tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Salesman Cums to Visit

A Salesman Cums to Visit


Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction based in the world of The Cummoner. The characters depicted herein are the property of the talented comic writer/artist Totempole. This story was written with his explicit permission.


Andren B. Caliston, owner and operator of A.B.C. Shoes Inc., sighed as he left the market place. This latest village (he neither knew nor cared about its name) had few people interested in his wares. Like many in the area it was a hamlet consisting of woodcutters and farmers, nestled in a dense forest in the middle of nowhere. Hardly the richest people to sell shoes to.

It was time for him to move on to the next settlement. So he began walking, dragging behind him a long wooden cart full of shoes and boots (each his own creation). Andren had never got on with horses, and so he pulled his cart-based business from place to place himself. While exhausting, this wandering salesman routine had left him strong and muscular, with a ruggedly handsome weather-beaten face. For a cobbler, Andren was oddly good-looking indeed.

A brilliant blue and cloudless sky hung overhead, beating the sun down on his spikey black hair as he wandered through the countryside, making him sweat a little under his linen shirt. Andren paused by a river and scooped some cool, clear water into his mouth, then pressed on over a log bridge and onwards through the lush green forest.

Andren was just starting to think about food when he happened to glance through the trees to his right. A small dirt track (even less trodden and more rustic than the main path he was on) curled off and wound its way towards a wooden house in the distance. It was a small, single-storey building, with a yellow straw roof and a stone well outside. Food immediately forgotten, Andren smiled. Customers!

Exerting effort, he wheeled the cart to the right and down the track towards the house.


Vilga the sorceress (well, half-trained apprentice witch) yawned long and loud and then slumped down at her table, exhausted. Before her were several arcane books, tomes, codices and scrolls, and many more were lined up on the bookcases behind her. She had spent ages studying and working on magical rituals and formulae, all of them geared towards summoning demons.

That was Vilga's thing. She charged her magic with sex (an oddity that even she could not explain) and summoning horny demons as fuck buddies was ideal. It was fun, but the hard work involved in getting the ritual right was really tiring.

"I'm going to take a break," She announced, stretching her arms as she stood up. Her purple cloak fluttered behind her as she moved, and Vilga's thick white-yellow hair swayed before her brilliant red eyes (which alternated between innocent and mischievous with ease). A purple choker with pentagram added mysticism to her ensemble, and a black tube-top hid her perky and ample breasts. A skirt, purple to match her cloak, draped from her shapely hips, and her legs ended in oddly sexy knee-high purple boots.

"You last took a break an hour ago!" Chided the room's other inhabitant, sat on a stool nearby and eating buttered bread with gusto. "You'll never improve your magic if you don't work at it, Vilga!"

His name was Tuck, and he was a short, naked, green-skinned demon with curling ram horns, a small tail, and a long cock. Tuck had not always looked like this, but that's another story.

"Relax," Said the witch, "I'm just going to the well for some water. It's hot today, in case you didn't notice."

"Actually," Replied the demon as he finished his bread, "I didn't."

"That's because you're always nude," Vilga observed, noting how little her friend was sweating. "It's kind of odd. How would you like it if I walked around here naked all the time?"

Tuck raised an eyebrow and smiled wickedly.

"Nevermind," Said the young witch, rolling her eyes and striding out of the front door.


It was Andren's lucky day! As he pulled his cart up a potential customer was already emerging from the house, and she was a gorgeous young woman with an evident taste in stylish boots! "Greetings!" He called out heartily.

Vilga, unused to receiving visitors in her isolated adopted home, was caught by surprise. "Er... hi!"

"Good day to you, madam," Said Andren, striding forward and grabbing her delicate little hand in a firm handshake. Vilga forced a smile as he launched into his well-rehearsed intro. "I'm Andren B. Caliston, of A.B.C. Shoes Inc., and this is your lucky day! I'm here with the finest shoes in the land, brought right to your door for your convenience, and you look like the sort of intelligent lady who appreciates fine shoes such as mine. Here, have a look!"

And with a single gesture, he whipped off the sheet covering the back of the cart, and revealed row after row of shoes, boots, and sandals, some leather and some fur, covering every style, fashion, and weather requirement imaginable.

Despite her initial surprise and confusion, Vilga's eyes now lit up as realised what this stranger was offering. "Oh wow! Look at them!" She beamed, face alive with joy.

"Pick some! Feel free to try them on!" Urged Andren. So saying he grabbed a small stool from the cart (padded for his customer's comfort, of course) and placed it down nearby. Vilga perused the selection for a moment, then gestured to a few pairs of shoes and sat her shapely ass down on the stool.

Andren grabbed the indicated shoes and brought them over as Vilga stared at the scarlet leather high-heels. Before she could try them on, though, she had to remove her purple boots. With a little effort, the cute witch pulled them off, revealing long, smooth legs and delicate feet with perfect arches and toes. Andren reacted the moment he saw her bare feet, staring at them.

Oh wow, he thought, her feet are gorgeous! No, no wait, I can't let this happen again! Lusting after women's feet is what got me fired from that great shoe store job in the city!

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Andren tried not to let his perverted interest show. Dropping to his knees before her, he held out the shoes and allowed her to insert her feet one at a time. All the while he could not stop himself from stealing glimpses at her toes and legs.

Vilga, however, was too engrossed in the shoes themselves to notice the salesman's wandering eyes. She tried on the high-heels, and then moved on to a pair of boots. Then came a few pairs of sandals then another pair of boots. Every time she allowed the salesman to remove and then put the items on her feet. Vilga had no idea that shoe-makers ('cobblers', she eventually remembered) were such helpful people!

"These ones feel nice," She said, black and red leather sandals adorning her feet. Standing up and making a lap around the nearby well, Vilga found them quite comfortable. "What do you think?" She asked.

"Huh?" Said Andren, so focused on her toes (perfectly visible at the open front of the sandals) that he did not even notice her speaking. Quickly realising what had been asked, he said, "Er... they look great!"

"Oh, you said that about the last ones too," Said Vilga, amused by the daydreaming salesman. As she spoke, her gaze flicked past him to her house, where she suddenly noticed Tuck at the window. The naked little demon was gesturing, pointing at the visitor and trying to catch her attention while Andren was looking elsewhere.

"Uh, would you excuse me a moment?" Asked Vilga, deciding to investigate. "I just need to... er... check on some food I have cooking!" And so saying she hurried back into the house, leaving Andren outside. That she was still wearing the sandals went unnoticed.

Inside and with the door firmly shut, the witch looked down at her green-skinned friend. "What is it, Tuck?" She asked.

"Who is this guy?" The demon demanded, heading over to the window and peering carefully out. "He seems odd," He said, looking at Andren and sounding suspicious.

Vilga shrugged. "Just some shoe-guy," She replied nonchalantly. "He seems a little spaced out, but really Tuck, I don't think he's up to anything." And with a cute smile added, "Still, it's nice that you are watching out for me!"

"I'm watching out for BOTH of us," Said Tuck, trying to deny that he was actually concerned for the sorceress. "It's just that there is something about this guy that..." And suddenly he noticed something through the window and stopped mid-sentence. "Oh."

"What?" She asked.

Turning from the window, Tuck looked at her. "I think I've figured it out," He said. "This guy is acting odd because he has a thing for your feet!"

"What?" Exclaimed Vilga, stunned and a little embarrassed by the idea. "What makes you say that?"

Tuck invited her to look out the window. "Just a hunch," Said the demon, deadpan.

Carefully, Vilga joined him and saw Andren outside. The salesman was sitting on the stool, and in his hands was one of Vilga's purple boots. With a look of pure bliss on his face, he was lifting the item to his face and breathing deeply through his nose. He shuddered in perverted delight and a raging hard-on was clearly visible in his trousers.

"Ew!" Exclaimed Vilga, ducking back away from the window. "I've been wearing those boots all day, and it's been hot! They can't smell good!"

"I think that's why he looks so happy," Observed Tuck.

"But it's really weird!" Said Vilga, having never encountered a foot fetishist before.

Tuck shrugged. "This from a woman who has sex with summoned demons?"

"You have a point," Vilga reluctantly agreed. "And I do say that to be a good mage I need to learn as much as I can about things..."

"So, what are you going to do?" Asked Tuck.

Vilga thought about it for a moment, and then smiled.


Vilga emerged from the house, and as she did so Andren jumped up and quickly dropped the boot to the ground, placing it side-by-side with the other one. "Sorry, just tidying up!" He blurted out, trying to seem innocent about having her footwear in his hands. Of course the bulge in his slacks gave lie to his words.

The witch ignored him, playing it cool for now. "It's okay," She said, moving over to him and dropping down onto the stool. "And sorry about that, I just needed to tend to the kitchen. Now, where were we..."

"You wanted to try on the strappy midnight blue boots next," Andren offered, adjusting his stance to hide his body's excitement.

"Oh yes," Said Vilga, "Those next." And so saying she leaned down to remove the sandals. Taking them off ever so slowly, she coyly glanced out from behind her yellow-white hair and saw the salesman staring intently are her now bare feet. Deciding to make her move she exclaimed, "Oh!" Then grabbed her left foot and began rubbing it.

"Are you okay?" Asked Andren immediately, genuinely concerned.

"Oh, just a muscle spasm," Said Vilga lightly. "Trying on all these shoes are making my feet ache." With a naughty grin she then said, "I could really do with a foot massage."

"A... foot massage?" Repeated Andren, disbelieving that she had just said that.

"Yeah, that would feel really nice," Mused Vilga, red eyes innocent. "I'll get one later, I suppose..."

"Or now?" Blurted Andren, seizing his chance before his common sense could supress his desire to touch her feet. "I mean... if you want... I could... you know, so my customer is comfortable while shoe-shopping..."

Bingo! Thought Vilga, but she pretended to sound surprised when she said, "Oh really? That's very kind of you! Thanks!"

"No trouble at all!" Said Andren, elated that she had accepted. With his heart beating in his chest (and his cock throbbing hard in his trousers) he knelt before her and took her left foot in his strong hands and immediately began massaging.

His grip was firm yet gentle, and his twisting motions and careful attention to heel, arch and toes bespoke a lot of skill at foot massage (Andren was very well practiced). After just a few moments Vilga's foot tingled with pleasure, and she sighed in contentment. "Oh that feels good!" She said aloud.

"You're welcome," Said Andren, voice sounding distracted as he focused on her perfectly magnificent foot. Redoubling his efforts, Vilga immediately began to feel even better. She had no idea that a foot massage could feel this good! In response she could feel herself getting turned-on and wet under her skirt.

"Please don't stop," She breathed, closing her eyes and gasping audibly at the pleasure. Andren looked up and could see the effect he was having, and that only encouraged him more.

He kept this up for a while, growing more and more excited, and finally asked, "Other foot?" Vilga nodded enthusiastically, shifting on the stool and lifting her other leg. As she shifted, her skirt pulled to one side, and from his view on the ground Andren caught a glimpse between her legs. The witch was devoid of underwear, and her wet pussy filled his vision.

Vilga blushed slightly when she noticed where he was looking, but she made no attempt to cover herself up. In fact, she opened her legs more, ensuring that the skirt stayed out of the way. "Like what you see?" She asked, red eyes alive with mischief.

Andren, still massaging her foot, nodded quickly. "Oh yes," He answered dumbly.

"I can tell," Said the sexy sorceress, and with her free foot she brushed her toes across the obvious bulge in his trousers. The salesman gasped immediately, for even through his clothes the feeling of her bare foot on his cock was pure heaven! He moaned loudly with lust.

Vilga was enjoying his reaction, and now that she knew Andren was willing she had no reason to hold back. She had denied her pussy for too long already, and now thrust a delicate hand down there and began pleasuring herself openly. The salesman at her feet stared in open amazement as this gorgeous woman played with herself right before his eyes, and he burned the sight into his memory.

Vilga sighed and gasped as her hand found her sweet spot and her whole body began to swell as she teased her pussy, but she was not ready to cum just yet. She needed more! Reaching up with a free hand, Vilga found the clasps on her cloak and removed it, then pulled her black tube-top off over her head. Now her perky breasts were exposed and free, and the young witch began playing with a nipple to add to her pleasure.

Andren was lost in lust and excitement over how things were going, and now began to act on instinct. Ceasing his foot massage, he instead brought Vilga's foot to his face and began to breathe deeply of her scent. Oh fuck yes! His mind screamed in joy. He had been sniffing her boots, but they were nothing compared to the divine scent of her feet themselves. Consumed with it, he opened his mouth and began sucking on her toes, running his tongue along them.

"Oh yes!" Cried Vilga in uncontrolled pleasure, relishing the sensation of a man sucking on her toes while she played with her pussy and tits.

Meanwhile Andren's cock was almost painfully stiff, and he scrambled to free it. With one hand he pulled down his trousers, exposing his throbbing cock to Vilga's inspection. The witch smiled at the size of it, and trembling with sexual excitement cried, "Fuck me! Fuck me now!"

The salesman needed no further encouragement, leaping up and pulling off his top as he did so. Now nude, he revealed a well-toned body and with his strong arms he grabbed Vilga, scooping her up and laying her upon the grass. With a single tug he pulled off her skirt, getting it totally out of the way and leaving her naked save for her pentagram choker.

Andren went right at her, parting her legs and, taking a moment to savour the beauty of her exquisite nude form, he thrust himself inside Vilga. The witch's red eyes went wide at the sensation of being filled, and she cried out with joy, "Oh fuck YES!"

Oh wow her pussy feels so good! Thought Andren as he began thrusting, driven by pure animal lust. Vilga writhed beneath him, massaging her breasts and playing with her nipples as she tried to squeeze as much sensual pleasure from the experience as she could. The sorceress's voice was now an inarticulate parade of gasps, moans and squeals as she gave herself over to the approaching orgasm.

Andren could also feel himself building towards cumming, and this was already the greatest fuck of his life when it suddenly got better. Vilga twisted slightly beneath him, bringing one of her legs up to rest on his face. Immediately the foot fetishist opened his mouth and clamped down, resuming sucking and licking and relishing the taste of her toes, all the while still ramming her with his massive cock. This woman is fucking amazing! He thought as his pleasure increased.

Vilga was also reaching a new high, delighting in having her foot played with as she got filled. "Oh yes, that's it! Fuck my body and suck on my toes! Fuck me and suck me! Fuck me and suck MEEEEE!!" She screamed.

Unable to contain himself any longer, Andren came harder than he ever had in his life, the mind-blowing pleasure sweeping him up into orgiastic oblivion. His cock erupted in Vilga's pussy and this was the final act that drove her over the edge too. The witch's whole body shook as he came inside her, and with a final cry of unrestrained pleasure Vilga climaxed!

And as she did so her full, raw magical powers were unleashed.

Vilga's explosive orgasm was mirrored by an explosion of light and energy as a blast of untampered etheric might cascaded all around.


Tuck saw the blast from the window (he loved spying on Vilga while she got into sexy situations like this one) and shook his head as the inevitable happened. No matter how hard Vilga tried she could never control her magic when she came.

Opening the door, he strode out and over to where the naked witch was lying on the grass, panting heavily and smiling in a contented post-orgasmic daze. "You seemed to have fun," He observed.

The beautiful sorceress nodded. "Yeah... I needed that..."

Suddenly, a small animal jumped past Tuck, and his gaze locked onto a large frog hopping along close by. "You did it again," He said, unsurprised. "Another innocent victim transformed by your magic."

"Hey, it's not my fault, I'm trying to control my powers!" Vilga said defensively, sitting up. Staring at the frog that had been once been Andren B. Caliston she said, "I'm going to call him 'Toe'd'," She said with a cheery smile. "Get it? Foot fetishist? Frog?"

"Very droll," Said Tuck.

"Well, go catch him!" Vilga ordered impatiently.

"Why do I have to catch Toe'd? What are you going to do?" The demon asked.

The witch rose and, heedless of her nudity, made her way towards Andren's cart. "Me? I still have shoes to try on!" Vilga said, and began to help herself...


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