tagGroup SexA Passionate Three Way

A Passionate Three Way


I lay awake in the darkness, listening to Andarian and Elissan. I couldn't help it, they were just a few feet away from me in the next bed, and though they tried to be quiet, it was very apparent what was going on. He was very quiet but her moans and little squeaks escaped no matter how much he tried to silence her.

Truth be told, I didn't mind, though I did envy him faintly. Still, there had been a time, when I was with Brianna, that the situation had been reversed – he used to lie awake, no doubt, listening to us, and wondering what was happening on our side of the room. Once in a while I had even invited him to partake, and I wondered if that would ever be reciprocated...it seemed unlikely, since Elissan was a sea elf, and they were notoriously suspicious of humans. But Brianna had been a Halfling after all, and she had eventually come around, with persuasion.

I heard Elissan yelp softly. My cock was stiff and I was desperately tempted to touch it but at the same time I was enjoying listening too much to make any noise. I couldn't see anything, but there was nothing wrong with my imagination. Elissan was a lovely girl, blond and beautiful, with long legs and alabaster skin. Andarian himself was half High Elven, and half human, and lanky and brown-skinned from all of the time in the sun, and also very handsome. I didn't even need my imagination for that; I had seen him plenty, both in clothes and out of them.

Myself? I am the tallest of the three, with blond hair and piercing blue eyes that Brianna used to love. I was also muscular, unlike Andarian's lithe frame, and I could probably easily pick Elissan up over my head.

But I digress.

I finally heard Andarian's groan as he released all of his pent-up energies into sweet little Elissan, and I couldn't help but sigh a little. Ah, me. They collapsed into each other's arms, presumably, leaving me to sweat it out. It was going to be a long night.

Somehow, I made it.

The next day, Elissan had to go home for a few days and so Andarian and I were left to travel alone. I said nothing to him about the event, but I did give him a knowing glance now and then.

On the third night, we took an inn room in the town of Riverpoint. As we came up to the counter, he spoke to me.

"Alistair, listen. Elissan is coming tonight. Do you want to take separate rooms?"

I smiled slightly to myself. "That's kind of an odd question, after the other night."

"Well, it's up to you."

"Does she mind?"

"What, you sharing the room? Absolutely not."

"Do you mind?"

"After all of those times you treated me to with Brianna? Same, absolutely not."

"Well then, why on earth should I mind?"

He grinned and nodded. "Fair enough then." And we took a single room with two beds.

That night I had an errand to run, and came back late in the evening. As I came up to the room, I found a note on the door with my name on it. I pulled it off and opened it.

It said simply, "Knock before you enter." So I did.

"Just a moment!" I heard from inside. I waited, and soon Andarian came to the door and stepped out.

To my surprise, he put his arms around me and kissed me. How I had missed his kisses! He had hardly kissed me at all since Elissan had come into our lives, and since they had started having sex there hadn't been one kiss.

He held me in his arms and looked into my eyes. "I've neglected you of late, and I'm sorry about that. And I want to do something to make it up."

"You don't have to."

"Shush. Now just do me a favor. I'm going back inside. Wait for me to call you, and then come in and lock the door behind you, all right?"

"What's going on?"

"You're full of questions. Just trust me, all right?"

I smiled. "Of course." He kissed me again, and then ducked back inside the room.

I was dying of curiosity, of course. Thankfully it was only a couple of minutes before I heard him call out. "Alistair!"

I turned the knob and went in.

What I saw literally made me speechless.

Facing me, on the bed farther from the door, Andarian sat with Elissan in his lap. I barely had time to register this much before I realized she was completely naked, as was he.

I didn't let myself think about it any further until I had securely locked the door behind me. Then I turned, and advanced slowly.

Elissan face was sweaty and her hair disheveled. She had a blindfold around her eyes, and I looked at Andarian questioningly.

"Don't worry, she knows. Don't you, Elissan?" She nodded, mutely, mouth open. "She just wanted to have the illusion of not knowing."

He nodded. "Go ahead, Andarian. Admire her. She's beautiful, isn't she?"

And beautiful she was. Now that I had been assured she was fully consenting to this, I could enjoy the sight of her. I sat on the other bed, facing them.

She was beautifully pale-skinned as I have mentioned, and her body was even more graceful than I had imagined in my lonely nights. Her breasts were a pale white, topped with pink nipples. Andarian's hand was squeezing her right breast and gently rolling the nipple between his fingers. His skin, much darker than hers, stood out in drastic contrast to her.

In the valley between her breasts was a single dark beauty mark. Her waist narrowed, and then swelled again into dainty hips, and her belly had the slightest curve to it. She wore a tiny sapphire in her navel.

Her legs were wide open as well, and I could see her mound and her thin dusting of blond hair. Her sex was covered by Andarian's hand, though, but I could clearly see that he had two fingers inside of her.

Elissan's legs were draped over either of Andarian's, and her small feet didn't reach the floor. He shifted and she whimpered, and I realized with a start that his cock was up her ass.

I raised my eyes to his with difficulty. "Uh, I don't know what to say. She is gorgeous. I mean, stunning."

He smiled. "Wouldn't you like to touch her?"

I had no words. I think my jaw was just open.

"Oh, don't be so surprised. It wouldn't be the first time we shared a woman, would it? Come here."

Obediently I got up and came over to them. The sight of her squirming, impaled on his meaty cock, had already made me stiff and erect, and her small rose mouth was as enticing as the rest of her.

"Kiss her, old friend."

I didn't need telling twice as I tentatively kissed her cute little lips, then, feeling my arousal rising and hearing her little start of surprise, kissed her deeper. She moaned and whimpered a little into my mouth, and suddenly I wanted to overpower her and take her however I wanted. I controlled myself, though, and stuck to kissing that sweet little mouth.

Andarian moved inside of her, and I shivered at the thought of his cock up that sweet little ass, violating her, hurting her, making her come. Elves generally didn't "do" anal; Andarian was half-elven and plus his best friend (me) was human, so he was a lot more flexible. I did wondered how he had convinced her to take it up the ass.

"Don't stop there, Alistair. Touch her. Feel her. I want you to."

I needed no more encouragement, and soon, I was kneeling between her legs, running my hands over her sweet body, groping her breasts, suckling on her nipples. She moaned and writhed in my arms like a little live wire, and her sweaty face and pursed mouth seemed to me to beckon to further degeneracy.

He removed his fingers from her, wet and glistening. "I want you to eat her out while I fuck her up the ass. But first, slide your fingers into her...I think you'll like what you find."

Keeping my hand on her left tit, I slid my hand obediently down her belly. She whimpered again, but I didn't stop...instead I plunged two fingers into her immediately. She was warm, and wet, and snug.

I pushed inside her deeply and slowly withdrew my fingers. What I saw just made me hungry...obviously Andar had just fucked her pussy first, and cum deep inside her. It clung to my fingers, glistening and white, mixed with her own juices.

Well, that was about it. Imagining tasting the two of them together had comforted me during many a lonely night. I dropped even lower and lifted her legs over my shoulders, driving her ever deeper onto Andar's cock, which predictably made her grunt. I dove my face into her sweet little pussy, and without waiting, slid my tongue right up into her, causing her to gasp.

Right in front of me too was the base of Andar's cock and balls, and I let my chin press up against them. I was so hard it hurt, being made to service these two was making me crazy.

I could taste Andar's come in her, and I began licking it up, along with her own sweet juices and her sweet taste. Her clit rubbed against my nose and I eagerly pressed into her.

I never thought I would be going down on an elven girl, and truth be told, she did taste different from a human or even a Halfling girl...sweeter, somehow, and more ethereal. Whatever it was, it didn't take long before she was rubbing my face anxiously, pressing back on his cock, and begging for more in her sweet little voice.

I was surprised when she came abruptly, her little cunt spasming around my tongue, hands digging into my hair. Andar spoke. "Do you want her? Do you want your cock in her tight little pussy?"

I looked up into his eyes, my face coated in her juices, and nodded silently.

"Get up, then."

I did.

"Stand back a bit."

Again, I did as he said.

Holding her around the waist with one hand, he shifted until he could lie back fully on the bed. He pulled her down so she was lying on his chest. Now I could see her sweet little pussy and his cock filling her ass.

He spoke in her ear.

"Do you want Alistair to fuck you? Is that what you've been dreaming of, my little slut? Have you been dreaming of balling my best friend? Don't answer, just nod yes or no."

Her head shook no frantically...then slowly, more hesitantly, yes. He pumped into her roughly, and she nodded furiously – yes!

He looked into my eyes. "Come on, then, and fuck her pussy. And kiss me, too, while you're at it."

I knelt on the bed between the two of the. I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy and began to push.

If she had been tight to my fingers she was impossibly tight to my cock, probably because of what was in her ass. Still, I penetrated her, feeling her open around me.

I sank into her to the hilt and now she was full in both holes and truly taking it like a slut. Demeaning her even more, I leaned over her shoulder and, ignoring her but to use her, kissed Andar full on the mouth as I began to pump her.

With each thrust I drove her onto Andar's cock as well, and soon she was screaming with the pleasure. I fucked her rotten. I fucked her silly. It had been so long since I had fucked a girl, and I took it all out on her.

Her nails dug into my skin and yet I abused the poor girl. I wanted to bring her down to my human level, somehow, break her elvish pride, and yet she seemed to be begging for it, her little cries ringing in my ear, her mouth open, her back arched.

I was the first to lose control, presumably because Andarian had already come, and I cried out as I emptied all of my pent-up aggression into her. Oh, the sweet feel of her pussy, spasming around my cock! I think my emotion must have driven Andarian over the edge, too, for I felt him groan into my ear and drive even further up her ass. Her little fists gripped my shoulders and her pussy clamped even harder on me.


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