tagInterracial LoveA Perfect Fall Pt. 01

A Perfect Fall Pt. 01


Jessica had been fucked for three straight hours by over a dozen black men. Cum dripped out of her pussy and ass and her raven black hair was coated with love juice. As another cock penetrated her well fucked ass Jessica pondered her predicament. How she, a married women of 40, who was a virgin when she married, with two kids, and had never even considered cheating on her husband, could now be a dirty whore with a black mistress whose body was used daily for the pleasure of many. Here is her story:


Looking back now there were so many hints of what was to come...so, so many. Yet I was oblivious to it all...until it was way too late...or maybe I never had a chance.

My name is Jessica Jamieson. I married my high school sweetheart at 18 and had my kids at 20 and 21. My two precious children are 19 year old Becky and 21 year old Mark.

In all honesty, I am, well was, a great mother, a passionate high school teacher and a faithful wife. I grew up in an old-fashioned home where my mother did it all while my dad worked and she did all of the housework, plus marking, plus raising the kids while her husband was often gone. I inherited my mom's old-fashioned values and act and dress the part. I do not own any jeans, wear only long skirts or dresses, nothing that would be considered slutty, but always looking professional and proper.

My daughter Becky is very pretty. She is in her first year of college, but still lives at home. She has blonde hair as well and the very same blue eyes I have. She is an amazing athlete on a volleyball scholarship and a straight A student. Being an athlete she always dresses in casual attire. She is a very determined woman who is always in control and takes no gruff from anybody. She is much more like her father who is an ex-NFL linebacker and now a speaker on the motivational speaker circuit.

My son Mark is a good looking guy who was a high school football star and currently is in the military.

My life would change forever, without me even knowing it, innocently enough on May 7th when new neighbors moved in. As I have always done, I baked my famous apple pie for my new neighbors and brought it over to welcome them to the neighborhood. I was surprised when I first met Amy and Derek, a black thirty year old married couple with no kids. Amy carried herself with a power that I was immediately jealous of. Derek was a muscular man who looked like he just left a GQ magazine. I remember I briefly considered how good looking their kids would be, although I would later learn that Amy could not have children. After a brief conversation, I left after giving Amy an open invitation for coffee.

A week later Amy came over for coffee and we became instant friends. Amy was different from me in every way. She dressed very provocatively and was outgoing and funny. Yet, we got along famously. Amy was a psychic that stayed at home. She also was a writer and had a love of making wine. Over the next month we hung out a few times and got to know each other better; plus Derek and Martin, my husband, both had a love for playing pool and drinking Amy's homemade wine.

As I got to know Amy better, I learned that Amy's dad was actually a pastor and Amy left home at 16 and never went back. She was a wild child then and had not really changed. Amy always dressed up because she loved people checking her out, wore nylons always because she loved the feel of them and they made her feel sexy (although she only wore stay-ups or garters and stocking as she wanted to always be ready for a good fucking, her words not mine); around Amy, I was more open and felt more free, and soon realized that maybe I was a bit of a prude. Martin and I had sex maybe once a month, I had given him oral sex maybe five times, never swallowed and had not even considered taking it up the butt. Amy, on the other hand, fucked Derek at least once a day, sucked his cock regularly, loved the taste of semen and enjoyed a good ass fucking as well. I was shocked by all of this, yet fascinated by every word that came from her. When she learned of my rather lame sex life, she brought me over a few special girl only toys. One in particular, which she called her eternity O toy, she insisted I put in me right then. I excused myself and, although somewhat embarrassed, I inserted the little toy and turned it on. The small vibrations kept me horny at all times, yet did not disrupt my day. It was the ultimate pleasure toy.

Although it never occurred to me at first, I was fascinated by the many attractive women, almost all college girls, who often paraded in and out of Amy's house. I assumed they were all clients, but I would later learn I was incredibly mistaken. The fact that they all dressed like they were heading on a date should have been a clue.

Then things began to get more interesting. Karen, my best friend and vice-principal, who lived across the street, went into Amy's house; she was dressed in a mini-skirt that was very unlike her. She left two hours later and I called her over. I asked, "Karen why are you dressed so provocative?"

"Oh this, nothing really," she said quite embarrassed, "Amy was showing me how to dress a bit sexier for my hubby." After a bit more random discussion, Karen went on home.

Again, a subtle clue of what was forthcoming, but still I was clueless.


About a month after Amy and Derek had moved in next store things began to change. We were over at Amy's; the boys playing pool, as usual, while we were watching sex and the city and drinking wine. Derek, who had kept the talk generic until now asked: "So I hear your wife doesn't blow you?'

Martin, looked up surprised as he was about to make a shot, and said, "How do you know that?"

"She told my wife."

"Well, she has a gag reflex and her jaw gets sore."

Derek laughed, "Do you know that Amy sucks my cock pretty much every day and she swallows my load every time. Well except when we make our porn vids, then she takes a load on her face."

"You make porn vids."

"Sure, it makes the sex hotter. Often we add a second chick or a second dick. Amy loves a couple cocks at once and also loves pussy."

"Fuck off."

"Come here," Martin followed Derek into the TV room in the basement; Derek grabbed a dvd, threw it in the player and pressed play. "This one," Derek said, "was with three cheerleaders from the college where we used to live." Mark was stunned to see three girls all in cheerleader outfits and Amy dressed as their coach.

Amy tells them to all bend over and they all reveal they are wearing hooters pantyhose with holes at cut for access to their pussy and ass. "You can't do the cheer properly, so you must be punished." She then revealed a 8 inch strap-on and took turns fucking all three girls calling them 'sluts, whores, dykes, etc.' She then had all three service her.

Derek said "There are also tapes of her being gang-banged by 7 basketball players, me fucking a variety of sorority chicks, Amy seducing a variety of women including a waitress, a couple secretaries, a politician, a few sales people, etc; of course, there are many of her and I fucking with other couples and complete orgies."

"Wow man," Martin said stunned.

"Do you want to fuck my wife?" Martin looked shocked. "Of course, I would have to be allowed to drill yours."

"She would never go for that."

Derek smirked, "If Amy convinces her it is ok, you are in?"

"She would never..."

Derek cut him off, "Dude, my wife has seduced many women, and almost none ever can resist her charms. Oh sure, some take a while, but Amy always, always get what she wants."

"Well I would love to get more pussy."

Derek laughed, "By the time Amy is done with your wife, she will be begging you to fuck her ass and then will suck your cock right from her ass. She will do everything you ever fantasized and some you never even considered."


"Dude, let's go play some pool."

Meanwhile upstairs, the girls are talking. Amy dressed in a red one piece dress and black stockings says, "Jess, it is time for a makeover."

"What do you mean?"

"Let's shock the shit out of your hubby."

"How so?"

"Come upstairs to my room."

Upstairs, Amy said, "Jess, we are going to make you look so fucking hot that your husband is going to take you home and pound you."

I blushed. Amy rather bluntly, "Get undressed. Take off all your clothes, lets take a look at you."

I hesitated, assuming she was not serious. Amy, clearly lacking patience repeated, "Get undressed, we don't have all day." Her frustration was clear.

Slowly, I unbuttoned my blouse, Amy realized my insecurity and awkwardness, stated, "Honey, you are a beautiful woman, you don't have to be shy." I took off my blouse and then slid off my long skirt. "Oh dear, pantyhose, we really do need a makeover. Like I have told you before, pantyhose are not sexy. Stay ups, garters and stockings now they are sexual." With that, Amy hiked up her much lower skirt showing me the top of her stay up beige stockings. She then pointed to my toes and said "and reinforced toe? Honey, men love to see each toe in sheer nylon. For now on you only buy sandlefoot stockings. Plus, you always have to have your nails painted. Mine are usually painted red, look." I look and have to say her toes in beige stockings and toenails painted red do standout. Amy walked over to her closet and said, "Get those grandma pantyhose off, I got just the thing for you." I took off my pantyhose and waited in my bra and panties. Amy came back to me and told me to sit on the end of her bed. "Now honey, you obviously spend money on your bra and undies they are sexy, now we just need to redo everything else." Amy knelt to her knees and I sat back and wondered what she was doing. Then she opened her hand and revealed red nail polish and said, "Honey, let the makeover begin." As Amy did each toenail with delicate precision, caressing my foot with sexual teasing, she continued to talk, "Jess, when I am done with you, your hubby is gonna come in his pants. He is gonna fuck you so hard I'll hear your moans. You'll orgasm so hard, you will quake with pleasure for hours." Amy heard my sigh and said, 'Honey, did you just sigh?"

"Um, yeah, it's just..."

"What sugar, you can tell me anything."

"It's just, I have never orgasmed from sex. I always have to silently masturbate after he falls asleep."

"Fuck off. You never get off."

"Never," I whispered.

"I orgasm over and over again when Derek's big thick black cock hammers me. How big is Martin?"

"Um, I don't know exactly, 5 inches."

"Fuck off, that wouldn't get me off either. Derek is 8 plus inches of hard steel. Martin doesn't at least get you off with his tongue?"

"Oh God no, that is grouse."

"Sugar, having your pussy licked is not disgusting, it is beautiful, amazing, fucking orgasmic. I am going down and telling your fucking husband right now he is not doing his job."

I panicked, "No, no, no, he offered lots, but eventually quit when I always said no."

Amy sighed, "Honey," as she sits up, her lips inches from mine, "You have to let him. You deserve the pleasure. Amy grabbed a package from her bed and opened it. She moved to my leg and surprised me when she grabbed my leg and slowly, with such tenderness, my panties went moist, slid a black stay up stocking onto my leg. She then did the other leg, even slower, and I, for the first time ever, was completely turned on by another women. She then came up to me as if she was going to kiss me and moved to my ear and whispered, "You look fucking gorgeous, good enough to eat." She breathed into my ear for a few more seconds, but what seemed like an eternity, and then stood up. She went back to the closet and returned with a black leather skirt, well skirt is a generous term, a piece of clothing that was the top ¼ of any skirt I had ever worn before. It made micro, seem long. She said "Put this on."

"Um, no, I couldn't, I."

"Now sugar, I want to see what you look like dressed to fuck."


"Now," Amy stated with just a slight bit of force. Not wanting to annoy her I take the skimpy piece of leather and put it on. "Turn around and model for me." I finish off my glass of wine, my 4th, and then twirl like a little schoolgirl. "Nice," Amy said smiling.

"It doesn't even cover the top of my stockings, I could never go out anywhere like this."

"Of course not," Amy replied. Thank God I thought, and then Amy started, "You obviously need a blouse." Amy went back to the closet, pilfered through her closet and then came back with a blood red blouse. I put it on and it barely buttoned up over my firm breasts. "Fuck you look hot. Let's go downstairs and show the boys the new Jessica."

"God no," I stated in shock.

"Oh yes baby," Amy cooed. Amy poured the last of the wine into our glasses and I shot it. "Let's go," and Amy grabbed my hand and led me downstairs. As we reached the last stairway, I stopped; Amy looked me straight in the eye and said, "Honey, you need to do this. You have been sheltered from real pleasure for way too long."

"But what about Derek?"

"Oh he will behave, seeing you dressed like this will get him hot and then he will take me upstairs and fuck me with his massive cock until I pass out of delirious orgasmic joy. Now let's go." Before I could reply, continued, "Oh crap, you need hot red lipstick to finish the ensemble." Before I could even think, she leans in and kisses me on the lips. The originally shock of her lips touching mine, went instantly to pleasure and then quickly to disappointment as the she broke the kiss after only a few seconds. Amy smiled, "There baby, now you have some nice red lipstick to match your fuck me attire." She then handed me a lipstick stick and shrugged, "I guess I could have just gave you that." Without any time to process what just happened, she yanked me down the stairs. The boys were playing pool and stopped abruptly when we entered.

Martin's mouth dropped in shock and Derek just smiled and said, "Wow Martin your wife got one of my wife's famous do-me-now makeovers. Jess you look amazing."

"Thanks," I replied, and then showing a confidence that I did not know I had, "I walked over to my husband and said, "Well honey, what do you think, am I good enough to eat."

Martin began to respond, "Um, wow..."

Amy interrupted, "Derek, did you know that Martin never goes down on his wife?"

Derek in mocking shock, "No..."

Martin regained a bit of his composure stated, "Wait, I have offered, I, wait, what do you girls talk about when we are not around?"

Amy walked over to Martin and responded "Girl stuff, what do you boys talk about?"

Martin attempted to bumble his way through this when Amy broke the tension, "Martin take his hot piece of ass home and give her a fucking tongue orgasm. Do you know she never orgasms from you and then masturbates after you fall asleep? "

Martin clearly surprised by all of this said, "No, honey, why wouldn't you tell me?"

Just as I am about to respond Amy suggested, "Who cares about the past, let it go. Tonight is a new night. Martin make your wife happy, we will leave you down here to, well, you know, Derek and I will go upstairs and well, you know." With that Amy and Derek left.

Martin walked over to me and kissed me with a passion I had not felt since we were courting. He then lifted me up onto the pool table, pulled off my skirt and underwear and after sliding his hands up my stocking legs he went to my already drench pussy and started licking. Instantly I could not believe I had refused this all these years, the pleasure was amazing and so much different then when we made love. He licked and licked and after only a couple minutes he triggered an orgasm so intense I squeezed his head between my legs and quaked with joy. Martin then dropped his pants and flipped me onto all fours and did me doggie style, something that we had not done in years. The next few minutes were amazing and being fucked after an orgasm made the whole experience more surreal. I felt his hand tense around my ass and knew he was about to shoot his load in me. His cum filled my pussy as he kept pumping in and out. We then both collapsed on the table exhausted and in love. I looked at the clock, it had been only 12 minutes total from the time Amy left, but it was the best 12 minutes of pleasure ever and I knew my sex life had changed forever. After a few minutes of recovery, we get dressed and went home; me still dressed in Amy's clothes.


A few days later I went over for our usual Friday 10AM coffee (I only worked four days a week); I walked into the livingroom and was completely caught off guard. Amy had her legs open and had our mailwomen in between her legs licking her pussy. Amy, acting as if nothing was different, said "Good morning Jessica. Your coffee is on the table here."

I could not move. Amy smiled and laughed, "Don't worry about her Jess, she is just being disciplined. She twice has overstuffed my mail and I had to teach her a lesson."

I paused and finally said, "Um, Sarah is eating you out?"

Amy responded, "Yeah and she is quite good at it. Sit down Jessica."

I paused for a minute, but did sit down. For the next couple minutes Amy talked to me about the weather and next weeks party she was hosting as if having a girl between her legs was the most natural thing in the world. Amy then stopped and said, "Just a sec honey, Hmmm,that's it bitch suck my juices, I'm cumming..." After about 30 seconds she demanded, "Slut, say hi to my friend."

Obviously humiliated, Sarah, my postmistress for the last 10 years, said "Hi Mrs. Jamieson." Her face was glistening from Amy's orgasm.

"Hi Sarah," I responded awkwardly.

Amy broke the awkwardness by making it even more awkward, "Jess would you like Sarah to eat our pussy?"

"Um, no thanks," I replied.

"Your loss," Amy shrugged pulling her skirt down and said, "OK Sarah, you may go."

"Thanks mistress," Sarah responded and exited quickly.

Amy explained, "Jessica, I am not a lesbian. I love cock way too much, but girls eat pussy way better then men do. I am sorry, I figured she would be done before you got here, but she took her time down there and I lost track of time. "

"Um, its ok I guess, I mean I knew you were a sexual being, but I just never thought that Sarah would be a-a..."

"Lesbian? She's married honey?"


"Well I never asked, but she was wearing a wedding ring."

"I could never do that."

"Oh honey, I know, but you don't know what you are missing."

"Doesn't Derek mind?"

"Hell no, Derek and I often have more than just the two of us in the bedroom. "

"Oh. I-I-I still can't believe I just saw Sarah on her knees eating your vagina."

"My pussy darling. You got to understand Jess, some women like to be dominated, to be used, to be treated like a slut. I could tell Karen was submissive the first time she fucked up. I also knew she would fuck up again."


"Honey, all women have a submissive or dominant streak in them. Mine is dominant, but most are submissive."

"I don't think I have either."

"Oh you do, you just have not found it yet."

"I don't."

"It's OK sugar, you can be yourself around me." Amy looks at her watch and says, "Oh shit, my next client is in 20 minutes and I need to shower so I don't smell like I just got fucked. Let yourself out sweetie."

I left and spent the rest of the day in a stunned haze. I masturbated twice that day and that night I threw Martin on the bed and sucked his cock and then rode him like a cowboy on a buckinghorse. After awhile, I jumped off and took it back in my mouth tasting my own juices for the first time ever. I sucked it with feverous abandon until he shot a hot load of semen down my throat. Not unpleasant at all, I continued to bob up and down until his cock became limp in my mouth. I then, in my first dominant moment in the bedroom ever, demanded he eat me out. After a great orgasm, I slipped into a blissful slumber.

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