tagBDSMA Rude Awakening Ch. 1

A Rude Awakening Ch. 1


The day started innocently enough, but it seemed as if there would never be an end. Lynn was going to London to meet a woman she had met in a chat room. The woman and her husband were over from America for the summer and had rented a flat. Lynn was going to show Ann some of the sights whilst the husband was at work. Rather than miss each other by meeting at a station, Lynn was going to the flat. All that she knew was that Ann's husband was something 'high up' in the City and was visiting the London office for three months. This was Ann's first time in London and Lynn was really looking forward to showing her new friend around.

The flat was in one of the nicer parts of London, and Lynn was pleased she had decided to dress up a little rather than donning jeans. As Lynn rode the lift to the top floor, she nervously ran her fingers through her hair and smoothed down her light, button down, summer dress. Ann answered the door with a smile and suggested they have a drink before setting off. It was rather early in the day for Lynn to have a drink, but not wishing to appear rude, she accepted with a smile. Ann said that she would show her round and Lynn sipped her drink whilst following her friend. The flat was certainly lovely, with large rooms and a wonderful view of the river.

The drink made Lynn's eyes water … it seemed so strong, but she valiantly sipped away at it like the polite guest, but found her head was spinning slightly as the tour was nearing its end. Ann took her glass from her and led her towards a large bookcase running along one wall, saying there was just one more thing Lynn HAD to see. Ann pulled at a book and was astonished to see the bookcase slide along the wall to reveal a hidden staircase. She felt Ann nudge her in the back and found she had to start climbing to prevent herself from falling forward and hitting her shins.

At the top of the stairs, Lynn was amazed to find herself in a sort of rooftop conservatory. What really took her aback though was what this room contained. It looked like a cross between a bedroom and a torture chamber crossed with a gym. She turned to speak to Ann but found that she was alone, and that the entrance to the staircase was now a sheet of glass. She rushed forwards and tried pounding her fists on the place she thought the stairs were, but her blows just echoed back at her. Her head, already spinning slightly from the strong drink, began to pound in time with her fists and Lynn could feel her panic rising. She examined the glass carefully for some clue as to where the exit might be, but every pane looked the same. When she looked closer she saw that the glass was thick and each pane was double glazed, so even if she screamed, nobody would hear her.

Lynn wandered around the edge of the room, keeping her back firmly to the contents. True, she had often fantasized about such rooms … had even gone into sex chat rooms and role played at being a slave – but that was all done with her mind from the comfort of her own living room. At times, her visits to the chat room had left her wet and feeling horny, but she hadn't been there for weeks now … not since her husband had caught her. Lynn suddenly felt a change in the air and span round. She let out a gasp and opened her mouth to scream as she found herself faced with a man. He was tall and looked down at her with a smile on his face as he quickly clamped a large hand round her throat, choking off any scream before it even formed. "So, catkins, My slut, My slave … you thought you could hide from Me? Me, your Master – who owns you?"

Lynn's mind raced as she struggled to come to terms with what this meant. The name catkins was the one she had used in the sex chat room. It was unknown to any but those who used that room. In one of the role-plays she had been a 'slave' to an American. Surely this couldn't be him? She had been so careful not to let any of them know her real name, and the only location she had ever given out was London. This man just couldn't be him? Her eyes widened and she tentatively said "Al?"

The man spun her around and roughly pushed her away. Lynn was unbalanced and fell forward, her arms going out in front of her in an instinctive movement. There was a bar, similar to those found in park that kids do somersaults over, in her way and Lynn found herself doubled over it from the pelvis, all the breath knocked out of her. As she struggled to catch her breath and right herself, she felt an ankle being gripped and forced to one side and a strap being placed around it and snapped into place. Lynn started to really struggle but soon her other ankle was gripped and fastened. She was now bent double over a wooden bar and couldn't move her legs from the side supports that were placed about four feet apart. She started to demand that she be released immediately. How dare he … her protests were cut off as Lynn felt a stinging blow land on her upturned backside.

She cried out in surprise, pain and indignation. She had not been spanked since she was a young child As she was about to speak again she heard his voice, "How dare I? You ask" SMACK! "You dare to demand?" SMACK! Another blow landed and Lynn let out a piercing scream. "How dare you even consider speaking my name!" WHACK! This last smack was harder than the rest and Lynn found herself fighting for breath. She felt her dress being lifted to expose her. Lynn flushed red as she thought of what she was wearing – just a scanty silk thong – which meant this man was able to see both cheeks of her rather large arse.

If this was Al from the chat room, he had often joked about how long it would take him to spank her so that every inch of her cheeks was red. SMACK! Another blow landed and the sharp crack of flesh on flesh could be heard above Lynn's gasps. SMACK! SMACK! Lynn begged him to stop between her sobs. SMACK! "Use My name, slave," he said as he bought his hand down again, "and I may consider it." Lynn took a breath and tried again. "Please Al, please stop and let me up." SMACK! SMACK! Two more blows came in quick succession.

"You showed such promise, but I see that you have forgotten all that I taught you." SMACK! "Now try again." Lynn's head was thumping from all the blood rushing there and her arse felt as if were on fire. She tried to speak but found her mouth has gone dry. She frantically worked her tongue in an attempt to get some moisture in her throat, but before she could speak, more blows came. "DO AS YOU ARE COMMANDED, SLAVE!" he yelled, each word being emphasised by a further resounding smack. Lynn managed to gasp, "Please Master, please stop and let me up." Lynn heard him laugh and felt him stroke her flaming arse. "That's better," he said quietly, "but I can see I will have a lot to do to get you back to where you were, my little pet."

Lynn felt him lean over her and braced herself for what might happen next. To her relief, he grasped her shoulders and pulled her upright. She felt giddy and disorientated as the blood flowed normally once again. Lynn closed her eyes in an attempt to stop the room from spinning but snapped them open again when she felt his hands on her breasts. Instinctively, she put her hands up to pull his away and cried out in pain as he grabbed her fingers and began to squeeze them together. It was an unequal struggle and soon Lynn found that he had forced her arms down and then behind her back. Her shoulder began to protest as he forced her arms upwards. Lynn felt cuffs being applied and slumped in defeat. A short chain was attached to each cuff, fastening them together. This had the effect of forcing her arms to stay in that position. She felt his hands leave her and wondered frantically what on earth would happen next.

She heard him move away from her and open a door. Sounds of rummaging came to her and she tried to remember all the long chats they had had, but in her befuddled state, couldn't recall any details. Suddenly, she felt his breath on her neck and heard him whisper in her ear, "You WILL learn, little one, even if it takes all day." Lynn turned her head to glance over her shoulder and felt something cold go round her neck. He was applying a collar to her. Lynn shuddered as memories of cyber space came flooding back. She felt her arms being jerked upwards even more and heard a click as a chain was attached from collar to cuffs. This had the effect of thrusting her shoulders back further and making her breasts thrust forward. She knew that she must work at keeping her arms high up her back or else pull the collar against her throat.

Al went round and stood in front of her and grinned. He checked that the collar was on tight, but not too tight and Lynn shuddered. "I see you remember this, my beauty," he said, and without thinking Lynn nodded her head and almost choked herself. "I don't hear you, my pet." Lynn swallowed and managed to say, "Yes, Master."

"Good girl," he said as he patted her head. He began to stroke her hair and then suddenly caught a handful. "Now listen my slut slave. I am going to release your legs, but you WILL do as you are told or face the consequences. Is that clearly understood?" Lynn managed to whisper "yes" and then gasped as the chain joining her cuff and collar was pulled sharply. "Yes what?" he hissed? "Yes Master" she croaked and the breathed a sigh of relief as the chain was released and the pressure eased on her throat and shoulders.

As she stood there regaining her breath, she felt the ankle shackles being released from the uprights of the bar. At last she could close her legs. As she went to move, she felt a sharp tap on her leg and heard him say, "Stay still slave. I don't recall telling you to move." Lynn felt his hand travel up he leg to her thigh and gave a shudder. He laughed and then pinched hard on her inner thigh, "Not yet, little one. Not yet!" Lynn was turned round. Her hands still bound behind her, and a metal leash was fastened to the front of the collar. "Follow," she was commanded, and felt a tug on the chain. She began to take a step forward but was bought up short by an open handed slap to her face. Lynn was stunned and then felt herself being pulled down to her knees.
"I didn't give you permission to walk, did I bitch?" Lynn looked at Al and saw how cold his eyes were. She trembled at the sight and remembered to stammer a "No, Master" as his hand came swooping down towards her upturned face.

The hand stopped short and rather than strike her, patted her on the head. Lynn watched as his eyes lost their cold, hard look and saw it replaced with a warm glow. She tried her best to shuffle forward on her knees, but got herself tangled in her dress and fell flat on her face. She lay there, winded, and then felt herself being gently lifted to her feet. Al brushed her down and then spoke aloud to himself, "What a silly master expecting my little pet to crawl in a dress! Don't you think so?" Lynn didn't know how to answer, or even if she SHOULD answer. She thought it best to remain silent and dropped her head. "What's that?" she heard him continue, "Remove the dress? What a good idea!" Lynn stood there, blushing furiously, as he began to unbutton the front of her dress from the bottom up. He used one hand to do this whilst the other held the chain tight so that she had no chance of pulling away. With each button, his hand stroked the next bit of exposed skin. It seemed to take forever for him to undo all the buttons. The dress at last lay open and he slipped it from her shoulders. As he did so, he also slid off her bra straps, pulling them down as far as her shackled arms would allow.

He stood back to admire his handiwork, taking stock of her half exposed breasts. Lynn continued to look at the floor, flushing crimson with embarrassment. She just couldn't believe this was happening to her. She vowed that the moment her arms were freed she would fight back, no matter what the consequences. Al must have sensed a change in her and tightened his grip on the chain, pulling her closer until her face was just inches from his. "Don't even think about it, sweetie!" and laughed as he stepped back slightly. "Actually," he added with a smile playing around his lips, "It might be fun if you DO try something!" Al reached round and undid her bra, pulling it down at the front. Free from restraint, her breasts plopped forward and the bra fell to her waist, only being held up by her bound arms.

Lynn gasped as he pinched first one then the other nipple. These were not gentle pinches, but were firm and hard. After a few pinches Al began to pull at the nipple and twist it. Lynn felt tears forming in her eyes as wave after wave swept her body. Her breasts felt as if they were on fire. After a while, Lynn found that she no longer felt pain so much as heat. Heat seemed to be flowing through her body and, to her shame, she felt her clitoris give a lurch. It seemed to twitch with each tug at her nipples, as if invisible threads attached them. The pulls got quicker and so did the tension in her pussy. Before long Lynn felt herself getting wet, and she prayed that it wouldn't show. Al carried on pinching and pulling and twisting at her breasts and Lynn began to pant. Without warning, she felt Al's hand between her legs. She cried out as his nail scratched lightly along her lips and shuddered as a small orgasm overtook her. "You are very wet, my precious," he said, "but I don't remember telling you to cum. And please don't deny that you have – I saw the exact moment in your skin."

Lynn remembered from the chat room that this was considered a 'crime' and warranted punishment. She began to mumble an apology but was rewarded with a stinging backhander and was told that she must only speak when directly addressed. Al dragged her roughly backwards and then with a mighty twist and push sent her sprawling face down on a bed. Lynn felt her now sodden thong being tugged down her body and removed. An ankle was tugged to one side and the cuff was fastened to something. Then the other leg was yanked and fastened. Lynn's legs were spread so wide she though she were being torn in two. Before she had time to gather her wits she felt her legs being raised into the air. She was being pulled upside down by her ankles. Soon she was totally inverted, her head resting on the bed, relieving a little of the strain on her ankles. Lynn wondered what was coming next when she felt her wrist cuffs being released from the chain binding them together and to her neck. At last she could move her arms and she instinctively put them on the bed, either side of her head to help take her weight, leaving behind her dress and bra.

Lynn wasn't allowed to rest for long before her arms were pulled downwards and to the side. She heard the SNAP of the cuffs being fastened to something and realised that she now resembled the letter X. Lynn gave a muted scream as she felt herself moving away from the bed into thin air. Eventually, the movement stopped and she heard Al move away. His legs swam back into view and he seemed to be pushing some kind of metal frame before him. She saw him fasten this to the floor and then felt a hand on one ankle. Al seemed to fasten the ankle cuff to part of the frame and then release whatever it was fastened to before. The same thing happened to the other ankle, and then he moved down to her wrists. Al held her shoulders and seemed to flip her over. Now that she was the right way up, Lynn saw that there was a huge metal circle within the frame, and she was attached to this circle. She could also see that there was a pulley system that she had obviously been attached to previously. Al came round and faced her. As she was slightly raised off the ground, their eyes were on the same level and he seemed to be looking into her soul.

He smiled and reminded her that she needed to be punished for speaking without permission and also for daring to cum without permission. Lynn's stomach seemed to tie itself in a knot as she wondered what on earth could be coming next. She watched Al walk towards a freestanding cupboard and open the doors. Lynn gave a shiver as she wondered just what he kept in there. Al soon made his selection and walked back towards her, his hands behind his back. The tension seemed to mount as he just stood in front of her. "Now, my pet," he said with a smile that never quite reached his eyes, "the length and severity of your punishment is entirely in your hands. During this little 'exercise' you are not to make a sound except to answer my direct questions. Is that clearly understood?"

"Yes Master." Lynn congratulated herself that she had obviously done something right as she was rewarded with a smile and a stroke on the cheek.

Al bought his other hand round and unclenched his fist. Lynn's eyes widened as she saw what looked like the letter Y made of fine chain. At each of the three ends there was something that looked a bit like a crocodile clip. Oh my goodness, she thought, these must be clamps. As if reading her mind, Alex nodded at her and reminded her that she was not to utter a sound. For every sound she made, the punishment would be increased. He started on her left breast first, preparing her nipple by pinching and pulling it. Lynn concentrated on breathing … in … out … in … out. She clenched her teeth together as the first clamp was applied. The initial pain was intense and it was all she could do to stop herself from screaming. Lynn forced air back into her lungs. Breathe Lynn, she chanted to herself, breathe. Once her breathing was under control, Al started on the other nipple. Pinch, pull, pinch, pull, clamp! Lynn bit down hard on her lip and tasted blood. She must not scream; she must not scream. Beads of sweat began to form on her face in the effort not even to whimper. Eventually, the searing pain gave way to a dull ache. And she found she was able to breathe normally.

All this time, Al had been watching her face intently for her reaction. He seemed satisfied with what he saw and stroked her hair, smiling warmly. He suddenly let the remainder of the chain drop and Lynn's eyes widened in shock as the weight of the chain falling pulled her nipples sharply. Her breath hissed through her clenched teeth and she fought hard to regain control of herself. Al bent down and picked up a small towel, using it to wipe the sweat that was now coursing down her body. He carefully wiped her breasts, running his nail along each of the nipples as he did so. Lynn's body gave a lurch as the pain intensified and then receded once more. Once she was in control of her breathing, Al told her that he was going to move her – she was not to worry – just relax. Before being moved, Lynn felt the press of bars along her outstretched limbs as supports were fastened into place on the metal circle. A wide leather belt was placed round her waist and pulled tight. Before she was able to work out what this meant, Lynn felt herself moving from the vertical to the horizontal and her head swam a little as her ears adjusted to the new position. One thing Lynn was grateful of was the fact that the chain attached to the nipple clamps now rested on her body and so the drag on her nipples disappeared.

Al moved up to her head and looked down at her face. "The preparation is almost complete, my precious. You are doing well and I am pleased." Lynn managed to give a weak smile of relief but then immediately wondered what was going to happen as Al moved back down her body towards her feet. With a sudden jolt she remembered the third clamp. Oh god, no! Please, no, she thought. Her body jerked as Al ran a finger up her crack. Lynn's legs were spread so wide by the restraints that he had no trouble in standing between her legs. Lynn reminded herself to keep calm and not to make a sound, but found it increasingly difficult as Al started to play with her clitoris. Eventually, he seemed satisfied and reached for the chain. Lynn clenched every muscle in her body as she tried to prepare herself for what she though would follow. The pain as the clamp was applied was enormous and she shook with effort as she tried not to cry out. Tears began to form behind her tightly closed eyelids.

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