A Perfect Nude Family


"Mhmmm...Jake. that's the spot. Don't stop. Please don't stop!" she cried. "I'm about to cum"

I didn't stop what I was doing. I stayed glued to my sisters hot pussy. She started to go into a silent orgasm. She shook just like my mother. She was humping my face and was covering it with all of her pussy juices. I lapped them all up and gave her pussy one last kiss.

"That was amazing Jake!" she cried. "That was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. I want you inside me now."

She turned around and got on all fours.

"Stand up" I said. "I want to admire your beautiful butt first."

She stood up straight and I knelt down behind her and started grabbing her butt. She was firm, and all of those track workouts paid off. It was nice and muscular and it was soft to the touch. I started to lick and kiss each cheek and then I gave it one last kiss.

"I'm ready" I said.

She got back down on all fours. I took a step back to admire the sight.

There was my sister waving her backside in the air and boobs swaying. She wanted my dick and I was gonna give her what she wanted.

I positioned my penis at the entrance of her pussy. I rubbed it around to get it all wet like my father did. When I was ready I slowly inched my dick into my sisters willing vagina taking her cherry.

I was no longer a virgin and I lost it to the most beautiful girl in the entire world.

This is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.


this was my first adult story I have ever written. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writting it.

Please leave a comment!

Thank you!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/04/17

Great Story

Avery sexy story moving and touching. There was however a need for proof reading and editing but not so much as to interfere with the flow of the story. Keep writing you got talent.

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by Anonymous04/29/16

this is outstanding, especially for a first time contribution

Of course, a loving nude family gets real close. Take the young son of the family. He sees what he's secretly been itching to see for years. His sister's sweet little slit and, best of all, that mysteriousmore...

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