tagIncest/TabooA Second Letter From Maggie Ch. 01

A Second Letter From Maggie Ch. 01


This is purely for those reviewers who were so kind in comment and eager for a follow up. I started to write it as a mix of two topics, but have decided in view of the comments left to send it in two parts as the 'orientation' of them is quite different.

Written as a letter it is 'newsy' . Please rate it based on what you like about it rather than anything you don't. My apologies for taking so long to complete this follow up to the first 'Letter' story - I hope you are not disappointed - just a work of fiction, but inspired by one or two of my own cameos. Here goes...

The old fashioned hand written envelope that dropped through the door could only be from one person. Sure enough, as Krissy sat in her sun filled kitchen, nursing a good quality coffee and croissant, there was Maggie's distinctive handwriting. Krissy held the letter and wryly smiled at the ways of her old-fashioned mature lover.

The ceremony of letter opening and sitting to anticipate the read like the arrival of a new best seller, only served to heighten the thrill at its receipt. The thirty-something knew which tale would be told in its contents and she had spent weeks wondering if Maggie had succeeded in seducing her young employee Lucy. It was a wicked thought, but one which made her juices really flow...

"Hi Krissy,

I really hope you, and of course the lovely Julia, are as well as can be found and enjoying this fabulous summer we are having. The good weather certainly lightens the mood. Mind you, my mood needs little help in lifting since we met on holiday.

My body is continuing to make me feel alive as I continue the path which you so deliciously set me on. I guess I owe you a return favour and would love to offer some suggestions as to how I might repay you – of course, most involve you being naked in my bed, but I will leave you to put fill in the detail on how that time together could be spent...

However that is not the tale that is to be told this time. As promised, I am writing to fill you in on what is happening with both Sara, that wicked bitch niece of mine, and of course the lovely innocent that is Lucy.

Sara has continued to corrupt me with her devilish behaviour. Every time she leaves and I think what she has made me do, I am almost horrified by myself. I'll tell you more in a minute, but the contrast when I think about Lucy is incredible – where Sara seems to wrap me round her finger, I am the one guiding events with Lucy. Where Sara and I seem to share pure lust, with Lucy I have had to think about and plan every move in detail. I love both relationships, though I use that term loosely in respect of both of these girls...

The twists with Sara have continued to stretch my experience further than I could ever imagine. I really don't know where she gets the ideas for what we have done! Recently she has developed a real taste for me licking- rimming she calls it - her asshole. Sorry to be so matter of fact - I can't believe that I accepted her demand so readily, but then you have seen that tiny tight ass and can appreciate how delightful it is to get so close to it.

The first time was a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday evening. As usual she had arranged to stay when going out for the night in town. As usual she came over late in the afternoon and made a big play of getting ready at length. While she was getting cleaned up, she had me strip off while I watched. I was then made to kneel behind her while she put her mascara on at the bathroom mirror, naked herself of course, and begin to slide my tongue up and down her ass crack. She told me she wanted me to loosen her up back there for something naughty she had in mind later on.

I did manage the occasional taste of her pussy, especially once she was getting wet and turned on. She was so deliciously smooth – you know how gorgeous in this respect young women are – after all you have one of your own.

After a while, once she had deemed me to have got her wet enough, she got me to force my tongue further up her ass. I was glad she had showered first, but this was turning me on immensely. Sara bent over the sink loving the subtle feelings I was able to deliver her. I was fit to burst and prayed she would not deny me my orgasm for too long.

Sara soon wanted more though and that was in the form of a finger, then two, eased into her now soaking rear. She made some lewd comments about my thicker mature fingers really stretching her and that would be perfect preparation. For what I could only guess. She reached down and gave her clit a rub and soon she was at her climax, not a huge one, but an obvious and moist relief.

Turning round, she sat me on the bath and as if to read my mind, almost matter of factly reached down and within a minute of rubbing up and down my slit I was cumming all over her fingers – it was a perfect release. I hung off her for a couple of minutes while she let me regain my breath, gently stroking my heaving breasts. As she let go and finished getting ready her comment that I might want to give my own ass some 'attention' sounded ominous.

She left me lying on the bed with a glib 'See you later'. Reflecting on what she said, I decided to try being a bit bolder with what was a virgin hole for me. I know anal is a pretty common thing for Sara's age group, but to me it was almost taboo. Of course a finger tip or two had been up there, but nothing bigger. There had been a couple of clumsy attempts by ex-boyfriends, but my back door had always remained closed. I doubted whether I could retain that honour for much longer.

I got myself on all fours, reached back with the bottle of baby oil we now kept near the bed for general lubrication (you know how things are), and liberally spread it around. Looking back I could see my ass in the mirror and began to circle the anus with a finger, gently probing the hole as I had done with Sara earlier. Almost instantly I felt I needed more and first a finger, then two were pushed in. Now I knew how Sara had felt and picturing my gorgeous niece I was soon close to orgasm number two.

Something made me not take the easy route and I reached for our stash of toys next to the bed. I selected a small blue vibe and slowly but easily pushed it into my rear. My oh my, it felt good and it was not even turned on, though god knows I was...

In my mind I reckoned Sara would have me on the other end of the strap on again, but that it sounded like she wanted to try riding my ass now. If I was to take her strap on back there, I knew I had better limit my pleasure in that hole. I contented myself with a long slow plateau of pleasure, lots of lubing up and a feverish anticipation of Sara's return.

Her eventual return came accompanied by a couple of extra voices. Usually when Sara brought her man friends back to the house, she took them to her room leaving me to listen to her taking her pleasure with them. God knows what my sister, her mother, would think if she knew what went on when her daughter was staying over with Aunt Maggie...

This time was different. I was called down to the lounge. You would have admired my confidence to walk in dressed only in a sexy satin number. The guys she had brought back were a surprise to me, much older than usual, perhaps mid forties. Both were well dressed and confident looking, and no wonder, probably both thinking they had pulled and were going to fuck such a gorgeous young thing as Sara. Judging by their looks when they saw me enter, they seemed to approve of the older aunt as well.

As I approached it was obvious why they looked so pleased – Sara had both of their cocks out and was languidly wanking them as they sat either side of her.

'Maggie, meet my new friends – I would like you to come and help me get them really hard for the fun I have in mind.' I was made to get on my knees and both of them stood and approached me. To be offered two cocks at once was something new to me. All I could think of was the porn I had seen and what the women had done on them. Clutching both, I did what was asked and expected of me and began to suck.

This was heavenly. Both were a good size but not uncomfortably so. Their appreciative noises told me that I was doing a good job, switching from one to the other, occasionally pushing both together and trying to get both into my mouth at once. Seeing two hard cocks touching each other was triggering all sorts of fantasy buttons in me. Sometimes I don't know where I get these thoughts from...

The men were stripping themselves as I did my duty, but then suddenly I was aware that their attention was suddenly moved elsewhere. I looked up and across the room and saw why. Sara was stood there dressed only in black stockings and hold ups and her costume necklace that matched her smouldering dark hair. Her nipples were hard as bullets, her pussy sporting just the tiniest triangle of dark pubic hair. Sensational.

'You look ready guys, so follow me - you as well Maggie.' She walked off and the guy nearest the door followed without a second thought. I guess he reckoned that would give him first go with this young slut. The second helped me to my feet, kissed me hard on the lips and ran a hand over the top of my large breasts. It felt so good and my hand fell instinctively to his cock. He in turn dropped a hand to my sopping slit a trawled a thick finger right up the middle of it. As he crossed over my clit I could have just pulled him into me there and then. But Sara had called and I needed to know what she had in mind.

As we followed her into her room, she turned and kissed the lucky first guy in. She lowered him onto the bed and it was obvious what was coming next. For the first time I was going to watch my niece fuck one of her victims right in front of my eyes. She stared intently into his eyes and swung a leg over his torso before slowly lowering herself onto his rock hard cock. This was a glorious sight seeing her labia forcing open and the cock disappearing into her. She began to ride him taking her own pleasure at his expense.

I still had hold of the second guys cock and was gently fisting it while my own hand played around with my own pussy. My man took his chance to get me naked and removed my delicate nightdress. His hands cupped my breasts and firmly squeezed them from behind, pinching my nipples hard causing me to shudder and roll my head back. In my mind I was realizing that I was going to be at the mercy of the three of them for the evening. I didn't mind one little bit.

A small orgasm had soon taken over Sara and slightly breathlessly she called for me. 'Do what you did earlier to me – you know what I mean Maggie.' I knew all too well and reluctantly let go of my play cock then approached the bed and bent forward. I couldn't see either face of the men, but could imagine what they would be feeling as my tongue dived at Sara's ass.

It tasted absolutely gorgeous, her juices smeared all over it. I carried out my task enthusiastically and was rewarded with an opportunist cock nudging my cunt from behind. It was gorgeous feeling it slide inside. To be honest, I have not enjoyed the pleasure of a man in my bed since we met. Sara's demands and my own wicked play have been enough. Call me an old traditionalist, but I was quite relieved to discover that I have not become some old dyke and can confidently and happily say I am liberal and bi in my leanings now. Krissy, you have a lot to answer for – that said I think girls are definitely ahead in my ratings at the moment!

When Sara realised I was being fucked she said to my lover 'Good, get yourself nice and wet for me, I'm just about ready for you.' Suddenly I realised why I was rimming her ass as I was gently pushed to one side. 'You' she nodded at him 'Ease that cock of yours up my ass – it's nice and ready for you.' To emphasize the point, she slid a finger right up her own asshole, dragging a load of spit and lube into it. Her eyes closed for a moment as she felt the pleasure of that extra penetration, then opened them, reached back for the cock which had just moments earlier been buried in my pussy. 'Watch carefully Maggie, it's your turn next...' and with that she lined up the cock with her hole and let his weight fall forward onto her.

My God, I could not believe her petite frame would accept both cocks at the same time, but it did and the two guys clearly could not believe their luck. After a minute or so of wriggling and moving to establish a rhythm, they began to fuck her, slower than they would have done if just one of them had been taking her, but clearly at no cost to her pleasure. Her cries and moans just grew and grew. I recognized some of these extreme noises from other evening when she had been staying over. This was definitely not her first time with a cock in her ass, and almost certainly not the first double penetration she had enjoyed. It was all I could do to rub myself and from time to time reach out and touch breasts or balls, cock or ass, steal a kiss or feel a foreign finger slyly disappear up my tunnel.

Although Sara was clearly staggering from one climax to another, she cautioned the guys against cumming. Their control was admirable in the face of this horny and gorgeous young thing mounted on their cocks. Coming down from a large cum, Sara expertly unravelled herself from her intruders, looked at them and said a simple 'Now fuck her the same way' and looking at the guy on his back said 'But you can have her ass!'

I could not believe that my anal virginity was going to be given away just like that. But I had no mind to stop her. She positioned my ass above his cock, my back to him and lowered me onto him, slowly forcing it in. I was glad I had practiced earlier and in reality felt him enter me with, well not exactly ease, but more pleasure than pain.

Feeling the cock inside me and his gentle pushing up to get deeper meant I was well in control. Surrendering to the feeling, I began to ride him slowly, all the time feeling Sara's hands on my breasts and pussy helping me enjoy the moment still further. Soon I was shuddering with pleasure, the waves building in me. At that moment I was presented with that second, more familiar cock at the entrance to my pussy. It was mercilessly pushed in this time. No ceremony, just pure animal lust.

I was little more than a large breasted rag doll for them to satiate themselves on now. They had been controlled and rhythmical with Sara and now this was just the push to a climax for all of us. Sara added one final word to them both 'I want both of you to cum in her ass – make sure you do or the night will be short.' I could only wonder what she meant, but for now was utterly absorbed.

Clearly reaching the end of their endurance, which could have been a minute or an hour so much had I lost track of time, my pussy was emptied of cock. I was flipped over and my ass began to take a much harder fucking. I was screaming my lust as the cock remorselessly drilled in and out. Sara presented me with her swollen and sodden pussy to cover with my mouth. It afforded her a view of the guy cumming in my ass. I was given no chance to recover when my first lover took his turn on his second ass of the night. Any pretence to anything more than being somewhere for him to leave his cum, would have been a lie. Slippery and lubricated from what felt like a huge load in deep in me, his cock entered so easily. The noises emanating from my rear were lewd in the extreme. They combined perfectly with the noises escaping from my two lovers sharing my pleasure at that very moment. I came again with my fingers hard on my clit, another cock emptied itself inside me and Sara enjoyed another of her own.

I was left lying on the bed while the others took turns to shower. I could feel the cum slowly sliding back out, a strange, corrupt and delightful feeling. Our night did not finish there. I was sent to my bedroom with my first lover, who would have me twice more that night. Sara came in and sent me to her room in the morning, so that we could share each others for one last fuck before sending them away. I was raw but utterly pleasured by the time I sat down for breakfast late that next morning.

Sara told me later that she chose the older guys for a number of reasons. I thought that them being handsome and definitely 'up for it' was enough but no, she hoped that their experience would mean that our asses would be treated gently on what she knew was my first time. Also she was aware that the guys would be just as appreciative of my older form as they would be excited by her youth. Their nice modest cocks were a bonus for an anal experience.

I think Sara is smart beyond her years.

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