tagLoving WivesA Quickie Caused Trouble

A Quickie Caused Trouble


A quickie caused trouble. Don’t get mad, get even and enjoy.

Julie leaned into me and asked, “Bob, would you like for me to freshen your drink?”

I smiled back at her, “Yes, please do. Make another one for yourself.”

My wife, Barb, and I were attending a back yard party and cookout at Julie’s home. Several other guests were milling around while we continued to have drinks and conversation after we had eaten.

When Julie returned with my drink, she leaned down as if offering a kiss. Since she was wearing a very sexy and skimpy sun dress with a loose top, I had a good view of her ample breasts. After our lips lightly touched, I looked around to see if anyone was looking. I saw her husband, Jim, talking to another girl and no one was watching us.

I said, “I’ve had my eyes on you the whole evening. I think you look so sexy and pretty in your sun dress.”

She quickly and softy responded, “That’s nice to know. Does it turn you on?”

“It sure does. You have me very frustrated.”

“Don’t be that way.”

She looked me directly in the eyes and smiled as she continued, “I thought I would let you know. I have to go inside to the ladies room.”

It rather surprised me when she said that. I wasn’t sure what she meant, but it sounded as if she wanted me to follow her.

Shortly after she left, I set my drink down and entered the door to the kitchen. I didn’t see her. I walked down the hall by the bathroom and noticed the door was open.

Just then I heard a soft voice say, “Bob, I’m in here.”

I looked around to see her standing in a bedroom door that was slightly open. She shut the door when I went in with her. I instantly took her in my arms for us to share a very long sexy kiss.

When we broke the kiss, she said, “Let’s don’t waste time, we have to get back to the party before we are missed.”

We fell on the bed in each other’s arms. She pulled the hem of her dress up while I slipped my pants and shorts down. By that time, she had her panties off. I rolled on top of her and aimed my very stiff cock. She was so wet my cock easily slid all the way in and she started pushing up to me. I was so hot I knew I couldn’t last long. I covered her mouth with mine while our tongues danced. Her pussy was so hot and clung to my cock as I started long back and forth strokes. Her body began to stiffen and jerk as she approached an orgasm. My cock started spewing cum in her hot pussy. We had to break the sexy kiss because we were gasping for breath. I had tried to be quiet so no one could hear us from the hall, but after we began to relax, I realized we had been noisy. She had groaned and nearly screamed one time.

She quickly said, “I’ll go in the bathroom to clean up, while you make an appearance in the back yard.”

She was behind me as I slightly opened the bedroom door. I saw my wife’s sister, Mary, standing in the hallway.

Mary saw me and said, “Bob, what are you doing in that room? I heard sounds coming from there.”

That put me on the spot and I didn’t know what to say. Just then Julie’s face appeared beside me at the door.

Mary exclaimed, “I can’t believe it. You two!”

I quickly and pleadingly said, “Please don’t say anything. Please!”

Mary didn’t say anymore and walked away.

Julie was frightened, “Now we have a problem. What can we do?”

I sadly responded, “Not much we can do. Mary is a good girl, hopefully she won’t say anything.”

Julie went in the bathroom while I walked on out to the back yard. Mary looked at me and just shook her head as if she couldn’t believe what she heard and saw.

I walked over to her to say, “Please, keep quite. Someday I can do a favor for you.”

Mary responded, “I’ll think about it.”

The next day was Sunday. That afternoon the phone rang and Barb answered it. I could only hear one side of the conversation, but I deducted that it was Mary. Then I watched as my wife’s face began to look very serious and she stared at me. I knew then Mary was telling her the whole story. I was in deep trouble.

After Barb hung up the phone, she sat down on the couch. She said, “How could you do that? Don’t you love me anymore?”

“I’m so very sorry. I let my cock do the thinking instead of my head. I promise I’ll never do it again if you will forgive me. Please, I’m pleading with you.”

She calmly said, “I don’t want a divorce. I’m just going to get even with you.”

I was somewhat relieve to hear that, but was wonder what she meant by getting even with me.

She continued to say, “I think our good friend Jim is a handsome guy. I wonder if he knows his wife and you were in the bedroom last night. I’m going to ask if he would like to fuck me. I’ll give him some of the best sex he ever had.”

I was flabbergasted. She was going to fuck another guy! Maybe she would agree to some other way to get even with me.

I asked, “That’s a very drastic way to get even. Can’t you think of something else?”

“No! You fucked Julie last night, now I’m going to fuck Jim. It’s as simple as that. I’m going to give him sex anyway he wants it. I can give him a blow job, he can fuck my pussy and my ass, he can shoot cum all over my body, he can have any position he wants. I’m going to get even with you, but no divorce, unless you want one. Now what do you think about that?”

The only thing I could sadly say was, “I do love you and don’t want a divorce.”

Barb got on the phone to talk to Jim. Then I heard her say, “Jim, you can come on over right now.”

Barb then sat on the couch and started talking, “Jim told me he always thought I was sexy and he sometimes masturbates while thinking about me. That was an enlightening conversation we just had on the phone. Now I can fulfill his fantasy. He said he didn’t want you to watch us together because he would be uneasy. It would be alright with him if you stayed in the house or you could leave. However, I want you to know what is going on and make you sorry that you fucked Julie. We have the wireless intercom system in the house, so I’m going to turn it on automatic in our master bedroom so you can hear every word and sound as he ravages my body. He will never know about it. I want him to be completely at ease and enjoy himself. Now are you sorry you fucked Julie?

I didn’t responded to her question.

Barb disappeared into the bedroom and soon came back dressed in her new sexy nighty. It was very short and hardly covered her butt. She was wearing high heels and I stared at her very long, straight and sexy legs from the tip of her painted toe nails up until they disappeared at the hem of her short nighty. Her bush could easily be seen through the thin material. She was really “stacked.” Her nipples were barely covered, but could easily be seen.

I instantly got an erection by watching her walk across the room. I said, “Wow! You’re going to give him a good show to start.”

“Why not. I want him to see what he is going to get. Do you think this will turn him on?”

Again, I didn’t respond but wished this was not happening. I did enjoy fucking Julie last night, but was the quickie worth it? Right now, I wish I could take my wife in the bedroom and plunge my very hard cock in her. But, I can’t do that because another guy is going to plunge his cock in her.

The door bell rang and Barb said, “Go answer the door. I want only Jim to see me, not the whole neighborhood when the door is opened.”

As I opened the door, Jim stuck out his hand to greet me. Since Jim and Julie had been our friends for a long time, I couldn’t be mad at him.”

I said, “Come on in Jim.”

When Jim saw Barb standing practically naked in the middle of the room, he whistled and said, “Wow, I didn’t expect such a reception. Barb, you look wonderful. Jim, I hope this isn’t going to affect our friendship?”

I didn’t responded directly to his question, but firmly asked, “What does Julie think about you coming over here today?”

“She is calmly accepting it and doesn’t seem to be upset with me. I told her it was only fair for me to come over here since you and Julie sneaked off together last night. She confessed and told me all about it.”

I could only say, “I guess you are right. I’m just being a spoiler for the two of you this afternoon.”

After I said that, I shook Jim’s hand again and said, “Alright, she is dressed just for you. Enjoy! I’ll hang around in the house or go outside for awhile. It’s all my fault about last night.”

I lied when I said I might go outside. When Jim and my wife went in the master bedroom and shut the door, I immediately sat down by the wireless intercom receiver.

The first thing I heard was Jim’s voice, “You sure look sexy, and you feel so soft and sexy now that I’ve got you.”

I couldn’t hear anything for a short time. I assume they were kissing, but didn’t know if they were standing up or on the bed.

I then heard my wife say, “Let me take off the bedspread so that it won’t get messed up.”

After a long pause, I heard my wife say, “O..o..o..h...h..!, that feels good, now the other one.” There was no doubt in my mind that Jim had probably removed her nighty and was kissing her breasts. She always liked for me to do that during foreplay and usually makes the same noises I now hear.

She said, “Let me help you out of your clothes.” There was some laughter and giggling going on for about a minute. By now I assume he was undressed and she could be holding his cock.

“You have a very hard one, and big too”, she said rather loud. I’m sure she said that to make me jealous.

Jim responded, “I hope you like it. I was wondering if I would be too nervous when we were together like this. Julie told me that Bob was a real stud last night.”

My cock was about to burst out of my pants just listening to them. I thought about taking it out and masturbating, but decided to wait until Jim left and then I could fuck my wife, that is if I can wait that long.

There was another long pause in their conversation. Then I heard Jim say, “Oh, you do that so good. Julie can’t deep throat me that much. That is a fantastic feeling.”

I knew now that his cock was in my wife’s lovely mouth and throat. She is very good at deep throating and can take my cock all the way to my balls. She has a knack of allowing my cock going all the way in her mouth and throat. Now she was giving Jim the thrills instead of me. Was I feeling jealous? Maybe, but I realized it was a turn on for me since my cock was rock hard. .

I heard Jim say, “That is so....oo...ooo good!” A few seconds later he urgently shouted, “I’m going to cum. Keep it up, please keep it up. O...o...o...oo..ooo.”

Jim started grunting and became very vocal. I knew his first load was filling her mouth. His vocalizing was now diminishing to a low moan. I could just about visualize my wife holding his cock and balls and jacking him while her mouth was still engulfing the head as she swallowed.

I heard Jim say in a soft voice, “Barb, that is so good. You are wonderful.”

It was quiet for a short time, then I heard my wife’s voice, “Glad you liked it. Bob always likes it that was and I assumed you would too.”

“Barb, I could stay here with you for a long time if you keep doing that.”

She responded, “Well, I assume you can go more than one time today. We’re getting even for what Bob and Julie did last night.”

“Oh yes, as sexy as you are, right now I feel like I could go several times.”

When I heard that, I wondered how long he was going to be in there with her. She had vowed to fuck him anyway he wanted for as long as he wanted. My rigid cock was going to need relief soon. I heard her say, “Lie here for a little bit and I’ll be right back to help you get it hard again.”

I was wondering what she was going to do. Then the bedroom door opened and she walked down the hall to stand in the living room in front of me.

She was completely naked with her nipples perked up and looking straight ahead. Her hair was messed up and lipstick smeared a little. There was some moisture on her cheek which looked like his cum.

She said, “Did you hear any of that?”

“Yes, I heard most of it, I think. You better wipe your cheek.”

She took a tissue and wiped her mouth, chin, and her cheeks. “Guess I didn’t get cleaned up very good. He kept bucking so much when he cum that I had a hard time keeping it in my mouth and I knew some of it got on my face. I was holding his jerking cock with both hands, too. He really liked it. Now, don’t you feel bad that you had that quickie with his wife last night and you had to listen while I gave him a blow job.”

I didn’t answer, but said, “How much longer are you going to be in there? My cock is about to burst.”

“I don’t know, I assume he will want it at least once more, maybe twice more. I’ll do my best to help him. You will just have to wait your turn. I hope Jim and I are talking loud enough for you to hear us. Sorry I couldn’t talk while I was giving him the blow job. You can understand that.”

She turned around and I watched her shapely nude butt and body walk away from me to go in the bedroom to fuck Jim again.

Once she was in the bedroom and closed the door, I heard on the intercom, “I’m back for us to have some more fun.”

“That’s good news, I was hoping you wouldn’t stay away too long. I’ve been lying here thinking about the wonderful blow job you just gave me and I’m about to get hard again.”

“Here, let me help you a little. I want to lick you clean from the last time.”

The only thing I heard was Jim moan a little. I assume she was sucking it up.

Jim said, “While you are doing that, roll up here on top of me and let me lick your pussy.”

Evidently they were moving into a six nine position while she continued to get him hard. I’m sure it would help Jim if he was looking directly at my wife’s pussy and ass. It always helped me.

I heard Jim say, “Does Bob fuck you in the ass? It looks so inviting from what I see.”

“Sometimes, but I don’t care much for it. You can if you would like to do it that way. Your cock is longer than Bob’s cock, but I think I can take it.”

I couldn’t hear much of anything for a little bit, except for some sucking sounds now and then.

I heard my wife say, “You’re hard now. What would you like to do?”

“I want to put it in you in several different positions before I cum and I want you to have an orgasm.”

“That would be nice, I haven’t had one with you as yet.”

Then I heard my wife continue, “Now how do you like this position?”

“This is good, I can get it all the way in you with your legs pulled up and back.”

I could only assume they were in the missionary position. I could hear what sounded like he was pounding his cock back and forth in her pussy. Each time he pushed forward and hit bottom, I heard a small grunt from one of them.

I recognized my wife’s sounds as she started vocalizing. She was saying, “Faster, harder, faster, harder.”

There were noises that sounded like the mattress was banging something. My wife became very vocal as she was having an orgasm.

Then it was quiet for a little bit until I heard my wife say, “That was very good. Jim, you are a very good lover.”

Jim then said, “When you are ready, why don’t I lie on my back and you ride me.”

“OK, just give me another minute to get my breath and strength back.”

In a little bit I heard Jim say, “This is a comfortable position, but you do most of the work.”

“That’s no problem, I like it this way because I can go fast or slow.”

“Good, lean forward and let your breasts swing back and forth over my face. I want to kiss them.”

My wife said, “You think of all the nice thinks to do. Does Julie swing her breasts over your face so you can nibble?”

“Yes, she does.”

“I like it too, but don’t bite them too hard.”

I assume they kept fucking this way for awhile because I didn’t hear any more. Then I heard my wife starting to vocalize again. She said, “Oo ooo oo. I think I going to do it again.”

I recognized her usual vocalizing when she has an orgasm with me, but I didn’t hear much from him. I heard her beginning to whimper as if she was coming down from her high. She said, “You didn’t cum, are you going to again?”

“Yes, but I want to do it doggie style.”

“Alright, I’ll get up on my knees and give you plenty of room behind me on the bed.”

I could hear the bed creaking some as they shifted around. Jim said, “Now I like this. I can get it all the way in and I can look down to see your ass. Also, I like to watch my cock come back out with all your juices shining on it and shove it back in. It’s a real turn on for me.”

“As long as you like it that way, do it.”

Fully five minutes went by without hearing a voice except for some mild groaning and grunting from Jim. Evidently, he was really enjoying watching his cock going back and forth in my wife’s juicy pussy. I’m sure he could see his cock coated with their combined juices as he pull back each time before ramming in again.

Finally Jim broke the silence, “You are so juicy that I think I can get it in your ass.”

She said, “Take the KY jelly out of the night stand and put some on me.”

A minute or so later, Jim said, “There, I have you well lubricated.”

I heard Barb quickly say, “Back up a little before you go any further.”

By that I knew he was rushing her a little. I always had to take it very slow and take more time to work it in.

Jim softly commented, “I’ve got it all in. How does that feel.”

“I’m OK with it. Go ahead and cum this way if that is what you want to do.”

It wasn’t very long before I heard some loud grunts and groans as Jim evidently was dumping his cum in my wife’s bowels.

Now that he had cum twice, I assumed he would get dressed and go home. I was a little disappointed when they both came out of the bedroom to see that he was wearing just his shorts and my wife had put on her pretty see through nighty. They came in the living and sat down side by side on the couch.

Jim said, “Sorry it has taken so long for you to just wait out here. Your wife is fantastic in bed. You are a lucky guy.”

Barb looked at me to say, “I thought I had him satisfied, but he wants to stay a little longer. I hope you don’t mind too much.” She glared at me, “Remember, you and Julie started this last night.”

What else could I say or do but nod my head yes.

I acknowledged, “Yes, I know Julie and I started it last night, but you two have been together much longer and in a more relaxed environment. All Julie and I had was a very short quickie.”

Jim said, “That’s true. Maybe we are being unreasonable. Julie is at home by herself, maybe you could go over there. Barb, what do you think about letting your Bob and my wife have some fun, too?”

My wife looked at me and said, “I know he has a very hard erection right now. It alright with me if he wants to go over to Julie’s house and have it taken care of.”

Jim responded, “Go ahead and call her.”

I reacted very positive to that and said, “Yes, I will.”

I called Julie and explained the situation. She invited me over. I grabbed the car keys and as I was preparing to go out the door, my wife and Jim were still sitting side by side on the couch. She had placed her hand over on his crotch to feel his limp cock through his shorts. I was wondering if she would be able to get it hard again. I left.

July was fully dressed when I arrived. I walked over to her, took her in my arms and gave her a very long sexy kiss.

I said, “Last night was very good, but today we are going to take our time and enjoy it to the fullest.”

We started undressing as we continued to hug and kiss. When I unsnapped her bra in the back and freed her breasts, I leaned down to suck on each nipple.

She urgently said, “Let’s go in the bedroom where we will be much more comfortable.”

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