tagGroup SexA Political Education Ch. 06

A Political Education Ch. 06


The members of the Sholeesa delegation were there alright. All six of them were sitting around the card table. Dirty coffee cups, half-empty whiskey bottles and filled ash trays covered the table. They were smoking cigars and holding cards in their hands. Money sat in a pile in the center of the table. The players looked up as Carla entered the room and moved towards the card table.

"Can another player join the game?" she said.

"You betcha," said one of the players, a well built, unshaven guy wearing a wife-beater t-shirt.

"Yeah, take a seat," said another of the men as he patted the empty seat next to his.

"We been playing for money, but that is getting boring," said a third guy who looked as if he hadn't washed his hair in a couple of weeks. "We just decided that we were going to play strip poker instead."

"Yep, we sure did decide that just now. Strip poker that's what we said," said a fourth player, a guy with a big wise-guy smile on his face.

"Hey, I'm game," said Carla as she took a seat at the table.

"Ante up," said one of the players, a guy with tattoos up both arms.

Carla took one of her shoes off and put it on the table.

The guy with the tattoos dealt the cards.

Three quarters of an hour later, all of the players except for Carla were buck naked. Carla was completely dressed. In front of her was a pile of the Sholeesa delegation's clothing, shirts, shoes, pants, even their dirty underwear. She looked the group over. Hairy, tattooed, unwashed, unshaved and sweaty, they looked to be a sorry sight. Two of them had hardons.

The deck of cards was in front of Carla. It was her turn to deal. "What are you going to bet?" she said to the players around the table.

"Shit, none of us aint got nothing left to bet with," said the guy with the unwashed head of hair.

Carla thought that this was as good a time as any. She shoved all of the clothes from in front of her onto the middle of the table. "I'll put up all of your clothes," she said.

"Yeah, big deal" said the shortest guy of the group, one with a semi hardon, "the way you playing, we got no chance anyway."

"And what do we have to put up?" the guy with the tattoos asked.

"How about your votes?" Carla replied. "Mr. Turner told me you hadn't as yet made up your mind about your vote."

This game was becoming more than just a little exciting. The big, tough looking guy, the guy with all the tattoos had a really big prick. It was only semi-hard right now, but Carla figured it would be not only big and long, but extremely thick as well. She wondered if it would taste as yummy as it looked. She could feel her clit getting hard.

The player at the end of the table, the one member of the delegation who hadn't said anything so far, spoke up. "All we got to win is our own clothes back. Meanwhile, you get our vote if you win."

"Ok, let's make it a little more interesting," Carla said.

"How?" the guy in the wife beater t shirt asked.

Carla stood up. She took off her shoes and added them to the pile at the center of the table. She took off her dress and put it on the pile. She took off her panties and stuck them atop the pile. "Let's bet everything. Anything."

"Our votes and you bet anything?" said the short guy.

Everyone in the room including Carla was now completely naked. "Anything and everything, you got it," Carla smiled sweetly. Carla looked over and saw that the short guy's semi-hardon was now a full fledged genuine boner. She looked around the room and saw that all of the guys had their pricks at attention, big hardons, their shafts away from their bodies, erect and proud. Carla felt her cunt juice beginning to flow. For a second, Carla wondered if she could handle all of them if she lost.

"Anything!" the short guy said. His hand was holding his prick.

Carla looked him in the eye. "Anything!" she said.

"Well, I'm ok with that," he said.

"The rest of you?" asked Carla. This was exciting. Her pussy juice was really running now.

Yes was the answer from all of the men around the tables.

"Deal," said the guy with the bad hair. "Don't know where I'd rather put this," he said, pointing the purple head of his prick at Carla, "in your mouth or in your cunt." He had a very big cock. It was hard. He gave it a few more pulls and smiled at Carla.

"Gimme a cigar," Carla said. She took a cigar from the pack on the table. With a wicked smile, she rolled its tip around her lips, wetting the end of the cigar with her tongue and sucking it slowly.

"You are one hot babe," one of the guys uttered. His thick prick was at attention.

"Let's cut to the chase," said Carla. She picked up the deck, shuffled the cards, and began to deal. "Stud poker for the studs," she said. Six guys. Six big cocks. Carla had once been with two guys at the same time, but that was a couple of years ago. This wasn't two guys. It was six. They all had their pricks hard and ready to go. Their balls hung down. What a girl would do for politics. "The bets are all in, how many cards?" Carla picked up her cards without looking at them.

"Gimme two cards," the guy with the dirty hair said. "Three." "Two." "Three for me," "I'll stand pat," "Two for me," came from the players around the table.

Carla looked at her cards. Three aces, a king and a seven. She pondered her alternatives. She had a sure winner if she held the cards in her hand, but she worried that the guys would think she had cheated. Also, in politics, she knew, it was better if people voted because they wanted to vote in a certain way rather than because they had to vote in a certain way. Carla looked at the expectant faces of the guys around the table. She looked down at their steel hard, firm boners. Her pussy juice was flowing freely. Her clit was swollen and pushing against its covering sheath. Her nipples were firm. Her mouth was watering. Getting involved in politics was a great thing, she thought to herself. What else was as exciting? She took a glance at the cards in her hand again. What the heck, she thought. She discarded the three aces and the king. "Four cards for me," she said. Carla bent over slightly to put pressure on her clit which was now tingling close to exploding into an orgasm.

"You quite the sport, ain't you," the guy with the tattoos said.

Carla dealt out the cards, two the guy with the dirty hair, and then the amount they requested to the others. She gave herself four cards.

"You suck my cock if you lose?" asked the guy with the tattoos.

"Do I get to fuck your sweet round ass?" said dirty hair.

"I want her cunt. It looks ready for my prick," said the short guy sitting opposite Carla at the table.

If anything, their dirty talk just got Carla more excited. She was amazed that politics could make her feel so horny. "Ok, it's time for you to show what you've got," said Carla, meaning their cards, but thinking about their cocks which were all now big, stiff, and hard as a board.

"Two tens," said tattoo man. From the others around the table came "Pair of kings," "Straight to the six," "Flush," "Jack high," and "three queens."

Carla looked at the four cards she had dealt herself. She had dealt herself three sevens to go with the one seven she had kept in her hand. Four sevens. Well, there was only one thing for her to do.

"Gee, I got nothing," she said and mucked her cards into the discard pile. "I guess I lose," she said and tried to look unhappy. But her cunt juice was gushing now, her clit rock hard, her nipples taught and tingling. She took one last deep drag of her fat cigar, swirled her tongue around the tip and mashed it out into the ashtray.

The big guy with the tattoos came over to Carla's side of the table. He stood her up. For a second it seemed as if he was going to fuck her right there on the poker table. But then he said, "let's go the bed room in the back. It'll give us more space to move around." He took Carla's hand and began to walk towards the back room. Carla opened her other hand and held onto the hand of the guy to her right. The other guys joined hands too in a daisy chain and the group, led by tattoo, began to duck walk towards the back room.

They moved past Manny Turner's room. His door was ajar and looking in Carla thought that she could see, no it couldn't be, but it sure looked like the governor's wife, Barb, and Manny on the bed. It looked to Carla as if Barb was giving Manny Turner a blow job. She was naked and bent over , her ass up in the air and her face down in Turner's crotch. But Carla was past the room before she could make sure that was Barb who she had seen. But it sure did look like her. However, there was no time to wonder about that. The daisy chain duck walkers had turned into the open door of the back bedroom.

Well girl, Carla said to herself, here you go. Across the room was a big bed. Around the room were a bunch of chairs and a small couch. Carla stood in the middle of the room. She wet her lips with the tip of her tongue. With her hand, she rubbed her chest just above her tender tits. With the fingers of her other hand she massaged her crotch just above her swollen clit. The members of the Sholeesa delegation moved closer. They surrounded her. One of them reached out and held her ass. Another grabbed her tit. One of the guys put his hand against her cunt and slipped a finger into the wet recess of her pussy. Carla let out an involuntary Ahhhh. All six of them had their pricks at attention. Two of the pricks were prodding against her side. She could feel a large cock behind her, pressing against the crack of her ass. She held both her hands up, high over her head, giving the guys full access to her body. Her every nerve was alive, on fire. She was on the verge of a magnificent orgasm. Politics was where it was at, she thought.

Well, this was what politics was all about, Carla thought. One big tradeoff. She was getting what she wanted, their votes on the platform issue. They were getting what they wanted, their cocks in various parts of her body. Tell the truth, she was getting an extra bonus too, their cocks where she wanted: in those same various parts of her body. The guys were pressing closer. Their hands were reaching, touching, feeling, poking, pawing, fingering every part of her body, every nook and crevice of her body. She was as

hot as she had ever been, completely on fire and ready for anything and everything. She was unable to stop a constant series of ahhhhs and ohhhhhs, mewling and growling issuing from her open mouth. Carla reached down and found two cocks, she didn't know whose, and, holding them tightly, began to slowly jerk them off, pulling gently on the pricks which were hard and solid.

She loved politics.

The cocks she was so gently pulling were completely hard. She thought they were almost ready to shoot their cum. "Anyone for a blow job?" she called out as she sank to her knees.

There, before her eyes were six pricks, all solid hard, All ready to fuck. She quickly put one of the cocks she had been holding, the one closest to her mouth, into her mouth and began to suck it deep to the back of her throat, rub her lips hard against its shaft, and swirl her tongue around the head. Her hand cupped the man's scrotum. Carla could feel the cock ready to explode its cum deep into her throat. She wondered if the owner of the cock would have enough left to fuck again if he came now. She figured that he probably would, so she sucked harder and pulled harder until he came, shooting a heavy load of cum down the back of her mouth and down into her throat. She swallowed and turned to the next closest cock. As she sucked the fresh cock in her mouth, Carla thrilled to listen to the comments coming from the men around her. "This bitch is one hot babe." "I can't wait to get my cock into that mouth." "I gotta tell you, this young lady has got my vote." "My prick has never been this hard before." "I think I can come ten times into this cunt's mouth." "I think it might be fun to see how many pricks she can take at one time." One by one, Carla took the cocks into her mouth, sucked until they came and then tasted and swallowed. Meanwhile, she continued to finger her own clit and cunt as her body shook wildly in her own orgasmic explosions.

When each of the guys had had his turn fucking Carla's mouth, she stood up. Cum covered her chin and lips. She wiped it up with her finger and then sucked her finger clean. She smiled brightly. The guys applauded.

Carla moved to the bed. She lay down and spread her legs. All those cocks had inflamed her need to be fucked. "OK," she said, "I think my cunt can stand a little bit of fucking now." All the cum she had swallowed had intensified her desire for cock, for her cunt to be filled, for her to be fucked. She bounced her ass up and down a few times. She stuck her cunt up in the air. "Who'll be first?" she asked.

The big guy with the tattoos knelt between her spread legs. His prick was hard again. He held it by its shaft and shook it, showing it to Carla. She nodded yes to him. She wanted that big purple knob to slide into her cunt, to begin fucking her. She lifted her groin a bit higher, offering her cunt to his cock. "Here you go, babe," the guy said. He put his dick against the spread lips of her labia and pushed it in.

"Ahhhhhh," Carla sighed as the man's big cock slid into her hungry cunt. "Ahhhhha," she uttered as the big cock finally filled her needy cunt. He began his movements in and out. Carla had thought he would plow into her with all his might, fuck her hard and explode his cum quickly. Instead, though, the big man with the tattoos slid his cock in and out slowly. He pushed deeply all the way to her cervix. He kept the pressure of his cock pressed upward to rub against her clit which was totally engorged and freed from its sheath. Carla couldn't believe the power of his slow fucking deep into the very bottom of her cunt. "Oh my, oh my, oh my," she kept on repeating as he kept on with the slow thrusting of his cock deep into the sopping wet depths of her throbbing cunt. "Yes, yes, yes," she kept on muttering as he continued his slow fucking.

"Hey c'mon hurry it up, big guy," one of the other men yelled at the stud fucking Carla. "Yeah, we want our turn too," one of the other guys added." Carla just hung on to the guy fucking her. She was so close to cumming. She wanted this orgasm. She wrapped

her legs around the guy fucking her. But before she could have her orgasm, the guy came, exploding his cum into her cunt. He pulled his prick out and, although Carla tried to hold him to her - she was sooo close -- one of the other guys pulled him off of her. She looked around wildly. She needed another cock in her. She spread her legs wide and opened her arms. "Come on, fuck me," she shouted. "Now."

The delegate with the dirty hair jumped onto the bed between her legs. "Fuck fucking your cunt," he said. "I want that lovely ass. I want that firm backside." He flipped Carla over. Her face was down on the bed. He pushed her so that her elbows held her body up. He pushed her legs forward so she was on her knees and her ass was pushed up in the air. He grabbed her high at the waist with both hands and stretched her ass hole open. Without a word, the guy shoved his hard prick into her ass as Carla tried to loosen her sphincter muscle. He was big, but his cock finally pushed through the entrance to her ass hole. "Boy, she is nice and tight," he announced to the others waiting their turn. He continued to ram his cock deep into the dark, dank tightness of her rear hole. Carla felt the cock penetrate deep into her ass. She looked around to see the other guys pulling on their pricks, crowding closer to the bed. They watched as the man pulled his cock out and pushed it deep into her nether hole. Back and forth he went until, finally, she felt him shoot his wad into the dank heat at the core of her anus. She trembled as he pulled his spent cock from her ass. "Lady, you are the best," he said. The other members of the delegation started pushing forward, eager to get their turns at Carla. She could feel the cum seeping out of her ass. She needed her cunt to be fucked. She turned over, offering her pussy to the crowd around the bed.

"Come, fuck me," she said.

"Me next," she heard one of the men say as he moved onto the bed.

"Hey, I been waitin' too long," another said as he moved onto the bed too.

"What about me?" yelled the short guy with the thick prick.

A fourth guy didn't say anything. He just jumped onto the bed and, pushing the other three aside and inserted his prick into Carla's waiting cunt. "Yes, oh yes," she said.

"Oh fuck me. Fuck me hard." She was nearly there, nearly ready to explode another orgasm from her cunt through her body, but it wasn't to be. The men on the bed around her began to push each other in a frenzy to get their cocks into Carla. One of the guys pulled the guy fucking Carla off of her. "No," she called out from where she lay on the bed, her legs spread wide. Her cunt was desperate for a prick. "Please. Fuck me." But the men kept on pushing and shoving each other until one of them turned her over again, again on her elbows and knees and her ass up in the air. The man slid under her and stuck his penis into her needy cunt again. "Finally," Carla uttered. Then one of the other guys got behind her and put his prick into her ass. The third man knelt in front of her face and placed his cock into her open mouth. "Yes, yes, and yes," she mumbled past the prick which filled her mouth, "Oh, yes, oh yes."

The fourth guy on the bed wanted part of her too. He searched around for where he would put his cock and finally shoved it into her mouth, sharing her tongue and mouth with his partner. Two cocks in her mouth, Carla exulted. All four cocks now in her began to fuck madly. They pounded her cunt, her ass, her mouth. Carla began a long and slow build up to an orgasm. "Ahhhhhahaha," she growled." Oooouuua," she mewled." Ohhahahooo" she breathed past the two cocks as they thrusted deep into the back of her throat and together spewed their full load of jism into her.

Finally, Carla came. It began in her clit as the guy under her sent his sperm flooding against her cervix. It spread to her cunt and then, as she felt the guy fucking her ass send his sperm into the deep heat of her dark inner passage, she came in her ass. Her orgasm spread from her toes to the top of her head, to her ears in wave after wave of climax. The guys pulled out and Carla just lay there, her body shaking and shuddering, trembling in a splendiferous rapture of pure orgasm she thought would never subside.

Carla lay there. Her arms and her legs outspread. Her mouth open. Her breathing deep and heavy. She had had many a great orgasm in her life, and this one sure ranked with the best of them. Right near the top. Carla looked around her. The guys lay exhausted. She felt their jism leaking from her ass, her cunt, her mouth. She had no idea if she could do anymore fucking now.

But then she spotted the two men who had not participated in the last multi fucking.

Each was holding a solid prick in his hands, big, fleshy tasty cocks, They looked ready to go.

What the hell, thought Carla. She beckoned to them with a nod of her head.

They approached, each, pulling hard on the purple shaft of his cock. Carla smiled. They climbed onto the bed with Carla. She wet her lips as she looked close- up at the veined, thick purple shafts and the globular heads of their tools. Carla slipped the prick of one into her hungry mouth and began to suck and tongue it. Meanwhile, the second guy got behind her and slid his big piece into her cunt. It didn't take but a few seconds for them to fall in a quick rhythm and shot their loads of cum.

She sighed. She stuck out her tongue to lap up as much of the cum into her mouth as she could. Carla, the men, the whole room smelled of sex, of cum and of sweat. She guessed the fucking was over, at least for the time being. She was pretty tired and the guys seemed completely petered out.

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