tagLoving WivesA Real Surprise Party

A Real Surprise Party


I told my wife, Emily, that my seminar had ended a day early, but I couldn’t switch flights. That meant I would still be returning Tuesday evening. She would have to pick me up at the airport around six. She complained that I had to be away another night, but told me she would just be that much happier to see me.

I thought about that for an hour or so. I realized I had been away a lot and that I should think more of my wife of 17 years. I went to the airport and tried one of those stand-by things. I was ready to give up when I realized that there was a flight into an airport near my home city. The airport I use, and prefer, is about an hour north of where I live. This other airport was almost two hours south and I had never actually used it.

I checked and found there was a flight leaving for that airport in half an hour, so I went to the desk to see if I could get a ticket. I was amazed at how easy it all was. An hour later I was in the air and would be on the ground in three. I could rent a car and be home my midnight! Emily would have to find ways to express her pleasure at my early return. I mentally made a list of suggestions and smiled to myself. I decided not to call her and make my appearance a complete surprise.

It was just shy of midnight when I pulled into my driveway. The house was dark and Emily’s car was not there. I thought that was odd as I carried my bag inside and unpacked. Where would she be that time of night?

I decided to forgo my surprise. I called her on her cell. She picked up on the third ring.

“Hello?” she mumbled. She sounded groggy.

“Hey, Em! It’s me. I thought I’d call and see how things are going,” I lied.

“Everything is fine, but it is well after midnight, Ron, and I was sleeping,” she responded. “I will be at the airport at six tomorrow to pick you up. Don’t worry.”

I have to admit I was confused and more than a little curious about her sleeping, but not at home.

“Where are you? I tried calling our home phone and I only got the answering machine,” I told her.

“Where would you think I am, silly? I am in bed. Our phone has not been working right. I have the service man coming tomorrow to see what the problem is. Several people have told me the same thing,” she yawned. “Just use my cell if you want to reach me.”

My mind was really spinning! Was she in bed upstairs? I had unpacked and didn’t see her. That seemed unlikely. She was flat out lying to me! But why?

“Well, I won’t be on that flight at six, so don’t drive out to pick me up,” I warned. “It seems that we have to stay a few more days. I will call you when I am certain of a time and day I will be returning.”

“Oh, Sweetie! I will miss you! Get home as soon as you can,” she gushed. “I can’t wait to see you!”

“I will be in touch, Darling. Sorry I woke you up. Sleep tight and dream of me,” I finished.

“I will,” she promised. Did I hear her giggle as she hung up the cell?

I dialed my home phone and it rang fine. I considered answering my call and having a brilliant conversation with myself, but didn’t have the heart for it. I went up to our room and searched under the bed and any place a person could hide. Ladies and gentlemen, E had left the building!

I am in sales and not rocket science, but my nose worked. I smelled something rotten. How dumb was I? Pretty dumb was my honest answer. I got up early the next morning and moved the rental car across the street. Around 7 AM I saw Emily’s car pull into the drive. A man was riding with her. I hid in a junk closet we have off the foyer. I kept the door open a crack. Emily unlocked the door and they walked in.

“I just want to change and get ready for work,” she told him. “I will get clothes to wear for tomorrow so we won’t have to come back here tomorrow morning. I will be back in ten minutes.”

“I would help you, but then I would have to fuck you again,” he laughed. “Then I would have to fire you for being late!”

“I don’t think you would fire me,” Emily responded from upstairs. “You like me working under you way too much! Even your wife thinks I am the perfect secretary. What would you tell her?”

So this was Emily’s new boss. He is the guy she found obnoxious and arrogant! I wondered what she would do if she liked the guy? He had only been with the company a couple weeks if my memory was correct. He was a fast worker!

“I told her you were the same age as her mother and weighed 220 pounds,” laughed her boss. “When she sees you, I will have to fire you anyway!” Then he added, “I told her I was house hunting this week. Now it looks like I won’t be getting too far from the hotel for a couple days.”

Emily returned to the room and laughed. She looked great and Mr. Boss, (Was his name Joe?) grabbed her and gave her a slow, wet kiss. I was tempted to grab an umbrella off the shelf and shove it up his ass!

“Why don’t you plan on spending tomorrow night with me, right here. We can go to dinner and be in by 8PM. You may get lucky when we get back and you will be looking at a house, after you have your way with the owner,” offered Emily. “If you are ‘up to it’, you can have me in every room! Would you like that tour?”

“What if hubby comes home early?” asked the boss person.

“Jeff, you are so nervous!” she chuckled. (So his name was Jeff!) “Ron will call so I can pick him up at the airport. He will give me a day’s notice, so if he doesn’t call today, he won’t be coming home tomorrow.”

“Good enough,” Jeff told her. “I don’t want some jealous husband trying to kill me.”

“Ron is a pussycat,” answered Emily. “He would probably offer you a beer and apologize to me for driving me into your arms.”

“That sounds like a wimp to me,” offered Jeff. “My wife would have my balls!”

“And I would have Ron’s if he ever cheated on me. Fear keeps you men in line.” Then Emily added, “most of the time. You don’t seem to be too frightened of your wife.”

“Believe me, I would be in deep shit,” Jeff responded. “I would be lucky to escape with my life, let alone my balls! Luckily she is in Houston, so I feel pretty safe.”

That was all I heard as they went out the door. My face was red and my blood pressure must have been off the charts! Not only was she unfaithful. My wife held me in contempt! I sat down and pondered the situation. Gradually a plan began to take shape.

I remembered that Emily told me her new boss was being transferred from the company headquarters in Houston. I needed to find out what his name was, so I made a few phone calls. A few dumb questions directed at a woman receptionist at Emily’s work quickly garnered me all the information I needed.

His name was Jeffrey Ross and he had a wife and two teenage kids. She was remaining in Texas until school was out and then they would be joining Jeffy-boy here in Springfield. He was looking for a house every night after work.

I looked up the name Ross in Houston on a switchboard thing on the internet and found three Jeff Ross’s in Houston. I struck pay dirt with the first call.

“Mrs. Ross? Mrs. Jeffrey Ross?” I asked.

“Yes, I am Mrs. Jeffrey Ross. Can I help you?” she replied.

“Does your husband work for Halifax Company?” I asked.

“Yes, he does,” she responded.

“This is Mr. Don Watson with the Halifax Company,” I lied. “We are planning a little welcome party for your husband, Jeff, and you. We will supply you with round trip tickets to Springfield and back. It is to be a total surprise for Jeff. Could you make it?”

I couldn’t help thinking what a prick I was, but all is fair in love and war. I was at war.

“I could get my sister to watch the children,” she answered. “It sounds very nice. When is the affair?”

I almost gave a smart-ass answer to her question, but held my tongue.

“It is tomorrow evening. You will need to catch flight 1435 on American. Just charge it to your card and the company will compensate Jeff in his check,” I told her. “We will have someone at the airport to pick you up. The flight will arrive at 5 PM and the party will be at eight, so there should be lots of time. Remember to keep this a secret, ok?”

She promised not to tell and I ended the conversation. I then started calling a few of Emily’s friends and relatives to invite them to a surprise party for Emily. I told them she was getting a raise from her boss and I felt it was cause to celebrate. Everyone seemed satisfied with that explanation and the need to keep it from Emily. I told them to be at our home by seven to be certain to be there when Emily got in.

I didn’t want to be a rude host, so I called a local caterer and ordered food and drinks for the next evening. I explained that everything should be set up on the deck off the living room, by our pool. Emily always wanted to have a nice party on that deck, I mused. This should really please her! I left directions and told them the house may be empty when they came, but they could carry everything around the side of the house.

The next day I was at the airport half an hour early. As passengers came into the luggage area I asked a couple of unattached women if they were Mrs. Ross. As I was asking a lady, I heard a voice call to me.

“Hello! I am Mrs. Ross,” she stated. “Are you here to pick me up?”

I was almost speechless when I saw her. She had the looks of a movie star! I had to try twice before I was able to answer. My wife was an attractive woman, but she had hit the gold standard with this woman!

“I am Ron and I am here to pick you up. My wife works for your husband,” I explained. “Has he ever mentioned Emily?”

“Yes, yes, he has, but I thought her husband would be a bit older,” she responded.

Shit! That asshole did tell his wife that Emily was an older woman. I had to think fast. She seemed a bit suspicious.

“I get that a lot for marrying an older, bigger woman. I tell everyone she just has more experience and there is more of her to love,” I offered.

She seemed to think it over and then she smiled. I had dodged that bullet. We gathered her bags and headed to the parking lot. It was 6:30 when we got to my place. I was explaining to Mrs. Ross that it was an outdoor party for her hubby as well as a birthday party for my wife as guests began to arrive.

The caterer was finishing setting everything up and I was impressed. It looked like a first class party. I didn’t know it could be done so easily. By 7:30 everyone I had invited was there. I had them park behind a church half a block away so our driveway would be empty.

I explained to everyone that I would hide in the living room and when the honorees pulled into the drive, I would turn off the deck lights. That would be their cue to become very quiet. We had sliding glass doors leading to the deck and vertical blinds that could be turned opened by just pulling a cord about four inches. There was also a cord to pull the blinds away from the door. We also had heavier drapes we pulled across the doors in the cold weather. They were big enough for me to conceal myself, reach the cords for the vertical blinds and the switch for the deck lights.

A few minutes before eight, I saw Emily’s car pull into the drive. I turned off the deck lights and hid in the drapes. Everything became very quiet.

The door opened and Emily and Jeff were laughing. It was nice to know they were having a good time.

“I can’t wait to sink my cock into that wet pussy of yours,” Jeff laughed. “I thought we would never get here. Give me that pussy, now!”

He pulled Emily’s dress over her head to reveal a thong, and nothing else. She laughed as wiggled it off her sweet round ass.

“You are so horny all the time,” Emily marveled. “This pussy is ready when you are, Big-boy.”

Jeff pushed her over my easy chair and opened his zipper. He held her down with one hand as he aimed his cock at Emily’s slit. It was the moment I elected to carefully open the blinds to the deck!

The deck was dark and the room was lighted, so no one on the inside could really see anything outside, and Emily and Jeff weren’t looking. Those on the deck were sure getting an eyeful as Jeff rammed Emily hard and fast. He didn’t spend more than a minute or two before he began to cum. By this time I had moved to a chair to the side and was quietly watching.

“I am cumming!” groaned Jeff.

He gave a few more pumps into my wife and then pulled his cock from her pussy. Emily immediately turned and dropped to her knees and sucked his wilting cock into her mouth. As she was cleaning his cock, she noticed me sitting there watching.

She almost choked! Jeff had her hair in his hands and was urging her to swallow his entire shaft as it softened.

“Yes! Suck my cock!” he cried. “I love how it feels in your throat!”

Emily was making noises but Jeff’s cock prevented her from making any sense. Her eyes were as big as saucers as she looked at me with Jeff’s cock buried in her mouth.

She finally managed to push him back and rid her mouth of his member. Cum rested on her chin and cheek as she stared at me.

“What are you doing here?” she demanded.

I was a little disappointed at such an unremarkable question. Maybe the surprise had numbed her brain. Or was it the hard fucking she had just received?

“This is my home, Emily. My name is on the deed,” I answered.

“I didn’t think you would be home for a few days!” she exclaimed.

“That is quite obvious,” I nonchalantly replied.

“I have to get going,” Jeff blurted. “I have things to do.”

“Can I get you a beer or anything?” I asked.

Both Jeff and Emily were taken back by my offer. I could see Jeff thinking that Emily was correct about me offering him a beer. I had to smile to myself as I watched his mind work.

There was no time for Jeff to reply as his wife stormed into the room from the deck. She was carrying a large purse and she swung it as hard as she could. Jeff was so surprised to see her he never moved to protect himself. My guess is he landed about five feet from the spot in which he had been standing.

Emily’s mother and sister came into the room next. Emily was still naked with Jeff’s cum on her face.

“Put some clothes on Emily, you tart!” her mother snapped as she picked Emily’s dress up and handed it to her.

“And wipe that cum off your face, Sis,” added Emily’s sister Joan. “That was quite a performance you gave the crowd. You should consider making porn!”

Emily was too stunned to speak. I flicked on the deck lights and she could see another 20 people looking in. I went out and began filling a plate of potato salad and wings. Then I pulled a can of beer out of the cooler and went back inside. I sat down to eat and watched Jeff try to sit up, and Emily attempt to regain speech.

I had to admit it was a hell of a mess. As I chewed on a wing, it occurred to me that I had not created it. Emily and Jeff had put themselves, as well as those that loved them, in this difficult position. In the long run, everyone was better off knowing the truth. It was good to find out shit like this and then move on with your life.

Eventually things settled down. A cousin of Emily’s took Mrs. Ross to a motel. Another cousin helped Jeff out to his car and gave him a ride to his motel. Emily’s mother asked her if she wanted to leave with her, but Emily declined.

“I know you must be upset,” her mom told me. “And Emily really deserves a beating, but I think she is suffering already.”

Then they were gone. Emily disappeared into the bathroom and I heard the shower running. I never enjoyed beer and wings so much as I sat there by myself replaying the evening’s events. Once or twice in a lifetime, the planets align perfectly and a plan actually works.

After I ate all the salad and wings humanly possible, I began putting things away. It took quite some time cleaning up after the crowd. I had to wrap food and put it in the refrigerator and freezer. It was midnight when I sat down with my last beer of the night and relaxed. Emily came into the room and sat across from me.

“I hope you are happy! You did everything you could to ruin my life tonight,” she complained. “Even my own family thinks I am some worthless slut or a whore. Is that what you wanted?”

“Emily, why would they ever think that? Have I done anything to give that opinion? Have you?’ I asked. “The only reason I can think of that would create that impression is you being fucked by your boss while bent over a piece of furniture, and then cleaning his cock with your mouth. Would any rational person think that was the action of a whore or slut?”

“If you thought we had a problem, you could have come to me, rather than inviting the whole God damn neighborhood!” she hissed.

“We have a problem?” I chuckled. “Are you telling me if we had a problem you would have brought it up with me before fucking some asshole?”

“I never meant to hurt you, Ron. I never thought you would even know about it,” Emily reasoned. “You deliberately hurt me.”

“So inviting folks to my place for a little surprise party for my loving wife is worse than fucking someone else outside of my marriage?” I asked. “I don’t think too many people would agree with that.”

Then she said what I had been waiting to hear.

“If you had been around more this would never have happened,” Emily reasoned. “You were not paying enough attention to me so I fell for Jeff’s line. I was alone and vulnerable.”

I laughed with more mirth than I thought possible. She was such a stupid bitch! She did try to blame me and get me to apologize for driving her into another man’s arms! I felt deep contentment as I closed the bedroom door behind me, and locked it. My shackles were gone. I was emotionally free. And soon, legally free. I looked forward to my new life.

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Really pathetic!

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by 26thNC06/16/19

Good story

But he should.have decked the boss again as soon as he got up. Cheating wife should have followed him out the door.

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by far_wanderer198406/04/19

Good of been a great story if the ending was better.

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by jtwheels04/29/19

Agree ending needs help

Sue boss and company plenty of witnesses
Wife divorce for adultery
Take the money from suits and fun fun fun

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by sirelc04/18/19

Bad ending

The story up to the ending is pretty good

Then in a few sentences 17 years of love gone and happy for new beginnings. No way it happens that fast. The rage, humiliation, and just "simple" pain isn'tmore...

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