tagNovels and NovellasA Political Education Ch. 04

A Political Education Ch. 04


Carla woke up, shook her head, blinked her eyes and thought about where she was. Then she remembered that she was at the political convention. She looked down, saw all the dried stuff on her legs, and remembered Babs, and Branchbaum, the governor, Professor Needling. She smiled. It had certainly been a busy time. Anyway, she had better spruce up and get ready for what promised to be another busy day. So Carla jumped up and went into the shower. She was glad for all the soap and shampoo that was there. She had a lot of cleaning up to do.

When Carla reentered the sitting room from the shower, she flipped on the television set. The station was showing the convention. As she dried off, Carla watched the picture of the convention floor and the people in their funny hats milling around while speeches were going on in the background. She was on the treadmill the hotel had provided when the television scene switched to an announcer talking about the crucial vote coming up on amending the party constitution. He was saying that it was the votes of the delegation from Sholeesa that would decide the issue. The screen switched again to show a picture of the Sholeesa Six. They were some tough looking guys. They were the only delegation who had not as yet said which side they would support. Carla looked the

delegation over. The guy in the middle, there, looked really sexy. And a couple of them looked like real wise guys, happy that their votes were so important.

The scene switched to show someone in the middle of a boring speech, and Carla began to get dressed. She wanted to be ready if the governor called.


When the call finally came, Carla jumped out of the seat she was at and grabbed the phone. "Hello," she said.

"Ms. Wrove, this is the governor," she heard.

"Oh yes, sir," she said, "I'm so happy to hear from you." Carla felt her stomach churning. Politics was too exciting. She felt the walls of her pussy wetting. But she immediately sat up straighter. Politics was also serious business and she needed to have all her wits about her as she readied herself for her next task, whatever the governor asked her to do.

"Ms. Wrove, the party, errr, me, my wife and I, we have a task that we do believe you could perform for us today."

"Oh, thank you," Carla replied, "I am so anxious to be of help to you and the party and to continue learning all the inside stuff about politics."

"The joy involves something in the nature of spying," the governor continued.

Her nipples got hard and began to tingle with excitement. "Oh, your honor, governor, I mean, Walker," she said, remembering that he had asked her to use his first name, "This is all so thrilling." Now, her clit and cunny were on fire too. Spying like James Bond or Jackie Chan. She could not believe how exciting politics could be. "And I would be glad to perform the job for you."

"Good," came the reply from the governor. "Come on up to my suite and we'll discuss the problem we are having and see what you might be able to do to assist in the matter. Victor will we at your door in a minute to bring you up here."

"I'll be ready, and thank you," said Carla as she heard the door to her room opening. It was Victor. She stood up and followed him out of the room and to the elevator. When they got to the governor's suite, Victor knocked on the door and then disappeared. The door opened and Carla entered.

"So nice to see you again," Carla was greeted by the governor. "Do come in." He escorted her to the large couch where his wife, Babs, was already sitting. After Carla sat down next to Babs, the governor began talking.

"You have no doubt heard about the delegation from Sholeesa," the governor said.

"Oh, yes," Carla said, "I saw them on the television. They seemed to be a fairly rough bunch."

"They are," said the governor."

Babs explained for him, "they grabbed their place in the convention with some strong arm tactics and trickery back home."

The governor continued, "We didn't have an opportunity to find out much about them, what their aims are, what they want, how they will vote on the platform. And now their vote has become vital. The delegation has refused to tell us of their plans. The haven't told the media anything."

"It is imperative that we get good information about their intentions so that we can make adjustments in our plans," Babs added for her husband.

Carla's eyes were agog. They were involving her in politics' most important part, deal making. She couldn't believe how lucky she was. "I will do anything, anything to help," she said. "Just tell me what you want me to do."

The governor smiled widely. "We, Babs and I, do admire your enthusiasm very much. We do believe you can do it. The leader of the Sholeesa delegation, Manny Omega Turner, has been playing his cards very close to the vest. Right now, he's at a meeting with our nemesis, the Attorney General. We know that Turner isn't telling the Attorney General anything, but we think that right now is the best time for us to find out the delegation's plans. We have bugged the A.G.'s suite, so we'll know when Turner will be leaving there. When the time he leaves comes, we'll fix it so that you can accidentally meet him."

"Oh, I can say that I'm a student of political science at the college and would like to interview him," Carla said.

"Great idea," the governor responded. "It just might work. You wait here until we find out that Turner is leaving his meeting. Talk with my wife meanwhile, I have to make some phone calls." The governor got up and went to the other room.

Babs and Carla were now alone in the room. Babs put her hand on Carla's knee. "The governor and I are sure that you will do the job. Oh, and by the way, I did tell him all about our 'women's power' meeting last night."

Carla blushed.

"No reason to be embarrassed," said Babs, "He was quite happy to hear the details. As a matter of fact, he would like to enjoy participating in another get-together, or maybe even just have a private 'power meeting' with just you."

Carla smiled as Babs patted her knee. "I can't believe how lucky I am to have gotten so close to you both, how you have begun to trust me," Carla said. But she stopped speaking as she heard a knock on the door and the door opened. It was Victor, and he nodded to Babs.

"That's it," Babs said to Carla, "Turner is getting ready to leave. Victor will arrange for you to meet him. You can go now."

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"I'm ready and I will do my best. Don't worry," said Carla as she stood and went to the door.

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