tagBDSMA Slave To Politics Part 2

A Slave To Politics Part 2


A slight, smug smile can be seen as Brittany worked her evil magic with this wicked device. She knows what a spectacle I can make of myself if I did not maintain control. I just want to rip my clothes off and fuck something, anything. The throbbing in my clit is so intense that it is now painful. I fight for my breath. My hips gyrate in slow, uncontrollable small circles. Please God, help me fight this. I can't embarrass myself in like this. My life will be ruined.

I was lost in my feelings when I heard my name being mentioned. In my fog I heard Brittany contemplate desert, toying with the switch as she stared at me while making up her mind. I held my breath so as not to give my condition away to the waiter (like my huge nipples did not give it away already). "No, I think we will have desert at home this evening. Please bring the check." I finally could breath, though it does nothing to quell the four-alarm fire raging between my legs.

She is unrelenting on the fucking switch. After a few more cycles of this torture, I am ready to completely give up. Just as I start to give a loud, hardy voice to my moans and start begging her to allow me to cum, Brittany stops the vibrator.

"Do you feel okay? You are not coming down with a fever, are you? Poor baby, maybe we should get you home now," she coos as she leans forward and swabs my sweaty forehead with her hand, never losing her wicked little smile. She leans in a bit further and drops the key to the cuffs into my bound hands. After several minutes of nervous struggle to unlock my thumbs, I finally spring them loose.

"Let's go."

My dress is soaked in the back from the free flow of juices. Thank God the dress is black. My legs are shaky and I clearly look flushed. I am so humiliated.

Once in the car, I just want to crawl up into the fetal position, hugging my shaken body. But as I have already learned, Brittany is insatiable with her games. "I want you to play with those huge captive nipples of yours. Keep going until we get home."

I do not mean to constantly overstate the issue, but I cannot come close to explaining how sensitive my nipples and clit are at this very moment, or how each additional sensation feels so extreme, or how my mind is collapsing from my urgent and inescapable need. I groan and scream out my lust as I play with my nipples. I want so bad to beg her to make me cum. This is what hell must be like.

By the time we arrive at my residence, I think that my chest will explode. Devastating as it is, I know that I will do anything to end this torture. Once inside, Brittany orders me to strip down to my bra, heels, and clit vibrator and stand with my hands clasped behind my head and my legs spread apart. Juices are literally leaking down my legs.

"Hmmmm. You seem a little excited my pet," she purrs as she runs her hands lightly over my body. The light touches are driving me wild.

"Frustrated, are we? Well, we will test your resolve. If you want to cum this evening, then you will do everything I want, and beg for it like the bitch-in-heat that you are. Hesitate once, or fail to convince me of your sincerity to please me, even once, and I will play with you all night and not allow you to cum. Do you think that you can hold on to your sanity that long? Do you want to try?"

Her hands find my huge, distended nipples and she flicks them. The sensation is so powerful that my knees give for a split second. I let out squeal; followed by the horniest moan I have ever heard. She left the room for a few seconds and returned with the camera and her bag of toys. She set up the tripod as she explained things.

"First, I want you to beg me for permission to masturbate your ass with this," she said as she reaches into her bag and pulls out a six inch dildo with a curved handle on the end. It looks huge. It will hurt like hell. But I am past rational thought. I need to cum at all costs.

"Please let me fuck my ass, Ms. Brittany. Let me use my ass for your pleasure. Let me show you how sexy I look fucking it. Please let me please you. I will do anything to please you!" I nearly scream.

The smile on her face is beaming as she tosses the dildo my direction, as well as a tube of KY. "Go ahead, pet, I give you permission to fuck your ass. You will take your time and get in several positions so I can get views from many angles. And don't let your fans down," she says as she points towards the camera.

I am mortified. Yet my desire easily won out. I grab both items and lube the dildo. I turn away from the camera, bend over the couch, braising myself with one arm, while the other hand reaches back with the dildo. With a painful grunt, I force the dildo into my ass. Brittany (and the camera) has a terrific view.

"Turn your face to me. I want to see your face the entire time. And I want you to talk to me, tell me how you feel, how much you want to please me and how badly you want to cum."

I don't want to talk, but I have no choice. If I don't convince her, she will torture me. I know I can't take anymore. "I am such a nasty slut. I am fucking my ass for you. It hurts, but it also has me turned on," I say as I painfully plow the dildo in and out of my ass. Brittany starts to slowly unbutton her blouse, exposing her lacy bra and beautiful cleavage. Her breathing has increased, so I can tell I am having an affect on her. Then she pulls out the little remote control, and flips the switch. The vibrations shoot through my clit like a Mack truck. I nearly collapse to the floor.

"OH GOD. OH GOD. OH GOD," is all I can say as she teases my throbbing clit. She finally flicks off the remote. It takes a few moments for me to get my head on straight again.

"This is degrading, fucking myself in front of you. I need it. I need to cum. I feel so low. I feel like a common slut..." The words just flow without even thinking. The pains are lessening and the feeling is become oddly erotic. I babble on and on without giving thought to what I am saying.

And I watch intently as Brittany sensuously strips down to nothing but her matching bra and thong set. Her sexy heels set off her long legs beautifully. She sits in the chair and starts teasing her nipples. For minutes on end, she watches me rape my ass while she pulls roughly on her tender nubs.

"I want you on your back, your ankles tucked up nicely near your ears, while you continue with that tight little ass of yours. Hurry up now," she demanded. I scramble to the floor, pull my legs back and stuff my ass with the dildo again. I am so exposed to Brittany. The humiliations keep coming as my profane diatribe rambles on endless. I feel less than human. It feels as if everything has been stripped from me, even my soul. I am doing this as much out of my insatiable need as from the threats of punishment and blackmail.

Brittany has slips a hand under her panties, her breathing quickening and her body undulating in her seat. The excitement of this bizarre situation is driving her nuts. She unsuccessfully tries to control her sexy body. With her free hand, she starts toying with the remote switch, bringing me to the edge over and over again. We have been at this for so long that my ass is getting quite raw and sore, and my pussy is dribbling juice down my ass crack. I am no longer speaking in coherent sentences, just grunting and spewing out nasty words like a turrets victim.

Finally, she came in a screaming orgasm that seemed to shake the house. I was raging with jealousy. That should have been my cum. Unknowingly, I was taking out my anger on my poor asshole. Brittany had not given me permission to stop, so I just kept working my sore sphincter while I watched her recover.

She gathered herself and reached over to the camera, turning it off. "You can stop now, my horny little sex toy. Crawl over here." On shaky arms and legs I gingerly crawl over to her chair. She reeked of sex. It was driving me crazy.

She stood up and grabbed some items from her bag. She kneels behind me and attaches a thick collar. This forces my head to tilt down 45 degrees. I cannot move it up or down, or side to side; I am forced to stare at the bottom of her chair. She locks leather cuffs to my wrists, then pulls my wrists up and locks each to my collar. With my arms pulled so high up my back, the position is extremely uncomfortable. She then proceeds to lock cuffs just above my elbows. With a bit of effort, she locks my elbows together, causing me to groan out in extreme discomfort. My chest is already sore from the killer workout today. This position forces me to curve my back and thrust my chest out.

She hooks a leash to the collar, grabs her bag of toys and leads me, on my knees, up the stairs and into my bedroom. She commands me to stand and helps me out of the g-string/vibrator. My wetness is leaking all the way down my legs.

"Get up on the bed. I want you to crouch like a baseball catcher." After some maneuvering, I am in the position she is happy with. My feet are wide apart, my knees are up towards my shoulders and my ass is almost touching the bed. She sits on the bed and rubs my long nipples. She snaps two clamps down hard on my poor nipples, causing me to wail in pain. My whole body shakes. When will all of this stop!!!

Brittany then moves to the wall and grabs a rope, which is connected to a series of pulleys above the bed. She has been terribly busy, hasn't she? The rope lowers from the pulley to a spot just above my head. She grabs the 18-inch long elastic band, which connects the clamps, and she pulls upward. I have to lift myself up quite a bit to prevent her from tearing my nipples off of my chest. She attaches the hook in the rope to the elastic band.

Stepping off the bed, she goes back to the wall and pulls on the rope. I have to lift up further. My thighs are parallel with the bed straining to maintain the position. She secures the rope and walks back to her bag. She takes her time to zip up a leather mask on her face. She sets up the camera again, switches cassettes, and starts recording.

"You look great, slut. But I want to prove to you, once and for all, how much of a slave you are to me. Right now, you are so horny that you would tear out your eyeballs just to cum," She snickers as she pulls on a harness with a strap on dildo. "I am going to let you cum, but you will have to work for it. And when you are done, I will own you, mind, body and soul."

She climbs on the bed and in between my legs. She sits with the humongous dildo right under my pussy. She locks a belt tightly around my waist. "Lower yourself a bit, will you pet?" She positions the dildo to the mouth of my slit.

Two more elastic bands hang from either side, which she pulls down and attaches to the sides of her harness. While she pulls, she forces me to impale myself on the top of the huge dildo, splitting me wide open. This also causes my nipples to stretch a bit.

"Here is your challenge. You can fuck yourself on this wonderful dick. Lucky for you, it never gets soft, so you can go at it all night, if you want. I will just lay here and enjoy the show."

I looked at her for several seconds, trying to figure this out. I squat down further, piercing my cunt with the huge plastic shaft. God that feels right!

But my nipples are painfully stretched. I lift up a bit, lessening the bite on my nipples but causing more strain on my thighs and back. My body then takes control, squatting up and down, fucking her dildo. The shaft is so thick that it pulls my pussy lips in and out, yanking on my engorged clit with every stroke.

With this collar, I can only look down. Brittany lies there, doing nothing to help my effort, just toying with her nipples as she watches me struggle to gain a sustainable rhythm.

Though I am tired and sore from the tortures of this surreal weekend, my body can feel the orgasm build. I mindlessly squat up and down, up and down, the pain of my stretched nipples just fueling my excitement. Brittany must be feeling this to. She is breathing heavy and pulling harder on her own nipples.

I can feel the orgasm approach. Out of a dark corner of my mind, I remembered her instructions. "May...your....sl..slut.....c...c...cum, Msssss.....Brit.....tany!" I panted.

"That's a good girl. I thought that you would forget. I will let you cum in 25 more strokes on Mr. Big here. If you cum before that, you will be punished and your face will be exposed on the web site. If you don't cum on the 25th stroke, we will stop for the evening and you will do without."

I can't believe what she is telling me. I struggle to hold back my Mt. Everest-sized orgasm while continuing to pound myself on this monster. 10....oh this is so hard...15...I can't hold it...20...I scream out...23...24...25." Finally!!!

I let go of myself and was rewarded with a cum that was so immense and violent that I thought I would have a heart attack. I scream out as I shake and spasm. My eyes see nothing but white explosions and my brain pounds from the overload. I can't find my breath as my body writhes in pleasure. The orgasm goes on and on and on. Every muscle convulses. My mind is shattered and I believe I am going to pass out.

And yet, my body wants more. I notice that I am starting to ride the dildo again, at the expense of my wobbly legs and aching nipples. I have to stare at Brittany as another orgasm hits, then another, each one piling on top of the first. Brittany smiles her wicked smile, getting off on the pressure I am creating as the dildo hits her clit on each down stroke. We both know that she does not have to say a word; my body is speaking volumes. She owns me. In that second, her orgasm hits her hard. Yet she never loses her wicked grin as she slams the dildo up into my defenseless cunt.

She grins with pride as cum after cum racks my spasming body, driving me harder to the next cum. I am addicted to the feeling, filling all of the empty spots and the parts of my soul that Brittany has taken from me. She has just stolen my life from me.

Despite everything, I keep fucking. And cumming

(to be continued)

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