tagErotic HorrorA Sacrifice for Bapomet

A Sacrifice for Bapomet


The sky that late October night was an inky bluish-black, sliced only slightly by the sliver of moon. The clouds raced across the crescent moon, looking like mysterious figures in black carrying out some nefarious deed. Below, in the graveyard of the abandoned church, a low mist clung to the ground, seemly unable -- or unwilling -- to be moved by the winds that whipped through the now denuded trees.

The meager light of the moon did not penetrate inside the long abandoned medieval Catholic church. The only light illuminating the now desecrated sanctuary were from the long white candles being held by the coven members as they slowly proceeded into it, chanting their slow, methodical chants. Robed in black, with hoods over their heads obscuring their faces, they walked into the sanctuary and formed a circle around a thick stone slab on which had been painted various designs, symbols, and words written in long-forgotten languages. Chains with shackles had been attached near the four corners. The Grand Priestess stood at the defiled altar holding a black candle facing the slab, while the Master Priest, holding a blood-red candle, stood now at the head of the slab.

Once the coven members were all in place encircling the slab and had finished chanting their prayer, the Priestess made a motion with her hand, and the Sacrifice was brought forth. She was a stunningly beautiful young woman, not more than 20 years old, being lead forward by two male coven members. While they wore the long black robes of all the others, she was clothed in nothing but a sheer white silk gown, one that did nothing to hide her spectacular young, firm body.

Her milky white skin was in stark contrast to the tumbling curls of raven-black hair that flowed well over her shoulders. Her breasts were full, large, and firm, and her erect pink nipples could easily be seen through the sheer gown. They stood out and looked even a brighter shade of pink against her very white skin. She was slim and shapely, with a tight waist and full hips, and her legs were long and well-toned. Her pussy was perfectly smooth and clean shaven, and in fact had been prepared beforehand by several members of the coven.

They had carefully shaven her, removing any trace of hair from her pussy, inner leg creases, and around her asshole. They had then anointed her pussy with pleasant-smelling oils, massaging the oil all around her pussy, her ass, her clit, and deep inside her as well, happily massaging her into what would be only the first of many orgasms she would experience this night. Once she was so anointed, symbols like those on the slab had been painted onto her pubic area and encircling her genital area, then kissed by her attendants.

All of this had been done because tonight, she was to be the sacrifice to Baphomet.

She was a willing, perfectly content sacrifice, happy to give her body so that Baphomet may be satisfied, fulfilled, and pleased. She knew her actions would bring unimaginable pleasure and unbelievable pain to her tonight, but she believed that if she gave of herself, then Baphomet would give to the world, and that was a sacrifice she was very willing to make.

As the Sacrifice was lead to the slab, the Priestess began to sway slightly, gently, and began to mutter unintelligible words. As she did, the coven members began to chant again, a different peon than when entering.

The Sacrifice was brought to the slab by her male attendants, who let the sheer gown slide off her white shoulders, revealing the uninhibited beauty of her body. They gently laid her back against to cold black stone. One on each side of her gently shackled first her wrists, then her ankles to the attached chains. Her arms were splayed out high above her head and her legs were forced wide open by the shackles, spreading her pussy lips open. The oils rubbed onto her glistened in the candle light, making her entire pussy region glow with a gentle orange light. When the men were done chaining her to the slab, first one, and then the other leaned down to give her a deep, passionate kiss, which she returned eagerly, before they took their place in the circle.

The Priestess stopped chanting and swaying, and now gazed at the Sacrifice. She walked towards the slab, spoke a few whispered words in a strange, guttural language, and touched the candle to a small iron pot at the foot of the slab. The content therein immediately burst into a strange, green flame, one that leaped far into the air and seemed almost to dance of its own volition. Placing the candle in a holder, she closed her eyes and extended her arms towards the coven, and spoke again in that guttural language. When she had concluded, the members, with one swift and practiced move, loosened their robes which silently fell to their feet, exposing all of them to be now as naked as the Sacrifice, save for the deep hoods remaining on their heads.

The Sacrifice looked around her at the assembled members, now all naked, and drank in deeply the wild erotic beauty of what she was viewing. Standing everywhere around her was nudity, naked bodies of different sizes and colors, but each delicious in its own way. Even the Priestess and Priest were now naked.

Here were hairy men, with thick curls of fur covering the bases of their cocks, while there were men as well shaved as she. Here were dark women with huge, soft breasts, while there were light ones with breasts just as large, yet looking totally different from the colors. Here were people with tattoos, there were people with none. Here were white people, there were black people. Everywhere, everywhere, delicious naked people she wanted to fuck.

And everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, were cocks and cunts. Thick, hard, long cocks, cocks she wanted to suck on and yank on and have slid deep into her mouth and pussy and ass. And cunts, delicious, hot, wet, pink cunts, cunts she wanted to lick and suck and eat, cunts she wanted to slide her tongue and fingers into, cunts she wanted to rub with her own pussy.

And she would. Oh, yes, she would. But first, Baphomet would have his way with her and do to her whatever he wanted.

The now-nude Priestess stepped forward with a large silver carafe in one hand and a flat bowl in the other. She first poured a blood-red liquid into the bowl as she chanted more unusual, guttural words, and then placed it gently at the edge of the slab, between the Sacrifice's feet. Then, with whispered chants, she procured a small black crystal vial, and poured in a noxious black liquid into the bowl. The contents began to sizzle and let off a strange, almost glowing greenish smoke. She took a reed, lit it with the dancing green flame, and placed it in the bowl. The Priestess, now chanting in almost a frenzied tone, raised her hands, clapped, sprinkled in a glittering dust of some kind, and recoiled from the sudden flash and crack from the bowl.

When the coven's eyes had recovered from the sudden flash, all were able to see a deep red fume slowly begin to rise from the bowl. But rather than any earthly smoke, this fume did not dissipate as it rose, and in fact seemed to grow larger and more real as the cloud grew. The fumes began to take a shape that looked almost human, with a definite head and shoulders, yet also strangely not human.

As the Sacrifice lay there and the fumes took their form directly before her, she was able to watch happily as the vision of her beloved became clearer and clearer. Finally, after some minutes of slowly coalescing and taking shape, squatting there on the slab before her was her lover, her god, her life, her Baphomet.

Baphomet crouched before his Sacrifice, and looked slowly about at the coven that had raised him. He was pleased, and roared his approval, which launched the group into a frenzy of excited chanting and shuddering. He then stood, and the Sacrifice was finally able to see him fully.

He was size of an uncommonly tall man, at perhaps six-and-a-half feet, perhaps a bit more. In fact, he largely looked like a man. His arms, torso, ass, and upper legs were entirely like any other man's, except that he was decidedly more hirsute than an average male. His chest, back, and arms were covered in a thick cover of hair, while his pubic area was so hairy it would have covered the cock of any normal male. His human qualities were immensely muscled and well-developed, and the Sacrifice licked her lips as she watched his hard and toned muscles move effortlessly under his slick, dark red skin.

But Baphomet was not human, and the remaining parts of his body were utterly inhuman. His head appeared as that of a great black bull's, with raging red eyes, great sharp horns that turned out at an angle, with a glowing red symbol on his forehead like that painted on the Sacrifice's pubic area. His legs were that of a goat's, with black hair beginning at mid-thigh. His large, black raven-like wings were at first fully extended, but now tucked tightly into his back.

His cock, which was already rigid and erect, looked like any other circumcised man's pecker, in so far as shape is concerned. But the size was absolutely impossible for any man, and would have been difficult even for a horse or a bull. Baphomet's cock, standing gloriously hard out of the thick tangle of fur around his pubic region, was at least 25 inches long, and could not have been less than seven inches wide. The Sacrifice sucked in her breath for a moment when she saw that delicious, gigantic cock, and immediately began to feel her pussy get soaking wet. She was, for a moment, scared at the thought of that enormous cock being shoved in her pussy, but then she recalled that was why the ritual of the anointing oils and symbols was preformed before her coupling with Baphomet, so she could have the inhuman elasticity to take his massive cock. The hairy balls that swayed deliciously with every move Baphomet made were just as large and perfectly proportioned with his cock.

Baphomet seemed to radiate a raw, wildly animalistic sensuality and sexuality from his body. It was like a hot breeze on a humid day, and the entire coven was immediately affected by the sensuality wafting off his body. Each member either grew harder or wetter than they had been before as the most deliciously wicked and erotic thoughts and images flashed through their heads. As if in a sexual stupor, they turned to the member nearest them, regardless of gender or orientation, and began to touch, kiss, nibble, massage, and lick.

The Sacrifice was affected by his sexuality as well. Merely looking at Baphomet's huge, hard cock, glistening in the candle light and etched with thick blood vessels, and thinking of how nice it would be to taste it, suck it, be fucked by it, and to massage those massive balls, made the Sacrifice orgasm again right there. She squirted her loving pussy juice, some of which splattered on Baphomet's hairy legs.

He looked down at her, and spoke in a voice that was one part deep and gravelly and one part growl. "Well," he said with a chuckle, "my little girl. I see you're ready for your god."

"Yes, please," she whispered, not for any want to be quite, but simply because she was so excited and breathing so heavily she only had enough air between her pants to whisper. "Take me as you want, my lord...my master."

Baphomet crouched down again before her, and looked at his coven. They had by now all begun to pleasure one another in earnest. The Priestess was on all fours, sucking the long, lean cock of a coven member who had been standing by her, while a female member squatted behind her licking her asshole. Two men, neither of whom was gay, were kissing passionately as they mutually stroked each other's hard cocks. A male coven member was eating the pussy of a member near him, while she sucked on the Priest's cock. A female member sat, riding the cock of one member, while another one fucked her ass from behind. Two females were sucking one man's thick cock, while he in turned sucked the large cock of a black member standing before him.

"Yes," Baphomet growled, and the Sacrifice watched as his cock grew visibly larger and harder, "yes, YES, YESSSSS!" He pounced on top of her, licking her from cunt to face with one long stroke of his snake-like tongue. He slid his tongue back again, and lingered on her clit, which again sent her into paroxysms of pleasure and forced an unearthly glorious orgasm upon her. She screamed loudly, thrashing about, then tensing, and then trashing again.

Baphomet, now panting and snorting, grabbed the Sacrifice's ass, lifted her up as far as the chains would allow, then suddenly slammed his entire gigantic cock into her pussy. She gasped for breath, as the sudden, unexpected pressure caused her to actually black out for a moment. Her pussy was absolutely on fire, equal parts pleasure and pain. Her cunt had never felt so wonderfully alive, so utterly full, so much fulfilling the purpose for which it had been created. As Baphomet fucked her ravenously, slamming his full weight into her with every push, she now came continually, one long orgasm, her squirts timed to his thrusts.

But there was pain with this pleasure as well. Although the oils, incantations, and spells painted on her abdomen helped to convert much of the pain into pleasure, she was being pulled apart my Baphomet's massive, unearthly cock. Her pussy was stretching magically far beyond it's naturally ability, yet it was still being ripped by the savage fucking she was receiving from her lord and master, and she could feel a thin trickle of blood oozing down into her ass, mixing with the squirting cum that now flowed from her like spring. His cock did not stop at the cervix, but in fact was being thrust all the way into her uterus, which was stretching far to accommodate his size. Baphomet did not restrain himself in the least as he took her, so the whole length of his cock was being jammed into the Sacrifice; this actually forced her internal organs aside with every thrust, and the Sacrifice felt a discomforting pressure in her chest every time Baphomet slammed him cock into her. She could feel her throat tighten with every animal thrust.

Her pleasure was pain, her pain pleasure. But she was happy to experience both for Baphomet.

Baphomet ravaged her for far longer than any normal man could possibly manage. The mixture of pleasure and pain, the continual, preternatural orgasms, the pressure and tightness inside her, made the Sacrifice grow weak and dizzy, hovering on the verge of unconsciousness. Yet she wanted to experience every delicious second of this fucking, to remain awake and aware to everything going on around her. So she willfully took her eyes away from Baphomet and scanned the sanctuary.

The coven members surrounding the slab continued to have their unrestrained orgy, which the Sacrifice took great pleasure in watching as she herself was fucked. Some were still coupled one on one, but most had formed small groups, where everyone was fucking, sucking, or licking someone. Not a hole was unoccupied, not an organ was being ignored. Everyone, men and women, men and men, women and women, were enjoying each other's bodies in a pure sexual, carnal release, glorious unrestrained sex. All of the coven members had cum numerous times by this point and were covered in a thin sheen of mixed sweat and sex juices, but everyone was able to orgasm again and again and again fueled by the strange sexual energy emanating off Baphomet. Baphomet had been fucking her with even added energy and power for the past few minutes, and the Sacrifice became aware that his grunts were becoming continually more savage and far closer to growls. "Come, my children," he roared and beckoned to the coven members, "it is time."

The members stopped what they were doing and all closely surrounded the slab, masturbating themselves as they stood over the Sacrifice. Some massaged and rubbed her, along her belly, her thighs, her breasts, while others massaged Baphomet instead. Although none were as of yet allowed to touch the Sacrifice in an overtly sexual manner, there was no such rule regarding touching Baphomet, and many of the coven members rapturously massaged and tickled his gigantic balls as they swayed back and forth from the effort of fucking; the Priestess ravenously rimmed his asshole, trying to time her licks to his thrusts.

Surrounded by all these delicious looking cocks and cunts, yet unable yet to enjoy any of them drove the Sacrifice mad, and she writhed in pleasure as well as the anticipation of more pleasure to come. Baphomet closed his eyes and snarled, a thin stream of drool slipping out of mouth as he did so. The Sacrifice felt him tense, knew what was about to happen and braced herself for it.

Baphomet's breathing became grunts, until he finally arched his back, threw his head back, and let out a supernatural howl, something never heard on earth because no earthly being could make such a sound. The Sacrifice could feel his hot cum bursting into her, filling her uterus, pouring out of her pussy. He continued to thrust viciously as he came, pumping his thick white cum out of her, onto to the slab, her ass, her legs. Still he came, a torrent of cum shooting out of his cock, until he finally took it out and shot it on the Sacrifice and the coven members. Her belly, tits, and face were now covered in a glistening, shimmering layer of Baphomet's cum.

That seemed to act as some kind of signal or permission for the coven members to finally touch the Sacrifice, because now they did happily. Many members leaned down and began to lick off Baphomet's cum from her body, and as they did so they licked and sucked on her nipples, kissed and nibbled her neck, and tenderly licked her clit and asshole. Other members slid their cocks into her hands, or rubbed their cunts along her lips, or shot their own load of cum over her body. Yet others fucked her pussy or ass.

The Sacrifice had performed her duty to Baphomet, and was now a revered sexual icon to be enjoyed by the coven, but also to be served. She gladly and hungrily took whatever organ was presented to her, sucking cocks lustfully and swallowing their cum as if addicted, licking cunts and being sprayed by their own sexy love juices. Every coven member satisfied himself or herself numerous times with the Sacrifice, and she was lovingly served and pleasured by the coven.

The ritual was done, the sacrifice made.


The police arrived not long after the anonymous emergency call was made. As reported, they found a young woman naked in the old abandoned church. When she recovered, she told them that she had been gang raped by a local gang but couldn't remember any details. They believed this story, as it was obvious from her wounds that her vagina had been ravished and, by the quantity of "human material evidence" left on her that there were several perpetrators.

She recovered and seemed to be doing well, physically and emotionally, when she announced the news that all her friends and family had been dreading: She was pregnant.

Despite their urgings, she refused to have an abortion, because she stated her strong Catholic beliefs wouldn't allow fat that, even in this case. In fact, not only would she not abort, she would keep and raise the child as her own. It would be a chance for her to take a bit of evil and turn it into a gift for good. Those closest to her were shocked, but admired her greatly for her perseverance and strong beliefs.

The pregnancy went well, and passed with no difficulties, as did the delivery itself. At the end, she had a beautiful baby boy.

He was perfect in all respects, noted the doctors, save for two interesting birth defects. One was an unusual red birthmark on his forehead, which to the doctors looked like an abstract pattern, but she knew was actually a camouflaged replication of the one on his father's forehead.

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