tagNovels and NovellasA Sissy Saga Ch. 25

A Sissy Saga Ch. 25


Emma Twist didn't attend the champagne reception after Poppy's wedding. After helping take most of the students back to the Grange she left them in the capable hand of Margaret Pardoe and climbed into her little second-hand Fiat. It was her preference that day to make a visit to a certain Lavender Cottage on the periphery of Peasmarsh.

The windows were open and the breeze played on her face as she drove along, while Classic FM played an aria from Rigoletto on the radio. LA DONNA E MOBILE. Very apt for a lady on the move. The sun was in its heaven and she was in hers, the National Trust's attempt to acquire Fairyfield Grange had collapsed and the future was assured.

Little had she realised that Jennifer would provide such a fine opportunity for gratification when she'd seen her that morning. It was so unexpected, and so appreciated. She had double-booked herself to be in two places on the same day - and would Emma be interested in standing in for her elsewhere?

Such a thoughtful girl. So unselfish!

Emma crunched the little Fiat into top gear and put her foot down. She could just about afford a slightly newer car if she sacrificed a few other things, but it hardly seemed worth the expense when leading a life that didn't allow time for travelling. Anyway, recess was in the offing and she'd already put all her spare cash into arranging a vacation in Mexico.

Mexico was where her fantasies had first begun to take on realism. In the scattered peasant villages around Monterey the food could be surprisingly good if one enjoyed the ethnic, and the lodgings were cheap if five-star service wasn't important. More important, in such places she could always muster a queue of apprehensive young people offering themselves to be spanked in return for a little gift or inexpensive treat.

Some of the mothers too were willing; willing to have their tits slapped, and willing to be spanked, fingered and shafted by a generous lady who paid them more attention than their arrogant, macho-obsessed husbands ever did.

In a mood of elation she motored down the village street. The buildings were all built of rough quarry stone, but they looked mellow and neat in the sunshine and it was easy to spot the shambolic figure of Mrs Amos standing on the corner by Larkin's store. Not being a frequent visitor to Peasmarsh she felt in need of assistance in finding Lavender Cottage, and she'd summoned the tatty woman to act as a guide, and despite the hammering she'd received at the hands of Gloria on Open Day Mrs Amos had been willing to oblige.

Drawing up at the pavement Emma peered out through the car's open window. "Which way do we go?"

"Up top o' the lane behind the shop," Mrs Amos replied, "It's narrow, so it's best if we walk I reckon."

Climbing out from her car Emma locked the door and gave her travel bag over to be carried. "If you're wishing to get back in my good books you're going to have to try hard today, Mrs Amos. You'll need to pay attention to what I say and be faultless in obeying instructions."

The woman dipped her head several times rapidly in her usual weaselling, sycophantic fashion. "Yes, yes. Dunna you worry Miss Emma, I's learned me lesson."

The assurance was greeted with some cynicism. Emma knew too well that the only way to be certain of anything with this particular woman was to keep a firm grip on the scruff of her neck and give her a regular beating.

She gazed at her companion's face as they walked and recoiled at the sight. She didn't think anyone could be uglier than Mrs Amos usually appeared, but having received a pair of black eyes from Gloria so recently her face looked sunken and had taken on an additional ghoulish pallor.

"You're not looking well Mrs Amos. Gloria gave you quite a hard time I think."

The woman nodded. "Horrible it was Miss. She didn't smack me bum like you do, she just thumped me around all over the place, all brutal like."

"I thought you may have been wily enough to seduce her away from some of the rougher treatment."

"It weren't no good tryin'. There was that posh lookin' television-woman laying unconscious on her bed wi' a cucumber stuffed up her cunt. Erm! Beggin' y'parden Miss - that is, it were stickin' out from her lady-parts, Miss."

"What did your husband say about the state of your face?"

"I tol' him I fell in a ditch. He believes everything I say."

They were forced to move to the side of the road as a car squeezed by, and Emma paused to glance around."This lane is quite well made. I could have driven up and saved myself a half-mile walk."

Mrs Amos grinned like an idiot ape. "Um, yes. I's not much good at judgin' things."

Emma sighed. "No you're not. You've just enough active brain cells to be rated as living."

At the top of the lane stood Lavender Cottage, a handsome, classical-looking structure with leaded windows and a tiled roof buckling with age that soared up to display great patches of coloured lichen. Pretty enough to be pictured on the lid of a chocolate-box, thought Emma as she went up to the front door and knocked. Almost at once she was confronted by the buxom Mrs Clagget.

Emma folded her arms across her chest as their eyes met, and she didn't smile. "I'm Miss Twist. Jennifer Hancock telephoned you earlier to let you know to expect me."

Martha Clagget fidgeted but didn't challenge what she said. Instead she pointed a finger at Mrs Amos. "What's she doing here?"

"She's my bag-carrier." explained Emma without looking round. "She can remain in the hall while we do business, or you can put her out in the backyard."

"I don't want her in my garden," puffed Martha pugnaciously, "She looks like a piece of baggage herself, and if the neighbours saw her on my patio they'd think I'd opened a refuge for tramps. You'd both better come in."

Emma gave Mrs Amos a stern look as they entered. "You'll stand inside the front door and not move from there unless I call for you."

Inside the house Emma took everything in at a glance. Mrs Clagget's sitting-room was small, but scrupulously tidy, without any of the bobbins or tat one could expect of a haberdasher's home. In fact it was rather tastefully decorated, with an Aubusson rug on the floor and a six-foot long traditionally loomed tapestry depicting nymphs in a garden hanging from the dominant wall. Standing on a companion table by the door was a butterfly lamp in the style of Comfort Tiffany, while the space beneath the velvet drapes of the window was taken by a chaise longue covered in chinz.

Polly Clagget was seated on the couch. Big brown eyes and petite body, with blond hair pinned up on the back of her head. A beautiful girl, prim and proper but oozing sexuality.

Mrs Clagget stood in the centre of the room and pushed out her considerable bosom. "I'm not sure I agree with what Jennifer as arranged for today, Miss Twist. She never mentioned when we began things with her that she'd send other people if she couldn't come herself. It's very disconcerting. The relationship Polly and I have with her is - er, intimate and personal, not something to share with strangers. And Jennifer never visits Polly and I at the same time. Not usually anyway. On the whole we're not used to that. I only agreed for you to come here because nothing much else happens around here on Sundays."

Emma felt certain that the woman's display of modesty was a charade she felt obliged to put on. She'd have never let her into the house if she'd not been interested with what was on offer, and nor would she be standing there swinging her chest about in such a showy way. It would require some careful linguistic engineering and a few deft moves to get the woman moving from a cold start, but success with Martha Clagget was pretty much guaranteed. Her daughter however was not so easy to read.

"I understand, and of course I'll leave immediately if you insist." Emma said, "I could liven your Sunday up for you, but if I stay I must be sure of some measure of co-operation." She smiled sweetly at the girl. "What do you think Polly?"

The girl quivered. "God! I couldn't possibly do the kinds of things I do with Jennifer with anyone else. That would be too degrading. It would be awful."

"I've no idea what Jennifer does, and I've not asked." Emma told her, which was a black lie. She'd gleaned in graphic detail everything that happened at Lavender Cottage and knew that here was a mother and daughter who were both amenable to lesbian domination.

"Look, I think we should get to know each other a little better before a decision is made. What about kissing? As Jennifer ever kissed you?"

Mrs Clagget shuffled uneasily and glanced at her daughter who looked suitably shocked. "Well, no. Jennifer doesn't kiss. She doesn't show any kind of affection." she replied.

"Considering the fact we've not met before perhaps a little kissing would be a pleasant way to introduce ourselves to each other. What do you say?"

The older woman put her hand to her mouth to stifle a tiny smirk of illicit excitement, then she glanced again at her daughter. "Well, I don't like Polly kissing boys in case they get bad ideas, but I don't mind her kissing girls so much."

Emma sidled elegantly across the carpet and seated herself close up to Polly. Bashfully the girl dipped her gaze, but Emma tucked a finger beneath her chin and raised her face, making her look into her eyes. She reckoned her eyes were her best feature. Men fell in love with eyes, and so did women. It was as if they saw their dreams as well as themselves reflected in them. Unfortunately such people soon discovered that when with her they were gazing into dark pools of Narcissus in which they were doomed to drown.

The schoolteacher offered a twisted smile and put on an air of authority. "I like to be dominant. Would you like me to dominant you?"

Polly gaped. Light-headed with excitement a wild blush bloomed in her cheeks. "Oh god... I - I... What would you make me do?"

"I'm not too sadistic. I know what you can tolerate and the sort of things you enjoy." She put her hands on the girl's waist and pulled her closer. The teenage body shuddered but didn't resist.

"That's it, relax Polly. I know what's good for you, you're in safe hands. I adore girls like you. I love making them surrender their sweet bodies."

Polly's gaze swung down to disengage from the eyes that mesmerised her. "Yes, I know. I can tell. I-I just thought it would be different to this." she murmured softly.

"Different! How?"

"I thought - I thought I'd be taken to another room."

"You mean somewhere were your mother can't watch? Well, that's appropriate sometimes, but on this occasion I want the two of you together. It'll be fun. Wait and see." Spreading her fingers through the girl's hair Emma pulled her head back sharply.

"Ow, oooow!" Polly's hands flapped helplessly as the visitors lips pressed firmly against her soft mouth to relish her fresh, sweet taste. It felt awkward for a moment, staid, almost innocent, but Emma was a good kisser and she found herself quaking with pleasure and wanting to continue. Consumed by excitement she began to kiss back.

As the girls body sagged forward Emma took the opportunity to fondle her breasts; no bra beneath the thin nylon blouse, just supple flesh and tight little nipples that felt like erasers on a pencil. Polly tried to draw away when she felt the hand, but with a measured amount of insistence Emma held her in place and made her moan and writhe with the kiss while her hand rolled her young bubbies around.

At last Emma herself broke the clinch and looked at the girl's mother who had been watching intently. Patting the seat on the alternate side to her daughter, she smiled. "Let's you and I try it now, Martha. Are you as keen as Polly?"

"Oh well... I never..." Mrs Clagget twittered, and she visibly panted as she hurried to settle beside her. "I don't know as I should, but you're very overbearing Miss Twist. Just like Jennifer. There's just no arguing with you ladies from that school."

Emma swivelled round slightly and husked in her ear. "Calm down and take it easy my dear. There's no need to fluster. I'm going to make all the decisions for you this afternoon."

Bolder now, Emma placed a hand on either side of the woman's face and drew it forward, then she swooped right in with her mouth, finding Martha ready to reciprocate at once, sliding her tongue forward before she had a chance to do it herself.

Her arms were instantly embracing the older woman, which made the buttons of her blouse extremely accessible. The garment was soon laid open and Emma's hands went straight up her back to unclasp her bra and allow her voluptuous breasts to shake loose. Mrs Clagget had a pair of breasts that appreciated being handled, and Emma's hands were experienced enough to deliver the most bliss evoking caresses.

"Enjoy the sensation of my touch, dear. Close your eyes and dwell on the blood rushing through you. Enjoy how it makes your nipples throb and your slit hot and moist."

The woman wheezed, and when Emma felt a meaty hand stroking her knee she judged it time to draw away. Too much familiarity and things would become a mere urbane lesbian frolic, and she wanted more than that.

She stood up and placed Polly's hands on her mother's neck. "Have a little go with each other whilst I watch." she suggested.

Martha didn't seem too shocked by the idea, but Polly blushed beguilingly. "Mummy and me - oh - but -"

"It's all right," Martha assured her, "I know it's naughty darling, but Miss Twist is making us do it." She then put a hand behind her daughters head and leaned across to kiss her with an open mouth, and despite her initial hesitation the girl responded in a way that was wholly uncharacteristic for such a superficially prim creature.

Mouths began moving like those of starving waifs invited to supper, and Emma was sure she saw tongues moving. Martha's hands began to skim around Polly's breasts which were small and pert the way many teenage girl's are, but she didn't touch them. Even so, their kissing became intense and it seemed they were beginning to make love to each other.

"Mrs Clagget, do you want to squeeze Polly's breasts? She's such an eager beaver, I'm sure she'll let you. Go ahead, open her blouse and get them out. Find out how soft they feel and how she loves having them pulled about."

Polly's head drooped and she sat biting her lip as her mother exposed her young bosom. Emma offered encouragement. "Yes, you've got the right idea. Tug her nipples, she loves that."

"Now Polly, your turn. Stop kissing for a moment and take off your mum's blouse. There! Now you can play with her lovely big jugs properly. I think you've been wanting to do that for a while, haven't you?"

Satisfaction glowed in Emma as she watched Polly and her mother kissing and playing with each others breasts. All their inhibitions had quickly evaporated and they were wallowing in the delicious thrill of relinquishing control and being commanded by a formidable woman, responding obediently to her every direction no matter how questionable it was. They were so docile that she felt she could easily own them.

"Undress each other girls. Take each others clothes off. I want you both in the altogether now."

At once Mrs Clagget and her daughter began to tug at each others clothes, and while they were doing it Emma slipped off her own dress and stood before them in a white bra and panties. "It's time to do something else, I'm feeling rather left out." she told them.

She posed with her hands on her hips. While she never reckoned herself as material for a magazine centrefold Emma knew she had a good face. She also had all the right shapes in pleasing quantity in all the proper places, and the moment they'd met she'd sensed Mrs Clagget looking her up and down and liking what she saw. Her daughter liked it too.

"Do you think I'm good looking?"

Polly gawked in unrestrained admiration. "Yes Miss Twist. I wish I were as pretty as you."

Emma preened at the compliment, and instantly returned it. "You're already very pretty Polly, my dear. You have the kind of young, shapely figure all men and women lust to make use of. Now, both of you come here."

Hot, salacious expressions blurred their eyes as mother and daughter slid from the couch and moved gingerly towards her. Without clothes it was apparent that their bodies were shaved smooth everywhere, a custom likely pressed on them by Jennifer who had become used to being surrounded by smooth bodies at Fairyfield. It was a thing she entirely approved of. Lack of body hair gave young girl's a childlike quality, and even older people took on an element of nubile, immature charm that was appropriate for those in her sway - for inferiors.

"Put your hands behind your back and await instructions." she told them, just as if she were talking to a pair of sissy-boys from the school. Unclipping her bra she exposed her breasts, cupping her hands beneath and holding them up.

Mrs Clagget and Polly gazed at them avidly, which encouraged her to indicate her right breast. "Martha, I'd like you to kiss this one."

The woman moved quickly, her mouth half engulfing the breasts before settling back to suck the nipple. Emma gave her a light smack on the side of the head. "I said kiss it Mrs Clagget. I'll tell you when to suck."

"And now Polly darling, keep your hands behind you and come and kiss the other. But no, on second thoughts you may suck."

The girl moved hesitantly, skimming her mouth against the proffered nipple before taking the bulging flesh into her mouth.

"Ooooh! That feels nice, Polly."

As the two women feasted on her tits Emma felt herself becoming wetter and wetter between the legs, but she was then distracted. "What are you two sluts doing? Touching yourselves, I see! I told you to keep your hands behind your back, and there you both are with sticky fingers. Most reprehensible! You're very naughty girls and I shall have to punish you."

Now she felt confident. At last she felt they were truly in her grasp. She pushed them away and found her handbag in which she'd earlier stuffed a leather tawse. "Stick out your hand," she demanded of Mrs Clagget as she grasped her wrist, "Hold it out flat."

"W-what -?" The woman looked at her aghast, but obeyed anyway and choked a sob as the leather strap lashed across her fingers. Three smacks on one hand, then Emma grabbed her other hand and applied three more. Mrs Clagget's face contorted and she slumped back and hugged her hands between her knees.

Too shaken to do anything but look horrified Polly trembled under the gaze of the woman with flashing eyes, but she was to find no mercy. Each of her slender hands were subjected to the same harsh treatment and she began to cry.

"I haven't finished yet." Emma said coldly.

The teenager pleaded with her, eyes wet with tears. "I - I... No... I don't need... Please don't punish me anymore..."

"I'll punish you all right. I'll having you begging for mercy. On your knees in front of me. You too Mrs Clagget. Hands on top of your head where I can see them, and look me in the eye! Tell me how naughty you have been."

The two women dropped down and crawled forward to gaze up at her. "I - I've been a naughty girl." Martha Clagget said haltingly.

"You'll address me as MISS whilst you're under my tutelage. Don't forget."

"Sorry, miss... I've been a naughty girl... very naughty."

"What did you do?"

"I - I was touching myself, miss."

Emma turned to the girl. "And you were touching yourself too Polly, weren't you? Where were you touching?"

(Sniff!) "Between... my legs, miss."

"Rubbing your clitty. Masturbating without my permission! Surely a sin worthy of a spanking."

(Sniff, sniff) "Erm, oow... I - I suppose so, miss."

The girl and her mother were ordered to kneel side by side with their bellies on the couch and their bare backsides thrust out. SLAP ... SLAP ... SLAP!

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