tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Slave to the Servants Ch. 04

A Slave to the Servants Ch. 04


Thanks to everyone for all the comments. I know it's different and I appreciate the place to express the craziness in my head. If you're enjoying, please keep reading and let me know what you think. Thanks again - DW


I woke up and it was still dark. Master Bane and Master Kein were both stretched out and sound asleep on their backs. As often happens when I woke myself up at night, I had to pee, badly.

I tried to close my eyes but it didn't work. I couldn't sleep like this. Restlessly, I turned and was looking into Master Christof's bright eyes across the bed.

"Bathroom..." I started to say and he held up a hand to stop me.

He got up and motioned me to get up, which I did. Looking back at the bed all the men had momentarily awoken. Once they saw Christof had risen with me four heads dropped back and I heard their snoring.

I walked quickly to the bathroom and Master Christof followed. Once we were inside, I sat down facing the wall.

Master Christof stood and used one of the receptacles next me. I had used the ladies room when other ladies were in there. It was different with a guy right next to you.

Christof cleaned me silently. As we made our way through the kitchen area I pointed hesitantly to a jug on the table. I found my kneeling place and waited. Master Christof let me have a long drink and then took one himself.

"Sit with me?" he asked quietly.

"Of course, Master Christof."

I followed him into the lower level of the room. I admired him as he walked in front of me. He had a runner's body, long and lean. Above the linen shift he wore, he had several scars that sliced across his back. Life was hard for everyone here, I surmised.

I noticed Master Christof kept his hair a little shaggier than the rest of the men, not quite long, not quite short. It would have irritated my mother the way it fell over his eyes on the left side. I smiled sadly thinking about mom.

Master Christof sat down on a long chaise. I looked around for my kneeling pad. Chuckling softly, he pulled me to sit on the furniture with him. Master Christof laid back and pulled me to snuggle up next to him.

We lay silently for a bit. Master Christof just idly traced patterns over my arms. Finally, he spoke.

"You were very brave to speak to another man on my behalf, Ciara," he whispered into my ear, "thank you."

"You're welcome, Master Christof," I replied softly.

"I am sorry," he said quietly, "if I have caused you to fear me..."

I lay quietly and listened to his breathing for a moment before he spoke again.

"I know you are female," he said so quietly I almost didn't hear. "After seeing you at the posts, I realize you are not dangerous. It would be simple to overpower you..."

I agreed, but didn't say anything else. It wasn't clear to me what I should say to him. He was right and I understood why he feared females. Fearing me was admittedly pointless.

Master Christof wasn't like the others. He was afraid of something that had taken and used him. Honestly, I felt a connection to him.

He seemed different than he had been earlier today. He absently rubbed my arms down onto my hips. Master Christof was relaxed and, for some reason, I didn't mind the touching.

It had been a long day and I drifted, half asleep. Slowly, Master Christof shifted so I lay on my back and he was on his side watching me. I didn't stop him as he ran a hand over my chest.

Master Christof's fingers was explorative, tentative. He seemed to be gauging my reactions. I made no sound of protest as the contact became more sexual.

He touched the entirety of both breasts before brushing his fingers over the nipples. I was arching into his hand by the time he reached the puckered tips. The pain from before was gone and his light wispy touching was driving me wild. When his hand strayed lower I spread my legs for him, accepting this as my duty here.

"You don't have to, if you don't want to," he whispered in my ear.

His fingers were still over my pubic bone.

The choice surprised and excited me. I did not expect it, even from him. Looking up into his purple gaze I saw desire and uncertainty reflected back at me.

"I don't mind, Master Christof," I said giving the permission he had so generously requested.

He ran his fingers down my outer lips and slowly stroked. He seemed pleased to find wetness in the folds and smiled into my cheek.

"I did not pay as much attention as I should have to your care, Ciara. According to my brothers this should mean I am doing the right things," he said.

"Yes, Master Christof," I sighed as he continued with feathery light strokes.

"You don't need to call me Master when it is just you and I, Ciara," he whispered into my hair.

I froze and looked at him in shock, as if the rules weren't confusing enough. He just grinned back at me.

"If your brother found out I would be strapped back to the post, Christof," I murmured to him as he found the little bundle of nerves at the apex.

My hips started to twitch as he stroked it.

"Then I wouldn't do it when he is around," he said increasing the pressure of his touch.

I raised a hand to my breast and started to stroke the sensitive nipple. The other hand slowly reached down and moved his linen cover out of the way. I brushed his manhood with my fingertips.

The wild look came back into his eyes and I retracted my hand. He sighed and changed his stroke on my clit now circling the tiny bud.

"Touch me, Ciara, if you wish. I know you won't hurt me."

Tentatively, I reached down and ran my fingertips along the length of him. He shuddered under my touch; it was empowering. I took a hold of him and stroked up and down the shaft.

I hadn't had much experience with cock on Earth and this morning had been too rushed. I memorized him with my fingers. I ran my thumb along juncture where the tip met the base. Using the flat of my fingers I learned every ridge and vein. He lay still beside me letting me explore.

Suddenly, Christof's hand left my clit and he sunk his fingers inside of me. In the faint light of the room I could see his teeth had grown.

"Christof," I sighed into his ear, "you can have me, if you want."

Christof hurriedly pulled off his cover and let it fall to the floor. He pulled me so I was underneath him and slowly drove his mighty length into me. Christof sank down over me and groaned.

"It has been so long," he said sounding strained, "and never, never like this. You have no idea how this feels," he finished into my ear.

I wiggled underneath him and ground myself against him. "I've heard it's better if you're moving," I whispered into his neck teasingly.

He pulled back and looked at me. He was smiling, but those teeth made him look ferocious. Christof pulled out and moved back in watching my eyes. I ran my hands over his back and traced the lines I had seen before. He shivered as I touched the marks.

My hips were rising to meet him as he plunged down. As he sped up our bodies made a steady slapping sound. I moaned softly and he covered my mouth with his hand.

"I don't want my brothers to hear us," he whispered against my ear.

I tried to stay quiet but the sensations were rising inside my belly. Every downstroke moved him against my primed body.

I felt him grow larger inside me and his movements sped up. The wild look was back in his eyes now, but it was a good thing. My hips of their own volition were moving restlessly against him. When the sensations exploded I buried my face in his shoulder to muffle the cry. A moment later he grunted and writhed over me.

We lay panting for few moments. I felt a little chilled when Christof moved off of me.

"Do you need to bathe?" he asked.

"No, thank you, not every time," I answered smiling at him.

He pulled a blanket from in front of the fire over me. It was warm from where it had been sitting. Christof wrapped himself around my back and pulled my body against his.

"I'm sorry about this afternoon. My brothers would be very upset if they found out what I did," he whispered into my hair. "I hope I did not upset you."

"I won't say anything and I didn't mind," I answered him yawning.

Frankly, I was too tired to be confused by the weird statement. Why would his brothers cared if he masturbated? It didn't make any sense, but I was already drifting off.

His chuckling was the last thing I heard before I fell back to sleep.

I opened my eyes and was staring into bright blue ones. "Good morn, Ciara, why are you sleeping out here with my brother?" Master Evan asked.

Oh God, I should have known he was a morning person. I groaned and heard Christof laugh behind me.

"Our bed is no longer good enough, brother?" he asked Christof as he pulled me to my feet.

"We were both restless last night Evan. I'm sure we won't spend every night out here. The bed is much more comfortable," Christof answered rising and stretching.

Christof disappeared into the bedroom, as I stood waking up with his brothers. Master Evan ran a hand between my legs and found the sticky remains of last night. He showed it to the other three men and they all murmured.

"You need to be cleaned before the morning meal, Ciara," Master Evan said pulling me to the bathroom.

I was unaware exactly what he meant when he said cleaning. A shower and a teeth cleaning is what I had in mind. That happened, but I also received my first enema. Well, the first one I remembered.

Master Evan did make a point to remind me this had already happened once. It was humiliating, but I complied without too much whining. I didn't want to be bound outside again.

Master Evan pulled me to lay over him on a bench I hadn't noticed before in the bathroom as the other men came in doing their morning routine. With my ass in the air on his lap he inserted something into it. I tried to wiggle a little and he ignored me. Warm fluid was slowly poured into me. It felt weird, but not horribly unpleasant. It was the exposed position that had me more bothered than anything.

Master Evan removed the plug he had used to pour the liquid into me and stood me up. Now I felt full and uncomfortable. I had to go.

"The saleswoman said we should let the mixture sit for a little while. I will wash your hair while it does that," he said pulling me into the shower.

"Master Evan," I complained softly, "it's not comfortable. May I please use the pot?"

He towered over me and I lost the urge to go almost instantaneously. "We were told humans would need explanations and constant reminders, but you are unbelievable, Ciara. Go into the shower and I will wash your hair, you do enjoy having it don't you?"

"My hair, Master Evan?" I asked grabbing it and pulling it over my shoulder. "Yes, sir. I really enjoy having my hair," I stroked a handful of it as he approached me.

"We let you keep it because we wanted you to be happy. If you cannot be agreeable we will have it removed," he said turning on the water and starting to soap my hair.

"You don't like hair?" I mumbled as he washed my locks.

They all had hair. I couldn't figure out what they had against my hair.

"We like our slaves with as little hair as possible. Human slaves seem to be happier when they are allowed to keep theirs. We spoke to the other Warriors about it. Leaving you with yours seemed a small price to pay overall," he said rinsing me.

My belly was howling it's need again, but I stood quietly shifting foot to foot. When he was done washing my hair he wrapped it in a cloth a patted the rest of me dry. I was hovering over the pot as soon as he pointed to it.

Remembering my experience with Christof, I faced the wall. It was embarrassing to go with someone watching. I just hummed under my breath and pretended I was alone.

Master Evan soaped and washed me in the shower after I had gone. Once he was done he asked me to lay back across his lap on the little bench. I did as he said, but wondered why. Was he gong to give me another enema?

I felt the oil being rubbed over my pucker and I tried not to flinch. I felt a finger enter me, slowly moving in and out. The stretch got greater and it felt like he was using two fingers. I moaned at the sensations and buried my face against the bench.

Master Evan continued to softly assault me with his hands before slipping something else in my ass. Whatever he used this time was thin like a finger initially and then got wider. I felt stretched to my limit when it narrowed slightly. Master Evan left whatever it was inside of me and stroked my ass with both hands. I felt stretched, but not painful.

"Get up, Ciara," he said.

Standing up I wiggled a little and got used to the thing in my ass. I tried to reach my hand around to touch it, but a sharp look halted me. I would have asked about it, but I stopped myself. I didn't want my question be construed as a complaint, which is how it would have sounded.

After Master Evan washed his hands, he looked pointedly at me and played with my hair. He gave me the answer I needed without saying a word, no questions about the plug.

The strange purple cream was put on my skin and rubbed in. I marveled at the soft feel it left behind once the color faded. It was the best moisturizer I'd ever encountered.

Once Evan was done I followed him silently into the kitchen and found my place, now between him and Christof.

"Did it complain, brother?" Master Damien asked as he ate.

"Questions, brother, forever with the questions, but very little complaining. You are learning, aren't you Ciara?" Master Evan asked me.

"Yes, Master Evan," I replied taking a bite from between his fingers.

The talk at the table was pleasant and I was distracted from feeling the plug up my ass. I was dying to know how long they were going to leave it in. Obviously, my questions were annoying, so I just figured I'd wait and see. I hoped they would take it out eventually.

After breakfast I was dressed in a panel outfit and my earrings like the day before. There was a pad in the bedroom and I was instructed to kneel. I waited while they all got ready. The plug wasn't bothering me necessarily; I just wanted to know how long I was going to have to wear it.

I looked mournfully at Master Damien once he was dressed but didn't say anything. He looked at me like he was waiting for something. The post experience was still forefront in my mind; I didn't want to go back there. Being shaved bald like Master Evan had threatened sounded awful, too. I just sat quietly.

As we walked outside, Master Damien addressed me, "The General will be giving an announcement today. You are to look at him when he is speaking. You may speak to him if he speaks to you. He has no patience for obnoxious slaves. If you treat him with disrespect, you will get much more than time at the posts. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Master Damien," I answered him as we made our way downstairs.

The courtyard was a busy place this morning. I kept my eyes on the back of Master Damien's heels and followed him to a spot. I noticed their mark was on the ground where we were standing. He laid my kneeling place over their mark and they all stood behind me. I knelt down and waited. Except for the shuffling of feet it was quiet; no one was talking.

Using my peripherals, I saw other groups standing around their slave. Only about one third of the groups had a slave. Considering the work they put into having one that made sense. The way they determined I needed to be cared for made having me a full time job.

The General's booming voice was hard to miss. He was on a tall platform in the middle of the compound. I looked up dutifully at him while he talked. According to him, women from the blue mountains were taking men from the village. He congratulated my Warriors on finding the last shopkeeper they had stolen.

There was talk that sounded like strategy on how they would patrol. I wished I had watched more military shows with my uncles, I might have understood some of what he was saying.

After the talk nobody moved. The General disappeared off the platform, but no one else got up to speak. I snuck a glance over and saw another slave sitting with her hands in her lap and her head down. I did that.

With nothing else to do I inspected the panels the men had put on me. They were white today and bordered in silver blue thread. The stitching around the edges was intricate and detailed, whoever had done this had put time into it. It really was lovely, see through, but lovely.

"So Damien, you and your brothers have acquired an Earth slave then?" I heard from right in front of me.

The General's boots appeared in my frame of vision and I held my breath. His feet were enormous, the man must be a giant.

"Yes, General we have," responded Master Damien politely.

"Let me see it," he said and I froze.

"Ciara, get up," Master Evan commanded from behind me.

I rose and kept my eyes down. A massive finger lifted my chin until I was looking up at him.

He was a large man with long slightly graying hair and a beard. His face had a nasty series of scars across his cheek. There was no humor in his eyes at all. He appraised me top to bottom.

"Nice to look at, but Earth slaves are hard to train, have you had problems yet?" he asked.

"No, General," Master Damien said.

I bobbed my head in agreement.

"What is it doing now?" the General asked releasing my chin.

"Ciara, what are you doing?" Master Damien asked.

"I'm agreeing with you, Master Damien. On my planet that meant, 'yes'," I stuttered out.

"Interesting, very well then, be sure to keep to the coupling schedule," he said before moving on.

I sank back down to my resting place and thanked my lucky stars he hadn't been in the market for a new slave.

After the General's talk the Warriors stayed in the courtyard to discuss what he had said. I walked when I was told to walk and kneeled when I was told to kneel. The thing was still in my bottom, but it didn't bother. The way it slid between my ass cheeks it felt like it still had oil on it. I would have thought it would have been dry and sticking to me by now.

Several of the other Warriors we talked to had slaves. I heard a couple notice my earrings and ask Damien about them. Surprisingly the other men seemed to take no other notice of the nearly naked woman walking with Master Damien's family. I felt almost invisible.

The rest of the day was relaxed. We took our meal upstairs and the men sat around playing a card game. Finally, I had to ask, despite my better judgement.

"Master Damien?" I asked looking at him.

He put his cards down on the table and looked at me. I had been kneeling next to him.

"Yes, Ciara," he replied raising an eyebrow.

"Sir, how long are you going to leave this thing in my bottom?"

I barely got a chance to finish the question when the room erupted. Everyone was slapping Master Evan on the back.

He got up and pulled me to my feet, dragging me back to the bedroom. My outfit was quickly removed and he pushed me toward the bed. The men filed in watching us, they all seemed to think this was really hilarious. As I watched them, they all start to strip. I had a feeling I knew where this was going.

"We're going to take it out now, Ciara," Master Evan said smiling deviously. "Usually we will put it into you in the morning and remove it before we go to the bathhouse in the evening."

I backed away from him and slid along the side of the bed. I wasn't sure I wanted to do this right now. Fear started to coil in my belly as they stalked toward me. I stammered out an apology and it was ignored.

Suddenly Master Kein was behind me and grabbed me around the waist. Squealing, I instinctively struggled to get away. Being much stronger than me, he had not trouble holding me still.

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