tagLoving WivesA Simple Case of Opportunity

A Simple Case of Opportunity


Debra Renshell was getting ready to head to the shower when the sound of the front door slamming caught her attention.

"Hi mom, I'm home. Xander and Tyler are with me," her son Tim called from the entranceway.

"Hello, boys." Debra greeted them, in a polite yet serious tone, a bit surprised to see them at her place.

"I know I should have told you earlier, but I invited them to hang out with me for the evening." Tim said, facing down.

"Sure, dear." Debra acknowledged, clearly upset by the position her son put her in.

Ever since she noticed her son Tim was shy and quiet, Debra has encouraged him to make new friends and engage in group activities, as a way to overcome those issues and to improve his social life.

However, the influence those so called 'friends' provided clearly was not what Debra had in mind. Not only were the young men slack, failing several years in a row at school, but they were also known for their arrogance and troublemaking nature. They had a long sheet of offenses that included shoplifting, bullying, graffiti, and public property destruction, among others.

They were certainly going to be expelled from their high school, so they decided it was not worth to wait for all the trouble and simply dropped out, and, at the age of 18, they ended up having nothing better to do than hang out and leech whatever they could. It seemed they were taking freeloading as a profession.

Debra never really understood how they got acquainted to her son, as the boys literally lived in a world quite different than what any member of her family is used to. She remembered Tim saying the duo never really liked him, but, out of the sudden, they helped him in some tough situations, although he had never given any specific details. She even argued with her son a couple of times, trying to show him that they were not the right company for him, but he accused her of being unfair and biased.

As if all those things weren't bad enough, Debra felt uncomfortable at their presence. The boys did not have the behavior or the posture she would expect from typical young men of their age. They seemed to stare at her rather maliciously, their prying eyes exploring every inch of her body every chance they had.

Truth was Debra was fit and stunning; her skirts were short enough to display to perfection a pert butt, which was accentuated by a pair of magnificent legs, toned through a strict exercise routine. Her large firm bust was always on show in a range of close fitting low cut blouses and tops; her 34C breasts showed no hint of sag and jiggled invitingly in even her most restrictive bras. Her clothes were top of the range and her make up usually impeccable.

Her hair was long, wavy and golden blonde, framing a beautiful, blue-eyed, ruby-lipped face that had aged little in her thirty-two-years, and which still earned her frequent compliments. She was a bit taller than average, her wide child bearing hips simply drove men wild.

"Don't worry, mom, we'll go to my room, we won't get in the way." Tim said, leading the duo upstairs.

"I shall hope so." Debra thought, heading to the kitchen.

Xander, who was following the two upstairs, noticed where Debra was going and paused midway.

"I'm a bit thirsty, I think I'm gonna get something to drink." He spoke out loud.

"Ok, help yourself." Tim replied, continuing his way upstairs with Tyler.

Xander waited for a few moments and followed Debra around the house, unnoticed, wondering if she was going to do anything worthwhile. She got a cold drink from the fridge, grabbed a towel and then headed to the lower floor bathroom.

Xander had spied on her a couple of times; it was actually the real motive he and Tyler made friends with Tim. They had seen the stunning woman at school grounds several times, and the moment they found out she was Tim's mom, they decided they could use the friendship as an excuse to get close to her.

He watched as Debra entered the bathroom and heard the sound of the latch being locked. Seeing Debra in her underwear was quite hot in itself, but his main motivation was to gaze at her full glory, and, when he managed that, it would make all of Xander's time and trouble worth his while, at least to his way of thinking. He proceeded to peep through the small gap between the door and its frame.

He smiled at the sight that met his eyes. There she was, seven feet away, standing by the sink, completely unaware of his presence. At first, nothing happened. The object of his surveillance simply stood there, staring at the mirror. Unable to give up, Xander waited patiently at his station, not exactly the most comfortable position to be in.

After a few minutes, his patience was rewarded as his sexy friend's mother looked down at her chest and took in the sight of her bulging breasts in a tight tank top and proceeded to cross her arms and pull on each side of her top. With her arms still crossed, bent at the elbows in front of her face, she pulled the top off her shoulders and then out of her long hair, tossing it on the floor next to the door.

Then, she started tugging at her skirt. It was tight to begin with, revealing all her feminine curves; she struggled to pull them down. They inched their way down her thighs, finally to her knees and then her ankles. She stepped out one foot and sent her skirt flying with a kick across the bathroom with the other.

She stood in underwear that barely covered her large breasts and shapely hips and ass, her visible skin was well tanned. Xander was well aware from previous peeping that the skin hidden by her bra and panties was much lighter, and he hoped to see some of it. What he really wanted was for all of the untanned skin to be on display but that had never happened. Even the thought of the possibility made his cock start to stiffen.

Suddenly, she reached behind herself and unhooked her bra. As he watched avidly, she fondled her breasts briefly, giving Xander a clear view of the prettiest tits he had ever seen. Her tan lines were quite evident, the paleness around her nipples glowed a milky-white next to her sun-baked skin. She shimmied the straps free of her arms, peeled off the garment and dangled from one hand, finally dropping it on top of the pile of clothes.

She only remained still for a few seconds before turning her back again but it was enough to give him a hard-on as stiff as any he had ever had. He noticed a tribal tattoo on her back, about 3/4 down her spine. The object of his didn't stay on her back very long. Xander relished the view again of her breasts, especially the way they swayed as she started pushing down her tiny tight-fitting panties.

After he realized what she was doing, Xander's eyes were riveted on the paler skin that was being exposed. As the garment was pushed clear of her hips and ass and allowed to fall to the ground, he couldn't believe this was happening and adjusted his cock so that it had the room it needed, as it was quite hard at the vision of Debra undressing.

Staring at the sexiest thing he had ever seen, the tits and pussy of his voluptuous friend's mother, completely naked and standing seven feet away, Xander couldn't even blink. Her golden bikini line was shaved and trimmed into a thin path above her little cunt. Debra was still unaware that she was fully exposed to this arrogant kid, and Xander was quite enraptured by her voluptuous breasts and well manicured pussy.

After checking herself out in the mirror for a while, she turned a bit and bent back over to pick up her panties. He could see the weight of her breasts pull her forward as she reached down. Her tight pussy, seen from behind, was simply beyond words. His cock almost seemed to be trying to rip through his pants at the sight of the sexy woman as she stood again, her big, firm tits pointing into the air.

As Xander watched, he fantasized being there with her. He had heard from some of his buddies how hot, older women like Debra were always trying to get young guys like him to fuck them but so far she had not shown the urge they said she would have.

Debra added her tiny, sexy panties to the pile of clothes and stepped into the stall. She started the shower, and Xander was very glad that she had plain glass doors so he could see in. Shortly after she stepped into the shower her nipples got so hard he thought they were going to pop right off of her gorgeous tits. He could see her shiver as she got herself completely wet, the water obviously too cold for her.

After she adjusted the temperature, steam started to build up, the sound of the shower running was echoing all over the bathroom. Xander reached into his pants and took out the small pocket knife he usually carried. He knew he would get in serious trouble if she found out what he was doing, maybe even get arrested, but he couldn't really think straight. The latch on the door was no match to a delinquent like him; he easily picked it with his knife.

Shrouded by the steam coming from the shower, he slowly opened the bathroom door. The small gap was only wide enough so he could reach through the cracked door and retrieve the item in question, her panties. His heart was racing as he quickly returned to his original position, trying the best he could to lock the door again from the outside, but it wasn't as easy, as he never bothered to learn that part.

When he was convinced the job was done, he took a moment to enjoy his trophy, placing her thong up to his nose and inhaling her womanly sweet scent. That would certainly be not only his new acquired prized possession, but the proof of what he witnessed as well. Xander couldn't hold it anymore and quickly unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick. He wrapped Debra's tiny delicate panties around his large, fat cock to enhance the feeling, and so it didn't squirt onto the floor and leave sticky evidence of what he had been doing.

His heart and his breathing calmed back down after a few minutes and Xander returned to his spy hole. He watched Debra rub shower gel all over her body; her nipples were now enlarged and poking out a little. As her hands moved slowly and seductively all over her body, he thought he was going to blow his load right there. He could see the water running down her body, around her stunning tits, down her stomach and dripping off the trim, soft path of hair above her pussy.

As he watched, Debra's hand moved from her breast to her pussy, reaching down almost between her legs and started to rub. He wished his cock could somehow trade places with her fingers, even for a few seconds. He stared in awe at what she was doing and the dynamics of her big tits and the rest of her body.

He was lucky enough to witness her pulling the outer lips of her pussy up towards the front, which provided him with a better view of her cunt. He could now see the nub of her clit peeking out of her pussy lips and pointing straight at him. The water was still running down her and disappearing between her legs, as she washed away the gel.

Soon after, she shut the shower off, standing there naked with a beautiful sheen of water on her skin. She stepped out and grabbed a towel, she choose a medium size one that was not large enough to wrap herself in, only enough to cover her breasts and pussy. She looked at the spot on the floor where her top, skirt and panties were and suddenly realized that something was missing. She checked the door latch and held her breath in silence, trying to listen if anyone was playing a trick on her.

Xander halted; he even held his breath so she heard no giggling or movement outside the door. She mumbled something about where could she have placed her underwear and resumed drying herself. He took the opportunity and shoved his cock back in his pants, sliding her thong into his pocket and leaving, before she found him there at that compromising position.


"Where have you been, man?" Tim asked as he and Tyler bumped into Xander as he exited the kitchen.

"I was, uh, well..." Xander tried to explain himself.

"Whatever, look, my father just arrived." Tim interrupted.

Mr. Scot Renshell came home and greeted the young men. It looked like he timed his arrival just right to hear his wife call them for dinner. They all went to the dinning room, where Debra had finished setting the table. Her slightly wet blond hair fell midway down her blue eyes. Her shirt came down just above her bellybutton and did nothing to hide her flat tummy and nice chest. Her long legs were encased in a pair of tight jeans, which contoured her sensual hips and perfect behind.

All through the meal however, Xander and Tyler were having a hard time concentrating on the conversation, because they couldn't take their eyes from Debra, trying to steal a glance of her lacey white bra.

"So, what are you guys planning to do, now that you are not at school?" Mr. Renshell asked the duo, trying to make small conversation.

"We are studying our options." Tyler lied, as they both had no intention of doing anything soon.

"What would those be?" Debra asked, incredulous. The duo stared at each other in an attempt to find something to say.

"That's boring, let's talk about something more interesting." Tim suddenly changed the subject. "I don't think I mentioned, but we are having a reunion at our place tonight."

"Is that right?" Xander asked, feeling relieved not to answer the previous question.

Debra always threw parties; it was her way to be in touch with her creative side and interact with people at the same time, though in reality she was only a business woman. Tim told the duo about a few of those past events and they sounded exciting. According to him, it would prove to be more so this time around.

"It would be nice if you guys could stay for the party." Tim invited them.

"I don't think they would be interested in that, dear." Debra immediately corrected him.

"Nonsense, Deb. I am sure the young men would enjoy hanging out with adults for a change, especially now that they have to make mature decisions." Mr. Renshell told his wife.

"Indeed, Mr. Renshell. We would be thrilled to join you. Tyler and I could use the opportunity to blend in." Xander replied as he continued eating and ogling Debra.

"But, I still think it wouldn't be..." Debra started arguing.

"It's settled then." Mr. Renshell interrupted his wife, leaving her frustrated.

"Cool, but you guys need to pick a costume, as it is supposed to be a horror themed party. I'll be the Grim Reaper and dad will be the killer from the Friday the 13th movie, Jason." Tim said, excited that his friends would be joining them.

"If you guys rush, you may catch some costume shop open." Debra finally gave in, as she was outnumbered by her son and husband.

The duo finished their meal and left the house, in an attempt to find a costume for the Renshell's event.

"What was that all about, Xander? Why do we care about some lame party?" Tyler asked, puzzled by Xander's action.

Xander retrieved Debra's panties from his pocket and showed to Tyler, who opened his eyes wide in response to what was being shown to him.

"Listen, I have an idea..." Xander proceeded talking about what he had planned.


The duo arrived back at the Renshell's just after midnight. They had similar black cloak-like costumes, resembling the guy from the 'Scream' movie and the mask to go with it, except Xander also carried a backpack. They tried to blend in for a while until they finally found Tim, who promptly guided them around the party.

The duo came to a full halt when they saw Debra. She was dressed as a medieval mistress, in a long white dress, which hugged each of her smooth curves and ended mid-thigh level, her long legs shown off perfectly. The neckline of the tight silk dress swung very low. She had a large amount of cleavage showing, which was further emphasized by the cut of the dress.

She was dancing with her husband, clearly grinding herself up against him. As one would expect in a situation like this, a large bulge formed in Mr. Renshell's pants. They never witnessed this flirty side of Mrs. Renshell, and Xander thought his plan could work after all.

The duo continued enjoying the party, trying their best to interact with all the guests. When Tim left them to get a drink, Xander though it would be a good time to set things in motion, so we nodded at Tyler, who simply nodded back and quietly headed to the front door.

Xander proceeded to the second part of the plan, and started looking for Mr. Renshell.

"Hey, Mr. Renshell. Just wanted to warn you of a weird noise I heard coming from the garage, thought it was really odd." Xander alerted Scot Renshell as he finally managed to find him.

"Really? I am pretty sure I locked the garage from inside, there is no way for anyone to be there." Mr. Renshell answered, confused by what Xander told him.

"Doesn't hurt to check, right? You know how these things are." Xander continued trying to convince him.

"Alright, let's have a look." Mr. Renshell finally complied.

They left the house just in time to see Scot Renshell's car turning around the corner, driven by a dark figure. The garage door was wide open.

"Damn! That motherfucker just stole my car!" Mr. Renshell shouted, clearly outraged.

"Maybe we can intercept him at the next crossroad if we take the shortcut through the alley." Xander pointed and attempted to start running.

"No! He may be armed, let me handle it! Just get inside and tell my wife what happened, if I can't get him, I'll call the cops." Mr. Ranshell tried to be on top of the situation.

"Whatever you say, sir." Xander watched as Scot Ranshell ran down the alley, just as he suggested.

Once he was gone, Xander smiled, reached into his backpack and retrieved a hockey mask, just like the one Mr Ranshell used. He switched masks, hid his backpack in the garage and returned to the house.

The party at the Renshell's was pretty wild at that point and Xander could use it in his advantage. The music was very loud, and he started roaming around the party looking for Debra. He finally managed to find her at the kitchen and saw her bending in an awkward position to get a bottle of Scotch. He noticed the straps from the tight thong she wore through the thin fabric of her dress. He strode up behind her, and while gently gripping her hips, began to grind his crotch against her ass.

"What are you doing, Scot? We can't do this right now, we have guests to attend to!" Debra laughed as Xander continued to rub himself against her.

He made no attempt to stop, in fact, he continued to grind against her, and gently move his hands up to her breasts. She moaned deeply as her body began to respond to his advances.

He broke his embrace and headed to the very same bathroom he spied on her earlier. As soon as he entered, he dropped his pants and underwear and waited to see his friend's mom's reaction from his teasing.

Debra didn't know what to do. They weren't supposed to be doing this, but the bold action of her husband did get her horny. She slowly walked towards the bathroom, not really sure what her supposed husband had in mind.

Debra stood motionless in the open door to the bathroom, gaping wide-eyed at her half naked, masked husband. She has always considered him endowed with a respectable seven inch cock, but what she was staring at now not only impressed her, but confused her as well. His enormous, half-swollen cock hanging between his thighs would have been more at home on a donkey than on such a slender man like Scot, it must was at least nine inches and very thick.

Debra rushed her way into the bathroom, locked the door behind her, leaned against the bathroom wall and took a deep, quivering breath. The image of her husband's huge cock was branded in her mind's eye, and her pussy was throbbing as she stared at it. Her pussy was growing so wet that she could feel the moisture of her fuck-juices on her inner thighs.

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