tagNovels and NovellasA Perfect World Pt. 02

A Perfect World Pt. 02



Neena couldn't believe what she was hearing. He just admitted that he liked her. More than that, that he was attracted to her. The object of more than one of her fantasies was telling her that she was hot. So much of what was going on in her life was changing right before her eyes. It was as if things were happening for a reason. A million thoughts kept running through her head. In one conversation, he had opened her eyes to a world of possibilities that people could experience. She felt like everything was coming to a head. Like she was standing at the water's edge, not knowing how to swim, but the waves lapped at her feet, enticing her to take the plunge and find out. She knew she had to make a move, one way or another. She could continue with her married life just as she was when she walked out the door earlier. Or she could take a chance and let fate decide.

"Iain, I can't believe I'm saying this out loud to you, but please hear me out...."

She paused, took a deep breath...and...

"I...I want you. I want to sleep with you. Right now. I want you to do everything to me, to take me like...like you took Solana. I know I'm married, and it should be wrong, but I'm not asking this to get back at my husband. It's not about revenge. I don't feel like that. This is about me... and what you said about me. And even if I wasn't married, I would still want this. Before you say anything no please consider it. I have to know, right now, for myself Please, show me what I'm missing. I can't think of any other way. Or anyone else I could do this with."

There was an agonizingly long pause while Iain studied her face intently.

"Are you absolutely sure about this?"

Neena said, "I've never been more sure about anything."

Iain said, "If you are absolutely sure, then you must follow my instructions exactly. Are you willing to do that?"

"Yes, I need you. Now."

"I mean, you must do exactly what I say. You must give up control to me. Let me call the shots. I will direct what happens to you. Letting go is about building trust. Without trust, you won't feel safe. You need to be able to trust me, that I will protect you and not let things go beyond a point that you can handle. There will be things that you do that you will not have done before. Things you think that up until now you cannot do or would not do. Part of this process is confronting the very things that you associate with negativity and learning to see them in a positive light. It's about you taking back your body, your mind, and your spirit. The painful, horrific things that have happened to you in the past should stay in the past, not continue to dominate your present and future. They will not prevent you from living your life the way you want to, and experiencing all that you and this world have to offer."

"I will give you a safe word. You will use that word if you want things to stop. If you use it, everything will stop immediately. I will respond only to that word. But know that I will not do things to you arbitrarily or without concern for your well-being. I will be watching how you react and will not take it to the point where you are further damaged. I will be pushing your limits, but not breaking you. Now that I have said all of that, do you still want to do this?"

Neena thought for a moment, quickly processing everything. "Yes."

Iain said, "Okay. Here is what you must do. Go home, now. Tomorrow -"

"What? What about now?"

"Neena, remember what I said."

She apologized. "I'm sorry, I'm just so ready..."

"I know you feel you are, but you must trust me. If tomorrow you still feel the same way, without reservations, then I know that you are ready. I don't want you making a decision like this on the spur of the moment. There are times when that is a good thing, but this is a serious matter, one of commitment and trust, and I need to make sure that this is something you are ready to do."

"I'm sorry, please continue. I will do what you say."

"Good. Now, as I said, I want you to go home now. I want you to prepare yourself for me. Tell me, is your pussy shaved?"

She tingled when he said the word and turned even more pink. "Well...I trim it...."

"You will shave your pussy bare. I want you to masturbate but not cum. Bring yourself as close as you can without orgasming. Tomorrow for work, you will put on a skirt that does not go below the knee. You will wear a tight fitting top. You will not wear a bra or panties. During the day, you will masturbate, but again, you will not let yourself cum. I will know if you make yourself come. When work is finished, you will call me. I will then give you my address, and you will come to me. Do you have any questions?"

Her mind was filled with them, but something told her he would not answer, at least not now.

"No, I will do what you say."

"Good," he said. "Now, go, and I hope to see you tomorrow."

She wanted to kiss him, to have him hold her, but she knew that she could not touch him. Not yet....


The next twenty-four hours were torturous. She was in a nearly constant state of arousal. Masturbating was almost unbearable and yet strangely satisfying, knowing she was doing it for him. She was embarrassed and yet excited about wearing nothing under her single layer of revealing clothing. She was certain that her coworkers knew everything. Well, at least they knew something was up. It wasn't that cold in the office, and yet her nipples were obvious, poking against her tight cashmere sweater. She was certain that someone must have seen up her short skirt at some point during the day. She was almost caught masturbating in the women's bathroom, trying her best to stifle her moans when a coworker walked in on her while she was in a stall. How could they not notice her scent? Was there a wet spot visible on her skirt or chair? Thank god it's Friday!

Soon enough, the end of the day came. She was out the door and in her car, dialing his number before she even had her car keys out. It rang three times, three agonizing times before he picked up.

"Hi Neena"

"Hi Iain. I'm done with work."

"Have you come to a decision?"

"Yes. I still want to come to you."

"Did you follow my instructions?"

"Yes. I did everything you said. I shaved myself. I masturbated last night and today at work. I almost got caught. I wore what you told me to."

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, yes, please!"

She thought she could almost hear him smile.

"Good," he said.

He gave her directions to his place. She was familiar with the area. It was just blocks from the local police station, and in an area with plenty of foot and vehicle traffic, so she felt a sense of comfort. She was there within 15 minutes, and she could feel herself getting wet en route.

She walked up to his door, took a deep breath, and rang the bell. The door opened, exposing a small foyer. She walked inside and closed the door closed behind her. The second door opened and she heard his voice.

"Come in."

She walked into the living room, which was dimly lit with candles spread around the room, the scent of sandalwood in the air, and Peter Gabriel's score to the Martin Scorsese film "Passion" playing in the background. His voice came from behind her.

"Do you know remember what a safeword is?"

For some reason, she knew she was not to turn around.


"Tell me."

"It's a word that I will say when I feel things have crossed the line."

"Yes," he said. "It is what you use when are unable to tolerate what you are experiencing. That word will be 'cardiac'. Once you say that word, everything that is happening to you will stop. If you are unable to speak, you will snap your fingers several times. Do you understand?

"Yes," she spoke, her voice subdued.

"Repeat it for me."

"My safeword is 'cardiac'. If I cannot speak, I will snap my fingers."

"You will submit to me, to my instructions, to my orders, to my word."

"Yes" she said.

"Yes what?"


"Very good. You are already learning and following." He began walking slowly around her as he spoke, looking slowly examining her up and down.

"You will do many things you have never done before. Things you never thought you would do. Things you swore you would never do. Or enjoy. And yet, you will find that you do enjoy them. In fact, you will find that you will come to need these things to feel fulfilled. You will learn to find pleasure in pleasing others. As you have learned to excel, to be a leader, to..."call the shots" so-to-speak, you will learn the power of submission. Of its purpose in bringing balance to your life. You will find release in not being in charge, in letting others "call the shots."

She trembled, the things of which he spoke but remained in place, entranced by his voice, his words. Did she fear what he said? What it meant she would do, the acts she would perform? Or was it the fear of the unknown, the fear of letting go, of exposing her vulnerability? Was she making a mistake? As much as she wanted it, was it right for her? A million reasons rushed through her head of why this would be a bad idea, but her feelings, her emotions, her gut told her otherwise. For she also trembled in anticipation, in longing, in desire.

She knew that she was at a pivotal point. Her destiny lay before her. She could use that safeword right now and return to her previous life, a life that awaited her full of predictability and unfulfilled dreams. Or she could take a chance, embarking into unknown territory. She would be confronting the very foundation of her identity, of what made her who she was, both personally and professionally. And somehow she knew she would also be faced with the submitting to some of the same acts that had been used against her in a violent way. While that gave her some pause, she also felt that for some reason she also knew somehow that she needed to do this, to resolve things.

Iain said, "We will start slowly. You are staying here with me tonight. I have prepared everything. But you are not fully prepared. Take off your clothes."

She hesitated, for just a moment. This was it... Then she reached for the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She hooked her fingers in the waistband of he skirt and began to pull it down. He stopped her. "Slowly," he said.

"Yes, sir." She slowly began to lower the skirt, bending slightly at the waist, then the knees, causing her ass to push out. She stepped out of the skirt and her shoes and stood there before him, trembling. He slowly walked around her, mere inches from her. He walked behind her, and stood so close that she could feel his breath on the back of her neck. His finger tips finally touched her, brushing her hair, her shoulders, running down the outside of her arms, causing goosebumps despite the warmth of his living room.

"Are you cold?" he asked

"N-n-no. I mean, no sir."

"Then, why are your nipples hard?" he breathed in her ear.

Her voice quieted. "Because...I'm very turned on, sir."


Neena should have felt humiliated, standing there naked, exposed, in front of a man who was not her husband, who was exuding such arousal from her. But instead, she wanted more, for him to do more...no, to make her do more.

She felt his lips just barely brushing her left ear, while his fingers rode the ridge of her clavicles, towards her heaving chest. She tried to maintain her composure, as she knew his hands were heading towards her breasts, which ached to be touched, to be held by him. His hands paused, then slid around the front of her shoulders and down her sides, torturing her by avoiding her breasts. Down her flanks and following the curve of her hips to her outer thighs. Each spot on her skin that he touch burned. His hands came around to the back of her legs ran up and across her ass. He cupped her buttocks, savoring the fullness as he nuzzled her neck. Her eyes closed and head tilted back slightly, giving him easier access. For some unknown reason, she pressed her ass back slightly into his hands. Because it felt right.

His hands came up her back to her shoulders. He stroked the sides of her neck with the back of his fingers, giving her goosebumps. She felt a new arousal with the touch on her neck. His hands came around the front of her neck and dropped down onto the top of her chest. Please...please touch them she begged in her mind. Finally, his hands covered her breasts, cupped and held them, eliciting a sigh from her. It felt so right for his hands to be there, to be holding her like that. His fingers grasped her nipples and she gasped. They pulled and gently twisted them and she started shuddering.

"Mmmm, so you like that, huh?"

"Yes si-uuuuunnggggghhhhh!!" She was flooded with a bizarre new sensation of pleasure and pain as he tightly pinched, squeezed, and twisted them.

"Are you wet, Neena?"

"Yes sir."

"How wet?"

"Its...its running down my leg"

"Mmmmmm" His left hand left her breast and traveled down her flat stomach to her hip and inner thigh, avoiding her pussy. She was indeed telling the truth, as he felt her moisture against the inside of her thigh. He could also tell without looking that she did indeed shave. God, she wanted him so badly to touch her, to finger her... She was so aroused...so ready.

But he released her, leaving her panting, frustrated. He walked into the living room to the couch and turned to face her. "Come here." Neena walked over to him and stood in front of him, looking up longingly into his face. "Get down on your knees." Neena kneeled down in front of him and looked up, knowing what was coming next. "Suck me. Make me come in your mouth. And you will swallow it. If you do so, I will let you come."

"I'm...I'm not very good at this." She was nervous. She did not want to disappoint him, and did not know if she was skilled enough. She had never let anyone come in her mouth before, much less swallow. But she knew she had to please him, both because she wanted to serve him and because she needed to come.

"Just follow your instinct and how I react to what you are doing."

She unzipped his pants and lowered them and his boxers to the floor. There before her was the first cock she had seen since she started dating her husband. It was not huge, perhaps 6 1/2 inches, and about an inch across. Circumcised, she saw that his dick and balls were clean shaven. She took it in her hand, marveling at its smoothness and firmness. Gingerly, she lowered her face, bringing it to her lips. She closed her eyes and inhaled. His subtle musky scent actually turned her on even more.

She brushed the tip against her lips, then opened her mouth. She touched the tip of his cock with her tongue, then ran her tongue around the mushroom-like head. The taste was subtle, like his scent, and not at all unpleasant. She took the head into her mouth, pleased that it fit in without stretching her too much. She lowered her head down, the underside of his cock riding along the length of her tongue, coating his shaft with saliva. She took it easily halfway in without effort, then provided a slight suction on the way out. She couldn't believe she was sucking another man's cock! She slid it in again, and out, then repeated it several times. More than that, she was surprised that she was enjoying it.

But was Iain? Neena knew she had to get him off, and figured that she had to try different things. She slid her tongue down the shaft to his balls. She gently took them into her mouth, swirling her tongue around them. She licked the spot on the underside of his cock between his balls and noticed that his dick jerked when she did that. It also turned her on to be tonguing this part and felt the heat from in between his thighs. She could have sworn he sighed when she did it. She returned back to his shaft, finding it even harder than it was before. Once again she took him in and out of her mouth, but only halfway down the length. She noticed he was silent once again, and knew she must do more.

So she pushed herself further, taking him deeper and deeper. She lowered herself about 3/4 of the way down when she gagged. She stopped, then tried again, and kept gagging. She stopped, frustrated. He spoke. "Relax your jaw and exhale, then take it in." She followed his instructions, and found that she was able to take him to the back of her mouth, just an inch shy of fully deep throating him. She removed him, happy, "Like that?" "Yes" he said. She eagerly resumed, taking him down again and again. But as much as she tried, she couldn't get him all the way. She felt his hands at the back of her head. As she slowly bobbed up and down his hands pressed against her head, and her throat opened up to accept the tip of his cock, bottoming her out with her nose pressed against his crotch. He groaned, and she knew she had done it. That she could do it and make him feel good turned her on even more.

She was now desperate to make him come. She needed to feel for the first time a man explode in her mouth, to coat it with his creamy essence. To feel it slide down her throat. She wrapped one hand around his cock, gripping it firmly but sliding it up and down with her mouth. Remembering how he responded to the pressure against the base of his cock, with her other hand she pressed on and massaged the spot between his testes and his anus. He groaned and shuddered as she kept up her efforts. "Yessss..." he hissed. His grip on her head tightened and he began thrusting into her mouth.

God, this is what she had been missing. She loved being faced fucked, being used for his pleasure. She was so wet, wishing she could some how rub herself. She felt him grow even larger, and some pre-cum leaked out into her mouth. It was mild, slightly salty, and drove her to double her efforts. It paid off as he forced her head down all the way and held it there, the head of his cock lodged against the back of her throat. She heard him gasp, felt him spasm and she squealed as he came, spurting directly down her throat. She desperately tried to swallow it, but was unable to, and had to let it take its course. Which meant that some overflowed into her mouth. As the torrent subsided, she was able to taste some of it, and found that she loved it, the taste, the texture.

His grip on her head loosened and he allowed her to come up for air. She panted for a second, then swallowed him down again, licking him clean. When she was done, he collapsed back onto the sofa, and pulled her to him. He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. She was surprised that he kissed her, knowing that he must be tasting himself on her mouth. But that kind of turned her on, too. "How did I do, sir?"

"I think you know the answer to that." She settled into his arms, feeling comfort that she hadn't felt in a long time. "You did very well, Neena. Now it's your turn to be rewarded." She looked at him, excited at what he might do to her. He sat her up against the end of the couch and ran his hands over her breasts, causing a rise in her. "Make yourself come."


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