tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Slave to the Servants Ch. 12

A Slave to the Servants Ch. 12


A big thank you to Steve 150177 for his work reading and re-reading. His honesty has been unbelievably helpful. I know the finished product is much better for his input.

Willieone- the support is inspiring.

A note to all who leave a message, I really do appreciate the time. I look forward to knowing if you like it, hate it, or don't understand.

As always any comment is welcome, Steve and I both look at all of them.

Please enjoy - DW


When I finally drifted to fitful sleep the dreams came again. Children were on my mind and I dreamed of them. I saw the men as children growing up with the Child Keepers. There was an older family who tormented them. In the dream, I was larger than the boy picking on Master Christof. I kicked the other boy hard and the scene melted away.

"Why do you come to us every night?" Master Evan whispered in my ear. "We have become accustomed to you in our dreams. Don't stop coming."

I turned and wrapped my arms around him. Our lips touched and he dove his tongue into my mouth. My fingers ran through his hair.

He loved the sensation of my hands in his hair and shuddered slightly. The way I did it, especially when I bathed it and twisted the locks was the greatest pleasure he knew. Master Evan had never felt anything like it.

"Perhaps I miss you," I said pulling back and then placing a kiss on his chin.

"We miss you as well," he said.

Dream sex was much better than real world sex, I soon discovered. Our clothing melted off and I stood holding a naked, aroused Master Evan. The scene around us also changed until we were in their old bedroom in the compound.

Master Evan backed me toward the bed and I pulled his larger body down over mine. He never was much for kissing, but I loved to kiss. There was a slight hesitation before his mouth settled over mine.

He wanted to taste, to run his tongue over my frame. Master Evan adored me sweaty and wet, so every lap of his tongue picked up my subtle flavor. He settled for my mouth, because that's what I wanted.

"Perhaps I want to taste you, Master Evan," I smiled when we separated.

"Look around," he commanded, "this is our bedroom. In this domain I am not your Master and you are not my slave."

I smiled at him and kissed his chin, using my tongue to taste the flesh.

Evan loved that. No one had ever tasted him, except me. In his opinion that meant I was the only one that truly knew him. Again, I'd never been aware he felt that way about it.

Pushing on his broad chest he rolled and took me with him. I tasted him everywhere and did everything to him he had done to me. His ears to his toes I licked and sucked. When I made it back to his throbbing erection and sucked a second time, he came in my mouth.

I smiled and swallowed him down. Before moving onto his Brothers I took the moment to whisper love into his ear.

Bane was next. He sank into me and I brushed my fingers through his short beard. I used my grip on the hair to control him as he kissed me deeply. Nothing mattered except him grunting and huffing on top of me.

I ran my hands down his torso to his muscular buttocks and sank my nails in. Master Bane liked the small pain, it reminded him of the women and he loved to be inside the women. My dull, human teeth sunk into his neck, but couldn't penetrate the skin. He growled with pleasure.

Just the hint of pain was exciting and made it more pleasurable. The women didn't understand that and hurt him too much. I was perfect. He rode me hard before filling me with his seed.

When I told him I loved him, he pulled me tight into a hug burying his face in my neck.

Kein spent his time playing with my breasts. He licked, sucked, and then softly bit the supple skin. That I enjoyed his attention made it even better.

This was the first thing he saw at the auction. My large chest jutting out so proudly had called to him. When I had fought the air currents and showed them spirit by cursing at them, he had nearly cheered. It was a family decision to buy me, but it was Kein's certainty that sold it.

Right now with his hands and mouth full of my chest, his cock was demanding satisfaction. I felt him slip into my ass as though he had oiled it. He felt the tight walls clench around him and groaned.

I wanted hands on my clit and in the dream, I felt them there. Master Christof's long fingers played over me as Master Kein rode me. I got closer and closer to oblivion writhing against my lovers.

"Come for us," Master Damien demanded and I did.

My world shattered into sparks and then it happened again. Connected to them in the dream, I felt Kein's orgasm like it was my own. He bucked and writhed as I did beneath him.

"I love you, Kein."

Christof was next. Had it been the real world, he would have been hugging the breath out of me.

"It has been too long," he murmured into my ear, while stroking along my sides. "I have missed you so much."

"You have no idea, my friend," I whispered back to him.

My hands wrapped into his hair as I pulled his lips down to mine. We kissed and the scene changed. The sounds of the forest filled the air and I was on the ground with him over me in our favorite spot outside the Keepers.

"I think of you and wish we could come here again," I said stroking his cheeks. "I enjoyed our time."

"It isn't a secret anymore," he said nibbling my neck with his Brothers sitting around us. "We could all come here."

His mouth dipped lower down the line of my sternum across my belly. I grabbed him and wrestled with him. In the dream I was strong enough to pin him to the ground. Laughing, I impaled my flesh on his pole.

Stretching out across his body I made slow, languid love to him. Master Kein noted my swaying breasts and flicked the rings with each swing. We rocked and kissed as the others stroked my back and buttocks. He came with gritted teeth and a low moan.

"I love you, Christof," I told him as he recovered.

Crawling off Christof, I looked at Damien. I was ready to wrestle him down and take what I wanted.

"Oh really," he said lifting an eyebrow. "You think you can take me."

I grinned wickedly, pinning Christof had been easy. Damien couldn't be much more difficult. He'd be down before the count of five.

The dream changed and we were in a stadium. I stood in my gauzy, flowing fabric and Damien was decked in his Warrior wear.

"You think you can dress me like this and I won't win, Master Damien?" I grinned, "I think not."

I wanted to be dressed like him, so I was. He growled low in his throat and took a fighting stance. Copying him, I held my pose until he rushed me.

We battled and somehow, I knew what I was doing. I parried and swung like a real Warrior. Damien had superior strength, even in the dream and soon had me pinned. Panting and struggling, he pressed me into the sand covering the ground.

"Change into what I want to see you in," he growled in my ear. "I won."

I wrapped my self in blue and silver. The gauzy dress tied in the front with a large bow. A present to my conquering hero.

Master Damien had no patience right now for my humor. A slim silver knife appeared in his hand and he sliced the fabric away from me. His eyes glinted with lust as he peeled the remainder of the gauze from my body.

I was lifted from the ground and we walked out of the stadium and into the bedroom. It was a strange transition, but it made perfect sense in the dream. Damien was not going to let me control this and make him take his pleasure outside. He tossed me onto the bed and stood watching me.

Righting myself, I got to my knees. Damien was panting with a mixture of lust and post fight adrenaline. Fighting with me had riled him in ways he enjoyed, we'd have to do it again.

"You won," I purred crawling toward him. "Let me undress you and pleasure you."

He wore pants that laced up the front in my dream. Using just my teeth, I tugged at the laces holding his breeches together. Damien's beautiful cock slowly emerged from his pants.

Much like our first blow job, I flicked my tongue over the tip. A bit of Damien's essence appeared and I pressed my tongue to it, sucking and tasting. Strong hands grasped my head and the fleshy length pressed into me.

"Look at me," Damien rasped. "Look at me while you take my cock."

I'd had my eyes done once for a school dance. The woman at the salon had applied long fake glittery lashes to my real ones. In the dream I had those eyes. Beautiful, glittering green eyes begged Damien for more.

He gasped at the sight and fucked my mouth harder. I sucked and licked feeling the texture change under my tongue. Damien's tool was not a mystery in my mouth. I knew what he liked and it was easy to provide.

Large hands controlled my head as I made love to Damien with my mouth. Faster and faster he moved me, cramming himself into my throat with each thrust. It made my eyes water and my pussy clench.

I was tossed back away from him before he finished. My body sprawled on the bed and I struggled to sit up. Damien attacked me, pushing me down. He towered over my form and forced himself between my thighs. He dared me with his eyes to try to deny him.

Licking my lips, I stretched out beneath him. My arms raised above my head and my thighs parted giving him access.

"I am yours, Damien," I said softly, "take anything you wish."

He never needed permission, but he liked it. The willingness to be taken by him and be controlled by him was beautiful to Damien. It made the taking sweeter as his cock slowly sank into me.

We rocked together in blissful harmony. My body had longed for the sensation of Damien's cock filling me. He was perfection. I grabbed at him and called his name as I came undone beneath him.

"I love you, Damien," I cried as he spasmed and rocked into me.

I loved them completely. In their warm embrace, in our old bed in the compound I rested the remainder of the night.


The nausea was strong the next morning when I woke in the black box. I turned my head to the side and retched in the closed bed. It stunk and I was lucky to get it out without choking myself. When I retched a second time my head hit the top of the box and I felt a bump forming. The smell just made me sicker.

That's how my fake Masters found me when they pulled the bed out. I was covered in vomit and had a bruise forming on my head. It was the worst situation I'd ever woken to and I include the day I woke to enslavement.

The men cleaned me with concern on their faces. Something was wrong, they just couldn't figure out what. Still, they debated about calling the Healers.

"If it is unusual, they will want to study it, the same way we wish to study it," one of the men said.

"Damien and his Brothers..." another Brother said and then stopped talking.

I knew the end to that statement by the looks on the faces of the other Brothers. Master Damien would be very displeased if I was taken for study. He would destroy these men just for fun if that happened.

I would have to heal myself, they finally decided. No Healers could be called in.

The room reeked of my vomit, so after breakfast I cleaned the box. I realized as I cleaned there were two messes in there. The vomit was one, the second was the wet sticky goo from my dreams.

Chuckling to myself, I thought about the dream. It had been wonderful. If that was insanity, I'd gladly take it.

Once the bed was cleaned up the men put their ornamentation on me. The chain around my waist was slightly tighter. It had to be shifted up a little father than was usual.

The men reasoned I must be healthy to be gaining weight, despite my nausea. That made them feel better about not calling the Healers. As we left for the Keepers their mood seemed up.

Things settled into a strange rhythm for me over the next fifty three days. The emotions and errant thoughts that came, I did my best to ignore. It took time, but I got better about not faltering every time one struck. At least that meant I appeared more normal, even if I didn't feel that way.

The dreams came every night. I spent my time asleep with Master Damien and his Brothers. I saw fantastic places in my dreams. It felt like the men were showing me their lives.

A magical world existed in my dreams. We roamed through the mountains and swam in the streams there. I cheered as they battled other men and learned all their moves. I imagined every place they had ever been on this world. In my dream world, we made love and showed each other how much we cared. We were one happy family.

At night, I was connected to Master Damien and his Brothers. We did everything together. I hungered to go to sleep every night and spend time with my lovers and friends. I knew it was just a fantasy, but it was a wonderful fantasy.

The box was what my fake owners used to punish me, but I came to love it. In the privacy of that silent space I fully indulged in my insane fantasy. No one could say I wasn't right as I spoke out loud to the figures in my dreams. My favorite personal world existed in that box.

In the day, there were things that stressed me. The nausea, thankfully, subsided, but the weight gain continued. I watched myself grow with trepidation.

The weight gain my owners had initially been pleased with, but as time wore on they were less happy about it. They kept having to add chain to my waist. Soon they had to buy larger cuffs and collar for me. I was costing them more than they liked.

My body protested the rapid growth of my belly also. Stretch marks appeared over the prominent bump in my lower stomach. The men treated them daily with the cream, but they always seemed to reappear the next day.

I couldn't deny it as I petted my gravid belly. No one could deny what had happened. It terrified and shocked all of us that understood.

"Have they understood it yet?" Rose asked quietly one day when the Keepers weren't around.

The rest of the girls from Earth were sitting and listening closely. We were all concerned. If I could have this happen, they could, too.

"No," I told her, "the men don't know what pregnancy entails. I don't think they've ever seen a pregnant woman. They can't comprehend what is happening. They still just think I'm getting fat."

"What will you do when you deliver?" an Earth girl asked.

"I don't know," I told her. I stroked my stomach and felt the familiar roll as the child moved under my hand. "They like to study things. I fear they will want to study the child," I said quietly.

Master Damien and his Brothers protected me. I wasn't sure that protection extended to a child conceived by me. I feared for the babe, especially if it was female.

I wanted to run away before the child was born, but I wasn't sure where to go. It was unclear how I would even get away. My instinct to protect my baby got stronger every day.

I was ill suited for this place, though. There was no way I would be able to protect my child once it was born. It crushed me to realize what the men could do if they wanted to.

"I remember pregnancy from Earth," another girl whispered placing a hand on my stomach. "You should not be feeling the motions of the child already; your belly isn't big enough. I don't think your pregnancy will last the same time it does on Earth."

"You don't think I have much time left, do you?" I asked quietly. "I have to do something quickly."

We never said the word escape to one another. It was a dangerous word to say here. They knew I feared my owners' reaction to a child. It was assumed I had to get away.

The worry about the child usually lasted all day. Today for some reason was different. I sat on the beach that afternoon and felt breathless with anticipation. It wasn't clear to me what I was anticipating, but it excited me greatly. This feeling was so strong it was hard to ignore.

My fake owners picked me up and I was almost giddy with the sensation. It was hard, but I fought it down. I did my best not to let my crazy emotions show to anyone.

On my knees in the shower scrubbing the grime, I felt like singing. Actually, I did sing, until one of my owners chastised me. Giggling stupidly, I held the emotion inside and just tried to focus on the mundane task at hand.

At the Keepers the next day the excitement inside of me was overwhelming. I was waiting so patiently for something. When lunch came the emotions were in such a frenzy, I could barely eat. Even the light haired Brother that fed me lunch, who never noticed me, said something about my strange attitude.

Late in the afternoon the depression set in. I cried on my pad as I waited for my owners to come and get me. The feeling tore at my heart. I could not complete myself and felt abandoned.

This made no sense. My fake owners came to pick me up as they always did. I wasn't left longer than I should have been. It felt insane and I bawled laying on the ground.

My fake owners literally had to pick me up and carry me to the transport. I couldn't even find the strength to walk. It felt like my heart was being torn apart.

I refused dinner and was put in the box for my bad behavior. It didn't matter. I wanted to die, there was nothing left to live for.

The emotions that I considered the sign of my schizophrenia were too strong to ignore. It was finally happening as I wailed in the box. My mind was breaking, I couldn't even pretend to be normal.

I lay awake in the darkness and didn't sleep. Anger started to fester inside me.

'They have no right,' screamed my internal voice. 'I deserved my happiness and they took it from me!'

It went on for days. I barely slept. The anger and depression wrapped around me completely. My dreams were full of blank desperation. When I was awake I saw the world as a desolate place.

By the third day, I didn't bother to hide it. I couldn't have if I tried. My fake Masters dropped me at the Keepers and I lay down on the ground just inside the compound wall. Tears leaked out of my eyes continuously and I stared ahead not seeing anything.

Rose talked to me and Fuji begged me to get up and move around, but I couldn't understand them. I lay defeated all day long wherever the Keepers put me. The lunch bell rang and I didn't move. Men came and went in front of me, but my mind was gone.

The desert that had become my thoughts was quiet suddenly. I felt broken and used, but the crushing weight of sadness had lifted.

I looked around and I was at home in the compound. There were no memories of getting here. Last I remembered I had been crying at the Keepers on the ground. It made no sense.

I sat up slowly on the bed and heard my fake owners talking to the Healers. The Healers told them I was past repair. Perhaps it had something to do with the stomach. I would not be of use to anyone anymore.

All was silent as I considered what they had said. I bolted out of bed when I realized. A slave with no use would not be kept. They would kill me and kill the child.

"Masters, may I clean the apartment?" I called to them straightening the covers on the bed and stumbling around.

As the Healers watched, I tidied the apartment and tried to act normal. The men stopped me and the Healers examined me.

"It seems better," the Healers said disbelieving. "This makes no sense."

Yes, I had to agree. Nothing made sense anymore. My mother had talked about my cousin with the mental illness. It didn't seem like the kind of thing that came and went. I had no idea what was wrong with me.

At the Keepers the next day, Rose and Fuji greeted me with hugs.

"We feared for you," Rose said with tears streaking her face. "They took you home two day cycles ago and you didn't come back. Our owners went to see yours, they saw you on the bed. You wouldn't move or eat."

"My owners said the only time they had seen something like you was when a man's bond was broken," Fuji said seriously.

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