannah dipped her foot in the water. It was cold and made her toes tingle. She lay on her back and watched a large puffy cloud slowly drift by. Her aunt's voice was soothing. She talked about the relationship between nudity and honesty. She talked about how happy she was to see Paul and Hannah again after so long. Paul talked about his past travels and his future plans. Hannah was silent and just listened, absorbing the warmth of sun and wiggling her toes in the water.

Lana got up and brushed sand from her skin. "I better not stay any longer, or I'm going to get burned. I'm going to head over to the store to pick up a few things. Why don't you two stay as long as you want? When you're ready to head back, there is a shower nozzle attached to the public bathroom by the parking lot. It's good for getting the sand off."

Hannah waved and smiled, watching her aunt walk up the beach. Lana had curves and carried herself confidently. Hannah wondered if age would be as kind to her.

With her aunt gone, Hannah turned on her side and faced her brother. He was lying on his back, his hands under his head and his eyes closed.

Hannah flicked sand on his limp member.

"Don't throw sand on my dick," he remarked without opening his eyes. "You're such a child."

"What would you like me to do with your dick then, brother?"

"Jesus Hannah," he opened an eye, "why don't you just leave my dick alone? It's a family reunion. Family! Remember?"

"Didn't you have fun yesterday?"

Paul sighed wordlessly.

"I think you liked it. You just don't want to admit it. You came all over me. Do you remember that? I think you liked that."

"Yeah, I remember." And, after a pause, "It was nice."

"So, I like your dick, and you like to cum. It's a win-win situation."

"Why do you like my dick? I'm your brother. Is there anything about that that bothers you at all?"

"I bet I can make you hard."

"Please don't. We're in public."

"I love it when you get embarrassed. You look so cute."

"For the last time, we are brother and sister. We can't keep doing this."

"Is it tough seeing me naked? I mean, look at my boobs. Don't you just want to touch them like you did yesterday? Paul?"

Paul looked at her chest but was silent.

"Do you like my boobs Paul? You don't think their too small? Or, do you prefer Aunt Lana's boobs? Her boobs are pretty good looking for her age, don't you think? Do you ever feel like just grabbing her boobs and holding them in your hands? It must be tempting being in arms length of naked women all the time but not being able to touch."

"I respect Lana and I have no wish to grope her."

"Really? You wouldn't like to hold those big naked boobs in your hands and just squeeze them? You wouldn't like that at all?"

"It's not about what I'd like. I said I don't want to."

"Aww. You're such a downer sometimes. Why don't we find out what you really want? You can squeeze my boobs and we'll see if you get hard."

"I'm not going to squeeze your tits because you're my sister and it's not going to lead to anything good."

"So, what's it going to lead to Paul?"

Paul looked at the sky.

"Does it make you want to do things to me with your dick? Is that what you're talking about Paul? Is that what it will lead to?"


"Did you like sticking your fingers in me yesterday? God, remember how wet I was?"


"You really gave it to me. I can't believe you finger-fucked your own sister. You made me cum hard. Did you feel it? Did you like feeling me cum?"

"Yes, but . . . "

"But, what? Are you hard yet?" Hannah grabbed her brother's cock and squeezed before he could react. "Oh yeah, I can feel it. I'm making you hard and you can't stop me."

"Hannah, Jesus Christ!" Paul squirmed but not enough to pull his hardening dick out of her grip.

"You know what I like best about being naked? It's so easy to touch your cock anytime I want to. We should have an agreement don't you think? I can touch your cock whenever I feel like it and you can squeeze my tits. Deal? You can even put your finger in my pussy if you want. Do you want to?"

"Hannah, there's people . . ."

"If you keep squirming, I'll just have to squeeze tighter. You are totally hard now. Aw, you are such a sweet brother to get hard for me like that."

"Let go! Those people will see us."

Hannah let go of his cock and kicked water at him. "Let's swim. If you get in, no one will see your boner." She sprinted in, looking over her shoulder at him.

Paul followed her and flopped down into the water.

She swam up behind him and grabbed his dick again. In the ensuing thrashing, they both went under. Hannah held on and brought her mouth to him under the surface and wrapped her lips around him. She bit him lightly with her teeth before he pulled out of her mouth and she floated back to the surface.

She found him standing in shoulder-deep water. She paddled to him. She thought his expression looked conflicted. He did nothing to resist as she wrapped her arms over his shoulders and her legs around his waist. The water carried her weight.

"I'm just having fun Paul," she whispered to him. "Enjoy it. No one ever needs to know."

"But why? Why are you doing this with me?" She felt his hand on the small of her back. She thought his tone sounded yielding.

Hannah shushed in his ear. His breathing was heavy as she slid slowly down his body until her vulva found the firm ridge of his hip bone. She perched there and put weight on her clit. Tightening the grip of her legs, she hummed gently in her brother's ear as she rubbed herself on his hip.

"That feels good," she whispered, "Are you okay?"

His arm tightened around her in response and she felt his other hand caress the curve of her ass.

She moaned and rubbed, giving in to the pleasure of it as water lapped gently against their shoulders.

Hannah felt his finger touch her anus. "Hmmm," she agreeably intoned. She rubbed harder on her brother as his finger wiggled into her. She quickened and squeezed in little waves of pleasure.

"Oh my God! I love cumming on you!," she exhaled, loosening her grip on him. "You don't mind do you?"

Paul pushed his finger in a further, firmly this time.

"Oh!" She squeezed on him.

"You win, Sis. You do make me hard."

Hannah shifted on him. She brought her sex to his erection, where his cock bobbed in the current against her lips. She looked at him, saw excitement in his eyes, as she rubbed her pussy on his shaft.

"What do you want to do to me Paul?"

Paul breathed heavily against her. He pushed his cock against her slit and she felt his fingers probing awkwardly for her opening.

Hannah laughed in his ear. "Virgin Boy." She launched herself away from him and swam toward the shore.

She heard him close behind her. She looked over her shoulder and saw a smile on his face as he grabbed her waist and they fell together into the sand.

His weight was on her and his hands grabbed and groped her. He squeezed her tits and straddled her, his cock on her belly.

Hannah laughed. "Someone's going to see you Paul."

He let go of her tits and looked down at her, uncertain.

Hannah jammed her finger into the sensitive hollow between his scrotum and his thigh. He jumped up with a start and she knocked him off.

She ran up the beach. He was close behind her, his excited cock bouncing, as they ran.

Hannah reached the outhouse. She found the shower nozzle on the far side, shrouded with shrubs. She turned on the water but didn't wait for it to get warm. She was messaging her breasts when Paul sprinted around the corner. He stopped short and stared at her, panting, his dick still as hard as before.

"Do you want to help get this sand off me?" she asked him with a smile.

He stepped toward her with an eager look. She turned her back to him and let him reach around and cup her breasts. "Hmm, that's nice," she intoned softly as he groped and messaged her flesh. She put her hands over his and pressed his hands against her breasts.

"Does that feel okay?" she asked innocently. She felt her brother's hard dick press against her butt.

"Yeah, it feels good, Sis." He squeezed her tits and guided his dick between her cheeks, teasing her anus.



"You're getting sand on me with your dick. Do you want me to clean you?"

"Okay." He swallowed and let go of her chest.

Hannah turned to her brother and knelt in front of his aroused cock. The water was warm now. She let it pour over her face. The only sound she could hear was the water rushing as she gingerly wiped sand off his sexual organ with her hands.

She licked the tip of her brother's dick, then lapped the water from his flesh, wiping her tongue on him in quick motions.

His fingers stroked her wet hair as she wrapped her lips around his warm flesh sucking the water off him.

She sucked on him with her eyes closed to the streaming water. She licked him lovingly and sucked and stroked, imagining the pleasure he must be feeling. She loved him with her mouth for what seemed like a very long time. She couldn't see his face through the water in her eyes, but he stroked her hair and soon he was thrusting lightly into her mouth like he was getting ready to cum.

Hannah sucked harder and stroked his column in her hand at the same time, faster now. She felt his dick twitch in her mouth before she felt her brother's semen fill her in a rush of tangy spurts.

She let him finish his last few spurts in her mouth before she pulled him out and licked him one last time.

Only then did she realize her heart was racing. She wiped the water from her eyes but was afraid to look at her brother, afraid of what she might see in his face.

She felt him close his arms around her. He pressed his naked body tight against hers. She collapsed into his embrace. She almost kissed him, but abruptly decided she didn't want to kiss her brother, and lay her cheek on his shoulder instead.

"That was so beautiful," she heard him say, "thank you, Sis."

"I love . . ." she stopped herself. She hadn't wanted to say that. "I mean, I just like having fun with you. Is that okay?"

"Its okay Sis, I love you too. I love you for the things you've shared with me. It means a lot to me." He kissed her forehead.

Hannah relaxed and let him hold her. The warm water enveloped them.

After dinner, they lounged in the living room. Hannah shared the sofa with her brother. Arthur pontificated from the armchair, while Lana busied herself in the kitchen.

Even after two days, Hannah still felt strange being naked with her family and had to make an effort to avoid looking directly at the wrong places.

Arthur was talking about his time in Albania during the war in Kosovo. He talked proudly of the connections he made with key Albanians when he was there and some of the crazy things he witnessed that were just too crazy to write news reports about.

Her father had always liked to tell his stories. He was always talking about himself, it seemed. It was only a matter of time before he started repeating himself. She was already getting that spacy feeling like she was drifting off into her own thoughts while she pretended to pay attention. Hannah could tell that her brother was feeling the same thing. He was nodding but his eyes had a glazed look. Paul flashed a smirk when he saw her looking at him.

That sidelong, secret communication with her brother triggered a fond memory. Years ago, she and Paul played together all the time. Much of their play involved secrets. There had been a long torrid affair between his Kung Fu Grip GI Joe and her Malibu Barbie. It went on and off for years and it had been an unspoken understanding between them that they would never ever tell another soul about it. The play they shared was vital to her when she was a girl. They had lived in a secret imaginary world together that no one else could possibly know or understand.

A memory came vivid and refreshed in her mind's eye after years of being buried under the loam of years. Barbie was in her hand and she ran after Paul who ran with GI Joe skimming over the floor. He turned suddenly through a doorway. Hannah paused looking into the stately forbidden reaches of their father's study. Then she stepped in after her brother, bringing Barbie, walking beside her.

"I'm going to climb the cliff to get the magic sword," GI Joe announced from the bottom of the bookshelf. "You stay there, its too dangerous for girls."

"No! I'm going to climb too," Barbie insisted and followed GI Joe shelf by shelf.

"Okay but if you fall you're dead."

"Don't say that! Anyways, girls can climb better than boys."

"No they don't."

"Yes they do! Yes they do!" Barbie climbed even faster now.

"I have the Magic Sword," GI Joe announced, brandishing the letter opener.

"I have the Magic Wand," Barbie countered, holding up the antique fountain pen.

"I'm jumping to the island. You can't come 'cause girls can't jump that far."

"I can fly with my magic wand," Barbie said serenely as she floated to the desktop.

"We're surrounded by lava so we can't escape."

"You're going to be my husband now and I want a baby."


"Yes, I want a baby. You're my husband." Barbie's face clicked against GI Joe's.

"Okay. Take your dress off."


Paul looked at Hannah and whispered, "Don't you know? She has to, to make a baby."

"Why?" Hannah whispered back to him.

"He has to stick his dick in her hole. That's how you make babies."

"In her pee hole?"



Hannah laughed as Paul banged GI Joe's hard plastic lump against Barbie's blank crotch.

The stream of memory was interrupted when Lana handed her a bowl of popcorn to share with Paul. "Oh, thanks." She crossed her legs "Indian style" and held the bowl between her thighs. The ceramic was cool on her bare skin.

"Arthur, honey," Lana pleaded, "the kids don't want to listen to your stories all night. Shall we watch a movie or go out in the back? I have a volley ball and a football."

"They are not children anymore and I am sure they are interested in the world they live in. Let me finish my story at least." Arthur sounded annoyed. "As I was saying . . . "

Hannah listened to her father ramble on about his exploits. He was saying something about rescuing young women from white slavery. Somehow it involved him outwitting and intimidating certain low-life thugs. Now she remembered her father's ego and his temper. Sometimes he scared her when she was young.

Paul reached into the popcorn bowl. His hand lingered there, she thought. Hannah looked at her father but without hearing him anymore. Her mind drifted back to her memories.

Paul's finger stroked the contour of Barbie's hard chest.

"Not you! Him!" Hannah said crossly, then smiled when Paul put GI Joe's hand on Barbie's boob.

Then GI Joe abruptly put his head between Barbie's legs and banged it against her.

"What are you doing?"

"He's kissing her hole"

"He's kissing her pee hole?" Hannah laughed loudly on Barbie's behalf.

"It's called a pussy and that's what grown-ups do."


"I dunno. They just do."

"How do you know that?"

"I found a magazine in Dad's . . ."

The front door shut and both children looked up at each other, startled. Hannah knew immediately what that meant, but she was frozen. Paul turned and sprinted from the study leaving Hannah alone in the forbidden room. Footsteps approached. Now she turned to put the fountain pen on the desk but hit the Chinese vase, knocking it to the floor where it exploded loudly in a spray of flying shards.

Hannah looked at her dad in the doorway. Her mouth was open but she couldn't speak. She saw anger building in her dad's eyes. She feared his anger more than anything in the world. She turned away from him, turned her back to him and put her arm across her face, expecting a hard spank on her butt. She stared at her feet where Barbie's dress and GI Joe's discarded clothes lay amongst the shards.

She readied herself for the pain but the spank never came. Her skin tingled with anticipation.

"I am sorely disappointed in you, young lady. Go to your room."

Hannah hesitated, gripping her naked Barbie. His words hurt her. She wanted get the punishment over with. A spanking would be quicker.

"I said, go to your room. Now!"

She turned and ran. Tears welled, but she tried to choke down her sobs until she reached the safety of her room.

Hannah came back to the present as her father finished his story. "I'm going to write, so no interruptions while I am working."

She struggled to hold back a smile as she watched her father's long gangling penis swing in front of him as he climbed out of his chair and left the room. A sudden flash caused a giggle. It swings back in forth when he walks the way an elephant swings its trunk.

"What's so funny?" Paul looked at her sideways as he reached between her legs for another handful of popcorn.

I have a pet name for Dad's enormous dick, she thought. "Barbar," she said aloud.


"Never mind. Let's watch a movie. What do you have Lana?"

"I have a few tapes here somewhere. Lets see." Lana shuffled through books and papers on the shelf. "Here we go. We can watch Chinatown . . . or . . . here's Blue Lagoon . . ."

"Yes! Sweet. I haven't seen Blue Lagoon in ages," Hannah chirped.

Paul looked annoyed.

Lana continued looking. ". . . I know I have some more movies here somewhere . . ."

"Seriously Lana, you've got to update your movie collection," Paul remarked.

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