A Rectal Rampage


"That's it, work it in, let me see you ream your sister's whoring ass."

Urged on by Brenda, Tracy drove a finger up into Karen's asshole.

"Uhhhhnnnhh....unnnnnhhhh...." Karen groaned, her groans muffled by the gag as she tried to squirm her bottom away from her sister.

"Listen to her squeal like a pig, I guess the bitch just doesn't learn," Brenda said, going back to her drawer again and this time taking out two clamps. She clamped one onto each of Karen's nipples.

"Arrrgggggghhhhh!!!!" Karen groaned when she felt cold metal clamp her nipples.

"Okay, now keep still and stop squirming," Brenda said. " 'Cause the more you squirm, the more you're gonna suffer."

Actually Brenda loved to watch a bitch squirm as she dug a couple of stiff fingers up her helpless bottom. Now she watched Tracy do the same to her sister.

"Yeah, stick in another," Brenda urged as Tracy added a second finger to the first.

As she watched Tracy happily jam a couple of stiff fingers up her sister's helpless butthole, Brenda reached into her drawer again and this time pulled out one of her buttplugs, a big one. Karen, up on elbows and knees, was handcuffed and gagged, but that didn't stop her from turning her head to see what was going on. When she saw the buttplug in Brenda's hand her eyes went wide with shock and fear.

"Okay, hold her wide open for me," Brenda told Tracy, who eagerly spread apart her sister's cheeks. And then, with one quick move, Brenda shoved that buttplug right up Tracy's asshole. Tracy let out an unearthly, muffled groan under her gag as she felt the plug pierce and fill her bottom.

Now Brenda went into the closet and pulled out a bag. From that bag she retrieved a paddle made of stiff black leather, Tracy following every move with terrified eyes.

Brenda looked down at Karen's reddened, chastened bottom. The base of the plug sure looked good sticking out of her helpless ass.

Now Brenda began paddling the shit out of Karen's foxy butt.

"Oooooh yeah, whip her sorry ass!" Tracy yelled, thrilled at the way her lover was taking care of her big sister's bottom.

Cuffed, gagged and helpless, there was little Karen could do but take it. And Brenda sure gave it to her, using all her strength to paddle the shit out of her firm, round butt, turning it from a bright pink to a lobster red.

"Here, your turn," Brenda said, handing Tracy the paddle.

If anything, Tracy paddled her sister's bottom even more ferociously, getting out all her pent-up anger and resentment. It was such a thrill, such a release for Tracy to be able to take care of her older sister like this

"This is for all the shit you've given me over the years, for the way you've always treated me," Tracy snarled at her sister as she beat her ass mercilessly.

Finally Brenda and Tracy just pulled back to have themselves an overview. The blonde cutie sure looked good, gagged and cuffed, helpless on elbows and knees, the black base of the buttplug sticking out of her ass a stark contrast to the red cheeks on either side.

"I'd say you sister has had her butt whipped," Brenda said with a wicked smile.

"She sure as shit has!" Tracy cackled.

But Brenda knew this was just a prelude. Better -- and bigger -- things were yet to come.

"Get the enema bag, and the big nozzle" Brenda told Tracy who scampered into the hallway to retrieve it, Karen following her with terrified eyes.

A moment later Tracy came back with the equipment, handing it to her lover.

"Let's go into the bathroom" Brenda said, shoving the cuffed, gagged and beaten Karen into the bathroom adjoining their bedroom.

Now Karen watched with fearful, unblinking eyes as Brenda filled the bag to capacity until it was menacingly bloated and heavy. Then she hung the full bag high from a hook. Tracy had been given many enemas by Brenda before her ass was reamed. Now it was her helpless big sister who would be forced to take a big bagful.

The nozzle was thick and black.

Brenda forced Karen to spread her legs and bend over at the waist.

"Hold open her cheeks," she told Tracy.

Now Brenda shoved the nozzle into Karen's ass, Karen wincing under the gag. Then she released the nozzle's clamp and the enema began to flow inside the cuffed and helpless blonde.

Soon Karen began to squirm, groaning under her gag. Brenda had given her two full quarts and they were slowly draining into the ex-con's bowels, her stomach swelling as she became more and more bloated.

"I think she needs another quart," Brenda said when she the bag was almost empty. She filled a container with water and poured it into the bag, refilling it.

Brenda was squirming desperately now, unable to relieve the excruciating torment.

Finally the bag was empty again.

"Hand me the plug," Brenda said, and Tracy gave her the plug that had just been buried up her sister's ass. Now Brenda pulled out the nozzle, quickly replacing it with the plug, forcing Karen to retain her enema. Karen broke out in a fierce sweat now, squirming insanely, her eyes bulging in their sockets, her muffled groans desperate under the gag.

Brenda and her lover calmly watched the depraved spectacle. Though Brenda had given Tracy many enemas, she had never forced her to retain them as she now did her sister. The enemas Brenda gave Tracy were more sensual, more preparatory.

Finally Brenda had Karen hobble to the toilet as she reached down to pull out the plug. The blonde desperately dropped her bottom to the toilet seat and began to relieve herself, her face flushed a deep pink with humiliation and embarrassment. Cute and perky and blonde and arrogant, the last thing the bitch would've wanted was to have two other women watch as an enema thundered out of her bowels.

Now Brenda uncuffed her wrists.

"Clean yourself up, bitch, and then get back in the bedroom."

Minutes later a chastened Karen returned to the bedroom on wobbly legs. There would be no need to replace the cuffs. Karen was now mentally cuffed, her willfulness crushed by the stronger woman.

Now Brenda reached into her bag of toys and this time pulled out a dildo. Brenda owned many dildos, several of them of the strap-on variety. The one she selected was her very favorite. The biggest and most life-like of her dildos, it was attached to a special harness that made it especially comfortable to wear and to use.

Tracy's face lit up with a big smile as she saw what Brenda had pulled out of the bag. She was very familiar with that particular toy, Brenda having used it on Tracy many, many times. Now Brenda finally undressed, then strapped the dildo to herself. The dildo was ten inches long and more than two thick. Maybe one man out of a thousand possessed a piece of equipment with those formidable dimensions. It was molded from the actual cock of one such stud and was perfectly life-like and beautifully proportioned. Tracy stared down at it in awe; she loved to see that huge rubber cock strapped to Brenda. For Tracy was well aware what always followed next!

Suddenly Karen turned her head and her eyes went wide as saucers when she laid her eyes on Brenda's get-up.

"What-- what is that?" Karen gasped.

"It's a big, thick rubber cock," Brenda said. "You're always talking about how you love cock."

That's another thing Karen couldn't stop doing. She couldn't stop talking about cocks and how badly she needed to get fucked, how much she missed it when she was in prison... blah, blah, blah. It was always 'cock this' and 'cock that.'

"What are you-- you going to do with it?" Karen asked in a subdued, fearful voice.

"What do you think I'm going to do, slut?" Brenda said calmly. "I'm going to have you suck it, and then I'm going to shove every last fucking inch of it inside you."

Brenda tugged at Karen's hair, pulling her off the bed.

"Get down here, down on your knees," she said, pointing to the floor.

As Karen knelt obediently before her, Karen reached into her toy bag and pulled out two lead weights. She attached the heavy weights to the clamps pinching Karen's nipples.

"Oh my God!" Karen cried out as she felt the pressure. Clamped and weighed down like this, Karen's nipples were at Brenda's mercy. Karen had full, firm breasts too, but with the weights attached her tits were sagging a little. Then Brenda stepped forward and slapped Karen's face with the thick, heavy rubber phallus.

"Now suck my cock... bitch!" Brenda said shoving it in her mouth. Karen didn't dare to resist, not now. Her eyes bulged again and her face turned red as she strained to wrap her lips around the massively thick rubber cock.

"Your sister's a regular little cocksucker," Brenda said to Tracy, who laughed.

"Look at her, she sure as shit is," Tracy cackled.

"Well suck on it, whore!" Brenda said reaching down with her hands to take hold of Karen's head, fucking her mouth, working the thick shaft down her throat.

"And don't you dare gag," Brenda warned.

A tormented Karen had to concentrate so as not gag and risk even more severe punishment.

"Get up there on elbows and knees and lift your ass nice and high," Brenda said, pointing to the bed.

Karen assumed the position.

"Higher!" Brenda barked, slapping her bottom as Karen lifted her ass even higher.

Now Brenda got up on the bed and knelt behind Karen.

"I'm begging you, don't fuck me with that, it's too big for my cunt, I got a really tight cunt," Karen pleaded.

"Who said anything about your cunt," Brenda said, a wicked smile creeping up on her lips. "I'm gonna shove this baby up your tight little asshole!"

Karen went silent, her jaw slack as she broke out in a cold sweat.

"No!" Brenda cried out in a panic.

"No? No? 'No' is not a word you are permitted to utter," Brenda smirked, picking up the paddle again and landing several more harsh blows on Karen's vulnerable, exposed bottom. "If I want to fuck your motherfuckin' ass, I'll fuck your motherfuckin' ass. And you've got nothing to say about it."

Brenda turned to Tracy.

"What do you think? Should I bury my big cock up your sister's asshole?"

"Hell, yeah!" Tracy enthused. "And don't show her no fuckin' mercy."

Brenda loved her little slave lover's enthusiasm. So now she moved close and brought the tip of the dildo up to Karen's ass. Karen closing her yes, biting her lip, readying herself for the onslaught. But Brenda surprised her, sliding the rubber cock into her cunt first.

"Let's warm it up a little in this hole first," Brenda said as she began to fuck Karen. The slut may have talked about how her pussy was too tight, how she couldn't take it, but now that it was inside her, she seemed to have little trouble with it. She groaned and moaned, pushing back on it, taking every inch. Brenda was not surprised. Karen was a real piece of work, a nasty cunt, a true bitch. But she was also a red hot piece of ass.

"This is what you really need, slut!" Brenda hissed, pulling the immense rubber cock out of Karen's cunt and pressing it against her asshole. Then, with no warning, she pushed it inside.

Brenda's howls could've woken the dead.

"Oh fuck!!!! Oh shit!!!! Oh my God!!! No!! No!!!! Not in my ass!!!!!!"

Brenda landed a volley of vicious slaps on Karen's buttocks, then tugged painfully at her hair.

"Just shut the fuck up!" she snarled, "you're going to take whatever me and your little sister feel like giving you. Remember, there's all those parole violations. And on top of that I'll just beat the shit out of you if I hear another peep."

Holding on to her trim hips, Brenda forced every inch of that massive cock up the balky bitch's asshole, her sister looking on with a mixture of shock, awe and delight.

All Brenda did now was moan and pant and groan and sweat, shaking her head violently from side to side as she endured the rectal assault.

Brenda pushed forward relentlessly, looking down to see Karen's asshole dilated to the limits as it gripped the thick rubber girth. She held Karen's buttocks open and motioned for Tracy to come closer so she could see the obscenely thick cock slowly being buried up her sister's rectum.

Tracy stared, mesmerized, at the stunning obscene sight.

"Yeah!" she hissed. "Shove it in there! Deep! Let her feel what it's like! Rape her motherfuckin' slut ass! Rape it!"

Brenda looked over at Tracy, loving her raw eagerness as she drove it in all the way until the shaft was out sight, buried in the depths of Tracy's bottom, the rubber balls attached to the cock now slapping against Karen's buttocks.

Now Brenda really began pounding Karen's ass, slamming it in inside there with savage, powerful strokes. Brenda prided herself on being as a good and as rough a fuck as there was, and she was proving it now as she pumped away viciously, fucking the shit out of the feisty little blonde's nasty, upturned bottom.

Tracy craved the sight of her lover, her mistress hammering away at her sister like this. She, if anyone, knew just how sweet and how merciless that action could be, having endured it many, many times. She felt so lucky to have Brenda as a lover, the 'stud' to top all studs. The sight of all this was just too much for Tracy as she dropped a hand between her legs and began to play with her clit, masturbating as she watched the wicked show.

"Look, it seems like your sister loves seeing you get fucked in the ass," Brenda said, drawing Karen's attention to Tracy.

Brenda reached around between Karen's legs. Her pussy was as wet as a dishrag. The slut couldn't stop bitching and complaining, but now that Brenda was sodomizing the shit out of her, burying ten thick inches of hard rubber cock all the way up her ass, the slut was loving it! Tracy may have been meek and demure, and Karen feisty and willful, but the two sisters obviously had something in common -- each craved playing the part of a scorchingly needy anal slave in desperate need of a vicious ass fuck.

And that's what Karen got now -- a vicious ass-fuck -- as Brenda kept pounding it inside her, pulverizing her bottom with her rigid ten-inch tool.

"Can I fuck her ass too?" Tracy asked, her eyes bright.

Normally the passive slave, Brenda liked giving Tracy this rare opportunity to see what it was like to be a top.

"Sure you can fuck her," Brenda said, pulling out and unstrapping the dildo, attaching the harness to Tracy now. They both stared down at Karen's wide-open asshole, a lewd sight if there ever was one. Karen turned back, blushing like crazy as she saw the two of them gazing at her obscenely stretched-out and vividly exposed hole. Then Brenda watched as her slave knelt behind her big sister and drove the rubber cock up her ass again. Tracy, normally utterly submissive, was now playing the part of the savage fucker as she began sodomizing the shit out of her sister.

"Oh yeah, oh shit!" Tracy gasped excitedly. "All my life you've been fucking me over, sis. Now I get to fuck you, to fuck your sorry, slut ass!"

Tracy had never even worn a strap-on before, and now here she was, driving ten rigid inches up her sister's helpless ass, the very same sister who had lorded it over Tracy for years. It sure felt good to be on top, and to see her normally domineering sister very much on the bottom. And for Brenda this was quite a novel treat, looking on as one sister fucked the other sister's ass.

"Okay, pull out now, Tracy," Brenda said to her lover, "I want you to stick something else up your sister's ass now."

Karen's asshole, fucked mercilessly by the two, looked and raw and ravaged.

"Stick your fingers inside," Brenda told Tracy.

Tracy slid in two.

"No, all five."

A wicked smile creeped up on Tracy's face. She well knew what Brenda had in mind.

Brenda had fisted Tracy cunt a few times, but had never managed to drive her whole hand, her fist, into Tracy's ass. With the older sister a more forceful attempt would be made.

"I want to see you shove your whole hand up your sister's ass, I want you to fist the shit out of her slutty bitch ass."

Karen whipped her head around, a look of cold panic on her face. But the fierce, steely look in Brenda's eyes told her she had better not utter a word, or even worse torments would befall her.

Tracy was like an animal unleashed now, her eyes blazing with twisted longings. She slid four fingers inside, then the thumb. To the first set of knuckles, then the second. Tears streamed from Karen's eyes again, fresh beads of sweat covered her skin, a low, helpless moan escaped her lips.

"All the way, push it in there," Brenda said, holding on firmly to Tracy's forearm, urging her to push forward. Which she did until, suddenly her whole fist popped into Karen's bottom, her anus stretched tightly around Tracy's slender wrist.

"Now fuck the bitch with that fist!" Brenda ordered as Tracy began to savagely pummel her sister's bottom, Karen squirming, shaking, quivering, but not daring to pull away, to try to escape this most ultimate of intrusions. Brenda's normally passive slave, the younger and meeker sister, was now panting, grimacing excitedly, an utterly wicked expression animating her pretty face as she savagely fisted Karen's ass, pumping that fist in and out furiously, twisting it inside, the older sister moaning helplessly, every trace of her arrogance, her willfulness now entirely evaporated.

Out of the corner of her eye Brenda saw the plug she had earlier used on Karen, She rubbed some lubricant over it, then stepped up behind the younger sister as she continued to fist the older, and slid it up her ass.

Tracy whipped her head to gaze at Brenda, stunned but thrilled that now her own bottom, too, was being used. Brenda knew what an utter glutton Tracy could be for a big object forcefully pushed into her ass. Now she picked up the paddle and began to smack and redden the younger sister's bottom as she fisted the older.

With the plug inside her as she paddled her bottom, Brenda let Tracy take her sweet time. Finally, though, she tugged at her arm and asked her to pull her hand out of her sister's rectum.

"Let me in there," Brenda hissed bringing her fingers up to the no-longer cocky slut's stunningly ravaged asshole. Pressing firmly on her upper back, Brenda now slid her own hand into the enticing blonde's ass. First all five fingers, and then the entire hand pushed itself in as Karen howled, stunned by the bigger, even more forceful intrusion.

The big strap-on dildo was still attached to Tracy.

"Make her suck your cock," Brenda told her lover, who eagerly stepped up to her big sister's face and forced the massive rubber penis between her lips.

"Suck it bitch, take it down your fucking throat!" Tracy snarled, amazed at herself, at what was happening here, as she held on to her sister's head and fucked her mouth.

A fist buried deep in her ass, a big cock in her mouth, Brenda was certain there would never again be even the slightest problem with Karen. Chastened now, utterly subdued, she would become yet another slave, another plaything for Brenda as long as she remained in their household. Brenda, vain and forceful, could not help but be pleased with herself. And pleased that her sweet young lover would no longer be tormented by a spiteful older sibling.

"Oh shit, I've got to pee," Tracy said with a girlish smile, looking over her sister at Brenda. Tracy was a skinny thing and whenever she had something in her ass and was spanked or paddled or whipped at the same time, as she just had been, it somehow brought on a strong urge to piss, which is what she felt now.

Of course Tracy's sudden need to piss gave Brenda an idea.

"Your sister needs to piss," Brenda said to Tracy, "so let's all go to the bathroom and help her out."

Brenda pulled out her fist as Tracy pulled away the dildo. Then Brenda led the two sisters to the bathroom.

"I think your sister deserves a special toilet today," Brenda said to Karen. "Don't you?"

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