tagIncest/TabooA Sexy Mom and Her Injured Son

A Sexy Mom and Her Injured Son


Hi, my name is Mike. I live at home with my mother, Stacy. My mother divorced my father when I was just a kid, after she caught him sleeping around with a bunch of young girls. I rarely speak to my father, so my only close family is my mother. I love her to death, and would do anything for her. There is one thing that makes my mother stand out from the rest, she is an absolute fox. I've always been teased for having a hot mom, and I can't blame my friends for thinking so. My mother is much younger than most of my friends moms are, she is only 37, while most the moms I know are approaching 50. She is 5'8" with a body that most college girls would kill to have. She also wears clothes around the house that are meant to be for teenage girls. Her favorite thing to wear around the house is extremely short booty shorts that don't even cover her ass cheeks. I don't think she realizes the affects her outfits have on me.

I'll tell you a little about myself now. I'm a 21 year old college student, living at home. I do well in school, but have never done well with the ladies. I'm a good looking guy, in good shape, but I've always been very shy around girls. I've only ever had one girlfriend, and she only lasted a few months before I found out she was cheating on me. Enough about me though, let me get on with the story. About a year ago, I got in a pretty bad car crash while my friend was driving us to soccer practice. Luckily for me, I only broke an arm and a leg, with a few bruises here and there. My mother had to take care of me when I got home from the hospital, which is where things started to get interesting...


I woke up to the sound of my mother calling my name, I opened my eyes and looked up to see my mom standing over me.

"Ohh my God Mikey, I'm so happy you're alright. I was expecting the worst when I got the call from the hospital." Stacy said.

That's when I remembered that I was in a car accident with my friend, and realized that I was in a hospital.

"Where is Steve?" I asked.

"Don't worry, he's going to be alright, just a few breaks and bruises too." My mom replied.

I picked my head up and looked over my body, realizing that my right arm and left leg both had a cast on.

"Great, there goes the soccer season." I sighed.

"Don't worry honey, the important thing is that you are going to be OKAY." My mom said.

She leaned over and kissed my forehead, giving me a perfect view down her shirt. I felt my cock twitch at the sight of her amazing breasts. I couldn't believe I was getting horny for my mom at a time like this.

"The nurse told me that you will be able to leave the hospital in a couple of days, you're very lucky." My mom said.

"How the hell am I going to do anything with a broken arm and leg?" I cried.

"It's going to be hard to get used to, but I'm here to help you, you're my baby boy and I'll take care of you." My mom said, brushing my hair with her hand.

I let out a deep sigh, I knew how uneventful my life would be with a broken arm and leg. Luckily, I couldn't have been anymore wrong.

Before long, I was out of the hospital and back at home with my mom. It was my first day back home, and it felt great to be out of the hospital. I spent the entire day just lying on my bed, watching television.

At around 6:00 PM, I heard a knock on my door and my mothers voice calling my name.

"Come in mom." I shouted.

In came my mother, dressed in a short silk robe, her hair wet. She must have just gotten out of the shower.

"Hi honey, I'm just coming in to check up on you, how are you feeling?" My mom asked.

"I'm doing okay mom, just really bored." I told her.

She came closer and sat next to me on my bed, placing her hand on my chest. As she sat down, her robe rode further up. Her long legs looked so beautiful. Her hand rubbed up and down my chest.

"I know how awful this must be for you, but remember that I'm here for anything you need." She said.

"Thanks mom, I think I'm just going to get some sleep, I'm really tired from the hospital." I told her.

"It can't be comfortable sleeping in those clothes, I'll help you get undressed." She said.

I realized that it would be a struggle for me to undress myself, I was also very embarrassed at the thought of my mother undressing me though.

"That's okay mom, I can sleep in my jeans, it doesn't bother me." I lied.

"That's bull, no one can sleep in jeans. You're going to have to come to the realization that I'm going to have to help you with things like this for awhile." My mom said.

She was right, I was going to need help and there was no reason to say no.

"Okay, okay, you win." I told her.

"Now, what do you usually sleep in?" My mom asked.

"Usually just my boxers." I responded.

"Okay then, let's get this shirt off first." My mom said.

She placed her small hands on my shirt, gently pulling it over my head. She looked over my bare chest.

"The girls at school must be all over you." She grinned.

Little did she know that most the girls didn't even know my name.

"Yea, I guess." I lied.

"Okay, now for the jeans and then you can sleep in peace." She said.

She stood up and walked towards the end of the bed, sitting down between my legs. I watched as her hands inched closer to my crotch, making her way to my belt buckle. Watching her undo my belt was really turning me on, and I could feel my cock start to grow. She tossed my belt to the side and her hands made their way to my zipper. She slowly unzipped my pants, her hand brushed against my groin as she pulled the zipper down. A this point I was half erect, and was really worried that she would notice it.

"Can you lift your butt off the bed a little so I can pull these off?" She asked.

I did as she told me to, and she gently pulled my jeans down. To my embarrassment, I looked down and saw that my semi erect cock was making a very noticeable bulge in my boxers, and it was getting bigger. I don't think my mom noticed though, she was so focused on getting the jeans off.

"All done!" My mom said excitingly, throwing the jeans on the ground.

She turned back to me, and that's when she noticed the bulge. I saw her eyes travel down to my crotch, and stay there for a few seconds. After staring for about 5 seconds, she looked back into my eyes.

"Well honey, I'm gonna go downstairs and watch some television, have a good nights sleep." She said.

"Okay mom, thanks for the help." I said.

I watched as she left the room, her short robe exposing her beautiful thighs and long legs.

As soon as the door shut, I grabbed my hard cock and decided I needed to jerk off, badly. I usually use my right hand, but I'll have to settle for the left hand for now. I was lying there stroking my cock for a few minutes, when I realized that I had nothing to clean up with. There was no way I was going to try to make my way to the bathroom. I sighed to myself and let go of my cock. Luckily I was dead tired, so I fell asleep right away.

I woke up to the sound of my mother humming, I opened my eyes and saw her opening up my window curtains to let the light in. My eyes went straight to her ass, she was wearing shorts that left the bottom part of her ass cheeks completely exposed. She turned to me.

"Time to wake up baby boy, you've been sleeping forever!" My mom said.

"I know, I think it's the pain killers they gave me, they make me so damn tired." I mumbled.

"You really need a bath, you're starting to stink." My mom claimed.

"Ya, well it's tough to hop in the shower with a broken arm and leg." I joked.

"I know, that's why I went to the store today and bought a few things, I figured it'd be easier if I just gave you a sponge bath every day.

I couldn't believe what she was saying, was she being serious? Is my sexy mother really going to give me a sponge bath?

"I don't know mom..I don't know if I'd feel comfortable." I said nervously.

"Oh don't act like such a baby, you have nothing that I haven't seen before." She teased me.

"Sure, she's seen me naked when I was a kid, but that part of my body has sure grown a lot since then." I thought to myself.

"Yea, that was a long time ago mom." I cried

"So what, you're still my little baby boy, and always will be." She teased.

"Okay mom, have it your way." I sighed.

"I'm going to get the supplies from downstairs, I'll be right back up. We need to do this right away, you're stinking up the house!" She said, exiting the room.

I watched her ass cheeks jiggle as she ran out my room. I tried my hardest not to get an erection, how embarrassing that would be. I kept thinking of unsexy thoughts, but my mind kept wandering back to my mom's ass in those tiny shorts. I felt my cock move in my boxers.

My mom came running back into my room, her hands filled with a sponge, a bucket, and soap.

"Ready for your sponge bath?" She asked.

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