tagGroup SexA Party for Three

A Party for Three


I hate the snow and looking out the car window, there was tons on the ground. The weather report indicated that we would be getting at least another 5-6 inches by the afternoon! Taking a peek at the sky, I noticed that the clouds were thick and I sighed.

"What's the matter?" my husband asks as he keeps a steady pace behind a tractor-trailer while we make our way towards our "winter vacation home". I always thought that was an oxymoron. Winter vacation.

Vacations were supposed to be taken when it was hot. You would travel to exotic places and meet interesting people.

"Nothing. Just looks like more snow is on the way." I reply and turn the radio up.

"Come on. It will be fun. Besides, John and Anna are coming up tonight. You always have fun with them." Brian says enthusiastically, rubbing my thigh. "We'll get set and then take in some skiing.

I roll my eyes. Great, I think. I am terrible at skiing. I usually sprain my ankle or feign one. Give me a drink and put me by the fireplace, thank you very much!! He was right, though. I do have fun with John and Anna. But, I tend to have too much fun with John. We flirt way too much.

Not that Anna minds, but my husband hates it. John is, unfortunately, his best friend and quite a looker, I might add. Tall, dark and handsome. Mmmm. I subconsciously lick my lips.

My mind wanders to a night when we were at a party hosted by John and Anna. I, as usually drank a little too much and became a little too friendly with John. We flirted all night long. When it was time to say goodbye, John hugged me, his hand skimming my ass. I smile, thinking about it. I didn't pull away and didn't mind, either.

The falling snow catches my attention. Terrific!! I look over at my husband and tap on the window pointing to the snow.

"Don't worry. We are almost there." He says, laughing. "We will take in a bit of skiing and relax, ok?"

"O.K." I say, fastening my seat belt. "Mush!" We laugh and I decide to just think about having a good time.

Within the hour we arrive at the lodge. Brian makes his way into the lodge's office and a few minutes later comes out with key in hand.

"Hey, we got the same cabin. I think they are beginning to get to know us here." He says and drives the car to the area where we will be staying for the weekend.

It is a beautiful log cabin. The smoke is already billowing out of the chimney, which makes me very happy. It will be warm and toasty in there I think and already feel my spirits uplifting.

When we finally unpack and settle in, the phone rings.


"Hey, beautiful," John says on the other end. I smile. That's one thing I like the most about him. He always makes me feel good. He compliments me every time we are together. Sometimes just the way he looks at me makes me a bit excited.

"John! Where are you guys?" I ask.

"We are outside your door! Hurry up, I'm freezing my balls off!!" John laughs and with that I hear banging on the door.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" I laugh, running to answer the door.

As I swing open the door, there are John and Anna laying in the snow yet holding up two bottles of wine, laughing. John turns onto his side and puts out his hand for me to pull him up. I grab the bottle of wine instead, laughing.

"Honey," Anna says "Don't ever say you are cumming – you know how horny John is!"

We are all laughing when we enter the cabin and my husband, walking out of the bathroom, stops in mid step.

"Hey, what's so funny?"

Looking at each other, we all sober up a bit. "Nothing. You missed it. John and Anna were standing outside feigning frost bite – but holding up bottles of wine. It was just funny"

"Guess you had to be there, huh?" Brian says, shaking John's hand and giving Anna a hug. "What do you say we head up to the mountain while it's still light?"

"Okay. Give a minute to get ready." John says as he heads out the door. When he comes back he has his and Anna's overnight bags. Pointing to the car he says, "I have our skis ready, let's go, let's go!"

Brian laughs, "Okay, relax buddy."

John looks a me and Anna, "Laura, Anna you guys better keep up this time or else you will be our slaves tonight." Winking at me, He heads out the door after Brian.

"He wishes," says Anna. "What he'd do for a night with two girls!"

We both laugh and follow the men outside. I start to think about that. Although I've never been told, I have guessed that John and Anna have had lovers. At least Anna has and mostly woman. John has always indicated that he would love to be part of threesome with her.

The snow was coming down a bit heavier now and when we reach the mountain top, it was positively breathtaking. Literally and figuratively.

Anna and I made an agreement that we would go up once or twice and then head back to the cabin. These ski trips were really for Brian and John to get together. Their time for friendly competition. Even though Anna and I are friends, it is mostly through our husband's friendship.

She is a lovely woman. Two years older than I am, she has short blond hair, which makes me think of how Meg Ryan wears her hair. Short and young.

She has green eyes and full lips. Her features aren't beautiful, but when she smiles, it brightens her face and you immediately see how attractive she is and she has a great body. She is not completely on the thin side, yet she has a flat stomach, great legs and full breasts.

I think the reason why we have never been jealous of each other is because we can hold our own. I also have green eyes and have been told that I am quite attractive. I have brown hair and my body attracts many glances. I am not shy to show it off. I think my best feature are my legs. They are well toned and long. They lead to a very flat stomach, a small waist and nice sized breasts.

When she and I are out together, men seem to generate towards us. We are usually polite, letting them know we are married, although that not always works. Which brings me to my husband.

He is extremely jealous. Usually at the end of these weekends, he is annoyed with me at how John and I tease each other. It takes awhile before I can make him see that there is nothing going on with us and just to relax.

To be honest, I usually have conflicting feelings about these weekends myself. The anxiety of Brian's jealousy and the feeling that seeing both Anna and John give me. Mostly John. Knowing that he wants two woman together often gives me fantasizes about how these weekends could go.

By the time I get down the mountain, Anna is already standing there with her skis off.

"Okay." She says, "I'm done. I'm cold and I need a drink!"

Laughing, I pull off my goggles and tell her that I am with her. We both look up the mountain and see our guys heading down. In competition, of course, as to who will get down first. When they arrive, we inform them that we are heading back to the cabin. We will call room service, chill the wine and beer and expect them back within an hour.

"Yes, ma'am!" my husband says, saluting me. I stick my tongue at him and look at John who is smiling and I stick my tongue out to him as well.

"Put that back in unless you want it bit," he says.

"Don't tease me, John, you know I like it rough!" I laugh and run to catch up with Anna who has long made her way through the snow.

Dinner was great. As usual the laughter was non-stop and so was the alcohol. When we finished my husband decided to light a fire and we all sat around the fireplace, listening to soft music, flirting and just letting the romantic atmosphere sink in. The only light in the cabin was the fireplace and it was so relaxing.

So relaxing in fact, that when I asked my husband a question and received no response, I turned around and noticed that he was fast asleep. The three of us, looked at each other and just laughed.

"My Lord," Anna started, "You'd think he was 60 years old!"

"I know. But he did have work today and was up by 4:30 a.m." I said, defending him. "He was tried when we got here."

"I know." John said standing up. "He was dogging it down the slope today. Okay, who needs a refill?"

Both Anna and I raise our glasses. I knew I had too much as it was, but I was enjoying how the alcohol was making me feel, which is as usual, sexy and horny. Smiling at us, John makes his way to the kitchen and comes back with a bottle of red wine. Bending down he pours my wine and overfilling the glass. The wine splashes and drips into the unbuttoned area of my top.

"Oh, shit, Laura, I'm sorry!" John exclaims, backing away almost falling over Anna who jumped up to help.

"It's okay, really!" I say, standing up quickly just about knocking the bottle out of John's hand.

"Here, honey, let me help you," Anna says grabbing some tissues and wipes at my cleavage. It started out pretty innocent, but she lingered a bit longer, her finger going under the cloth and skimming my nipple, which instantly became hard. I didn't move right away. I looked at Anna, who was watching my face and I told them I was going to change and made my way towards the bedroom.

As I remove my top, I hear a noise behind me and look in the mirror to see Anna standing there, looking at me. Smiling, her eyes skim my body.

"You know, Laura, you are quite beautiful" She says as she walks towards me.

She puts her arms around me, pressing her body against mine and caresses my breasts. We are standing there looking at each other in the mirror.

"We're beautiful, aren't we?" She says, bending her head to kiss my neck. "I promise I won't do anything you don't want me to."

With that she turns me around and starts to kiss me. Her lips are soft and her tongue gently caresses mine. I taste the wine that we drank, thinking of how it felt as it slid down my cleavage. I moan and with that she pulls me closer.

Neither one of us hear John as he walks in on us. When I hear a stirring, I open my eyes and see him standing there watching us. Feeling a bit uncomfortable, I pull away. He tells me not to and walks over.

Anna smiles and brushes my hair back from my face, telling me not to worry and that they will make me feel very good.

She looks at her husbands and says, "Right, darling?"

John stands behind me, kissing my neck he whispers in my ear "Trust me" and runs his hands down the sides of my body. With his hands resting on my hips, he pulls me closer to him so I can feel how hard his cock is against my ass. My moan is cut off as Anna begins to kiss me again. Her tongue entwining with mine.

She pulls away only to make a trail down my neck to my breasts. John unclasps my bra, letting it fall to floor and Anna trails kisses along them. Stopping to lick my nipples and suck at them.

John moves his hands to undo the top button of my jeans. His hands going inside the waistband, sliding the zipper all the way down. I didn't wear underwear since the jeans are low rise and I hear John's intake of breath when he notices. My jeans drop to the floor and I kick them off, not wanting to move for fear that this would end or worse any noise would wake up Brian.

I turn my head to say something to that fact to John, but he starts to kiss me. Oh, his mouth tasted so good. I felt his tongue searching for my mine and I turned. Wanting more of his mouth, his tongue. Anna stepped back and started to take off her clothes.

I watched her through the mirror as John and I kissed. She saw that and caught my eye. Staring at me, she removed her top, then her bra, caressing her own breasts. She removed her pants and stood there with just her lacy white g-string on, watching her husband kiss me.

I watched her as she removed her panties and start to caress her pussy, her eyes never wavering from mine. I felt myself get wet and wanted to feel her fingers on my pussy. Anna came towards me and knelt on the ground and I waited. I waited to feel her tongue, her fingers. And then it happened.

She started out licking my ass, her tongue sliding in the crack making her way down to my pussy. I spread my legs letting her tongue in.

John moved away and began to remove his clothing. When he did this I got a chance to see me and Anna in the mirror. There I was naked, my face flushed with excitement and Anna, oh, beautiful Anna, licking my pussy.

I close my eyes and feel John's hands on my body, slowly caressing me, bringing his fingers down to my pussy where he started to massage my clit. I feel my body shudder in pleasure and I moan. I hear John laugh and ask me if it feels good.

"Yes!" I moan. "It feels very good."

"Do you want more, Laura?" John whispers.

"Please, John I want you to fuck me!" I tell him and hear Anna laugh, her breath tickling my pussy.

John takes my hand and walks me over to the bed. Anna follows and lays on the bed.

"How do you want to do this?" John asks. "This is new to you. We don't want you to be nervous."

Anna laughs, "John, leave this to me. Laura, come here, love." Patting the bed next to her, Anna continues, "Lay back, Laura, I want to taste you."

I immediately feel myself get wetter and as if in a trance, I lay down, close my eyes and spread my legs. I feel Anna stroke my pussy, her finger going down further touching the wetness of my cunt and bringing it up and rubbing it on my clit.

"You are so wet. That's so nice." I feel Anna's breath on my pussy as she says this. "Anytime you want to taste me, you can, Laura. Enjoy me as I will you."

I feel Anna's tongue licking me and I open my eyes to see that she has placed herself over me. I have never tasted another woman before, so I wasn't quite sure if I would do this right. But she was making me feel so good and when I looked up, I saw her perfect shaved pussy in front of me. I saw it glistening and knew that she was just as excited as I was.

I positioned myself and brought my lips to her. Kissing her pussy at first, wanting to see if this was something I wanted to do. I heard her gasp against me and was amazed that I could do that. I started to lick her, and felt her stop licking me, she started to moan and said how good it felt. I brought my hands up around her ass and brought her down closer and I started to suck on her. Knowing how good this felt, Anna did the same to me.

As I raised my hips, I moved against her mouth. From behind me I could see John's legs and brought my head back so I could see what he was doing. He was rubbing his hands up and down his already stiff cock and was standing behind Anna. I watched as he entered Anna from behind.

I felt Anna's body start to move as John's cock entered her. When Anna raised her head, I took this opportunity to move away and kneel before Anna.

I wanted to watch him fuck her. I wanted to kiss her and taste my juices on her lips and I did just that. As I kissed her, I watched John. The flush on his cheeks as he fucked her hard. The muscles in his chest as he pulled her against him. Biting my lip, I looked at Anna, who was smiling at me.

"Come here" She whispered and started to kiss me deeply. Her tongue flickering here and there in my mouth. When she pulled away, I moved to the side of her and began to lick her body. I would bend under and kiss and suck her nipples. I made my way to John and started to kiss him.

My hand going down to his cock. As he pulls out of Anna, I bend down, taking him in my mouth. I lick him and taste Anna. As I am licking the shaft of his penis, I see Anna coming around to the other side of John, and she begins to lick him as well.

As we are licking him, our tongues touch each other and we smile. I bend my head and make a trail with my tongue down and around John's sack. I take each one in my mouth and suck on them slowly, gently.

While I am tasting John, I look up and see Anna, taking him in her mouth. I watch as she brings him in and out, licking him, sucking him.

I move back to put John in my mouth and our tongues meet again. We lick each other's tongue with John's cock in the middle. John reaches down and starts to finger fuck both of us. Both of us ride his fingers and Anna reaches down and strokes me. I lean a bit forward and kiss her breasts. Licking her nipples.

When Anna moves away, John tells me to lie on my back. As I do that, Anna kneels by my head, bending to kiss me. When John enters me he does it gently at first. Anna reaches down and strokes my pussy.

"Do you like the way my husband is fucking you?" Anna asks huskily, "Does his cock feel good?"

With just those words, I feel a tingling sensation throughout my body and start to moan.

"Oh, yes! It feels wonderful!" I say. "Fuck me" and he does. "Oh, God, lick me Anna" and she does. She bends over me and licks me. She puts her hands under my ass and starts to finger fuck my ass. As she straddles my head, I reach up with my fingers and spread her pussy, revealing her clit. It's so wet. I put one of my fingers in her, feeling the softness inside her.

I take my tongue and start to lick her clit, slowly moving my tongue up and down. I wanted to taste all of her. I wanted to suck her and I did. I drank from her pussy loving the way it tasted and she drank from mine. While John watched us, he began to fuck me harder. I imagined us in my mind. John fucking me, Anna licking me and me licking Anna.

I kept thinking in my head, Lick me! Lick my wet pussy! Suck me! Suck my pussy! I moved my hips to match John's movements. I sucked at Anna's clit. As I felt her finger fuck my ass, I began to reach an orgasm. I started to moan into Anna's pussy, pulling her down on me.

As Anna lifted her head, she sat on my face and I stuck my tongue in her cunt. I fucked her with my tongue and as I did this she would reach down, touching my tongue and using it to wet her clit as she stroked herself.

I felt John's body tense up and knew he was reaching his orgasm. I felt Anna's legs stiffen and she moaned and pressed down on my mouth and tongue. Just as John was about to cum, Anna pulls him out of me and jams him in her mouth.

When he finished, Anna bent over and kissed me deeply. To my surprise, she had John's cum in her mouth. While kissing me, she pushes his cum into my mouth with her tongue.

It filled my mouth and I swallowed it. Feeling it slide down my throat while Anna licked any remaining drips off my lips. After we lay there, catching our breath, I hear a movement outside. The three of us look at each other and I jumped up. I walk, fast towards the bathroom and tell them they should go into their bedroom.

I as stood in the shower, feeling the hot water over my body, thinking about what had just taken place, I hear a knock on the door.

"Hey, Babe, I feel asleep, huh?" my husband says groggily.

"It's alright," I say closing my eyes, "You didn't miss much." I bite my lip at how well I lied.

"Do you need help cleaning up" Brian asked. "No, go to bed. There's not much, just glasses."

When I hear the door close, I shut off the shower and wipe myself. As I do this, I could still feel a tingling sensation in my pussy and smile. I then put on my robe and head for the kitchen. Standing at the sink, I hear John and Anna's bedroom door open and turn to see John coming out with just pajama bottoms on.

I feel my heart race. He has an incredible chiseled chest. I lick my lips and catch him watching me. We smile at each other.

"Where's Brian?" He whispers.

"In bed."

John walks over to me and hugs me from behind and whispers in my ear.

"You were wonderful." He says huskily, brushing his tongue on my earlobe, turning me around to face him.

"John.." I start, but he puts a finger against my lips, shushing me.

"I told you to trust me." He says. "Have a goodnight and sweet dreams." He says this as he puts a hand under my robe, caressing my pussy and kisses my neck. "I know I will."

And with that I watch him walk back to his bedroom and into Anna's arms. I lean back against the sink and shake my head. I could still feel the burning sensation of his lips against my neck and where he touch me and I take a deep breath.

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