tagBDSMA Public Restroom

A Public Restroom


We're waiting for the commuter train. There's some time to kill. You look my way and nod with your head for me to follow. You lead me to the ladies bathroom. Giggling, I follow. The restroom is empty and you walk into the handicapped stall grabbing my hand and pulling me in behind you.

You push the door shut and I look around me. I grab hold of the metal hand railing and bend over, pushing my ass out towards you. You flip up my skirt and see I'm not wearing any panties. You stand behind me, rubbing my ass with your hand, dipping your fingers into my cunt and you feel how wet I am.

Then you use your other hand and grasp my hair, jerking my head back, whispering in my ear how slutty I am, allowing you to take me into the bathroom like this.

Then you turn me around and have me still hold onto the rail and tell me to get onto my knees. As I'm struggling to, but managing to comply, you pull your pants down and your hard dick is in your hand. You step very close, and I sit up straighter and gasp, realizing what you want.

You move quickly, grasp my hair again, and force your dick in my mouth. You start fucking my mouth, and before I know it, you're gagging me. I let go of the railing to stop you from pushing in too deep. You pull your dick free from my drooling mouth and clock me with your fist, knocking my head into the wall.

Then you spit on me, calling me a whore. Grabbing my hands, you force them back onto the rail, stretched out to either side of me, and slide your cock back into my mouth. As I'm crying, you start fucking my mouth again.

And then you lean forward, your cock going back into my throat, gagging me again. As I try to take my hands down again, you put your hands on top of mine, holding them there, and continuing to fuck my face, gagging me over and over again. Snot is running down my face, over your cock, and I can taste it mixed with my tears.

And then oh shit! The door opens! You whisper, shhhh, and keep fucking my throat. I'm trying to not make any noise, but that's impossible, I can barely breathe half the time you're in my throat. The woman asks, are you ok? All I can answer is, mm hmmm.

You're grinning ear to ear as I peer up at you through tear-filled eyes. It sounds like I'm puking, and she keeps asking if I'm ok. And still, all I can answer is, mmm hmmm, over and over.

She says, well, ok and then leaves. You let out a loud groan, pull your dick out of my mouth, and cum all over my face and hair. You stand over me, smiling, wiping your cock across my cheeks, over the bridge of my nose. I wonder what you're doing, and you say, love those freckles.

You turn towards the toilet, I guess you have to piss, and I walk to the door because I'm going to attempt to clean your cum from my face. Not to mention I really want to see what I look like, covered with the excitement I helped cause. As I reach to unlock the stall door, I yell, you didn't fucking lock the door! Anyone could have come in!

You motion for me to come to you, which I do, and you raise your fingers to my lips and say, lick them, slut. Without hesitating I do, and immediately taste your piss on them. You start laughing and say, that's your first taste, hope you get used to it because you'll be enjoying that a lot more often. I cringe and stare at you for a minute before turning to head to the sinks.

You reach out and grab my arm, pulling me sharply toward you as you move to face me. Your cock is still out, and it's definitely hard. You say, one more thing to do and you push down on my shoulders. I turn my head to the side, wondering what it could be, and you say, on your knees, cunt and pull your hand back like you're going to strike me again.

I quickly get down on my knees, and you hold your cock to my lips. Lick me clean, bitch, and then you clean yourself up. I start licking you, the head, where a drop of piss remains, and as I open my mouth to lick the sides of your cock, you pull my head towards you and in one swift move, your cock is at the back of my throat again.

You say, swallow it, cunt. And you finish pissing down my throat.

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