tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Slave to the Servants Ch. 08

A Slave to the Servants Ch. 08


I woke up and was groggy, as usual. Master Evan was straddling my waist and looking down at me. He pinched my nipples firmly until they were puckered and tight.

"One day these will hold our crest," he said pulling me out of bed and toward the kitchen. We ate breakfast first today and then Master Evan took me to the shower.

He cleaned me completely and had be me lay back across his lap. This was usually when he inserted the plug. Today he was in a playful mood. He had oiled his fingers and stroked my tight pucker. Alternating between long slow penetration and shallow two fingered stretching, he had me bucking back against him.

Using a slightly different smelling oil he spread it all over my butt. It had a slightly sweet smell to it. He massaged the meaty pieces and then pulled them apart so I was completely exposed to him. I felt him blow air onto my anus and it clenched at the odd sensation.

My body was responding, getting ready for a marathon sex session with my Masters. My clit ached to be touched and my cunt was slick with moisture. I grasped the edges of the bench I was on and tried to get control. He didn't want sex, I told my body, he was just playing around.

I heard the other men come into the room and was for some reason suddenly embarrassed. It wasn't like they had never seen me fucked before, just never in the shower room. My face flushed as Master Bane knelt beside me to look into my eyes.

"You have to do the entire body, Evan," he said watching with piqued interest, "not just that piece. Although it is ready, it is always ready for us."

"I like to see it like this," Master Evan said. "It is so docile and doesn't fight. Our women would never allow this."

"This is not a woman," Master Kein stated and I heard Master Evan sound flustered for a moment.

I almost thought he was about to argue with Master Kein when he stopped. Looking back at him I saw a moment of utter confusion on his face as he looked at me. Master Damien shook him out of it when he reiterated we had to get ready.

I felt a brush pass through my hair which was quickly wound into a bun at the top of my head. Once that was done their hands were everywhere.

The men massaged the sweet oil into every piece of my body. They had me flip over on the bench and Master Evan moved so I was flat on my now oiled back. They massaged me completely, even my face and in between my toes.

When Master Kein reached my weeping cunt he stopped. "It is already wet here," he stated.

"It must be marked completely. Oil that part, also," Master Damien said working over my breasts.

I had taken all the stimulation I could for one morning. As Master Kein's fingers oiled my lips and clit, I came hard arching my back off the bench.

"Please fuck me," I begged hoarsely as my body convulsed on air.

"Such language," Master Evan chastised looking down at me with an evil expression.

I put my feet together on the bench and spread my legs wantonly. "Please, Masters, I need you inside of me," I said huskily watching Master Evan's amused face.

The men laughed at me as they watched me twitch. Despite my sensitivity Master Kein was thorough and coated my private area in the substance. His long fingers even delved inside coating my walls with the oil.

I lay panting on the bench as a small floating transport pad was brought in. I wasn't allowed to stand, probably because I'd slip on my slick feet. They transferred me to the pad and then showered themselves off.

The pad was comfortable. It felt like a firm bed underneath me. There was even a built in pillow under my head.

As they washed I watched them quizzically. I couldn't figure out why I was covered in a thin sheen of this stuff. It wasn't unpleasant, just strange. Master Damien saw the look on my face and interpreted it correctly as a question.

"The oil marks you as off limits to our cousins today," he said rinsing off.

I nodded my understanding and rested on the platform. Looking down at myself I realized there was no mistaking I was covered in something. My skin was glistening. I was asking before I had realized my mouth was open.

"Why am I off limits, Masters?" I asked and then inwardly cursed myself.

I just couldn't stop being curious.

Master Evan's face was above mine a moment later, so close I almost had to cross my eyes to look at him.

"We will train our cousins to use you for your purpose this day. Do you wish them to practice on you?" he asked mischievously.

I started to scramble off the floating pad and was restrained. Despite the oil they had no difficulty holding me on the table.

"You're going to teach them how to have sex with me?!" I shouted.

"Yes," Master Bane said, "but only we will be touching you."

As though that made it any better. I panted on the table, but couldn't move. They were still holding me down.

"We have seen Earth slaves that must be restrained during their days in the tent. We had hoped you would not need that," Master Damien said watching my face.

Part of me wanted to scream and cry this was wrong, but I was a slave now. A slave with Masters that fed and cared for me very well. I didn't want to disappoint them. I relaxed on the table.

"I'll be good, Master Damien," I whispered.

The men pulled me on my floating trolley to lay in their room while they dressed. I tried to think of things to distract my mind from the rest of the day. They didn't seem particularly bothered by anything and were finished quickly.

As they pulled the little pad out the door Master Damien looked down at me.

"You should close your eyes, Ciara. You are not permitted to look at anyone or speak to anyone unless we tell you to. If we find you looking, we will remove the oil and put you at the posts," he warned.

"You will not need that, will you?" Master Christof asked cautiously.

"No, Masters," I whispered closing my eyes. A six headed dragon could fly through the sky today and I wouldn't look at it.

It turned out closing my eyes made the experience a little easier. As we made our way down to the courtyard I could hear how crowded it was, but at least I didn't have to look at anyone. I heard the men murmuring about my leg and how odd it looked. They all sounded excited to see it up close.

The light went from bright to muted and I assumed we were inside the tent.

"How is best?" I heard Master Evan ask.

"We should display the marked leg," Master Bane said.

An air current like I had felt at the auction billowed up around my right leg. It was bent at the knee and then held in the air. Much like the last time I experience these currents I couldn't fight them.

Master Damien went outside the tent and talked. I could hear his authoritative voice booming out. I shuddered thinking I had been left alone here and then I heard Master Christof's voice beside me.

Master Christof stood next to me whispering calming words in my ear. I asked him what was going to happen in a whisper. The men that just wanted to look at my leg would come in, look at it, and leave, he told me. The men that wished to be trained on keeping an Earth slave would come later.

The sound of feet filled the tent. Men commented on my leg and asked to touch it. Several asked to taste it.

"Slaves are not touched in the tent," Master Bane said casually.

The men surrounding me insisted they really wanted to explore that leg. My owners continued to say they could not touch. I relaxed knowing they would not deviate from what they said they would do.

My body jolted when I felt a brush on my leg and then it sounded like a fight had broken out. I could hear the sounds of fists crashing into bone and yelling. I wanted to look, but that would only get me in trouble. It wasn't like I could have moved away from a stray attack anyway, my leg was tethered to the table.

"Cousins," I heard Master Damien say authoritatively, "slaves are not touched in the tent. Do not try our patience."

"I am here, Ciara," Master Bane whispered in my ear from my right.

Master Christof said the same thing from my left. I relaxed completely knowing they surrounded me.

The activity continued with a bit of grumbling. The other Warriors didn't want to risk the wrath of my owners again, but that leg was such an anomaly. They still wanted to touch and explore it.

I wondered suddenly what my owners thought of the markings. Did it turn them off? Did they think I looked gross now? It didn't sound like they were trying to sell me to the men that were looking, but what if that was what they wanted to do? I had never thought to ask them any of those questions. My brows furrowed as I thought about it.

Warm breath was caressing my face suddenly.

"Ciara," Master Kein whispered, "what are you thinking about?"

"My leg, Master Kein," I answered softly.

"Look at me," he commanded.

I opened my eyes and his face was just above mine. My peripherals took in the line of men filing past me on the other side.

"Ciara, look at me," he commanded again and I focused on him.

Master Kein used a finger to turn my head toward him a little. That was probably a good idea. I was tempted to watch everything else that was going on.

"What are you thinking about your leg?" he asked.

"Do you think it is ugly?" I blurted out.

Master Kein looked confused, but answered that no, he didn't think it was ugly. He looked at me like I was strange for a moment longer and told me to close my eyes.

It seemed like every Warrior in the compound came out to look at my leg. I was glad I was used to walking around everywhere nude or this would have been just awful. As it was most of these men had probably already seen me.

Once the curious were done, the sounds in the tent changed. It sounded like men were coming in and staying. They were talking casually about the prices of slaves and how much they should pay. I heard debates about what species of slave was best, some argued for humans, some argued against.

The cost of an Earth slave was certainly a detriment and then there were the daily costs. The nutrient drink we needed every day was pricey, as were the worms. Other types of slaves did not require such specialized care.

My upper back was a stiff from laying like I was. I tried to shift around a little and relieve the pressure, but my leg and foot were still elevated. That prevented me from moving around too much. I couldn't find a better position

I felt the wind holding my leg up relax and lower it back to the table. Master Bane's voice was in my ear a moment later.

"Roll onto your stomach, Ciara," he told me.

I rolled over and got comfortable resting on my arms. I heard Master Damien start to talk. It sounded like a lecture on health. The topic could have been, How to Feed and Care for a Human.

A hand came down and started to caress my back. The oil still had my skin feeling slick. It was relaxing, like a massage. I peeked through my lids and saw Master Bane leaning on the floating pad while he petted me.

I marveled at what a good looking man he was. His short beard covered a very attractive jaw line. I wondered what he'd look like without the extra hair. He didn't seem to notice me watching him.

I closed my eyes and felt breath in my ear, "Don't do that again, Ciara," Master Bane's voice warned.

Master Damien went over every aspect of my care. It was interesting to realize what they noticed and I started to listen closely. My weight, the speed at which I moved, and the way my skin looked all were part of determining my overall health.

They were very specific about my grooming needs; especially the way my hair should be treated and cared for. Several men in the audience snorted and said they would take it all off. Master Damien advised against that, humans were obsessive about their hair. It would make the transition worse. The men murmured amongst themselves for a while before Master Damien continued.

My eyes were a very important indicator of how I was feeling, Master Damien told them. He taught them how to watch the centers for fear, anger, happiness, and arousal. When I was ill or not sleeping well the eyes became sunken. The way he talked, they had watching me down to a science.

At some point I was told to sit up on the table, which I did.

"You will open your eyes and look straight ahead, Ciara," Master Damien told me. "I will ask you questions. If I want you to lie I will tell you and you will lie. If I wish to hear the truth you will tell me the truth. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Master Damien," I whispered.

On his command I looked out into a sea of faces and my head jerked down reflexively. Master Evan lifted my chin and told me to look out. The Warriors were all watching my face intently. I preferred not to look at them, so I stared at the back of the tent.

Master Damien asked me a series of simple questions and told me to tell the truth. It took a while to find my voice, but once I did it was not hard. That part was easy and the questions were all straightforward.

After those questions he told me to lie to him. At first it was hard, I knew they didn't like it when I lied to them. I made a game of it in my mind and that made it better. I lied fluently.

After we were done Master Damien discussed with the men how I looked and sounded when I told a lie. It was terrifying to realized they knew each time I told the truth and each time I did not. The way they spoke it was the most obvious thing in the world. I felt more naked than I ever had on this planet.

The next part of the tutorial was the part I had been dreading. Master Evan instructed me and I lay back. My legs were spread like I was in stirrups at the gynecologist office. It was the air currents that held me, so I couldn't move out of that position. I tensed waiting for the horror of this to start.

Master Damien said he was glad to see the tension, he pointed it out to the surrounding men. If they used me now, I would find it painful. I wasn't like the women on this planet, my flesh was tender in my sex organs and I may even tear. If I received a tear in those areas it could take a long time to heal properly and I may never get over the fear.

Master Christof whispered soothing words in my ear and Master Damien repeated to the crowd what he was saying to me. It was bizarre, but despite that I did start to relax. They had never hurt me and they weren't going to today.

The men asked questions while they must have watched Master Christof calm me. Did they have to do this every time? How long did it take? Was it worth the time investment?

"This morning my brother prepared the slave for its day and it became ready for us with just the simple touches necessary to clean it," Master Bane explained. "Earth slaves are very simple creatures. Once they learn you cause them pleasure, they ready themselves for it automatically. It is only afraid because we are in a crowd."

I disagreed internally that what Master Evan had done today just constituted cleaning, but I had enough sense not to argue. They were right in a way. I did expect pleasure from their touches and I had no problems when they used me. They had trained me, although I hadn't noticed it at the time.

Master Christof went from soothing to stimulating as I relaxed. Much to my dismay I was ordered to keep my eyes opened. Men clustered around as Master Christof continued his gentle seduction.

During this highly embarrassing procedure Master Damien pointed out what Master Christof was doing as he stroked down my sides and kissed my fingers. I watched the ceiling of the tent. He explained in cold calculated terms the mechanics of arousing me. Despite my discomfort with our audience I felt myself getting wet and ready.

The men went over the topic I dubbed, Touching for Arousal, in an organized fashion. Start away from the sex organs, Master Damien told them. A human would be upset to be touched there first. Instead, they started with my head.

According to Master Damien, my head had lots of places I liked to be touched. I enjoyed having my ears fondled, my owners had learned that the first day. That was particular to me, Master Damien told the group. Master Evan demonstrated how they pulled and sucked on my ears.

The conversation went to my mouth and kissing. The Warriors were uncomfortable with the idea of getting near my mouth. Master Kein explained how much I liked to kiss and how it was not dangerous. I tensed back up when one of the Warriors asked, "Can you remove the teeth?"

I panted with fear. Hopefully my owners wouldn't want to do that. Master Evan told him it would be difficult to get enough nutrition without my teeth. He also explained they weren't very fearsome. From across the room Master Damien told me to open my mouth and I did. A finger slipped between my lips.

"Bite me, Ciara," Master Evan commanded.

I froze and then obediently bit down lightly on his finger. He laughed at me.

"Bite me as hard as you can, Ciara," Master Evan said.

I didn't react fast enough and Master Bane pinched a nipple.

I sunk my teeth into Master Evan's finger as hard as I could. My face clenched with my effort. He laughed and removed his finger. My teeth clanked together at the loss.

"As you see, not even a mark," he commented.

The display made the Warriors more comfortable with my mouth. Master Kein spent an eternity demonstrating kissing me. He kissed lightly and softly, at first. Those kisses could be meant to comfort or greet, Master Damien explained. Master Kein kissed me deeper tangling our tongues and I missed that explanation.

The men in the audience asked about the other things on my face: my eyes and my nose, could those be stimulated? Master Damien told him the eyes were painful to touch and could be damaged easily. Humans found stimulation of the nares uncomfortable because we used it to breath, much like they did.

The sensitive skin on my neck over my pulse was exploited for the benefit of the Warriors present. They placed their lips there to monitor my pulse and I also seemed to like it. I groaned as Master Bane softly bit my neck.

When they reached my breasts Master Kein took over, again. They pinched and pulled at the sensitive tissue until I was moaning. Master Evan demonstrated how much I liked to have lips and tongue on my breasts and I nearly came.

It didn't matter how many men were here. I wanted one of my Warriors inside me now. Much like this morning my hands were gripping the edges of the table I was on. This was just show and tell, not sex, I tried to tell my body. They were going to drive me insane this way.

When fingers trailed down and started to stroke my slit, I gave up the pretense. Shutting my eyes, I begged them.

"Please, Masters, please fu-" the words were cut off as fingers plunged into my mouth.

I sucked on the fingers and teased the tips. I wanted the owner's cock to replace it. I felt lips at my ear and heard Master Damien's voice.

"We will punish you if you use those words in public, Ciara. Thank me for stopping you," he whispered and withdrew his fingers.

"Thank you, Master Damien," I said and he placed his fingers back in my mouth.

Fingers in my lower lips spread my moisture around and started to flick and rub over my clit. Distantly, I heard the men describing what they were doing. The audience was now focused on my glistening pussy and they asked all about it. My owners explained my moisture was in preparation for them.

"Oil can be used if the creature cannot be made to make lubrication, but we have never had to do that with this hole. We have trained it well," Master Bane said proudly.

Fingers dropped lower and discussed my anal opening. Here they had to use the oil, Master Kein told them, I could not make lubrication for this opening. They explained how it could be painful if not properly prepared. They went through a very thorough lecture on anal sex.

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