A Romance in the Woods


Robert reached down Kate's body and his fingers brushed through her thick hair and found her soaking vagina. As his fingers began to stroke up and down her wet swollen lips she shuddered and both of them moved to be more accessible to the other. Kate shuddered each time his fingertip found her clit and when he slid a finger inside of her she inhaled sharply and knew she was near orgasm already.

Robert loved the way her hands were stroking him but he pulled away and lay Kate back in his arms, feeling how close she was and wanting to give her pleasure first. He had one arm around her cupping a breast and as he began to again roll the areola and nipple he slid two fingers inside of Kate and began to slowly and gently stroke.

When Kate began to thrust to meet him he curved his fingers up and forward to massage what is sometimes called the g-spot with each stroke and his thumb gently massage her clit. Kate buried her face in his chest as she orgasmed. Her moans were loud and continuous and sometimes were sustained deep groans. Kate's whole body shuddered with the pleasure of the orgasm and as Robert lowered his lips to hers, it continued and she continue to meet his finger thrusts.

Robert was amazed at how long Kate continued to orgasm. Indeed it seemed that as soon as she began to slow down she would begin again and was having a string of one orgasm after another. When finally Kate slumped in his arms during a series of whimpers Robert withdrew his soaking fingers and hand and just held her. He was glad they were so far off of the beaten path or someone would surely have heard her.

Kate lay there so long, Robert thought she was unconscious or asleep but for her deep breathing and occasional shudders. Robert was still hard and needing relief but he was happy to hold her sweaty body in his arms and when finally she looked up into his face, he bent down to gently kiss her.

When the kiss gently broke and with their lips still lightly touching, she said, "That was wonderful, thank you so much " They kissed again and the kisses were gentle and deep and her hand found his cock and slowly stroked it while his hand held her breast.

Robert's hand was still on her wet pussy and was covered with her slick abundant juices. He rubbed her pussy lightly causing her to shiver and she asked if he needed something to dry his hand on.

"I would rather lick my fingers clean, but I didn't know how you would react to that. I would love to taste you.", he said with a smile.

Kate looked at him, a bit surprised at his admission, and then reached for his hand. She brought it to her own lips and cleaned his two fingers into her own mouth. She then leaned in to kiss him and knew that she had hit a home run as his cock jerked in her hand and became even harder. Robert kissed her deeply tasting her mouth and her juices and felt his balls ache with the need to be released.

Kate stroked him a bit more and then as he lay back she began to lick his nipple lightly as she continued stroking his cock.

"Oh, you have no idea how good that feels.", he said as he thrust into her hand.

Kate continued to lick his nipple lightly and then to stroke his hard cock slowly up and down away from his body. She took her time and every few strokes played with the fat head of his cock and she felt him shudder over and over.

Robert was trying to delay his orgasm, wanting this to last as long as possible as Kate began to stroke a bit faster and his precum ran down freely giving her plenty of lubrication.

He moaned several times and suddenly she stopped stroking his cock and placed her hand between her own legs and scooped as much of her wetness as possible from her own dripping pussy. She put her hand around his cock again and felt the heat as she began to stroke him again and he moaned louder and thrust himself into her hand.

Robert knew he was going to cum soon and when she began to flick and gently suck his nipple again her hand got tighter and she began to jack faster and he said, "Oh, I am going to cum."

Kate firmly and steadily stroked his cock judging her speed by his reaction and watched his cock as it began to fountain cum into the air. She loved it as he raised his hips off the ground and she felt his whole body tighten in what she had read was called a 'whole body orgasm'.

Robert had not cum this hard in years and felt as if he was tingling all over with the pleasure. Kate raised her head from licking his nipple and watching his cock and placed her mouth over his and as they kissed, she kept stroking and for nearly a minute felt him continue to shudder and moan and finally he sank back from the longest orgasm of his life.

She lay there leaning into him stroking his wet cock gently as she kissed him lightly and soon his cock was soft and they simply lay in each others arms kissing lightly and holding each other tightly.

They lay there for over a half hour and then Robert stirred and sat up. Kate looked up at him questioningly and he reached for her hand. "We had better get washed off before it all dries.", he said softly.

Kate realized that both of them had pubic hair heavily matted in her juices and his ejaculate. He led her over to the edge of the rock above the stream and down to the edge of the stream. They walked carefully in their bare feet and he led her upstream past the deeper water to the shallows where the water rippled over a gravel and sandy bottom. It was sunny here and they waded in and began to wash each other.

They had a great deal of fun sitting in the water and cleaning each others bodies. When Robert raised her arms to splash water up and rub her underarms Kate suddenly pulled them down and was embarrassed.

"I'm sorry, but I didn't think I would be around anyone and I was just too lazy to ......". She stopped talking and looked at his smiling face and remembered. "That's right, in your stories on Literotica the women all have unshaven underarms.". she said.

Kate had nearly two weeks worth of very visible and thick stubble under her arms. She truly had just not taken the time to shave and had no intention of being sleeveless, much less naked. Smiling, she raised her arms and Robert slowly splashed and cleaned the rest of her body. He spent a great deal of time cleaning her thick pubic hair and when he was finished, Kate began to wash him the same way.

Remembering how sensitive his nipples had been, she spent a lot of time rubbing them and loved how hard they got in the cool water and from her touch. She spent so much time on his groin that when she finished he was half erect again even in the cool water.

When they finished washing Robert took her by the hand and led her to a smaller rock below the big shelf rock where their clothing was and they sat back on it in the sun to dry. They sat back leaning on their hands with his hand and hers touching. After they were warm and dry they both turned over onto a dry part of the rock and dried and sunned their backsides.

They lay like this for a half hour with their faces close and holding hands and again he stirred to action again telling her they did not want to get sunburned.

He led Kate up gently holding her hand until they were back in the leaf sheltered area of the mossy old rock. From his pack he took the water bottle and they shared sips and from the fanny pack he offered her granola bars.

They shared a granola bar and then settled into each others arms again, happy and naked on the rock. Soon he kissed her and their tongues were doing their warm and wet dance.

When his hands found her breasts and began to tease her nipples to hardness she looked up and broke the kiss and whispered, "I can't get pregnant, I trust you and I want you right now very much."

Kate sat up and pushed Robert onto his back. She reversed herself so that her face was close to his groin. She took his cock, which was almost totally erect again and dripping precum and after stroking it a few times she blew gently on it. When it seemed to rise harder toward her lips she took it in her mouth and began to slowly use her tongue on the head and then up and down the shaft.

Kate slowly sucked until his erection was very wet and then slowly slid up and down on it, feeling it grow totally hard and throbbing in her mouth. She then felt Robert's hand pull her closer and she raised her top leg as he rolled to face her and she felt her lips and pubic hair being parted and the gentle touch of his tongue on her clit. She quivered with pleasure and he ran his tongue up and down her swollen lips and back to her clit as she slowly stroked his cock in and out of her mouth.

Kate knew she would not last much longer with his tongue on her clit and wanted him inside her so she again reversed herself and pulled him to her. She lay back with her legs spread and without a word, Robert raised himself over her and she felt his hardness probing her wet lower lips. Kate reached down and taking his cock in her hand guided him in.

Robert felt the head of his cock enter her and marveled at how hot and silky she felt. He entered her very slowly feeling the heat and warmth engulf him. When they were fully joined he paused, grinding into her slowly as they kissed again and their tongues made their own love.

He wanted this to last so he very slowly slid back out until only the head was inside her and Kate raised herself to meet his next thrust. Each thrust was slow and deep until he saw her beautiful nipples were rock hard and her breasts and chest were red and mottled with the blush of love.

When Kate moaned out loud Robert began to stroke himself into her faster and with each stroke she met him and spread herself open wider, wanting him to go all the way to her heart. Robert soon groaned loudly as Kate whimpered and began a deep orgasm. Soon her whimper became a deep groan and she thrashed wildly and thrust into him wanting more and more.

Robert was near orgasm but controlled it, his age and the previous release making it easier. When Kate finally calmed Robert slowed until he stopped, still very hard and buried inside of her. They froze in this position and both fought to catch their breath. He finally leaned in to kiss her gently and she told him how wonderful it was and that now she wanted them to cum together.

Robert raised up above her on his arms and looked down at her. Kate told him not to look too close. Her body was marked from surgeries and childbearing and was saggy and before she could say more he closed her mouth with a deep long kiss.

When he raised up again he told her she was beautiful and that he loved every square inch of her body. He then withdrew from her again and then slowly filled her again.

This time Robert started faster and she urged him on using language that surprised but delighted him. He heard her start whimpering again and knew he too was very close to orgasm and then she reached up and took his nipples in her fingers and began to roll and pinch them as he had done hers. It pushed him over the edge and he thrust himself into her as hard and fast as he could and both began to groan and moan and cry out in orgasm. When Kate felt him begin to cum she was in mid-orgasm but the hot cum filling her pushed her to a much higher level and her cries were very loud and deep.

Finally spent, Robert slowed his thrusting until he lost his erection and again they lay in each others arms kissing, holding and touching. Finally, when their breathing came back to normal, they lay talking and kissing for nearly an hour.

Again it was Robert who pulled Kate to her feet and they bathed in the shallows of the stream once more. This time after drying, they dressed, each helping the other and both laughing and acting like young lovers. After standing for a long lingering kiss over the stream Robert again scooped her into his arms and slowly twisted and wound his way through the field of flowers and again she saw that he had again left no disturbance behind them.

It was nearly sunset as they made their way up the hill, hand in hand, and back to their cars. Each was happier and more satisfied than either had been in years.

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