A Shed, Summer, and Scarborough


Carolyn chuckled from low and deep in her chest before groaning at me to fuck her. "You're a nice, big boy, Eric. Use that lovely cock and fuck me."

My hips jerked instinctively while my fingers found Carolyn's and I pulled her onto my cock. She smelled gorgeous when I pressed my mouth against her shoulder, licking her there before kissing her soft and vulnerable neck. Carolyn moaned and leaned back, offering her throat to me. Her breasts thrust forward with her movement, and so I sucked at each nipple, all the time fucking into her with urgent strokes.

She looked so beautiful with her eyes closed, her head lolling and hair swinging. I caressed those shivering breasts with one hand, marvelling at the texture of them and testing their weight.

"Oh, Carolyn," I groaned. "I'm ..."

"Yes!" she cried. "Come for me, darling. Show me how much I excite you."

I grunted and hissed as I bit Carolyn's neck and the lust surged through my cock. My penis pulsed and spat semen into Carolyn's body. The woman cried out and squirmed on the table top. My cock, still squirting viscous ejaculate, slipped out of her and sprayed the stuff against Carolyn's thigh before more gooey spunk spattered down onto her stomach.

A thick and glistening rope clung to Carolyn's pubic bush, which she then smeared into her oily vulva with her fingers as she rubbed herself.

"You spunked over me, you dirty bugger. You came on me." Carolyn grinned at me as I stood between her legs, my penis oozing semen. "Don't look so worried," she continued. "I love it." Then she groaned and closed her eyes. Her face fell slack while her fingers blurred. I stared at the woman's sex when I heard slick, wet noises from where Carolyn's fingers squirmed through the folds of her labia. "Oh fuck," she groaned. "Oh fucking hell ..."

An urgent need to taste her overwhelmed me. It was imperative, right then, at that moment, to lick Carolyn's cunt.

"Put a finger inside me," Carolyn hissed, her teeth set and her eyes wild as she glared at me. Lick me here," she pointed to a pink nub of flesh at the apex of her slit. "Fucking lick me there ... Hard! And finger my cunt. I'm going to come. Do it, Eric. For fuck's sake lick me and finger me."

I slurped and laved at her, tonguing that place as hard and as fast as I could. My fingers, tentative at first until Carolyn snarled at me to stop tickling her, probed deep, squelching obscenely and coming out of her covered with her desire.

When she came, Carolyn hauled me up along her writhing body, kissing me to grunt and pant into my mouth as our wet tongues danced.

My cock, still hard, nudged against Carolyn's thigh. I reached down and, aiming at the sodden mat of Carolyn's bush, pushed, and found her.

"I love you," I groaned as the table began to rock.

"Don't be a silly bugger," Carolyn moaned. "But fuck me. Just fuck me." She pulled my face towards hers for a lip-smacking kiss. With her hand at the back of my head, Carolyn stared into my eyes, her expression jubilant as, with eyes shining she said, "Bloody marvellous, you stayed hard after you came. Is that how much I excite you, Eric?"

"I never want to stop doing this with you," I replied. "It's so good, so good. You're so beautiful and doing this ... with you ..."

"We can do it again ... Oh fuck but we can do it again."

Emotion bubbled in me when I heard Carolyn's approbation. I kissed her mouth again, this time in a lovers' kiss. The woman must have sensed the change within me because she no longer urged me on with lewd exhortations, instead, as I moved towards my orgasm, she murmured endearments and stroked my hair and cheek.

I looked down at her body, noting mentally the sweep of her waist and the curvature of her breasts. I saw our conjunction, where her body accepted my length, watched as my cock, on the outstroke, left her body, the tip remaining inside her, creamy with our lust.

"Come inside me," Carolyn murmured. "Let it go inside me, darling."

The feet of that table scraped across the shed floor as I thrust hard and deep several times. Carolyn hung on, her fingers clasped to the table edge while I complied with her wish and came. Her body clenched around my girth, her legs twitching as she too climaxed, this time her fingers sliding over that slippery, pink bump, bringing her off.

I stared at her when I slid my cock out of Carolyn's body. "I don't know what to say," I mumbled. I gestured with a loose hand towards her. "I ... You ..."

"Don't think about it now," Carolyn said as she sat upright. She pulled a face when the residue of our coupling slid into her cupped palm when she stood with her hand between her legs. "Look at the bloody mess." Carolyn grinned at me with spunk pooled in her palm. "I'll have to have a bath now. Look at the state of me. I don't know how I'm going to get past your mother; she'll smell it on me."

"What are you going to say to her?" I asked at the mention of my mother.

Carolyn turned her pained expression to me. "I don't know, Eric. Not now. Don't ask me about it now. Don't spoil your first time."

Redolent of our love-making, Carolyn dressed. Then, after a soft kiss on my cheek, she left me to ponder.

She'd been correct about it being complicated.


We took risks that summer, meeting in the shed whenever an opportunity presented itself. We were at each other, hungry and desperate; I couldn't get my fill of Carolyn and, if I wasn't with her I thought about being with her.

I made so many excuses to get out of the house that my mother must have thought that my friend Davy's motorbike to be a right old clunker -- it always seemed to be in need of repairs.

Sometimes, at night, I'd creep along the darkened landing and listen outside the room Carolyn shared with my mother. I wondered what they did with each other, imagined how two women could satisfy one another in ways that were so different to when we were together, Carolyn and I.

One afternoon, with my mum out of the house visiting her sister, I lay in her bed with Carolyn nude beside me. The curtains were drawn and the sunshine spilled in, tiny dust motes swirling lightly in a delicate ballet.

"What do you and Mum do?" I asked.

Carolyn turned her head and looked at me, her eyes narrowed, expression sharp. "What?" she asked as she rolled onto her side.

The sight of Carolyn's breasts swinging distracted me for a moment as she continued to stare at me, knuckles against her temple as her weight rested on one elbow.

I reached to caress her, my fingers gliding along the undercurve of the lowermost breast. She flicked my hand away with an impatient tut. "What did you say?"

"I wondered what you and ... What you did together. With Mum ... how is it different from me?"

"There's no penis for a start." Carolyn rolled onto her front and heaved herself upright. "And I don't really want to talk about that. It's a bit odd discussing her with you."

She reached for my cock and stroked it. I grew quickly tumescent, and Carolyn took me between her lips. I groaned and settled my head into the pillow while the woman's quick tongue worked its magic.

"Is this what my mum does to you?" I asked when, in an effort to prolong the pleasure and not come into Carolyn's mouth, I moved and rolled her onto her back. "Lick you ...? Like this?"

And I slid my tongue between Carolyn's meaty labia, splitting them apart so I could dab at her opening. Having become proficient at making the woman climax on my face, I knew where she liked to be touched, knew how she liked it.

"Oh fuck," Carolyn moaned. "Stop it, stop talking about her. It isn't right. Just lick me and play with me. Oh, Eric, it's so fucking good."

But I couldn't stop. Somehow the thought of my own mother, naked and intimate with Carolyn had captured my imagination. I brought my lover to a quick and noisy climax and then, as I eased my cock into her body, began again.

"Do you put things inside her?" I whispered.

Carolyn hissed back at me, her eyes filled with some indefinable emotion. "Don't ask about it, Eric. Stop it."

I pinned her to the bed with my cock, thrusting deep the way I knew she enjoyed. The woman grunted and arched her back, thrusting her breasts upwards. I sucked at her teats, pulling them between my lips, my tongue then describing wet circles around the circumference of Carolyn's areola.

"Is she dirty, like you? Does my mum swear and say mucky things like you do?"

"Oh, Jesus," Carolyn moaned. "Yes ... Yes, she's a filthy bitch too. She tells me to lick her cunt and then comes on my tongue. She kisses me and sucks her own twat off my tongue. She loves it, Eric, is that what you want to hear?"

From somewhere sordid, a dark pool of unspeakable depravity that, because of lust and desire and madness, polluted my mind, I said, "How about watching her fuck? Would you like to see my mother fucking a cock? Do you get all dirty thinking about watching her fucking me?"

"Oh, God ..." Carolyn moaned. "Oh fuck ... Oh, you dirty bastard."

But a long wail came from her as she came.

Carolyn heaved me off. She rolled onto her front and then knelt with her elbows resting on the bed and her buttocks upthrust.

"Fuck me," she snarled. "Get back there and fuck me, squeeze my breasts." She grunted and pushed back against me when I slid into her from behind. "More," Carolyn gasped. "Tell me more dirty things."

Surprised at the heat in the woman's voice, stunned by her vehement, almost violent physical reaction, as she forced her body harder against my cock, and with her fingers clawing at the bedcovers, I continued.

"I'd fuck my mum like this. I'd hold her tight round the waist and feel her tits. I'd make her moan as I fucked her cunt, Carolyn. She'd beg for me to fuck her. Her own son, she'd moan for me to pump her full of spunk."

"Fuck me," Carolyn gasped. "Pretend I'm your mother. Do it to me. Tell me how much you love fucking your mum's dirty cunt."

My cock pumped what felt like a pint of spunk into Carolyn. I kept on groaning and mauling at her tits as I came and came, and Carolyn too grunted and writhed, her climax breaking alongside mine. There was no love or tenderness when we fucked that time. Not like other times, on that occasion, the precursor to what came after, we were just two animals snarling and snapping in our shared moment of perversion.

Carolyn stared at me, her chest heaving while we both tried to reconcile the shift in our relationship.

"That was so ..." She gulped and shook her head.

"Where did it come from?" I asked, also panting for breath.

"I don't know, Eric, but ..." She shook her head again, as though denying what had passed between us. "Never again. We can't let it happen like that again."

Even though I nodded in agreement I knew, deep down, that it would pass between us again. I'd been secretly turned on by imagining my mother lounging on the bed, her legs open while she offered her sex to me.

"All right," I lied, "we shan't talk about that again."


Suddenly, my mother became the focus for both of us. Despite her original abjuration of the subject, it came to be that Carolyn would be the one who introduced the incestuous references, with her offering some mention of Mum during our love-making. Not every time, some encounters were solely for her, often Carolyn would insist that we do it tenderly, with love and feeling, but other times, when she felt in a dirty mood she'd mention something taboo to set me off.

This roleplay became the catalyst for what happened during the rest of that summer.

One afternoon, in the shed, after a particularly filthy time, Carolyn sat in the arm chair, naked and smoking.

"I think we have to tell Marjorie," she said.

I looked at her, wondering what had brought this on. "Tell her? Tell her what?" I replied, somewhat disingenuous.

"About us. I can't keep it to myself anymore, Eric. I feel so guilty. I can't keep away from you, but I'm also her lover ... It isn't right that we sneak around behind her back. She doesn't deserve it."

I realized that I'd been feeling the same, only I couldn't face it, my main concern being what would happen afterwards. Would Mum throw Carolyn out? Would she want me to stay in the house? Despite the fact I was the main breadwinner, the only one with a full-time job whereas both Mum and Carolyn had some casual seamstress work, she might be so outraged that she might give me the boot.

What would happen to my relationship with Carolyn then? I loved her, had become besotted, I couldn't give her up.

"Do ... do you think that's a good idea?" I knew the answer even as I asked.

Carolyn drew on the cigarette. She nodded. "We have to tell her. I have to tell her."

I watched as Carolyn crushed the butt into the ashtray she'd brought down from the house. I could see her determination to put things right, no matter how tumultuous the outcome, and I could do nothing but await the result.

That evening, after Carolyn had washed the pots and my mother had dried them, when all had been cleared and the last of the plates was put away, mum had just settled at the table with a cup of tea in front of her.

I'd been reading the paper when I heard Carolyn say, "Marjorie ... Marjorie, love, there's something I have to tell you ..."

Later that night I heard a knock at my bedroom door. I called for them to come in, and had been surprised to see my mother's head appear.

"Can I talk to you?" she asked as I avoided her eyes. I nodded. "Shove over," she said, nudging my leg with the back of her hand. "Settling onto the bed, the springs creaking, she continued. "It's a bit of a to-do, eh, Eric?"

"I'm sorry, Mum," I mumbled, still unable to look at her face.

My mother sighed. "Oh, don't be sorry, Eric." She patted my knee. "I'm as much in the wrong as you. At least with you and her ..." My mother's head nodded towards my bedroom door, presumably to indicate Carolyn elsewhere in the house. "Well, it's normal for her to be attracted to a man, and that's what you are now, Eric. A man." She sucked a deep breath into her lungs and bravely, I thought, carried on. "Me and Carolyn isn't what normal, decent folk get up to," she tutted and shook her head. "If the neighbours knew ..."

My heart swelled with love for my mother as she spoke openly about her affair with Carolyn.

"It's all right, Mum," I said, my voice catching with emotion. "Carolyn told me about ... about needing to comfort each other and that. Please, you don't have to tell me owt about it. I understand."

My father's abandonment had affected my mother deeply. He'd left us in a house rented from the council and it had been close for my mother for a couple of years, we'd been on the verge of eviction -- a mortifying experience for a proud woman like Mum, but somehow she'd always come good. Carolyn, after a lifetime of unwise choices in men, a long-standing friend of my mother's, had come to lodge with us when yet another relationship ended badly. They'd grown close, then intimate, both needing each other at different times when their individual outlook had been bleak.

My leaving school and finding work on the railway eased the financial burden a great deal, but Carolyn had stayed, her affair with my mum a secret.

"You're a good lad, Eric." My mother patted my knee again, squeezing affectionately this time. I reddened -- if she only knew what had often passed through my mind as I drove my cock into Carolyn.

"What ... what are we going to do, Mum?"

Another sigh. "I'm not too sure yet, Eric, but ... I wondered, for now, if we couldn't ... If it might work if ...?"

"What, Mum, what?" I looked at her profile, wondering what she'd say.

"If we couldn't just share Carolyn," she replied in a quiet voice, and this time she avoided my eyes.


Sharing Carolyn meant, my mother decided, that she and I would alternate between bedrooms. One night I would share her double bed with Carolyn, the next would be her turn.

Sex with Carolyn wasn't restricted to the bedroom for me, we still used the shed from time to time, and it had been during one of these trysts that I heard a noise outside. When I moved across to the wall and pushed an eye to the peephole, I caught the flash of my mother's dress as she moved past the hedge, the hem flicking like a deer's tail a she hurried away.

"She heard us," I said as I turned to face Carolyn.

"Oh God ..." Carolyn held her cheeks between her palms as she stared at me aghast. "Are you sure she was there? Are you sure she heard?"

I nodded. "She was definitely out there. I saw her." I shrugged, adding, "But I don't know for certain that she heard what we were saying."

"We were loud enough," Carolyn moaned as she hugged herself. "Oh, bloody hell ..."

"Keep calm," I said. "She might not have heard owt ..."

However, my mother's demeanour told me she had overheard. She wasn't in the kitchen, the usual room for congregation in our house, but after a quick search I found her, sitting quietly in the best room, the sitting room mum called it, used solely at Christmas.

I hesitated when I saw her just sat there, hands in her lap. She looked up to face me.

"Mum," I said. "I ..."

"It's my own fault," she murmured, shaking her head and looking through me like I wasn't there. She continued, speaking as though to herself in a subdued tone. "I shouldn't have followed you two down the path. I shouldn't have listened." Mum's eyes focussed on me then. "What you said to Carolyn ... What she said to you ... Oh, my God, Eric ..."

I walked further into the room, even though I wanted desperately to be anywhere other than there, looking at her, seeing the shock in her eyes.

"It ... it doesn't mean owt, Mum ... It's just ... it's only ..." My arms flapped at my sides. "It's just summat we do ..."

"Me, Eric ... You were talking as though it was me, not her ..."

I had no words to explain -- How could I explain? What could I say, what reason could I give to her, my mother, my own mother? Who, after all, had been the subject of our perverted word-play. How could I possibly tell her that I imagined doing to her what I did with Carolyn?

"I'm sorry, Mum," I breathed, close to tears.

Abashed and ashamed, I left the room, again taking to my bedroom for solitude. As it had those few weeks ago, on the day I'd discovered Carolyn and my mother were lovers, the night drew in while I lay on my bed in my clothes. I heard movement and muffled voices from along the landing. Then came the click of Mum's bedroom door closing, and I wondered what was going on in that room. Had they argued? Were they even on speaking terms? How had Carolyn reconciled the incestuous nature of our fucking to my mother?

I dreamed, and the dream had been a confusion of images -- My mother nude, fingered her sex as Carolyn stood by and watched, her own hands mauling her big breasts. Then I saw Carolyn between Mum's legs, her light coloured hair a mess as my mother held Carolyn's face against her sex and stared at me. We were in the shed as I pulled my dripping cock out of Carolyn's body and a rush of semen slid out of her and dribbled slowly along the crease of her arse. Look at the mess you've made, Mum said, pointing to the stain on the armchair. That'll never come out of there, our Eric. I'll have to clean it up. And then the dream mother moved to my lover and knelt to lick the spunk from Carolyn's opening.

My erection had been huge and demanding when I woke, and without being fully awake or truly aware of what I did, I opened my bedroom door and walked along the landing. Even as I entered Mum's bedroom my fingers were at my trousers.

"Carolyn," I sighed, massaging my hard-on with my fist as I stood by the side of the bed. "Come here," I groaned. Wake up. I want you."

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