tagLoving WivesA Quiet Holiday Away

A Quiet Holiday Away


With their family scattered around the World, Joy and her husband finally had the chance to get away from the awful weather and have a quiet holiday in the sun for a change. Then life fired one of those awful situations at them.


Joy was pissed that her husband had succumbed to the demands of work declaring they could not get way. She was livid and went without him.

They had already been in the Canaries previously and had discovered a nice quiet eating place which had a cocktail lounge with views out to sea, ideal for after dinner and very relaxing. Joy was used to business travel and a holiday on her own would let her relax and maybe get a chance to have some fun.

One evening, she had "retired" to the lounge and was slowly getting a little "tipsy". The evening was warm, and she was dressed in a simple, light dress which came about two inches above her knees and with her three-inch heels, showing off her tanned, long legs to perfection. Joy has managed to keep her trim figure and with her blonde hair and long legs she can still "turn heads." She never went out slovenly dressed and revelled in the attention she got from men.

Over in one dark corner of the lounge a group of about six or seven people were having a good time with lots of cocktails flowing and the noise increasing. The staff thought that Joy was starting to get a little agitated and went over to the group to ask them to be considerate toward the other guests. As she was the only other guest in, by then after midnight, one of the men shortly came over bringing a large cocktail.

"So sorry for the noise, he said, "We would like you to accept this as an apology, normally we are the only ones in here at this time."

Joy smiled and answered, "No worries, you were making me giggle with some of your remarks" she purred to him.

He paused and took Joy in with a long, appreciative look. "I'm Darren and pleased to have entertained you, I hope it wasn't too crude, err..."

"Joy" she answered, "and no, not too crude".

Smiling, Darren turned and with another appreciative glance over his shoulder, re-joined the group.

"Nice tight ass, I could take some of that" she giggled into her cocktail and realised she was getting a little drunk and "horny". No sex for over two weeks was a little unusual and she began thinking about things she maybe shouldn't. Anyway, her husband was probably sticking his cock up some "friend" or other!

Joy and her husband had had several "liaisons" both together and separately, over the years, mainly due to working away for long periods and were comfortable with it as long as they "shared" the experience afterwards. Normally made for exciting fucking afterwards!

About fifteen minutes later Darren came over again and said, "Two cocktails extra on our table, please join us".

Joy held out a hand to Darren to invite him to help her up. Tottering a little, she giggled and said, "Love to enjoy cocktails with you, but why two?" looking him straight in the eye.

"Ah, just trying to get you drunk?" he said playfully.

"You bad boy, but it might be fun" she replied as he guided her across to the table. His free hand resting lightly on her behind.

When they arrived, Darren eased her into a tight, vacant place on a long couch next to himself and introduced the two other girls and the three men. They were two couples with Darren and the other man, David, apparently unattached. Joy thought for a moment that David and Darren might be a couple as it is often said that all the attractive men are gay!! All of them were well down the road with the cocktails and the conversation was clearly on a sexual track.

The girls were in their thirties, attractive and the centre of attention for the men. Joy was welcomed in and in no time the recipient of attention too. She noticed that the girls were quite freely letting the men touch them and run their hands over their bodies as they all giggled over some joke or comment and more than once, male hands were exploring up high hemlines and between open legs.

Joy soon realised that the cocktails were making her lower her inhibitions as she felt a hand working its way up between her thighs. She glanced to her right and saw Darren very close and she knew it was his hand. "What the hell" she thought, her pussy could do with a little attention.

She giggled again and opened her legs wider. Darren wasn't slow and his busy fingers finding her knickers were damp, eased the elastic to one side and slid a finger easily into her sodden pussy. Joy sighed and surrendered to his hand.

Darren worked on Joy's clit and even managed to slip one wet finger lower to tease the entrance to her ass. She lifted her body and eased herself forward to try to help him work his finger up inside her rear. She had been fucked in both places before and it really turned her on.

A slightly raised voice made her open her eyes as the fingers were bringing her close to a climax.

"Darren, Darren, come on, we can't fuck her here, the others are already on their way to the house and I want some of her ass too! It was David pulling at Darren and waving at the bar as he knew they had to go.

Joy felt Darren slip his hand from her sodden pussy and staggered as she tried to stand.

"Come on Joy, let's go to my place and get you fucked." It was David who held her upright, hand rubbing her pussy through her dress as Darren sorted the bill. David eased her toward the doors making the most of touching her up as they went outside. Darren soon came to join them, and she let them guide her toward some houses not far away.

She was by now totally aware that she was going to get fucked, probably by both Darren and David, and couldn't wait to get to the house. In no time at all they had arrived at a large gate which was already open. Going in they entered a large courtyard with a pool in the centre. Hands continued to grope her and on the nearest sun lounger she could see two of the others. The girl was on her back with her dress up round her neck and a trim ass bobbing up and down between her legs as one of the other men fucked her.

She giggled at the sight and said to David rather concerned, "Won't the other residents complain?"

David looked at her and replied, "Other residents? This is my house!"

"Oh, nice" said Joy "Can I be fucked by the pool too?"

Darren didn't wait for one second. He pulled Joy over to a sun lounger and laid her on it, legs either side and her dress a crumpled mess round her waist. Joy smiled as he stepped out of his trousers and pants and a good-looking cock sprang out toward her. She felt herself pulled to the edge of the lounger and Darren was in her sodden pussy in moments.

He gave her no time to enjoy a slow fuck as he pounded into her with all the pent-up lust that had been created in the lounge. She felt herself being rammed into the sun lounger and clung to her new lover as she was being used to satisfy Darren's lust. After only a few minutes, Darren went rigid and with a grunt thrust hard and deep into Joy's cunt. With several slow deep thrusts, he pumped his cum deep into her body and she thrust back at him, sucking out all the cum she could with her pussy, then he fell, sweating, onto her.

She relaxed on the lounger in a haze of satisfaction as Darren still lay on her, his limp cock still just inside her pussy as his cum leaked out of her and onto the cover. Looking around, she was aware that the others had all disappeared then she noticed a naked man walking toward them both. Her senses were focused on the man's groin. Protruding from it was a large, hard cock the like of she had never seen before. It must have been over eight inches long and very fat.

David reached down and eased her from under Darren, lifted her easily into his arms, and carried her into the house. As he carried her, she reached down and grasped his cock. Her small hand could not go all the way around it and she giggled at the realisation she would soon be impaled on this wonderful thing.

Gently, David lowered her onto a bed and removed her crumpled dress from her body. Her bra followed quickly and then her soaking, shredded knickers. He eased the knickers down her long legs slowly. His hands and lips gently caressing her body as he stripped her and teasing her into a state of heightened longing.

She opened her legs as wide as she could to entice her new lover into her cunt. She wanted that cock in her so much, but David would have none of it.

He teased at her pussy, running his fingers through the short neatly trimmed blonde hairs and brushing her swollen clit. Reaching up he kneading her breasts and erect nipples before caressing her neck with little nibbles and bites bringing her to a heightened sense of wanting she had rarely experienced before.

Her breathing was now getting ragged and she was being tormented by the heat emanating from David's body, especially that huge cock which just kept nudging the entrance to her pussy, but never plunging in.

David kept her in a heightened state of lust until just as she was about to cum from sheer anticipation, he plunged his full length into her. Joy screamed as with that one deep thrust she came. Slowly, inexorably, David began fucking her.

He fucked her as she came and came again, thrusting himself as deep into her willing body as possible time after time. She lost track of how long she was fucked by David. All that mattered was the intense orgasms she was experiencing as this wonderful event overtook her.

Finally, as if in a trance she realised that David had stopped and was filling her ravaged pussy with his cum. It was leaking out from around his cock and mixing with her juices to cover the sheet below her. Gently he moved her away rom the sodden patch and covered her sweating body with a light sheet. Kissing her forehead, he was gone.

A little time later she began to stir and remembering her fucking, reached down between her legs and felt her swollen pussy. Cum was still leaking out, David's now mixed with Darren's. She giggled.

Her attention was grabbed by sounds in another part of the room. Sally, one of the girls was now sandwiched between two men not far from her bed. She watched as one of the men whose name she didn't remember got behind Sally and slowly pushed his hard cock up her ass. Sally was on top of someone and was clearly being fucked in the pussy as well as now in the ass.

Joy had experienced this pleasure on more than one occasion herself and as she watched she started to become aroused again.

A warm hand on her shoulder caught her attention and turning she saw Darren and David, naked with erect cocks behind her. "Ever done that?" queried Darren.

"Yes" she replied, running her tongue around her lips.

"Good" said David, "Tell us about it before we do you again".

"Which time?" she giggled back at them.

"A time without your husband" he grinned.

"I was fucked by five work colleagues when we were away, I thought I could control them, but I couldn't, and they used me for three days" she replied quietly, biting her lower lip with the pleasurable memories.

She smiled as she remembered those crazy trips. "And that was not the only time".

"Did they make you air tight?" asked David.

"Yes, ass, pussy and mouth all at the same time. Even got two cocks in my pussy but couldn't do it properly".

"Does your husband know?"

"Yes, he has a copy of the video they shot. Loves it." She looked at David with hooded eyes and began to play with her erect nipples, needing to be fucked again.

By now David's cock was throbbing with the need to cum in her and he lay on the bed. She dutifully climbed up on him with her legs either side of his torso as she slowly lowered her cum filled pussy down onto his shaft. She moaned as her groin met his and he put his arms around her, pulling her forward onto his chest and felt her hard nipples dig into his skin.

Darren, cock leading, climbed onto the bed behind Joy and reaching forward between her legs with his hand, scooped up some of their cum and rubbed it on her ass hole. Joy inhaled slightly as he touched her, anticipating him entering her. As she felt his cock probing into her ass, Joy's lips found David's and thrusting her tongue forward began to kiss him passionately. Darren sank his full length into her ass and Joy became lost in a sexual haze as they expertly double fucked her willing body.

It must have been close to dawn when Joy opened her eyes in the warm room as the other two men entered. David was holding her but there was no sign of Darren. "Think we can have some of this blonde pussy" the taller one asked. She couldn't remember their names. "Sure" replied David, "I am going to fuck Sally and Elle now. They are fun together"

The men laughed and with hard cocks leading, moved in on her and she willingly let them continue her night of fucking. Both were confident lovers and she enjoyed the pleasure they gave her with their firm bodies and even firmer cocks taking her to several orgasms through the morning, but none as good as those David gave her. Finally, spent, they kissed her and thanked her for being such wonderful entertainment. With Sally and Elle in tow, they dressed and left the house.

As she left, Sally turned to Joy and said, "David really wants to fuck you every day!"

Joy thought "Yes, really, I bet, I will be just another score" but she secretly wanted to be fucked again by him and lay back to get some rest on the bed where she had been so beautifully used by the four men.

When she awoke she had a pleasurable ache in her pussy and sore nipples, not to mention her hair and body covered in dried cum. He pussy was still leaking the cum from four men and she needed to pee badly.

Discovering a loo in the room she relived herself of both pee and more cum and seeing a shower climbed gladly in it. Hot, stinging needles of water slowly began to cleanse and revive her aching body and she couldn't stop herself from fingering her clit at the memories of the night and early morning.

Getting out of the shower she was towelling herself dry when David entered the room. She paused, waiting for him to take her again and found she was slightly disappointed when she realised he was wearing shorts and was followed by a local girl carrying a tray of tea and croissants. "Hello Joy" he said. "I do hope you don't regret last night. You were rather wonderful." "Hmm, I don't think I have ever been so well fucked before, how could a girl complain", she replied.

"Not even by the five men?"

"No, they couldn't make me cum like you did."


"Different, we have love when we fuck. Very special."

"And me?"

You fuck me in a different way. With you it is pure lust, my orgasms were wonderful. Your good, very good."

As the servant laid down the tray and slowly left the room, she had a knowing grin on her face. "Do you fuck her?"

"Yes, when she asks me to." David poured tea and laid it down on a table. "Want to fuck me again? He said slowly, quietly.

She hesitated for a second and in a quiet voice replied "Yes"

Looking into her eyes he said, "Good, I have had your luggage brought round to the house and invite you to be my guest here for as long as you wish."

"What about my husband? He may be here soon."

"We can resolve that when we know he is coming. He will be welcome too."

"One thing" she asked, "I will willing let you fuck me anytime but the others?"

"Only when you want them to fuck you" he smiled.

The lure of David's cock was too strong for Joy, all she wanted was to become his fuck toy and she accepted his offer willingly. Putting the tea down, she moved over to David, pulled his shorts down and taking his wonderful cock in her mouth, she began to tease him into an erection, longing to fuck with him again. David responded.

By lunchtime they were resting on the bed when Sally burst into the room. Both David and Joy were naked, and Sally stopped and looked at them both. "See Joy, I told you he couldn't get enough of your pussy!" she exclaimed. "My, it is rather nice though. I can see why he likes it!" she went on to say.

Joy felt rather exposed as Sally walked toward them and she let her hand fall discreetly over her light blonde bush. Sally giggled and sat on the edge of the bed placing a small hand on Joy's inner thigh. "Hmmm, wonder what it would look like shaved" she mused.

She was rather taken aback by Sally's approach and started to squirm but was held gently in David's strong arms. Sally, encouraged by Joy not closing her legs or pulling away, began to explore higher up Joy's inner thighs until she brushed lightly against her blonde hairs.

David had started to fondle her erect nipples and as Sally became bolder, nuzzled into Joy's neck making her relax and accept what was happening. Easing herself round, Sally got between Joy's open legs and began kissing her way up until she was kissing Joy's pussy. Joy moaned. Flicking her tongue along the open pussy lips she was rewarded by the feeling of Joy's hands on the back of her head hungrily pulling her down into her inviting pussy.

Sally moved and buried her face into the sodden pussy offered to her, tasting David's cum mixed with Joy's own fluids from their fucking. She had to grip hard onto Joy's legs as her orgasm hit her making her buck her groin hard into Sally's face. Sally raised her head as Joy relaxed her grip and smiled. "You do taste good with David's cum in you darling, now let's shave you."

The local girl brought razor and foam and the two girls had a great time pampering Joy as they gently shaved her pussy. Joy was going frantic with lust as the hot water and foam was lathered onto her and the girl had to calm her down by inserting a finger into her pussy gently massaging her as Sally carefully shaved her blonde hairs away.

Finally satisfied, she turned triumphantly to David who had been watching the three girls while playing with his erect cock, and said, "So, David, do I get a reward for presenting you with this lovely pussy?"

"Of course," he replied, "you may be the first to enjoy it"

Joy offered no resistance and Sally went down on her a second time that afternoon. Joy was vaguely aware of movement behind Sally as she basked in the pleasure she was receiving but became more aware as Sally pushed hard into her groin.

Opening her eyes, she could see that David had got behind Sally and was slowly fucking her as she ate Joy's pussy. She closed her eyes and succumbed to the rhythmic thrusts of Sally's head against her pussy. It was almost as if David was fucking them both at the same time. Later, after David had sampled her bare pussy, she lay resting on the bed and she realised that living here was going to be a very special experience.

Joy must have fallen asleep, but she came awake as she felt a mouth engulfing her shaved pussy. Opening her eyes, she realised that it was Darren between her legs tasting her body. Darren looked up from her pussy and slipping two fingers inside said "You weren't shaved last night when we fucked".

Joy grinned and told him about Sally shaving her and making her orgasm.

He laughed and continued to finger her slowly. Has he moved you in yet?"

"Yes, this morning."

"You know he will fuck you every day?"

"I hope so, he is so good. He makes me cum just thinking of it".

"Can I fuck you too? You are good as well".

She giggled and turned over onto her hands and knees, presenting him with her hot, wet cunt, legs slightly apart. "Now please, if you would be so kind Darren" she said.

Darren gripped her hips and slowly penetrated her hot cunt with his hard cock. When he had sank his full length into her, he began a slow rhythmic fuck so different from their first time. Joy could feel him pulling all the way back to the very entrance of her body before he pushed himself deep back inside her. She was loving it. Her pleasure waves were disturbed when she heard Sally's voice. "Hello lovers, my turn I think Joy"

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